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Found 24 results

  1. ?June Weddings? Start date: June 18, 2020 End date: June 30, 2020 Read the mechanics, and follow the rules! Post your screenshots with a cute caption!~ It's half a year already. Lots of people are getting married, and love will be in the air! Dresses, cute shoes, tuxedos and guys showering to celebrate the union of two people in love~ ? Show to us what your dream wedding will be like! Lots of flowers~ Beaches~ Shotgun wedding ~ Spread the love. Weddings are also for everyone. No matter what you are, or who you are, everyone deserves to be loved You can now post your entries!!!! Good luck and don't forget to have fun~ ?
  2. Reminisce Start Date : December 1, 2019 End Date : December 31, 2019 We are strictly enforcing the rules! Read the MECHANICS, and post your screenshots here! Death here and it's been such a long time since we had our last Monthly Screenshot Event !! So without further ado lets kick this off with a bang while we indulge ourselves of pleasant memories ~ Have you ever had breathtaking moments where you simply wish to relieve them again and again? Moments that even if its over, you know it'll forever live with you ❤️ Well here I am on the rooftop reminiscing all of this moments - of my friends and the incredible journey we had all throughout the year as I watch each snow drop slowly touching the ground. How about you? Come and share your delightful moments with our loving community !!!~~~~~~~~
  3. Aren't we going to have another one of those MSC event in this upcoming months?? Or is it now gone for good?
  4. Hi all, I know Emperium race, Circle of Madness exist, But just to add variety to the existing events list, I propose running race. Unleash the Usain Bolt within yourself... 1) You will be stripped off all your equips. 2) No additives/peco peco allowed. Pure 100/200/400 metre dash type event. At the end of it, there will be a warp portal/NPC (like Thana), and only one person can get through wins. 3) Can also be played as novice event. (PVP on)
  5. Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I'm Ares (pronounced as "air-ees" or "ah-rees") the God of War, son of Zeus and Hera. I visited the Forsaken City and left my home, Olympia, in exchange for the good fRO staffs and its awesome people. I'll be staying here with you hosting events, hunting for bots, and helping the people who are in need. I promise to each and everyone of you that I will stay active, as long as my father Zeus will not summon me to his kingdom. Some of you might like me, some of you may not. But always show respect towards me and my fellow GMs and we'll have a healthy relationship. Rule breakers, beware. My team and I will hunt you down. I do give a second chance, but if you push it, you will have a taste of my wrath. This is GM Ares, at your service.
  6. Well.. I've thought of another Suggestion, What about a training Space.. Its a place where we can rent (using toks or whatever), to add permanent stats, up to 5 stats (or Whatever), on a decided stat, so vit/str/int/dex/agi/luk, But limited to 3x usage. So inside the space, there is going to be a totem, with a hp of 1m, or whatever, and our damage is only 1, den you have to hit it. until the totem dies. then you will get 1 stat each time the totem dies. so if its up to 5 stats, there will be 5 totems. if they don't kill all totems, before they go out, they cant go back inside the same rooms, and their entrance quota will still be deducted by 1.
  7. Forsaken Academy Learn to play the right way. Purpose: There are so many new players each day, and this is just a way to help them play. Since our server also has a lot of Pro players, and old players with loads of experience, why don't we make use of that? Old Player or Pro Players, and act as a mentor, after passing the system test of course, and get paid with Tokens. The Class: Each lesson is for 1 hour, Students need 5 hours of lessons to take the Passing Test. Once they can pass the test, they are rewarded with a Student badge. +int / + str / +vit /+ dex* *badge acquired according to the class taken. e.g. Wizzard Class will get +int. + Int/Agi/Dex/Str/Vit 25 Conditions for a player to become a Mentor: Must play at least 1 year on this server Must have a wide knowledge about their job Can only teach 1 subject (Jobs= Bio Chemist* or something like, Business Class) Passing the System test Created by the GM, then they will be eligible to teach. Conditions for player to become students: Doesn't have to be a total newbie, I mean old players can still learn new tricks. Pay the class according to the price. E.G. Biochemist class is, 1 token per class or TBA (To Be Advised, 1 token is an example) There's no limit on how many class they can take. They Can only join the class once a day so its a daily thing.. 1 hour a day
  8. Here are some basic rules/guidelines you need to know before posting suggestions. Any topics that do not follow these rules will automatically be rejected. You must put the specific thing you are suggesting in the title of your topic. It has to be to the point so we can tell what it is by looking at the title. - Suggestion: New Event Limit discussion in the topic to things relating to the original suggestion only. We understand other things will come up in the discussion but as long as it stays relatively on topic that's fine. (We'll give you a warning if the discussion strays off course.) - Check Guide below Don't make multiple suggestions in one topic, especially if they are not stated in the original post. - Check Guide below Make sure your suggestion is clear and that you back it up with solid reasoning. - Check Guide below Be as specific (SMART) as possible in your suggestion. (e.g., if you want a new item, suggest specific effects for it). SMART = Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound - Check Guide below Before posting, take into consideration how much work is required to do what you are suggesting and if it is actually worth the effort. - It should entail minor scripting Don't directly or indirectly attack the server/staff/updates in your suggestions. If you want to make your case heard, it's best to be polite and thoughtful. - I don't think this guide will. Fighting of any sort does not belong in suggestion topics. All posts should be relating to the suggestion. [/size]- Fighting for "FREEEEEEDOMMM!!! - Blood gushes out... as the executioner pull out my innards" (Braveheart Movie) :th_e14: Do not suggest skill edits or anything that would require source editing. We know it's not ideal, but since it can't be done at this time, try to be creative and work around it (e.g., suggest item/card effects, etc.) - No major editing required just minor scripting If no one has responded to a suggestion for a while but you feel it's important, you're allowed to post again and ask for more people's opinions. (Note: only 1 person should do this at a time in a topic.) - I'd post it just once... If it's good enough - Cheers, if not - NVM :th_e27: ------------------------------------- SUGGESTION: NEW EVENT - "Teleport for Fun" (Suggest a Title - This one suxxors) WHO: Whole fRO Community Requirement: - Job which has Teleport Skills - Can also use, Teleport Accessory (Creamy Card) WHY: Will keep players off of boredom WHERE: Any Map: Hence this map disables any teleport usable items (Flywing) and @warp options. WHEN: Anytime an Event GM wishes to hold it. WHAT: Mechanics: 1. GM announces that a teleport event will be held shortly. (with other instruction - see under WHO previously stated above) 2. GM chooses a map where he will cast a small area with Magnetic Earth (Land Protector - "LP" Skill). I suggest a smaller sized LP to make the event a bit challenging. 3. Once the GM successfully casts his "LP" - He can now Broadcast to the server the map info or may cast a warp portal or a clickable NPC to redirect them to the event map stating that the event has begun... 4. Characters with the skill can now spam their teleport skills at the map specified by the Event GM. 5. Once a player lands on the GM's LP, this would prohibit him from casting the teleport skill again, which makes him the WINNER! 6. In cases of two simultaneous winners a truce can be made by /dice. SIMPLE BUT FUN! NOW THE VOTES ON YOU FORUM READERS! :th_ok: :th_e4: :th_go:
  9. Sweet Dreams or Nightmares Semi-Monthly Forum Event Instructions: Think of your recent dream or any dream that you can remember, then use it as your basis for your screenshot. Provide a screenshot/photo/signature etc. of your character/RMS character that depicts your dream in real life (Tell us if it's a sweet dream or a nightmare) Tell us what your dream is all about on your caption Provide your IGN at the end of your entry Have fun! Mechanics: You can submit up to 2 entries Your caption may not be that creative, as long as it explains the screenshot very well. You can use photoshop, filters, or any other photo editor to make your screenshot look better. Everything will be judged on the screenshot, you must make every detail perfect and a part of your dream. You may use ratemyserver.net and create a character there, but the area/map should still be in ForsakenRO. You may not use other people's work in order to get an advantage in this Forum Event, if you do, you will be automatically disqualified. Criteria: Caption = 10 % Creativity = 20% Originality = 20% Screenshot = 40% Neatness, Organization, Presentation = 10% Prizes: Grand Winner: 25 Event Tokens 1st Runner-up: 15 Event Tokens 2nd Runner-up: 10 Event Tokens Judges: [GM]Armstrong [GM]Euphoria Yours Truly Start date: 10/12/15 (6:22:00 servertime) End date: 10/31/15 (00:00:00 servertime) Example: My recent dream was a Nightmare. I was transmuted to become an Angel. I was so happy that I was given this kind of opportunity that only chosen people may have. However, you will have to fight evil and it would need a lot of courage to do so. I went to a dark abyss and tried to do my job, however, when I heard this crying little girl, I went to see her. I wanted her to face me and tell me what the problem is, but when she did, I was horrified with what I saw! She has red eyes! She then suddenly bends which made me run so fast. I am only a new angel and I am not equipped to fight or even meet those kinds of demons, but that demon is not making any exceptions, SHE RAN TOWARDS ME using her hands and feet and I swear that I saw blood on her clothes. The story ends when I woke up when the girl is just right behind me. You can submit your entries now! Good luck to all the participants!
  10. The Job I cherish the most Semi-Monthly Forum Event Instructions: Pick your favorite class in ForsakenRO (No 3rd Jobs) and tell us how much you love that job! You'll need to post a screenshot of your favorite job without any headgears (Clothes/Hairstyle and color is allowed) Have fun! Mechanics: You can submit up to 2 entries Make sure to put a creative caption in order to have a chance to win! You can use photoshop, filters or any other photo editor in order to make your screenshot look better. You can have the same favorite job like the others, just don't copy/imitate the caption or you'll be the one losing. The background of the screenshot is included in the criteria, you better look for a good map to show how amazing that job is. You must post a screenshot of YOUR character. And if your character is wearing any kind of headgear, it doesn't count as an entry Criterias: Caption = 40% Originality = 10% Screenshot = 20% Background = 10% Neatness, Organization, Presentation = 20% Prizes: Grand Winner: 25 Event Tokens 1st Runner-up: 15 Event Tokens 2nd Runner-up: 10 Event Tokens Judges: [GM]Armstrong [GM]Euphoria Yours Truly Start date: 9/26/15 (10:30:30 servertime) End date: 10/10/15 (00:00:00 servertime) Example: Baby Alchemist The Baby Alchemist is my favorite job because it looks like a support player. I can summon my stunning looking pet and also minions. It is also the cutest out of all the babies for me without showing alot of its skin. The best thing about my Baby Alchemist is that it can punish people by planting and detonating bombs. It may look cute to you, but it may be deadly, that's why I suggest to be careful when you encounter one. You may never know what he/she is capable of. Thanks to: [GM]Euphoria for helping me with this screenshot You can submit your entries now! Good luck to all the participants!
  11. The City I Love Semi-Monthly Forum Event Instructions: Pick a city in ForsakenRO, then you'll need to make an acronym based on the letters of that city. (Make it creative) You'll need to post a screenshot of your character in that city Have fun! Mechanics: Put your ingame name below your post You don't need to explain your post/put a caption, the acronym will explain it for us. If you post an acronym without a screenie of your character, then it doesn't count, and vice versa. The cities should be available in ForsakenRO only, cities that exists on Renewal Servers are not allowed. Criteria: Acronym = 40% Creativity = 20% Screenshot = 10% Use of terms = 20% Neatness & Organization = 10% Prizes: Grand Winner: 25 Event Tokens 1st Runner-up: 15 Event Tokens 2nd Runner-up: 10 Event Tokens Judges: [GM]Armstrong Yours Truly Start date: 9/14/15 (8:15:40 servertime) End date: 9/26/15 (00:00:00 servertime) Example: PAYON Peaceful And Youthful Ordinary Neighborhood Credits to: [GM]Armstrong You can submit your entries now! Good luck to all the participants!
  12. My Dreams Semi-Monthly Forum Event Instructions: You'll need to pick a symbol or a picture or a screenshot ingame and post it here. Then give it an astounding caption that explains why that certain image depicts you and your dreams. Have fun! Mechanics: Any image will do, you can edit it, put filters, use photoshop, anything that will make it beautiful (just don't overdo it) You can play with font colors/styles/sizes, it is included in the criteria (Make sure its readable though) You should make it clear what dreams you wanted to share, may it be for FRo, or in real life. You can put a simple caption, as long as its meaning is deep (I would like to be challenged) You can quote the sayings that were made by philosophers, famous people, etc. If you used a caption/saying without crediting the owner, you will be disqualified. Criteria: Image - 20% Feelings - 20% Determination - 10% Caption/Explanation - 30% Neatness, Organization, and Creativity - 20% Prizes: Grand Winner: 25 Event Tokens 1st Runner up: 15 Event Tokens 2nd Runner up: 10 Event Tokens Judges: [GM]Armstrong Yours truly Start date: 8/30/15 (01:40:00 server time) End date: 9/12/15 (00:00:00 server time) My dream is to become a Celebrity Chef I love cooking, and I love my family I wanted to be able to cook for my family, as well as become a role model, a STAR, someone they wanted to be proud of, and to be grateful for having. In the end, I will have something to say when they grow up, what is it you ask? That everyone is a star, and deserves a chance to shine. What's your dream? You can submit your entries now! Good luck to all the participants! This Event will last for 2 weeks, in exchange for the Weekly Forum Event I will be expecting more entries!
  13. Weekly Forum Event Instructions: You should dress your character up, depending on your personal fashion style. Play with the colors and headgears, make sure that your output wouldn't be too much. Take a screenshot of your character that is zoomed in/cropped, then post it here together with an amazing fashion caption. Have fun! Mechanics: The character and gears should be in ForsakenRO only. Put your ingame name at the end of your screenshot caption. Click Alt + End to make your HP Bar temporarily disappear so we can clearly see your character. You can submit up to 3 entries but it should have different chars in it (Only 1 will be included if all 3 entries have the same character) Looking for a good map to show your fashion style is included in the criteria. You must not show the whole place, only your character with a background. Any headgear is allowed to be used (Vote, Quest, Event, and Donations). I'll be judging your way of creating a unique style, not how expensive your character looks. Criteria: Originality: 20% Background: 10% Over-all style: 20% Resourcefulness: 10% Creativity and Neatness: 20% Design and way of using colors: 20% Prizes: 1st place: 20 Event Tokens 2nd place: 12 Event Tokens 3rd place: 7 Event Tokens Start date: 8/22/15 (20:25:00 servertime) End date: 8/29/15 (00:00:00 servertime) Here's my fashion style I call it, "The 4 Faces of Victoria" Good luck to all the Participants! You can now submit your entries!
  14. 6 Daily Rooms Before I start this thread, I will answer the most obvious questions. This is the edited and simplified version Not everyone is into PvP, and sometimes people just want to have a daily activity and a group activity that they can do when they are online So instead of Farm, pvp, Farm, Sell buy, Farm, pvp, and AFK I want to add a suggestion for daily activities, and activity that can fill the day when we are online FaQ Yes this idea is similar to another quest in another game Yes this idea is difficult to implement, and it will take time to design, create and execute No, it is not impossible to do, it just take alot of time Yes i will be happy to help to design the quests, and the minor details No i cannot help with the scripting. :) I will not explain the total design detail in this thread, because it will be too much to read, this thread will only serve as a suggestion. The Rule: @commands will be disabled 6 Daily Rooms Each player can do this daily activity once a day to collect Daily tokens for great rewards~ In this activity there will be 6 quests that needs to be done in a consecutive order. If the player fails to finish the quest, he/she must start from the beginning. Once he/she finishes 6 quests, they will be rewarded 1 Daily token and 1 Coin box (randomly receive coins,e.g Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, etc) This Quest will be accessible in Daily Room @go 25> Warper > Custom Maps > Daily Room In this map, there will be a Daily Room Officer and other daily activity npcs and a Reward NPC 6 Daily Rooms In this room, there will be an Officer NPC (an NPC that will warp you to the quest rooms) Room 1: Count the Monsta: In this room, the NPC will spawn a number of porings, poporings, and drops. The player must count the monster that the NPC asked for. e.g How many Porings are there in this room? [input answer] If you answer it correctly, you will be automatically warped into the next room. answer incorrectly will get you to warped back to the Daily room Room 2: Warping Maze: In this room, you will need to find the NPC Officer to move on to the next quest Relog-ing will cause you to start from the begining. Room 3: Defend the Crystal In this room, you will have to defend the crystal from incoming mobs, you will just need 5 minutes of defending failing to defend the crystal will get you to warped back to the Daily room Room 4: Kill This Plant you will have to kill a plant with 5k HP you will have to kill this plant in 2 minutes if you fail, you will die and will be warped back into Daily Room Once you've killed it the NPC will spawn and you will be able to move into the next quest Room 5: Dance Dance Dance! In this room, there will be 9 boxes and 1 NPC The NPC will give you move instructions if you fail to follow the instructions, you will be warped back to quest 1 Room 6: Evil Little Bunny in this room, you will have to avoid getting killed by Eclipes While you have to kill 6 lunatics in the middle of the room Dying from this quest will warp you back to quest 1 Reward Room: Congratulations! You have finished your Daily Rooms! These are you rewards Rewards at room Reward: 1 Daily Token 1 Coin box Daily Token Rewards: Flower Crown 35 Daily Tokens Effect : Int Stat+ 20 All stat+ 20 [slot 1] Enable to use the skill Level 5 Heaven Drive Butterfly Hairclip 35 Daily Tokens Effect: STR+ 20 ALL STAT + 20 [1 slot] Enable the use of Level 10 Storm Gust Chobbits Hat 30 Daily Tokens Effect: Enable the use of Warm Wind Level 5 All stat +15 [2 slot] Top Headgear Techna Ears 45 Daily Tokens Effect: STR+ 20 Vit+ 20 [1 slot] Reduce damage from Demi Human 15% Merchant Clip 10 Daily Tokens A versatile accessory that you can attach to pretty much anything. Enables use of Level 7 Pushcart Enables use of Level 1 Change Cart Accesories Black Glasses 50 Daily tokens Effect: +20 All Stat 1 Slot Foxie Hat 35 Daily Tokens Effect: Perfect Dodge +5, Critical +20, Flee + 130, Str +30 [2 slot] Summer Suit Sprite Permanent 15 Tokens Santa Bag Temporary 1 Daily Token
  15. "Short Story" Weekly Forum Event Instructions: You shall create your own story about ForsakenRO. May it be from your adventure, about a friend, origin of a monster, a city, etc. Use your creative imagination. You can include our ForsakenRO Staffs in your story. Have fun! Mechanics: You can submit only 1 entry The story should be about ForsakenRO only Put your ingame name at the end of your entry. You can include non-realistic scenes on your story, however, keep it limited. Submission of stories that are not about ForsakenRO will result to losing. You have been warned. You can base your story on a book you like, but remember to put the title of the book at the end of your post. You shall not copy stories from other websites, you can however get ideas but remember to include your credits/source. You can include screenshots if you would like though it'll only be 5% of the Criteria but it will somehow make people read your story. You can include our ForsakenRO Staffs in your story, but keep it restricted, and having to attack our staffs through your story will result to immediate disqualification. Including our ForsakenRO Staffs won't make your story be better on my eyes, I'll think of them as normal people only though it will somehow entertain our ForsakenRO Staffs when they read your stories. Criteria: Climax - 20% Storyline - 30% Characters - 15% Attention Grabber - 5% Use of Plot Twists - 10% Theme of the story - 10% Over-all Neatness, Presentation, and Organization - 10% Prizes: 1st place: 20 Event Tokens 2nd place: 12 Event Tokens 3rd place: 7 Event Tokens Start date: 8/17/15 00:00:00 End date: 8/22/15 00:00:00 You can submit your entries now! Good luck to all the participants!
  16. "Where am I?" Event Mechanics: This Event will last till there is a winner for all rounds. The coordinates can be not exact, having it near the exact coordinates will suffice. You must find the place, take a screenshot, and post it here together with the coordinates. Make sure to refresh this page so you will be able to see if there are already winners or if your entry is wrong or right. You can start on Round 2 or 3, whichever is easier for you, but you can only submit one screenshot and join one Round You may not crop/edit your screenshot, you should put your cursor to your character so we will be able to see your ingame name Only one submission per player, posting two or more screenshots with coordinates will result to immediate disqualification (You can retry if you lost) Have fun! Don't know how to post a screenshot? Then Click Here, and look for the uploading guide made by Ares! Round 1 1st Clue: It is a small rustic town located on an island off the Rune-Midgarts coast filled with unassuming people who greet you warmly. 2nd Clue: PvP-Enabled Winner: tpygmz (User32) Round 2 1st Clue: This is located in a canyon in the southern part of the country near the dangerous Volcano Thor. 2nd Clue: Its a desert-ish map Winner: iYano (Faye Reagan) Round 3 1st Clue: It is a dungeon filled with Ants and it is said that their queen lives here 2nd Clue: Its in the upper part of the map Winner: jeff880522 (Jeff Barton) Prize: 7 Event Tokens Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you for joining this Forum Event!
  17. I would like to suggest to bring back the Poring Punch Event! This is an automated Event wherein you'll have to go to a certain place, then get as much points as you can, after 3 minutes, the player with the highest point wins the Event! Points: Poring gives 1 point Drops gives 5 points Poporing gives -10 points and I would like to add a new one. Bombring will warp you back to fcity making you lose all your points. Prize: 3 Minigame Tokens Time Limit: 5 minutes to prepare 3 minutes to get points I would like this Event to be hosted in izlude, and it would look something like this. Everyone has an equal chance of winning in this Event, using of AoE skills such as StormGust/FocusArrowStrike/LordOfVermillion etc. would mean hitting one of the Poporings/Bombrings, therefore they will have less chances of winning. There might be a few classes who has a disadvantage at this point, but most jobs usually have long-ranged skills so I guess, this event is free for all. Hopefully this Event will be implemented again in the near future!
  18. Pori Pori Revenge Event Pori Pori Revenge is an Event that is similar to the Poring Catcher, you'll have to kill the right poring but it's not that easy, since the Porings have their minions and they are aggressive and will attack you when they see you. I have heard alot of opinions about this event, they told me that they NEVER saw anyone win this event, making the Event non-beneficial since the purpose of events is to give the players (especially the newbies) a chance to live their ForsakenRO life without having to donate. I personally went to this event, I saw a few dead people (about 1-2 only) and they were newbies, the old players are not playing the Event anymore because they think that its a waste of time since you will never win in the end anyways, here are some screenie as proof that no one wins this event. I always stay here whenever I AFK ----------------------------------------------- This is the time that I went to check on the event ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- I think its time to fix this event, and here is my suggestion. If the Porings HP will be decreased from 95million (Oh wow, you cannot kill that fast in just 10 minutes unless you have a party with you, but still you can only kill atleast 1 in 10 minutes) to atleast 25-30 million then it would be easier for the players to kill them and still have time to find the correct poring. What would motivate them to join this event would probably increasing the prize from 3 mini game tokens to 6 mini game tokens, since the Pori Pori Revenge Event is twice as hard as the Poring Catcher (where you just have to find the correct poring). The time limit will still be 10 minutes. What do you guys think? I think its time for us to show our love towards this event, like the way you love Guess the Monster, Password, Dice, Novice Survival etc. Collaborated with [GM]Armstrong with the planning of a fix for this event
  19. How it works: - People are randomly warped in a room against another player - Duel for 10 minutes with FCP for both players and storage disabled - Winner gets a point. No points for a tie or lose - 1 minute rest after every round to refill items - After 5 rounds the top 8 scoring proceed to playoffs - Championship is best of 3 rounds in an Arena where there could be spectators around but cannot interfere Please leave feedback if you like this suggestion or not and leave comments. Let’s make this happen guys!! :th_bo: :th_e9: :th_thx:
  20. Since GvG & BR is starting to get no players, I suggest a new type of PvP event, Let's say like a 1v1 duel event for Geared and none geared people? .. But It's just a suggestion, I'm guessing GM's in this server don't have time for that type of event since it' will take up more time.
  21. Novice vs. Zombie We have this fun event that a lot people refuse to join or don't know what to expect. As you can see below we're having a lot o fun together and a large group of novices gathered together to beat the zombie mob. Hopefully in the future more players will join!
  22. Mechanics: This contest is open to all forsakenRO players only. Screenshots should be taken anywhere inside forsakenRO in the given range of time. No recycling from your old screenshots. Only one (1) entry is accepted per participant. If the applicant posts another screenshot, the staff will automatically delete it. Participants are allowed to crop their screenshot. However, any form of manipulation (putting of signatures, adding effects, etc.) to the screenshot is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result to disqualification. The theme and winning entry for the month’s Screenshot will be posted here. The staff will also announce the theme in-game and on Discord. Submission of entries will start after the theme announcement and will end every Friday, third week of the month. These screenshots will be judged by [GM]Titan and [GM]Harmony. Criteria for judging: Originality - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 30% Composition - - - - - - - - - - - - 30% Relevance to the Theme - - - - 30% Quality of work - - - - - - - - - - - 10% TOTAL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 100% Prizes for winners: Champion - - - - - - - - - - - - - 150 Event Tokens 1st Runner up - - - - - - - - - - 100 Event Tokens 2nd Runner up - - - - - - - - - - 70 Event Tokens Announcement of the Monthly Screenshot Contest will be any day of the last week of the month (both in-game and on forums). Winners may claim their prizes on the same day of the announcement.
  23. Monday GVG : 8AM Tuesday WOE : 2AM : Yesnelph [gef_fild13 82 185] Bergel [gef_fild13 196 281] WOE : 7PM: Bright Arbor [pay_gld 121 237] Sacred Altar [pay_gld 140 156] BR: 8AM Wednesday GVG : 8AM Thursday WOE: 8AM: Rotherburg [alde_gld 260 90] Gondul [prt_gld 213 240] Holy Shadow [pay_gld 322 294] Friday WOE: 10PM: Yesnelph [gef_fild13 82 185] Bergel [gef_fild13 196 281] Saturday WOE : 8AM: Rotherburg [alde_gld 260 90] Gondul [prt_gld 213 240] Holy Shadow [pay_gld 322 294] Sunday WOE: 7AM: Himinn [sch_gld 293 90] Any new update will be updated as soon as possible. Please leave a comment if there is any mistake. Thank you.
  24. Buying Green or Orange or Purple Emp cheap ^_^ [1.5k] pure tokens pm me in game (Foxhound) Buying Event Tokens [1:2] need many oops i clicked on selling XD sarreh
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