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Found 19 results

  1. The Forgotten Smith He and his family used to forge only for the Gods, but now serve warriors to help them refine their weapons to the next level. Mechanics: Find The Forgotten Smith and take on a new quest (easy to moderate) to get his trust. Only Archer, Gunslinger, Merchant, Ninja, Swordsman and Thief class. Weapons should be Legendary or Donated Give the required items to have your weapon forged (weapon must be +10) If successful weapon gets +1 weapons can only be forged up to 10 times (total of +20) If failed weapon breaks Here's the chance to break +1 = 0% +2 = 0% +3 = 2% +4 = 2% +5 = 3% +6 = 3% +7 = 5% +8 = 5% +9 = 10% +10 = 10% Requirements for every forge: 5000 Steels 10 Golds 1 Classic Gold Coin (given after finishing a new quest) 100,000 zeny
  2. Recently I saw that less and less people hunt MVPs, also cards are getting cheaper, so there is less and less sense and fun in hunting regular MVPs. What is more, some MVPs are never hunted, because their cards does not have any interesting effect and they do not drop any stuff that is relevant for quests. In order to make more fun of MVPs hunting and make more people doing this I would add a small chance (1% or 0.5%) for every regular MVP to drop "MVP Lootbox". This will encourage much more people to hunt MVPs and make it much more fun. Also, MVPs that people are currently not interested in, will also become target for hunters!
  3. So I've been busy coming up with new viable weapons for Gunslinger and thought: "Why not use all the available GS weapons?" and this is what I've come up with for the past few months of agonizing and thinking, I have come to share with you all "possible" ideas for Gunslingers in the future. Let me know what you guys think. Personally I don't see them as OP cause I did think of the possible things you guys might say later on and say that its OP or what xDD It has its downs/disadvantages to it which makes them "balanced" already. But because these weapons are very unique to the Gunslinger class, I'd say it has potential to be viable in team fights and it should be capable of standing on its own as a Gunslinger specialist. So without further ado, I introduce you to: Einmyria's Ashes(Grenade Launcher) Vit+30 Dex+25 Max HP+30% SP+100(to be tested) Reduces all skill's after cast delay by 10% Ground Drift does xxxx% damage Grenades do specific effect when stepped on depending on element (Max of 4-6 for each grenade for tactical placements and trapping/delay) Spheres(Ammo) (Ammo for grenade launcher is different and uses spheres and not bullets. Please take note) L.Fire/Blast Sphere (Damage) Attack: 100 1 Massive Explosion max of 3 can be laid at a time L.Water/Freeze Sphere (Support) Attack: 100 Waterlogged Slow effect similar to Hidden Water L.Poison/Sticky Poison Sphere (Support) Attack: 100 Causes Poison and Slow when stepped on(Similar to slow grace) L.Blind/Sleep Sphere (Support) Attack: 100 Causes Blind(10%) Blind status lasts 7 seconds(similar to blind effect on star gladiator skill shadow) or Causes Sleep status(10%) for 2 seconds L.Earth/Stone Sphere (Support) Attack: 100 Causes Stone Curse(10%) when stepped on (Cannot bypass Fsold card) L.Lightning/Paralysis Sphere (Support) Attack: 100 Causes Paralyze(5%) for 4 seconds when stepped on Side Note: -Quest for L.Spheres similar to L. Bullets -Can go along with Guardian Ring or curse ring -Please test if it is still possible to bypass status ailments on high vit. If not then I'll add a second option. -Only has one main damaging grenade/sphere -Support grenades may or may not deal damage. depending on the GM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Baldr's Rage(Gattling Gun) HP+30% Vit+20 Dex+25 Luk+25 Agi+30 Critical rate+30(Crit Type)(Cannot crit on player) or HP+30% Vit+20 Dex+30 Agi+30(Thana Type)(Best Option) Allows use of level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit Increase damage on demihumans by xxx% Aspd-10 Unbreakable Enchant Deadly Poison buff is active when equipped, and removed when unequipped Walk speed -15% when equipped(Decrease Agi/Slow Grace speed) Side note: -The reason why EDP buff should be active on this is because normal damage has no damage multiplier. -This weapon can go 2 ways, either crit type or thana based attacks.(Please test if crit is viable on long ranged) -Can go along with Bless Ring -Gattling gun has no active skills in Gunslinger skill tree which makes normal attacks its only weapon Thanks for taking the time reading my suggestion. I've put in a lot of hardwork into thinking of the balances for these two weapons. Stats, Buffs and Effects weren't easy to think of. For more questions/understanding about this, just reply here. @Ares @Genesis
  4. I've always wanted to write this and encourage everyone to exercise this simple deisgn process I made to have a more impactful ideas or suggestions. Follow these steps so we can lessen information and implement your idea faster. BUt before we start, read Veracity's post below first because it already has all the important things you need to know. Now that you know the rules of posting suggestion, let's start. Whenever you have to post an idea, make sure to fill up these four (4) important points you need to write: Objective, Idea, Team, and Results. Let me break them down for you... OBJECTIVE - write the objective of your idea/suggestion. This should already answer why you want this to happen. If your objective is clear, then we may get a better understanding where you are coming from.. IDEA - so this is where you write (in full detail) your idea/suggestion. Make it as brief as possible: if you want an improvement to a weapon, put all the stats, additional abilities, possible sprite, etc. TEAM - write here who specificially should engage to your idea. Like if it has something to do with coding, then you will probably tag Genesis; if about the whole community, then tag the players, but you can also indicate specifics like "people in fcity"... RESULTS - for us to be sure that we are all aligned, explain here clearly the expected results when we implement your idea. Try to scrutinize your own idea on this part as well so we can minimize the critiques from other readers. So let me give you an example of an idea using this design... OBJECTIVE - Add more players to make the server a fun place to grow. The server's peak before was around 600 players online but now, it can go up to 800. So it means more players play online (could be alt chars but still, we are growing) IDEA - my idea is not new but I would like to have another round of Social Media Contest where players must share FRO website with a photo of their character/s and post it onto their FB, Twitter, etc. One post is equivalent to one entry. Give prizes to 3 lucky participants and give them 2 Bijou cards (first place), 1 Emperium Aurora of their choice (second place), 1 full set of any job of their choice (third place) TEAM - the participants should be registered players of FRO and should make their online posts PUBLIC so the GM team can audit their entry. Genesis and Veracity should be the one to do the random picking of the 3 winners. They should also TALK (yes. with voice on a video) about some stuff on what's happening and going to happen in the server. ? RESULTS - players may create alt FB/ Twitter/etc accounts for them to have more chances of winning BUT I don't mind because it will add traffic to the social media sites and people DID play in FRO when we did this last year. There you have it guys. I hope everyone will exercise this Ideation Process. Thanks for reading!
  5. Well.. I've thought of another Suggestion, What about a training Space.. Its a place where we can rent (using toks or whatever), to add permanent stats, up to 5 stats (or Whatever), on a decided stat, so vit/str/int/dex/agi/luk, But limited to 3x usage. So inside the space, there is going to be a totem, with a hp of 1m, or whatever, and our damage is only 1, den you have to hit it. until the totem dies. then you will get 1 stat each time the totem dies. so if its up to 5 stats, there will be 5 totems. if they don't kill all totems, before they go out, they cant go back inside the same rooms, and their entrance quota will still be deducted by 1.
  6. Hello~ Me again, in the suggestion thread again. :3 Well today, i'm suggesting a PvP tournament ?.. I know that we have the PvP rooms, and the for_fild01. But.. Its all barbaric, and stuff.. i mean, its either a team effort, or.. 1 against everyone? Well, I'm suggesting an arena style pvp, where the players have to sign up, to join. then moved to a map, where there's only 2 contenders. I hope you are still following me on this. Then, other players, who are waiting to get paired up, can watch the match, or just wait in the waiting room. Rules will be applied, (what ever they will be) Time limited Matches Rewarding Matches PvP Arena ladders Champion Title ? (being creative here)
  7. --cant edit title , sorry for the wrong misleading title I have helped a lot of newbie in these server .... Most of the problems they met is How to go back to Forsaken City (others call it , original map) How to go to the market (the place where people vend) How to start [quest_name] quest How did you get that item (quest item) The forum has a lot of information on how to finish a quest , where to go next ... after getting a quest...but almost none in the GAME(NPC).Or maybe people are just lazy to read. For example where to warp next... where to get the next item... --Suggestion --- Warper going back to Forsaken City Welcome message and Guide Message especially for the Newbies In the actual game , like the NPC quest Point the user to a short link ( ad.ly - you can gain ads money here ) that will redirect the user to forum post that gives informative tips on how to finish a quest. Allow people to vend at a certain town ... not only in a single map... This would not only give liveliness in the game , it gives the impression that a lot of players are playing this game . Allow players to feel the 500-650 players online .... (including the lag..) If you disagree with these ... atleast create a new warper that would warp Newbies to the Market...better if it would be placed in near the center of Forsaken City If possible add command @whatnow That will show list of quest that can be accomplished in the game . List quest like forsaken knight quest , LHZ , Legendary Aura...and the others...
  8. Well from what i've seen... to make an easier transaction. since thana or any other expensive items require alot of tokens.. can we have token tickets? that have 0 weight?
  9. Pori Pori Revenge Event Pori Pori Revenge is an Event that is similar to the Poring Catcher, you'll have to kill the right poring but it's not that easy, since the Porings have their minions and they are aggressive and will attack you when they see you. I have heard alot of opinions about this event, they told me that they NEVER saw anyone win this event, making the Event non-beneficial since the purpose of events is to give the players (especially the newbies) a chance to live their ForsakenRO life without having to donate. I personally went to this event, I saw a few dead people (about 1-2 only) and they were newbies, the old players are not playing the Event anymore because they think that its a waste of time since you will never win in the end anyways, here are some screenie as proof that no one wins this event. I always stay here whenever I AFK ----------------------------------------------- This is the time that I went to check on the event ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- I think its time to fix this event, and here is my suggestion. If the Porings HP will be decreased from 95million (Oh wow, you cannot kill that fast in just 10 minutes unless you have a party with you, but still you can only kill atleast 1 in 10 minutes) to atleast 25-30 million then it would be easier for the players to kill them and still have time to find the correct poring. What would motivate them to join this event would probably increasing the prize from 3 mini game tokens to 6 mini game tokens, since the Pori Pori Revenge Event is twice as hard as the Poring Catcher (where you just have to find the correct poring). The time limit will still be 10 minutes. What do you guys think? I think its time for us to show our love towards this event, like the way you love Guess the Monster, Password, Dice, Novice Survival etc. Collaborated with [GM]Armstrong with the planning of a fix for this event
  10. There is already a thread with this suggestion, here is the link : http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/28749-magic/ thePast has suggested some of his works, and Genesis said that we will have to suggest specific effects and sprites therefore, I am bringing up that topic again for spriting and effect ideas that the new players can possibly suggest I am bad at editing, and I don't know how to make sprites, but I will be giving my ideas which are not up for implementation, but will give those who are experts in spriting an idea on what aura they should make. Butterfly Aura All Stats + 20, Maximum HP + 5%, Increases physical damage by 5%, Increases your magic attack power by 10% 1 slot, equips in mid And here are a few of my suggested effects (will be adding more soon) All Stats + 20, MATK + 10%, Reflect + 5% All Stats + 20, MATK + 15%, Max SP + 20% All Stats + 20, Max HP + 10%, MATK + 10%, Mdef+30 All Stats + 20, Max HP+5%, MATK + 10%, Increase movement speed by 10% All Stats + 20, MATK + 10%, Reduce damage received from demi-humans by 3% Here is one aura that I found in google I have a few ideas but I cannot show how it looks like, but you will know what I mean with just the name of the auras Music ring (Music Notes surrounding your character like the Flower Ring, Day Aura etc.) Snow Aura (There will be falling snow on your character making it sparkle and white) Rain Aura (There will be droplets of water falling from your head) And here are monsters that has a sprite that would look good if it was made into an Aura Gioia (The circle thingy) Coelacanth (The Bubbles, it will be like a Bubble Aura and be similar to the lhz aura) Incantation Samurai (The Samurai itself) Dark Lord (just like thePast's example) Kiel (The dark being behind him) Lord of Death (The whispers can possibly be made into an aura) Chimera (The snakes at the back will look cool as a mid headgear just like backpacks/wings) Aliot (similar to Chimera, but this one is Mechanical) Tao Gunka (The three totems) Plasma (It will be like a lightning aura) = Okay that is all, I tried putting a character on some of them for you guys to be able to see what I mean. (The Samurai at the back is a little transparent than in here just like the the real monster) That is all I can do, I am bad after all That's it! I hope some of you would suggest your ideas and let's help the server together! Btw, they are not impossible to be implemented since I've seen them work before, and I for one can say that it looks so AWESOME!
  11. http://roworkshop.com/andro/main/index.html The link for AndRO, it only supports the international Ragnarok Online server. If Forsaken RO can customize AndRO's build or whatever. I think FRO can be played on android smartphones. Plus, a lot more of gamers will play. I'm leaving this suggestion here. So what do you think? I wanna play FRO badly -_- . AndRO is a ragnarok client emulator for android users, making them play RO on their smartphones, not a bad idea right?
  12. I have a Good Suggestion That will make people play more. Gm you should make a "Alternative Job Path" Like on Other RO or Older RO . Cause Last 3 Year when I was Playing RO. There was a Class or Alternative Path Job Change. Like Guilotine Cross, Ministrel , Shadow Chaser ETC. It Would Bring More People To the Server Because of Many Job or Class. :D :D :D
  13. I think the Lord of The Death Card Should be Updated. Cause The Effect of The LTD card is too low that it's like the effects Does not work. and the coma's percentage is too low and its like its not taking EFFECT.
  14. Seeing how things change drastically specially for paladin classes with the new gears / set i think the pally Halb weapon is being left behind in some sort, i really cant pinpoint at which exactly . Comparing the effects Odins Avenger Vs Pally Halb I can relate this in having Freyrs Blade vs LK Halb. In pally, I see the Pally halb be more of a battle type weapon than as of the Odins, but seeing the Odin effects make me think that Pally Halb is Definitely useless (to be honest). So why not Improve this weapon? My suggestion is. Increase Damage done to Demi-humans: from 17% - 20% STR: 20 Dex: 10 INT: 20 MAX HP: 15%-20% (since adds no vit in this weapon and battle type) MATK: 5% to 10% Increase Grand Cross Damage: from 15% - 20% or 23% (depends) FAQs Why? -Simple to make this class volatile -I think everyone only assumes that pally is only best for support, Devo/Tank/Chant/Ecall -To showcase that pally can also fight using magic and physical. I think as of now ill end it here, so add more inputs here guys thanks!
  15. I have a lord knight in game, but i exploring the map by warping into some map which is not implemented yet, the error come out, now i cant return to any map even i relog.... the error keep pop out after i just log in, i need help !! >.<
  16. I've been playing this game for a short one month. Other than farming for tokens, WoE and PvP, which while fun, doesn't fully take up the time I spend in this game. None of them actually keeps the community heavily engaged. Thus I have a suggestion that would probably increase the amount of activity instead of AFK farming activity tokens. The suggestion is as follows... Guild Survival Raid. How it works: Guild Survival Raid is basically a weekly/monthly point based ranked raid. With a reward given to the guilds that score the highest points at the end of each season. Staying true to survival type activities, the further you raid goes, the more points are rewarded. A raid, if possible, must only consist of guild members, alternatively, point rewards may be awarded to the individual participants of the raid, which will in turn be added to their respective guilds. Pros 1) Probably the one that gave birth to the idea in my head was the lack of cohesive activities within the game, which ultimately led to mild boredom for me. WoE was fun, and the once in a while raids for rings were decent, but after that, it was all about monotonous grinding for items or seed farming. 2) Adds a new reason for being in a guild. It gives more reason for a guild to bond closer instead of forming cliques of their own. It also gives the guild another reason to play together, leading to much more enthusiasm and love for the game. 3) It will also up Guild vs Guild rivalry in the quest of vying for the best. Indirectly showing how active a guild is, and also a form of publicity for which guilds to join. Cons 1) Probably the most pressing concern would be abuse concerns. I wouldn't know how this could be abused but it's always a pressing concern no matter what new customizable content gets added in fRO. 2) Member poaching. Not that it doesn't happen naturally, but having such a function may or may not result in increased instances of member poaching. I mean, who won't want to take up an offer from a guild that is extremely active and does abnormally well? Eh? 3) Rewards: Rewards would most probably be rewarded to the respective guilds via the leaders. This, of course may cause upsets among members who have contributed much but find it unfair with regards to distribution of rewards, yet this is pretty much a problem that should be settled within a guild itself. Closing Notes. This idea, in general is just a passing idea I had for the server, which is heavily inspired by another game I shall not mention. Not a lot of thought has been put into it but the idea sounds pretty good to me. Ideas on how the raid should go can also be discussed as a community in general or totally left to the GMs. Please do support this post should you find this feature a fun and exciting addition to fRO ^_^ thx.
  17. I got an idea for clown and gypsy, they should compose their own songs instead of playing the same awesome skill songs created by the GMs: but it would be awesome for people to compose( real life songs or anime songs), it may be a crazy idea, but it would be nice to hear some creativity :3, I guess create an item to be able to allow them to create their songs such as a book, scroll, or music sheet. :) P.S: Rawr o3o
  18. i have an suggestion. put search in storage so finding items in storage will be easy.
  19. Len

    Non-Berry Pvp

    Greetings, I recently visited the fRO PvP for the first time and had to find out that you can heal yourself with Yggdrasil Berries and Seeds. My suggestion would be to add a third PvP-room where you can't use those healing items. The reason is obvious. According to my experience, the outcome of fights with berries depend on which player can carry more berries / click the hotkey faster / slips his/her finger when trying to use a berry. I just don't think that PvP should be depending on this kind of things. Plus, if the third room would just be added, it wouldn't influence the current PvP activities, as everyone could choose to use the old rooms. :) Cheers, Len EDIT: so far we came to the conclusion, that adding this proposed room could make fights very fast and overpowered. Many of you stated that such a room would be impossible because of the customs on this server. To re-balance this, some changes would be required. Possibly regarding equipment / statpoints etc. This could mean some additional effort but I think it would be worth it, since I see the usage of berries as some kind of "workaround" for an actual balanced PvP. Just wanted to recapitulate what we got yet.
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