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  1. ? ForsakenRO official 2020 GM Interview! ? 1. Why did you chose ForsakenRO out of the many private servers? And have you ever been a GM on another server? ~~[GM]Moon : because my little brother invite me to ForsakenRO and never try other server. ~~[GM]Clap : You know...honestly, I chose ForsakenRO because back in late 2009, one of my favorite and dearest cousins asked us if we were in any way, interested, in chibi/cute characters, as well as, mmorpg (which at the time, I did not know what a mmorpg was until I googled it on my super super slow, HUGE, 2009 Dell laptop), and oh my, searching up ragnarok in general, I was so fascinated with the classes and all the cute headgears that made ones character their own ?, and so I tried it, and oh geez....I got pretty fond of this server and just kept playing on it every year. As for being another GM on OTHER servers, I mean, I've tried applying for a few, but I was never chosen...it probably was because of the lack of experience I had, but in all honesty, I probably would not have as much fun as I am having today, if it were not for this server that I am so happy to serve. ^o^ ~~[GM]Death : My friend the Grim Reaper invited me ☠️. Nope ? ~~[GM]Titan : Balanced and fun environment. First time being a GM here. ~~[GM]Gourmet : For me personally, I got attached to Fro becuz of the friends I've made in the game,, and yes I was a GM from another server back then ~~[GM]Taiko : I liked the word "Forsaken" so I downloaded it. ? -This is my first GM post. I was struggling so hard when I started as I did not know half the commands. I don't even remember the commmand to resurect players. haha ~~[GM]Wave : No particular reason, I looked up top private servers on multiple websites and since i dont like low/mid rate servers, I went with the highest rated High Rate server. This is my first time being a GM. ~~[GM]Instinct : I chose the top high rate server in RMS because I did not want to grind to level-up my characters. ? ~~[GM]Harmony : I have tried 5 servers my whole life, For some reason ForsakenRO stole my soul cos I always come back!!! Haha! And yes I have, 2 times. It was back when I was 10 and 12 ? 2. How long have you been in ForsakenRO, main and as a GM, and what made you stay? ~~[GM]Moon : since 2016 my main, as GM 2017. Because I met alot good friends. ~~[GM]Clap : As I said before, it was late 2009 ~ early 2010 when I began playing ForsakenRO and as a GM, it's been about 1 year and a half, hehe; I've come and gone as life always played tug of war with me whenever I tried to make time to play this game, but in all honesty, everytime I came back, I always found friends that still play and that still know me...and that just gets me feeling so happy to see them online and us just relaxing or farming for stuff~ that feeling deeply made me want to stay. ~~[GM]Death : A couple of years . I get to spread Death throughout the game !! ☠️ ? ~~[GM]Titan : Maybe around 3 years for my main and 8 months being a GM. Fun events and competitive WoE/PvP ~~[GM]Gourmet : I've been a player in Fro for about 4 years now, and still counting. if we are talking about me being a GM, I've been a GM for about 2 months now? ~~[GM]Taiko : I started playing Jan 2020 and applied for the GM post March 2020. I love how other players were helpful to me when I started. This also made me want to apply as a GM. ~~[GM]Wave : I joined ForsakenRO January 2019 and stayed for the good friends I made in the short time i have been here. ~~[GM]Instinct : I have been playing since December 2017 ~~[GM]Harmony : I’ve been here for 10yrs. I was a GM for a couple of months on 2013, then an Event Organizer/developer at 2015, then late 2015 I became Harmony for 2 yrs. Life came and I had to leave and be inactive but now I’m back, active and CUTE! ? ? Haha!! 3. What is the story/reason behind your chosen GM name? ~~[GM]Moon : hmmm, not sure. Miracle? ? ? ? ~~[GM]Clap : Hehehe...I was in such a happy mood that I was clapping my hands, dancing all over the room, and on a skype call with some friends that I felt like I should cherish this moment, and I guess Clap just came to be....JUST KIDDING, i was clappin' somethin else & that came to be, ME. UwU ?? ~~[GM]Death : Server needs more B L O O D ? ~~[GM]Titan : Just followed the path of other GM's on having a God-like name. ? ~~[GM]Gourmet : Its because I love cooking, and eating as well HAHAHAHA ?‍? ~~[GM]Taiko : There was this Nintendo Wii game that I was so addicted to. It was called "Taiko no Tatsujin". You basically beat the crap out of these drums in unison to a pattern/beat. Taikos btw are Japanese drums that were mainly used for war signals and ceremonial ceremonies. ? ~~[GM]Wave : Look up Wave on urban dictionary. Describes me very well if I say so lol. ? ~~[GM]Instinct : I wanted a cool-sounding name.. So I chose Instinct. But then, people associated it with Ultra Instinct. Cool-sounding name went out the window. ?‍♂️ ~~[GM]Harmony : Cos I love MUSIC!! ? ? Duh??? HAHA! But really is cos I was a fan of fifth harmony back then ?? SO YOU CAN JUDGE ME NOW!! 4. What motivates you to do a job well done as a GameMaster? And how did you got in? ~~[GM]Moon : I love helping players, since busy real life now I skip my job as GM. Lol ~~[GM]Clap : I believe helping your GM team out with finding new ways to approach and create new ideas/concepts for the server always motivates everyone to do their best, especially if they enjoy and love the game so much, it just makes you want to try and do better. Of course, getting in, took awhile...hehe, but I was waiting for a right time to actually re-apply and try my luck into becoming a GM, which I definitely had a breakthrough and succeeding in getting a place in this team; I am truly grateful. ❤️ ~~[GM]Death : The Players that are left . How I got in - I Applied ? ~~[GM]Titan : Being fair to all players and to provide the best gaming experience. I was not selected on my first application then I tried applying for the second time when it opened again. That's when the magic happened. ~~[GM]Gourmet : my initial motivation was to fix the imbalances of the jobs in game. tbh I dont know how I got in HAHAHA ~~[GM]Taiko : I believe in paying it forward. I have been well cared of when I started on this server. This is my own little way of helping people. Also, its not bad when you get players naming thier charachters as I Love Taiko. ? ~~[GM]Wave : I want to make sure the server has active players and the way to make players active are to throw GM events. Not only will this make players participate, but there are token incentives. That's what motivates me to make sure I do a good job being a GM. An active server will benefit everyone. ~~[GM]Instinct : For events, I want players to remain engaged. Specially the newbies so our population increases. For everything else, just fairness. AFK macro farmers.. I got my eyes on you! ??? ~~[GM]Harmony : Events has always been my thing. Creating and hosting them, and the fact that it made our community smile and happy makes me happy basically. I got in cos interviews back then (2013) and, in 2015 and the present is cos of my super elaborate projects Hahaha! And Genesis noticed!!! ? 5. How is it like being a Game Master? Are you having fun killing people at Dice Events or being cute at Help Desk??? ? ~~[GM]Moon : being statue in help desk? ~~[GM]Clap : For me, it CAN be a little stessful/overwhelming, especially with cases when you do NOT know both sides of the story, and you literally have to be the judge of it all and CHOOSE a side...but the fun of it all, for me.....the thing that keeps me going ~ the thing I truly like to do is, answer questions at Help Desk in any way I can & of course, try to keep myself unbiased with the knowledge I have and to communicate with some sincerely even if its just to talk about their day or problems and maybe even give a little advice :3 ~~[GM]Death : Killing people of course !! ? ~~[GM]Titan : It's fun and hard at the same time. I don't usually kill on dice and I don't enjoy it using my GM account.lol ~~[GM]Gourmet : Ofc it is fun being a GM in the server since I could talk to random strangers without having them doubt who I actually am. ~~[GM]Taiko : I hardly kill people on events. Players know me to warp them out instead of spamming Asura on their asses. ? ~~[GM]Wave : Being a GM is fun. Playing a whole different persona from my main character can sometimes be fun. I don't kill people in Dice Events. I am a nice GM. HAHA ? ~~[GM]Instinct : Killing people in dice is definitely fun. Hosting events is even more fun. ? Dude can't be cute at Help Desk. ? ~~[GM]Harmony : Oh definitely the best part!!! Killing players without being seen as bad or breaking the rules ? Oh you’re a cute baby? Well here’s an asura for you. Oh I see that you’re all cute there as a couple, welp, here’s a claymore trap. Ooops!!! ? 6. What character/class relates to you the most, and why? ~~[GM]Moon : wizard, don't have particular reason. Just love it. ~~[GM]Clap : This is a little toughy...I am stuck between a priest or a biochemist; The thing about a priest is (and this is my P.O.V. / opinion), they tend to rely on others, as I do in real life...like I know most of times, I need support and whenever I feel better or stronger and they need that support to, I reciprocate it and return it back to them. They have your back no matter what....and sometimes it feels like they would risk their lives to save others, which I always try to do as well. As for a biochemist....I would say that I was a super nerd during all my time in school/university, loved all math and science subjects, and whenever we had labwork to be done and run some tests with some chemicals....we would have to be perfect with all the measurements and what not, which was intense~ BUT also so much fun to do. That's probably why I pick these both, hehe. ~~[GM]Death : None . Being a GM lets me use all class skills to murder people ?? ~~[GM]Titan : Merchant. Because I like money. lewl ? ~~[GM]Gourmet : hmmmmm I think A proff? I think since I decide what is good or bad in the current situation, and for that I usually decide what skill I should use to minimize the damage from the other side. ~~[GM]Taiko : I like support classes. Classes that are often overlooked because there are no kill streak counts and rampage announcements. ( I just suck at PVP so this is me reasoning out) ~~[GM]Wave : Im a pretty laid back person. So i guess any character or class that looks laid back. IDK which one looks like that the most haha. ~~[GM]Instinct : Stalker.. because I stalk AFK macro farmers. ?? ~~[GM]Harmony : Hmmm.. I’d say a gypsy. Cos they dance and do music! Like, that’s literally me at the bathroom!!! Haha! ? 7. If you were a monster, what would you be and why??? Don't say PORING! We all know everyone wanna be a cute pink jelly!! ? ~~[GM]Moon : Domovoi ?? ~~[GM]Clap : If I were a monster, I would definitely would love to be a Valkyrie because she lookin like a baddie and I would love to have wings to fly from place to place! Another one...on the top of my head, Bacsojin, heal people around me and look drop-dead gorgeous~ MHM! ? ~~[GM]Death : Lord of Death because I AM DEATH ☠️ ~~[GM]Titan : Orc Lord. Coz Im big and strong. lel ? ~~[GM]Gourmet : A fudging Atroce! its because they salvage their prey to cook em ? ? ? ~~[GM]Taiko : Definitely Rice Cake Boy. Playing with a pinwheel while eating rice cakes. That's the life. ?️ ~~[GM]Wave : A jejeling because I am cool asf. ? ~~[GM]Instinct : I be a Shinobi. I sneak up on AFK macro farmers, do a ban hammer, and disappear into the shadows! ? ~~[GM]Harmony : I’d say violy but I’m done with violin classes so prob a Savage Babe. Cos I’m small and cute and pink. HAHAHA! ? 8. Who amongst the GMs is the CUTEST!!!??? Don't lie to us now!! ~~[GM]Moon : Bisu... EBISUUU ? ~~[GM]Clap : I truly wish I could answer this one, but if you've seen our GM team, you really can't, JUST....pick one amongst them all. >.<! I'll just say, I have made really great memories with them and I can't wait for more to come. ? ~~[GM]Death : Me ~~[GM]Titan : hmmm.. I guess Harmony ? ~~[GM]Gourmet : GM Moon ? ~~[GM]Taiko : Me of course. You guys are a loooong way from Kansan when compared to me. haha ~~[GM]Wave : GM Wave is the cutest of the GMs. ~~[GM]Instinct : Not Harmony. ? ~~[GM]Harmony : I think everyone would agree it’s me though.. HAHA! But! Fine I’ll say 2nd place.. hmm.. I’d say Clap. The fashion is CUTE ASF!!! Work it gurl!! 9. What 3 personality traits describe you the most??? ~~[GM]Moon : shy, introvert, friendly ~~[GM]Clap : Hmmm....three personalities/traits that would describe me, at this given time, would be....Adventurous, as in, I would love to try new things, new places, new scenery ~ Everything! It just sounds so much fun and then that leads to my other trait, which would be Optimistic, which before I struggled with, but now, I feel like I've been through a lot that I had learned that clouding your mind with alot of negative thoughts is not good in any way, so just think positive and be optimistic as much as you can, and great things will come your way! ? And lastly, I'd say patience....and when I mean patience, I mean the literal description of tolerating any delays, troubles, or suffering without getting angry or upset...having patience is what is used whenever I hear someone's story and I make sure they are okay and if there is any way I can help, I will help. That's just a few, but I would say describe me. ~~[GM]Death : I am Conspicuous yet Concealed. I am Ubiquitous for I am Death ~~[GM]Titan : Calm, Approachable, and Cooperative ~~[GM]Gourmet : kind, short tempered, and decisive. ~~[GM]Taiko : Impulsive, carefee and loyal. ~~[GM]Wave : Laid back , hilarious , and cool. HAHAHAHA EZ ? ~~[GM]Instinct : Humble, Responsible, and Wise ~~[GM]Harmony : Cute, Small, NOISY ASF ? 10. What should people expect on the upcoming updates? Something exciting??? ? ~~[GM]Moon : don't know since I gone long time ? ~~[GM]Clap : Ooof, this is a biggy ~ flat out, if you look in ForsakenRO Discord, beneath #suggestions, labeled #development, you will see SOME upcoming things and more, hehe ?! You guys really thought I was gonna expose more...no no. ~~[GM]Death : More Deaths ? ~~[GM]Titan : Balance and new hg variants. ~~[GM]Gourmet : To be honest, I dont know yet, since I havent been able to do my job for about a week now? because online classes. ~~[GM]Taiko : Re-Stats of Dead/Unused Rings. ~~[GM]Wave : Expect lots of nerf to your favorite classes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA jk ? ~~[GM]Instinct : #development ~~[GM]Harmony : I’d say cute headgears and reviving dead classes~ ? ~~Alright!! Time to get a little cute and personal!! PLEASE BE HONEST WITH US!! ?? 11. I've seen a lot of players asking GMs this question...: ARE YOU SINGLE!?! ~~[GM]Moon : un ~~[GM]Clap : Yes, I am single like a pringle in the bottom of the tube ;-;! I think it is okay to be single right now, because a lot is going on, and I would want to be prepare myself before I am ready....BUT I MEAN, if someone came my way, and we just 'clicked' right away, idk~ then I might just, RISK IT ALL! ? ~~[GM]Death : Its Complicated ~~[GM]Titan : Engaged ? ~~[GM]Gourmet : I am single but I am courting someone. ~~[GM]Taiko : Nope. Married with three kids ??‍❤️‍?‍?. A fellow GM calls me a Boomer. Yes, you know who you are. haha ? ~~[GM]Wave : On weekends I am. Holla at me ! ? ? ~~[GM]Instinct : I am taken. Taken for granted ?? ~~[GM]Harmony : Well, let’s just say a guy found me recently ? ? 12. If you were a novice, would you prefer to die by a zombie bite, a witches' curse, or a poop thrown at ya face and suffocate??? ~~[GM]Moon : a witches curse ? ~~[GM]Clap : Pif, you didn't say how "hard" the zombie bite is gonna be, so I definitely woud not mind the zombie bite....I thought about it too, like~ bite me on the neck, turn me into a zombie, by then I am not gonna feel anything and my WHOLE mind,body, and soul is not gonna be there anymore, so it'd be like a 'gentle' death, in my opinon. As for the others, a witches curse...now if I had that, I'd always live my life in agony wondering when will I die, and I bet a bunch of betrayals will happen if people will find out I have a curse on me, they'd probably disown/unfriend and REALLY BURN ME ON A STAKE, OMG! And then, I mean...the poop and I suffocating from it....yeah that alone, I don't even want to paint a HUGE imagery of it in my head, but yeah, that just sounds so so disgusting >.<! I GO WITH THE ZOMBIE BITE! ?‍♀️ ~~[GM]Death : None, I'd prefer to kill them or die trying ? ~~[GM]Titan : Zombie bite so I can bite others too.. haha ?‍♂️ ~~[GM]Gourmet : Suffocation ? ? ~~[GM]Taiko : The hell? haha. I'd say a witches curse ?. I choked on a slice of cake once (long story) so I know how it feels to suffocate. NOT FUN AT ALL. ? ~~[GM]Wave : The least painful one, witch's curse please. ?? ~~[GM]Instinct : I'd rather die by a marine sphere summoned by rude biochemists at for_fild01. ? ? ~~[GM]Harmony : POOP ALL THE WAY! I think it’s best to die the hardest way. NAH IM KIDDING EW!!! Zombie bite ! ?‍♀️ 13. What is the most embarassing thing you've done in real life and ingame??? TELL US!!! ~~[GM]Moon : uhmmmmm.... try to remember ~~[GM]Clap : In game, I'd say embarrassing thing I have done was broadcasting to the whole server, accidentally, like a bunch of warps or other stuff on my alt+m, oops! I am sorry for those who witnessed that >.<! And for in real life....I mean, I feel like a lot of things I do, and while my family and friends are around, are embarassing, whether it be just singing to the songs at the super market or starbucks, or literally dancing like NO TOMORROW on facetime...if it makes them smile and feel better, I don't mind embarrasing myself for their joy or mood to be better. ? ~~[GM]Death : Answering this interview ? ~~[GM]Titan : became a human puppet infront of 100 people. ?‍♂️ ? ~~[GM]Gourmet : hmmmm in real life? I think it is when I got busted for the fifth time on ONE girl alone ? and in game, its prolly when I kept arguing with someone about a suggestion and then I remember that Fro is different from Iro which fks me up LOL ~~[GM]Taiko : Way back college, we were so drunk and had nowhere else to go. We decided to sleep inside a parked jeepney (public transportation for you non filipinos). Come 4am, the driver was so angry seeing us sleeping inside his jeepney he wacked us with a broom. I was still drunk so my balance was not at its best. I ran, rolled and did drunk parkour to dodge the man's broom. Ingame? Hmm. Disguising into a renewal monster that DCs all of FCITY. I am so sorry guys. ?‍♀️ ~~[GM]Wave : Can't recall. ?‍♂️ ~~[GM]Instinct : As a kid, I told a girl I courted that she should say yes to me because I courted her first! ?? ~~[GM]Harmony : INRL - A fancy guy kept asking me out in public and basically wants to buy me, EVERYONE WAS LOOKING and I had to dump him on the spot ?‍♀️ INGAME: I think it’s the time I broadcasted GLOBALLY: @gstorage. Yap but I managed to make myself look cute but it’s still embarassing HAHA ? 14. What is your deepest darkest SECRET!! CMON! We wanna gossip!!~ Our lips are sealed ? ? ~~[GM]Moon : uhmmmmm.... ? ~~[GM]Clap : Oh hunny....you got a storm comin'. Just kidding, I don't have a deepest, darkest SECRET...not that I could think of, I'm much of an open book, especially if I know you or EVEN if we get to know each other, and we BOTH open up....I'm like a "NO JUDGEMENT" Free Zone, hehe. ~~[GM]Death : An Affair ~~[GM]Titan : I watch TikTok videos secretly. haha ? ~~[GM]Gourmet : hmmm I dont think I have one? since im still a virgin, and a hopeless romantic person AHAHAHA ? ? ~~[GM]Taiko : Stealing my brother's valentine's chocolates (Ferrero Rocher) > carefully unwrapping them > eating all of them > replacing the contents with crumpled up paper > re-wraping them in foil and resealing them with tape. He stil keeps those chocolates in his room. I love you bro! ? ~~[GM]Wave : NOPE?‍♂️. NOPE?‍♂️. NOPE?‍♂️. NOPE?‍♂️. NOPE?‍♂️. NOPE?‍♂️ ~~[GM]Instinct : My identity. ? ~~[GM]Harmony : Shhhh! Okay? ? I’m known as a heartbreaker inrl ? HAHA jk well, I have 9 piercings (1 hidden ?)and 9 more to go~ 15. How are you coping with COVID? Do you wash your hands often or maybe just after pooping? ?? ~~[GM]Moon : wash hands, wear mask, bring alcohol everywhere. Haha ? ~~[GM]Clap : A little mentally unstable, but I think it's due to me being home quite often than usual, and the fact that if I ever go out, theres a CHANCE, I can contract it and spread it to my loved ones, which I prefer not to....and oh my gosh, of course I wash my hands! All the time....after a restroom break, after going to the kitchen to grab some snacks...even when I grab any doorknobs, etc....I got my sanitizer and sanitizer wipes beside my desk just in case ? ! ~~[GM]Death : I spread Death just doing my job ☠️ ~~[GM]Titan : Sanitize all the way. ~~[GM]Gourmet : I would say I am coping it very well? and yes I do wash my hands but everytime I go out or eat ~~[GM]Taiko : Who doesn't? haha. I am a bit of a germophobe so I wash my hands all the time. ~~[GM]Wave : Always! Plus I carry hand sanitizer whenever I go out. And always find me wearing a mask when out ~~[GM]Instinct : An introvert that's forced to stay at home. It's utopia. ? ~~[GM]Harmony : COVID is just sad. I have to be at home, watch FRIENDS, BUT host events so yay still! And yeah !!! I have sanitizer with me EVERYTIME. Virus, GO AWAY!!! 16. If you have anything to say to our ForsakenRO community, now is your chance!! Spread the love!! ?? ~~[GM]Moon : stay safe, be happy ? ~~[GM]Clap : As this is the last thing to say to everyone, I just want to say....be patient, be kind, stay optimistic. There is a lot of circumstances that not all of us know, that can effect your surrounds and you, personally. You can or cannot change that, but when you DO try to change something, just know that, that one choice can affect the whole outcome and other variables afterwards. You just gotta stay true to yourself and keep being you...keep striving and doing great things, never believe those negative things people tell you, because they will never, truly, know who you are (unless they legit lived with you for more than a year, haha). Love yourself, love your surroundings, be grateful for what you have....nothing is forever, LOVE AND HAVE FUN (safely)! ? ~~[GM]Death : Play or Die . Choose!! ☠️ ?? ~~[GM]Titan : Be fair and don't be toxic. ? ? ~~[GM]Gourmet : Stop the toxicity in the chats please ? ~~[GM]Taiko : Hope everyone is enjoying the game! If you have comments or concerns, please DM Harmony ?. Kidding! You can always drop a message! Sending love, light and virtual hugs to y'all! ~~[GM]Wave : Vote Wave for the next FRO PRESIDENT. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?‍♂️? ~~[GM]Instinct : I hope you have fun with events! And for those farmers that I've banned, don't take it personally. ??? ~~[GM]Harmony : Thank you so much everyone!!! This is a good interview and I love how fun our community is! Thank you to the team for welcoming me back too~ and just remember that this is a game, and we should be a family and just have fun together!! Isn’t that what games are about??? And we GMs are gonna help you make your ForsakenRO memory last.. and buried deep within your heart. We are now part of your lives and we hope we made you happy!!! ? If you need inspiration or motivation, listen to music.. cos eventually your life will get in order, or as what I’d like to say, it’ll soon HARMONIZE. Thank you! ??????? Thank you to all the GMs who answered (And those that didn't yet, hihi, there's still a chance ?) !! THIS WAS SUPER FUN!! Hopefully the FRo Community will feel more closer to ya'll!~ Still waiting for: @Genesis @Veracity @Ebisu @Tenjin @Euros Thank you ~ ? ? @Moon @Death @Clap @Titan @Gourmet @Taiko @Wave @Instinct @Harmony Credits: To whoever made that ForsakenRO pics (I'd assume it's Vera)
  2. BUMPING THIS~~ Part 2 is here if anyone wanna check:
  3. BUUUUMP!!~ Added in Bet your fighter NPC to (maybe) be an option other than the Duel gambler (which is at Part 1 if you wanna read)
  4. Victoria's projects part 2!! I did a part 2 cos I don't want the part 1 to be overcrowded, or lose the content from the amount of stuff in it INGAME events Protect the Queen Event Demon clan = Angel clan = Objectives: A team vs team strategy match to defend their own queen from invaders!! Rules: Any Class/Level can participate Venue: TBD Gameplay: Host GM will announce the Event and give everyone 5 mins to prepare and to join, after 5 mins, event NPC will close Then, Host GM will say the rules and instructions (I can prepare this once approved). Then Mr. Sorter (or another NPC) will randomly select each player to Demon race (make clothes black) or Angel race (make clothes white). After everyone has formed their parties, the Host GM will check if everything's good. And then will start the Event. There will be 4 of the Garden watcher on Hell, and 4 Dame sentinel on Heaven. These will need to get killed before the Queen spawns (better to announce the death of each of these). Zealotus for Demon race, and Shelter for Angel race If that is too complicated, the queens can just spawn at the start of the event. Basically the teams must defeat the other side's queen. Queen must be healable. Basilica is not allowed. And, each Queen will have 50,000 HP, and can only be hit with 1 damage. First to defeat the opponent's Queen shall win! Prizes: 7 Event Tokens ea (can be changed to 10 or 15 if the match took too long) Bring me my Pacifier Event Objectives: Kill the baby at the end of the maze, get the pacifier drop and deal it to Host GM Rules: Only baby class can participate Venue: TBD (I put this in case this doesn't get implemented lol) Gameplay: Host GM will announce the Event and give everyone a few minutes to prepare Once all the babies are there, (we take a screenshot, haha im kidding). Rules and instructions will be broadcasted. @autoloot 100 must be ON!! Then, PvP will be on. First one to kill the right orc baby, receive the Event pacifier, and trade it to the GM wins!! Take note: There are 5 orc babies, and 4 of them are fake that if killed will cause instant death! (If possible, if not then Host GM can just summon orc babies to fool them) Prizes: 7 Event Tokens (or more depending on how long it took) Capture the Flag Event Objectives: There will be two teams competing for the flag. The first team to CAPTURE the flag and bring it to their base safely WINS. Rules: 255/255 class are the only ones allowed No parties allowed inside! Venue: TBD (I put this in case this doesn't get implemented lol) Gameplay: Host GM will announce the Event and give everyone a few minutes to prepare Once 5 minutes are over, first NPC will now be disabled Host GM will explain the instructions. This is a PvP Team Event, and there's a flag hidden somewhere in 4 different locations (Meaning, once the Host GM begins the event, the flag will randomly spawn on 4 locations) The players will have to click the Flag NPC (Like Morrocan sprint, but once clicked, it'll change to cloaking status), to "capture" the flag, and then they must go back to their base and deliver it to the "Base NPC". If the player who has the flag gets killed, the flag will respawn again randomly on the 4 different locations. If the player was able to successfully capture the flag and put it on their base, it'll broadcast globally the name of that player. End of event. Prizes: 7 Event Tokens each (or 10 if event took a bit long) Notes: Knowing that Lost Orbs and Moroccan Sprint has similar codings to this event, I can see this happening. More information about this (Broadcast scripts, Maps, NPCs, fixes and such can be discussed with me if needed) MORE MORE MORE CASINO IDEAS/Fixes (coming soon!) Dice and a prize = change prizes (I'll discuss this privately) Make the Casino chips tradeable but not droppable. Left Fate Roulette doesn't say the Monthly Collectible Chest, and it also doesn't broadcast the winner of the jackpot (According to players) I'm just gonna say it here.. since Fight Night is not hosted probably like ever, if it's possible, implement the Duel Gambler. (It is in Part 1 to whoever wants to check it out) Alright, I have been thinking, and we already have cute games for the Casino. And we can add more (blackjack, or like a 6 player fast game and the NPC will be the table near the entrance) also, I thought of the idea of players DOING events of their own, through the Casino! Let's make it easy for people. Lucky Button game This game will be a bit tricky to code and work on, but if it became successful and the Casino has been revived from the dead!! (If some of my fixes and suggestion got implemented), I think it would be a good idea. I won't be too detailed on this with dialogues and such yet, but as soon as I get a go signal for this, I'll do it ASAP. This is basically a game of luck (as all Casino games are). But, the opponent here isn't the NPC. It's the other players that will be playing with you!! Maximum of 6 players can play the game. Basically, the first player will open up a bet (Maximum of 100 Casino chips), and then the other players can join in and bet their own up until the amount of bet the first player put in the stash. After that, NPC will display 6 (or 5, or 2, depending on how many joined) with names and amount of bets, and then the first player will have to talk to the NPC, and click the "Push button" option. After that, the NPC will do the /dice, and then the number that'll show WINS ALL THE BETS! NPC will say the winner in General chat If only 2 player joined in, NPC will say no one wins in general chat, and you can push the button again until someone does win. Race Gambler NPC I was thinking, we have automated Events, GM hosted events and such, why not an event that a player can activate?? Venue: turbo_e_16 58 354 Gameplay: If you go to the map, you'll see like wood, and there's a black area. Basically, each player will have to cross to the other side and click the NPC to win ! If a player goes to the black area, or we can say he/she FELL, then they'll immediately get teleported back to the Casino.. meaning they lost their Casino Chips. Venue can be PvP enabled (but we'll see how it goes). And minimum of 2 can enter, but there's no maximum cap, meaning, everyone can go in if they like! NPC entrance fee will be 30 Casino Chips. If a player fell and gets teleported back, the Casino chip will build up until it makes a good jackpot prize. Once someone activates this NPC, it will be broadcasted all over the cities. (That way, anyone can join, like a real event!) You only have 30 seconds to reach the other side! Once 30 seconds are gone, all players will be teleported back to the Casino. The PvP being enabled will make this more fun!! Bet your fighter NPC (I'm feeling lazy with NPC names, feel free to suggest lol, also, I'm not gonna do the dialogues yet, but as soon as this gets noticed, I'll work on it ASAP) This'll work similar to Duel Gambler, BUT! Instead of the duelist having to bet their casino chips, the NPC will take in 2 fighters (similar to how Wedding NPC takes in 2 people), then other players can bet which one they think will win. The winner of the match basically gets all the bets. Venue: Could be the same as Fight Night, OR, another map suitable for having an audience Gameplay: If a player talks to the NPC, he/she will have the option to fight or walk away. If he/she chooses fight, then he/she will get teleported to the Arena. There will be 5 mins to take in another fighter. Once the 5mins is gone, the player will get teleported back. Everytime a fighter goes into the arena, it will get broadcasted GLOBALLY. In order not to abuse this, the fighter needs to pay 50 Casino chips for registration. Then, another player can talk to the NPC, the NPC will say another fighter is in the arena and if this player wants to fight him/her or walk away.. if the player chooses to fight, then he/she will get teleported to the arena There will be local broadcasts in the arena (Again, I can work on these if this gets noticed) Then, the NPC will broadcast both the fighter's names globally, informing everyone there's a fight going so they can bet. Only those who bet their fighters can get teleported to the audience and watch the whole fight. The NPC will give 5 mins before he officially closes the betting and start the fight. If there are no betters, the winner will get 100 Casino chips instead. (This is the minimum a winner can get), then any bet from players will add to the pool. Those players who bet can choose which one they'll give their casino chips to, if it's Player 1, or Player 2. Here are the amount you can bet: 15 Casino Chips 50 Casino Chips 100 Casino Chips 300 Casino Chips 500 Casino Chips 1000 Casino Chips Once everything is settled and the 5 mins is gone. The match will start. There is a 10 minute time limit for the match. Winner can talk to the NPC to get his/her Casino chips. Thank you to @Death for collaborating with me for this idea~ I will be editing this from time to time! So don't forget to go check it out! I know this is a bit hard to work on, but I can do dialogues and such, whatever I can do to help make this happen. Here is part 1:
  5. Hiiiii everyone! Whoever will read and check this! As you know I'm a big fan of Events, and I love creating them, and I'll also link this to Discord suggestions as I am very fond of having detailed and creative posts. Victoria is back!!! And I'll be editing this from time to time whenever an idea comes to my head. ? Also, the broadcasting dialogues I can also do if ever any of this were to get implemented. I got your back! And also, I try to make varieties of Events that won't need sprites or codings, so active GMs, I'm looking at you!! ? ? Discord Events Why are we not hosting much events at Discord? LET'S MAKE IT MORE FUN! Weekly/Monthly ForsakenRO SUPERSTAR (Discord) Objectives: Be the best version of yourself, and post a small screenshot of your character with a good background on "Events" Discord Rules: One character per player (means you can only submit one screenshot) Anyone who submits more than one screenshot or character will automatically be disqualified Be creative and have fun! Venue: ForsakenRO Discord Gameplay: The Host GM will give a theme for the month/week, and give a start and end date of submissions. Players will have to submit a screenshot of their characters, with their IGN. All the GMs will have to discuss which is the best and who fits the theme the most. There will also be a poll to vote whichever the community likes the best. That person will be Mr/Ms. Popularity of the Month/Week and will receive Tokens (ForsakenRO Superstar can also win Mr/Ms. Popularity) By the end of the date and time, the GM will announce the winner. Whoever the Winner is will receive Event Tokens, and will be featured in the Forums!!! Prizes: 150 Event Tokens for Superstar 50 Event Tokens for Mr/Ms. Popularity Total of 200 Event Tokens if you win both titles Guild of the Month (Discord) Objectives: The Guild of the Month stands for the friendliest and most family-oriented guild of ForsakenRO. Show us how much love is in your guild! Rules: Only one player (Preferably the Guild Master) can post 3 pictures maximum of their guild at Discord Any guild who posts more than 6 screenshots will be disqualified Players must follow the start date, and end date given Good luck and have fun!! Venue: ForsakenRO Discord Gameplay: A seasonal theme can be given. (E.g Family, Christmas, Easter, Valentines) if not, it'll be just the normal, family guild screenshots during WoE, after winning a castle, or just relaxing at base. Winner of Guild of the Month will also be featured in the Forums! All GMs will discuss which fits the theme the most, or which guild looks the friendliest and family-oriented of all! Have fun! It's all about the fun! Prizes: 300 Event Tokens given to the Guild Leader Ingame Events!! Conquer the wild beast Automated Event: Before I go through with the Event, I suck at finding a cool monster and monster name for this, so suggestions are very much welcome!!!! Objectives: Defeat the monster(MVP) invading the city! It will drop Minigame Tokens to the last person who hits it! Note: (Make sure to have @autoloot 100 on or someone may get it!!) or the GMs can make it so once defeated, the minigame tokens goes straight to the player's inventory Rules: Any Class/Level can participate Venue: Monster will randomly appear on different city maps, including Forsaken City!!! Gameplay: Event will get announced, and the city of the Monster will be also broadcasted The monster should have atleast 50,000 HP or 100k, but you can only hit it with 1 damage. (fair for newbies) Event is simple, kill the monster, deal the last hit and you get the Minigame Tokens and the MvP sign will appear on you. End of Event Prizes: 5 Minigame Tokens Poring Punch Event! (This is an OLD event suggestion I made, I just wanna put it back here) This is an automated Event wherein you'll have to go to a certain place, then get as much points as you can, after 3 minutes, the player with the highest point wins the Event! Points: Poring gives 1 point Drops gives 5 points Poporing gives -10 points and I would like to add a new one. Bombring will warp you back to fcity making you lose all your points. Prize: 3 Minigame Tokens Time Limit: 5 minutes to prepare 3 minutes to get points Venue: Prontera (I know it's izlude on the pic but it's a buggy map now) Note: Everyone has an equal chance of winning in this Event, using of AoE skills such as StormGust/FocusArrowStrike/LordOfVermillion etc. would mean hitting one of the Poporings/Bombrings, therefore they will have less chances of winning. A merchant's scheme Event Objectives: Find the right vendor to get the Event Tokens! Easy and simple This is basically Hide n Seek IMPROVED (No reason not to try it out, no sprites or codings need to be made, just an active GM) Rules: Anyone can participate!!! Venue: Anywhere the GM desires Gameplay: The host GM will announce the commencement of the Event There will be 3 alts (Can include the GM). It may also be 3 GMs or more joining together. There will be 3 map clues. Each have 3 vendors and one of the maps has the correct merchant vending Event Tokens. The winner will get announced Prizes: 7 Event Tokens per round Dice Tier Tournament Event Objectives: As the title says, it'll be a random Tournament that is made to be more fun and exciting! The last lucky person who survives the tournament WINS!! Rules: Any class/level can participate (Take note: It is a PvP event) Parties aren't allowed (The GM will be able to tell cos you won't be able to kill the other, if that happens, only one is allowed to stay) It is a MUST, to have fun! No trashtalking please! Venue: A dice event venue Gameplay: GM will announce the event Players are given 5 minutes to prepare themselves and go to the event venue (as it is a PvP Event) Once everyone is ready and the event is about to start, the GM will close the event warper GM will then roll a dice, whichever appears will have to start PvP until only one remains (and possibly, the others can sit and watch) GM will keep doing this until there's only one player every number. And then, the GM will dice twice, those 2 numbers will have to compete, and the others the same. There will be 2 players left an they have to fight for the crown!!! Last player alive wins and will receive Event Tokens Prizes: 15 Event Tokens (or 20 Event Tokens, depends if GMs are feeling generous) The Curse of a Gypsy Event Objectives: Players will be circling the Host GM and the fates of the player is determined based on TAROT CARDS Rules: Any player can participate! If possible, no alts. Venue: Anywhere the GM desires (I would prefer Dice Event Venue so that it'll be easier to manage and no one can teleport inside) Gameplay: The Host GM will announce the event Everyone will be asked to surround the GM and sit (will be given a minute or two to do so, anyone who disobeys the GM will be killed instantly) The Host GM will now start the event, and will now use Tarot Cards of Fate. Any card that will appear other than the DEATH card will be killed. Basically, if the death card appears on you, you're safe. It's a game of luck This game will continue on till one player survives and wins!!! Prizes: 7 Event Tokens (or 14 depending on how many players joined or how long it took to finish) The Amazing Race Event Objectives: It's the Amazing Race! Basically there will be 3 stations, the Host GM will be announcing the first clue, and once you reach the first, that person will give you the next clue until you reach the final station. First one to get to the final station WINS! Rules: Any player can participate! Venue: Anywhere the GM desires Gameplay: The Host GM will announce the event (He/she will need to ask 2 or more GMs to participate or use 2 or more of his/her own alts.) Then, the GM will hide on a map, put up a pub (only one person can go in at a time), and do the same for the other GMs/alts (which will also hide in a different map). Basically, it'll work similar to Hide n Seek, with a twist!! Host GM will provide the first clue to find him/her, and then once people are going into their pub, he/she will provide the next clue. The players will move on to the next station, getting clues, moving on to the next until they reach the final one, declaring them the winner! Take note: The GMs/alts will know who is legit because they'll see who entered their pub. You won't be able to cheat here by starting at the 2nd or 3rd station. It is a must to HAVE FUN!! Prizes: 7 Event Tokens (or 14 depending on how many players joined or how long it took to finish) Forum Events revival!! For this part, I have SOOOOOO many ideas and I won't put it all in here. If the GM Team ever decides to revive back the Forum Events, I am glad to help with detailed ideas, and you can always contact me on my Discord. Much love ? Casino Ideas As some of you are not aware of the existence of the Casino. Let's revamp this a bit! (and slowly haha) Casino Token A Forsaken Ragnarok Online Casino Token. Only available in the Casino Casino Manager Exchanges Casino Tokens into Forsaken Tokens, Vouchers, stat foods, and a special headgear/s you can only find at the Casino (Same stats as Valk Expansions) Ideas for fixes/improvements: Since the Casino isn't known much, getting broadcasted automatically will help it get discovered! E.g "Don't forget to check out the Casino, test out your luck, and win amazing prizes! You can find the Casino at the top left of Forsaken City (fcity 29 171 - only if you want to put the coors). Wishing everyone a good luck!" Implement the Casino Token idea. The Casino tokens will only be available in the Casino, and can only be received at a small chance of 3% (Can be lower or higher depending on the Casino game and on how easily/hard it can be obtained) The Casino Manager will have these on his shop (Take note: The numbers I put are only examples. It depends how easily/hard the Casino Tokens can be obtained. The prizes can also be different once this idea has been noticed. Every proposal here is changeable) 5 Forsaken Token = 1 Casino Token 5 specific Stat candies = 1 Casino Token Santa's Bag = 5 Casino Tokens Forsaken King Armor = 30 Casino Tokens Forsaken King Shoes = 25 Casino Tokens Forsaken King Cloak = 25 Casino Tokens Forsaken King Shield = 25 Casino Tokens Valkyrie Helm = 25 Casino Tokens Valk Expansion Voucher = 350 Casino Tokens Assorted Headgear Voucher = 500 Casino Tokens Enchanted Headgear Voucher = 500 Casino Tokens Valkyrie Weapon Voucher = 500 Casino Tokens Infernal Cape Variant Voucher = 800 Casino Tokens Casino Special Headgear/s = 1000 Casino Tokens I'll be adding more (and maybe someone can suggest) stuff on the Casino Shop. One last suggestion, I suggested this way before but never got noticed as I remember. Let's do an Automated GAMBLER Event. This event will only happen INSIDE THE CASINO. Nowhere else. Gambler AUTOMATED Event: Objectives: Players will be busy gambling and testing their lucks on the Casino. Little do they know, there are aggressive GAMBLERS who'll invade the Casino and will make you lose your focus!! Watch out! Luckily though, one of them is RICH! You have to find that one to receive his money! Minigame Token, casino chips and his one and only Casino Token!!!! Rules: Any player can participate! Venue: ForsakenRO Casino If possible, make the Casino, skill-disabled Gameplay: There will be an automated broadcast announcing that aggressive gamblers have invaded the ForsakenRO Casino!! (I can help with the broadcast messages if this gets implemented) There will be mobsters spawned at the ForsakenRO Casino, one of the mobsters will have the prizes. You just have to find the lucky one. Mobsters should have high enough stats to hurt or even kill a player. Everyone should go back to gambling after. It's a must!!!! otherwise the aggressive gamblers will appear again!!!! Prizes: 5 Minigame Tokens 50 Casino Chips 1 Casino Token Casino Fixes As for game revamps, I'll get back into it as soon as I can. But, as far as I remember, (and experienced) The zeny that the Fate Roulette has been giving is just 1 million for all zeny colors. It used to be a lot, but now it's too low. No one can benefit or even be a "winner" as we call it from that. My suggestion would be to, change 2 of the Zeny colors, one would be 3 million zeny, and another would be 5 million. That won't be high enough to ruin the economy. Change the delay of *rolling the dice* on Double or Nothing and on Dice, and a Prize!, it takes too long! No one will ever have the patience for that. Make it seem so that you can read the dialogue and also be quick, like just half a second, to move on to the next. Make it so that Dice and a Prize game would display the prizes so the players would be more eager to play it. No one knows what it is or what the prizes are, they don't really care. If also possible, after a couple of wins, the player will get stuff like: Zeny coins Casino Tokens Forsaken Tokens A rare headgear/item prize for the luckiest winner to reach A LOT of rounds Make the Fate Roulette game not have a maximum cap for the Jackpot (If possible). It will make it more interesting, and winning the jackpot would be A WHOLE MORE FULFILLING, than just reaching 1000 Chips which is like 66 Forsaken Tokens. That's basically nothing compared to how many tokens people waste on it. If it's not possible, make the maximum cap HIGHER, like 10,000 chips or 100,000 chips. The Slot Machine and the Fate Roulette would be good games to receive Casino Tokens. Make another color for Fate Roulette for receiving 1 Casino Token at a LOW chance. Same as Slot Machines, everytime someone wins the jackpot, make them have a low chance of getting Casino Tokens. MORE casino ideas (just reviving it) Pierre the Juggler Hide contents "Hi! I'm Pierre the clown! Do you want to play a game?" You have three options: Play Instructions Leave If the player picked Leave, the conversation will end If the player picked Instructions: "The game is called "Juggle" and you need 3 Casino Chips to play It's simple, I'll be juggling 5 colored balls, and each ball has a random effect. You have to pick a color and I'll be giving you that ball. You have the option to open it or pick a different ball. The corresponding effect will be given once you opened the ball. It's that simple! Let's play!" There will be 2 options here: Play Leave If the player chose Play: "Hurrah! Let's play juggle now! *juggles* (1 second delay) Which color would you like?" The player now has five options: Red Ball Blue Ball Green Ball Yellow Ball Purple Ball "Okay! Here's x ball, do you want to open it or choose a different color?" 2 options: Open it I want to pick something else If the player chose "I want to pick something else", the 5 options will be given again. If the player chose "Open it", here are the effects of the specific balls. (Note: It's not official yet) Red Ball Curse the player Frenzy Full Divest the player Receive an apple Receive 1 Scarlet dyestuff Receive 20 Red Herb Receive 1 Santa Bag 1 million zeny 1 Minigame Token Receive 10 Casino Chips Receive 20 Casino Chips Receive 30 Casino Chips Blue Ball Full Chemical Protection the player Freeze the player Receive a Skull Receive 1 Cobaltblue dyestuff Receive 20 Blue Herb Receive 1 Santa Bag 1 million zeny 1 Minigame Token Receive 10 Casino Chips Receive 20 Casino Chips Receive 30 Casino Chips Green Ball Nuke Poison the player Gopinich egg w/ Pet Incubator Receive 10 Yggdrasil Seed Receive 1 Darkgreen dyestuff Receive 20 Green Herb Receive 1 Santa Bag 1 million zeny 1 Minigame Token Receive 10 Casino Chips Receive 20 Casino Chips Receive 30 Casino Chips Yellow Ball Use falcon eyes Dispell the player Receive 30 Cursed Water Receive 10 Banana Receive 1 Lemon dyestuff Receive 20 Yellow Herb Receive 1 Summer Outfit 1 million zeny 1 Minigame Token Receive 10 Casino Chips Receive 20 Casino Chips Receive 30 Casino Chips Purple Ball Coma the player Stone curse the player Play dead Receive 10 Grapes Receive 1 Violet dyestuff Receive 10 Blue and 10 Red Herb Receive 1 Summer Outfit 1 million zeny 1 Minigame Token Receive 10 Casino Chips Receive 20 Casino Chips Receive 30 Casino Chips Duel Gambler "Hi! I am the Duel Gambler, would you like to duel someone for a price?" There will be 2 options: I want to duel someone! No, I'm leaving If the "No, I'm leaving" option was chosen, the conversation will end If the "I want to duel someone!" option got chosen: "Okay then! How many Casino Chips are you willing to pay for this match?" There will be 7 options: 15 Casino Chips 50 Casino Chips 100 Casino Chips 300 Casino Chips 500 Casino Chips 1000 Casino Chips I don't want to duel after all If the "I don't want to duel after all" option got chosen, the conversation will end. If the player chose any of the 6 options: "Let me get that for you Thank you for using my service, we'll just wait for a duelist to battle with you. I wish you good luck!" (The player will then get warped to the Duel Arena) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If another player talked to Duel Gambler while a player is inside the Duel Arena "Hi! I am the Duel Gambler! Player X is currently inside the Duel Arena, would you like to duel him?" There will be 2 options: Yes please No, Goodbye If the player chose "No, Goodbye" option: "Okay then, have a good day!" And, if the player chose "Yes please" option: "Brilliant! In order to duel him, you have to give me x Casino Chips, do you have that?" There will be 2 options: Yes, here Nope, sorry I'll be right back If the player chose "Nope, sorry I'll be right back" option: "I'll be waiting here" And, if the player chose "Yes, here" option: "Excellent! I'll warp you in the map now, have an amazing fight!" The player will now get warped to the Duel Arena --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Duel Arena ([email protected]_st) If you want a bigger duel arena ([email protected]) If a player talked to the Duel Gambler "Let's start the battle!" There will be 2 options: Go! Wait a minute! If the player chose the "Wait a minute!" option: "I see, I see, I'll give you a minute" And, if the player chose the "Go!" option, the conversation will end and a countdown from 10 will start. After 10, PK will be enabled, and once a player died, the winner will be broadcasted globally (Promotion and bragging purposes) The winning player can now click the Duel Gambler: "Congratulations for winning! Here's your x Casino Chips! Make sure you have enough room in your inventory!" There will be 2 options: Thank you! In a minute! If the player chose "In a minute!" option, the conversation will end And, if the player chose "Thank you!" option, he/she will receive the doubled Casino Chips (since the other player gambled his/her Casino Chips to duel) and also, get warped back to Forsaken City. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome! I'm open to critics, so just give me a go! Any more event ideas or just proposals from the community you can comment here. All credits will be yours. Let's compile it all together! Thank you so much!!!
  6. Awwww! Thank you for the support guys!! Appreciate it a lot! ??
  7. Check out these ideas! And, please support!! Thank you! Much love! ?


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  10. This should be in a ticket as this is a sprite bug. Please file a ticket at the Ticket Center under the "Bug Reports" department.
  11. The Coins will suffice once you can convert in big numbers at once. Other than that, a banker would be useful.
  12. The titles won't be recognized by the other players unless the title is beside their name (which I think would be hard to code plus, it could cause issues) It could be possible for only the NPC to recognize these achievements, It'll have a dialogue like this: "Hello [Legend] Wanksalot!". However, I'm not sure how you will be able to get the other titles. Will the title be replaced or will the players have the chance to pick what title the NPC wants to call them? Having this certain system will take time to implement, as you'll have to make every task perfect and bug-free. I think the point system is good. Having to finish one task/earning an achievement will earn you points which can then be used to buy stuffs but we have to make sure that everything won't be abused, let's say, they can only do 1-2 task in a period of time for example. And maybe the players could choose what task they want to achieve through an NPC? Therefore, it'll be easier to code. I don't really see the idea of having an achievement, why not just make it that the players finish a task, and they earn points that can be used to redeem certain items?
  13. Can you please give us an overview of this suggestion of yours? Give us a few details on how it'll work, like what does getting an achievement do and what is it use for and what rewards can you think of at the moment?
  14. I know where you are going with this suggestion, but if it's for the newbies as you say, PvP is out of the question since they have less chances of winning/finishing that. Since your suggestion isn't that specific, how about we look at it like this: There will be an NPC either located inside the Dragon Temple or somewhere in fcity. Once you talk to him/her, you will be given a random task (Hunting Items, Finishing a few quests, etc.) but you only have an hour/hour and a half to finish it. After you finish that certain task, you will be rewarded with fame points and a Dragon Token (name can be changed) and you can redeem something cool in the Dragon Shop (Let's say Bloody Branch, Heroe's remains, Muscovite, or a limited edition headgear as the shop's rarest item). It won't be as easy as it looks, because many players can do the quest at the same time as you are. The opening of this quest will be broadcasted and whoever finishes it first during the 1hr/1hr and a half that it is open, gets the Dragon Token, thus, closing the quest until the next opening. This is just an example, is this idea similar to your suggestion?
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