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  1. ^_^ ​Recruiting Active Farmers and People that just want to chill ^_^ :th_gawi: - Guild Leader is : Gandolf The Great - Looking for ACTIVE guild member's - Farmers and social peoples xD - - New Comers Welcomed - Guild Spot - @go 3- - Monster vs Guild events, Weekly salary, and WoE will be discussed if it is something we want to do. (Woe salary and supplies will be separate from the farmers salary). :th_ph: If you are new and want a starter guild this is the one! We will help you from the nub you are today to a pvp animal, emperium bre
  2. How bout we name them? Who's top 10 pvpers for you? Comment down below :D
  3. Objective: To add more fun and excitement to players including newbies and to lessen people just AFKing in Fcity and other Cities. Idea: I don't know if this was already suggested in the past but as I have observed, people in fRO, are just either afking in Fcity and other Cities, Farming/MVPing, or PVPing in for_fild01 or pvp rooms(but only beneficial or exciting to well funded players and sometimes does not involve an interaction or teamwork between newbies and veterans). So, to add more fun, excitement, teamwork, practice to players both veteran and newbie, why don't we launch a
  4. Hello~ Me again, in the suggestion thread again. :3 Well today, i'm suggesting a PvP tournament ?.. I know that we have the PvP rooms, and the for_fild01. But.. Its all barbaric, and stuff.. i mean, its either a team effort, or.. 1 against everyone? Well, I'm suggesting an arena style pvp, where the players have to sign up, to join. then moved to a map, where there's only 2 contenders. I hope you are still following me on this. Then, other players, who are waiting to get paired up, can watch the match, or just wait in the waiting room. Rules will be applied, (what ever they will be) Ti
  5. Good day, Strength is measured by numbers these days which is quiet true. It's been a while since I participate on pvp ladder and it gets really boring. Few players fighting. Players are bringing pally as an advantage to overcome all comers. During WOE, we fight in numbers, fields and even on PVP room. I hope some GM would create a new room or change the settings. Party in PVP should be off so that players will settle their disputes in the PVP and not by broadcasting. Even if players will still fight in numbers then they will kill each other with an aoa attack. Those who are weak and rely on
  6. ​ Guild Leader: Lord Kimochii Co-Tanukis: Aime Elari -Eman- OneShotKill Ebichuman Guild Spot: @warp gonryun 44 17 Communication: Raidcall About Us Tanukis is a currently a guild that focuses on reaching as far as possible in the server whether it be in quests, levels, PvP, PvM, ET, or WoE. We want to explore the server to its fullest and everything it has to offer. Our focus is as a group rather than individual so it's not uncommon to see us waiting until the other person catches up in level, or going so far as creating alternate characters just so they have someone to party with.
  7. For this topic, name 5 champions in game that are good in Pvp/WoE/GvG/BR wise. Must be active and up to date. From 1 being the best.
  8. For this topic, name 5 Paladin in game that are good in Pvp/WoE/GvG/BR wise. Must be active and up to date. From 1 being the best.
  9. Aeos Guild <3 Aeos guild is recruiting awesome member like you.Our leader is Ace and our base is at go 10.We need friendly and active member. We give out salary , drop share , and we since we giving out salary , we need fully gear member.We also will need loyal member <3. Requirement At least needed : mvp cards , lagendary item , and atleast have forsaken belts and forsaken king vote set <3 For more info you can go to @go 10 or Pm me Lose or Win will give out also. IGN : Pew.Die.Pie Thank You <3 Peace Out :th_gawi:
  10. So here's an official announcement about the changes made in niflheim (@go 13), new_zone01 (@go 15), and moscovia (@go 26). We agreed to turn off these maps' PVP/PK. Here are some of the reasons why we decided this change: Some people requested this a long time ago We want people to participate in the weekly PvP Ladder match @warp for_pvp. But be reminded that feeding is against the PvP ladder rules. Towns are supposed to be PvP off. Also good for guild hangout Healers are not supposed to be in pvp areas Some people abuse the @warp command (kill - warp - kill - warp). FAQs: Q: Where sh
  11. Hello fellow players of the Forsaken ragnarok server. I have recently created a guild called - Royal Noobs. However not everyone in this guild is a noob, the guild name stands to let other players know that Just because you maybe what they class as a "noob" Does not mean youre any less of a good player than they are. And with thus, I invite you to join said guild. I shall explain alittle: The Reason behind the name is because when i was starting off in this server I was already quite good at ragnarok. Granted i didn't have the gear but i would still win vs the people around the same gear lev
  12. How it works: - People are randomly warped in a room against another player - Duel for 10 minutes with FCP for both players and storage disabled - Winner gets a point. No points for a tie or lose - 1 minute rest after every round to refill items - After 5 rounds the top 8 scoring proceed to playoffs - Championship is best of 3 rounds in an Arena where there could be spectators around but cannot interfere Please leave feedback if you like this suggestion or not and leave comments. Let’s make this happen guys!! :th_bo: :th_e9: :th_t
  13. Since GvG & BR is starting to get no players, I suggest a new type of PvP event, Let's say like a 1v1 duel event for Geared and none geared people? .. But It's just a suggestion, I'm guessing GM's in this server don't have time for that type of event since it' will take up more time.
  14. This suggestion is something I had been planning to make for some time now but only after recent events have I realized how dire the situation was. In particular, this suggestion will try to make it harder for feeders to cheat and make it easier for players to catch them doing so since it is a fact that GMs are not on 24/7 to monitor the rooms. Remove all the PvP ladder rooms but the original square arena room. Why? I will elaborate below and also address possible rebuttals. Reason 1: It is hard to watch for feeding when there are 4 separate PvP rooms. If there were just one room, at least
  15. I was walking at for_fidl01 watching people pvp there and there's a pally kept 'shield boomerang' me. I asura the pally and died hard on the spot by my own damage and the pally looked just fine . Then I changed equips and cards and when I asura again, I was left with low hp on my side and the pally 'martyed' me to death. I tried to TSS the pally and the damage was lowered significantly by 'defender' and just 'rapid smitting' and shield boomerang me. When i casted pneuma, the pally just 'smite' me away from it. I dont know how to win decisively in this situation... SO, anyone has suggestions
  16. just use dual client.. then feed your character.. :D
  17. HiLaL

    Pvp Ladder

    Hey GMs, what's happened with the pvp ladder? The top 30 list shows 'none'. Did it reset too early or is there any issues? Thank you.
  18. Hi Forsaken Players, iam really new here and want to PvP someday (WoE) included. I farmed the last Days iam here and was wondering if my short delay is "normal". So i pinged the Server with cmd, if u dont know what i mean: Press Windows Key + R and type cmd -> enter then u type <ping forsakenserver.net> there u will see how high/low your ping is. So i got 150ms Ping. Guess its high cause the Server is located in the USA and iam in Germany. To the Americans: How high is your Ping? To the European: Can we compete in PvP with this delay? PS: i really love the Server and like
  19. sup!! i wanna suggest to convert or maybe make a dagger that is only intended for the main hand like how the sinxcrit was made. reason is ive been trying out dag pvp build and im having difficulty switching my mhd(main hand dagger) coz if i try to switch to an alternate mhd i would need to remove the dag first then equip the new mhd and i would mess up at times equipping 2 main hand intended daggers at the same time which obviously makes me more vulnerable and also the dags tend to be identical so looking for the proper dag is bothersome. backsliding to switch is really difficult and could co
  20. I have only been on this server for a few months, but it is apparent that the PvP room is normally vacant while the front of for_fild01 is normally pretty full of people. It is obvious that people are interested in PvP, but for some reason they do not want to visit the PvP room - whatever the reason may be. Now, consider if they had a guaranteed gain from going into the PvP room and staying there. This reward could be given for every thirty minutes to an hour that a player stays alive in the PvP room (so they couldn't be dead and just laying around ^^). The time that they stay in there would
  21. Enjoy, comment, discuss ;3 http://youtube.com/watch?v=eGJvvxDXOVA
  22. what jobs are kinda over power but doesn't really need that much item on PVP?
  23. I love hiding around for_fild and then resurrect characters that randomly die because of AoE attacks or just plain PvP madness. Whats your random habit?
  24. So I see we're either testing or implementing de-buffing at the NPC for GVG, so we know it works. Can we implement this for the PVP arena? I'm asking for at least 2X attack to be removed, so you can't warp in and nuke with FAS etc, although I'm not sure how possible this is since it isn't a specific buff. What do you guys think?
  25. Stalker suggestions:(based on my own experience, knight sets etc no donations) I've only been playing here a couple of weeks(stalker only) but enough to know the gist of things around here. I've seen a lot of people whining about stalkers reducs lately and i just don't quite get it. When stalkers go reducs they're dmg is weak(3k-5k DS to reducs,6k-10k to tao users) def is also weaker than a pally, when they're full on offense they're still weaker than snipers and gs.. you can say they have full strip but come on.. this is a high rate, once you piss someone off they can just dual client and f
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