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  1. ? ForsakenRO official 2020 GM Interview! ? 1. Why did you chose ForsakenRO out of the many private servers? And have you ever been a GM on another server? ~~[GM]Moon : because my little brother invite me to ForsakenRO and never try other server. ~~[GM]Clap : You know...honestly, I chose ForsakenRO because back in late 2009, one of my favorite and dearest cousins asked us if we were in any way, interested, in chibi/cute characters, as well as, mmorpg (which at the time, I did not know what a mmorpg was until I googled it on my super super slow, HUGE, 2009 Dell laptop
  2. BUMPING THIS~~ Part 2 is here if anyone wanna check:
  3. BUUUUMP!!~ Added in Bet your fighter NPC to (maybe) be an option other than the Duel gambler (which is at Part 1 if you wanna read)
  4. Victoria's projects part 2!! I did a part 2 cos I don't want the part 1 to be overcrowded, or lose the content from the amount of stuff in it INGAME events Protect the Queen Event Demon clan = Angel clan = Objectives: A team vs team strategy match to defend their own queen from invaders!! Rules: Any Class/Level can participate Venue: TBD Gameplay: Host GM will announce the Event and give everyone 5 mins to prepare and to join, after 5 mins, event NPC will close Then, Host GM will say the rules and instructions
  5. Hiiiii everyone! Whoever will read and check this! As you know I'm a big fan of Events, and I love creating them, and I'll also link this to Discord suggestions as I am very fond of having detailed and creative posts. Victoria is back!!! And I'll be editing this from time to time whenever an idea comes to my head. ? Also, the broadcasting dialogues I can also do if ever any of this were to get implemented. I got your back! And also, I try to make varieties of Events that won't need sprites or codings, so active GMs, I'm looking at you!! ? ?
  6. Awwww! Thank you for the support guys!! Appreciate it a lot! ??
  7. Check out these ideas! And, please support!! Thank you! Much love! ?


  8. Moved here: Cos I f*cked this up HAHAHA
  9. Hey Victoria! 
    where've you been? 

    Friend of yours El (Elzio - Sione) is trying to contact you, hope you're doing well :)

    1. Victoria


      What's the matter?

    2. Calcifer


      Forsaken Angel ♥

    3. Victoria



  10. Victoria PM me here or in game!

  11. This should be in a ticket as this is a sprite bug. Please file a ticket at the Ticket Center under the "Bug Reports" department.
  12. The Coins will suffice once you can convert in big numbers at once. Other than that, a banker would be useful.
  13. The titles won't be recognized by the other players unless the title is beside their name (which I think would be hard to code plus, it could cause issues) It could be possible for only the NPC to recognize these achievements, It'll have a dialogue like this: "Hello [Legend] Wanksalot!". However, I'm not sure how you will be able to get the other titles. Will the title be replaced or will the players have the chance to pick what title the NPC wants to call them? Having this certain system will take time to implement, as you'll have to make every task perfect and bug-free. I think the point
  14. Can you please give us an overview of this suggestion of yours? Give us a few details on how it'll work, like what does getting an achievement do and what is it use for and what rewards can you think of at the moment?
  15. I know where you are going with this suggestion, but if it's for the newbies as you say, PvP is out of the question since they have less chances of winning/finishing that. Since your suggestion isn't that specific, how about we look at it like this: There will be an NPC either located inside the Dragon Temple or somewhere in fcity. Once you talk to him/her, you will be given a random task (Hunting Items, Finishing a few quests, etc.) but you only have an hour/hour and a half to finish it. After you finish that certain task, you will be rewarded with fame points and a Dragon Token (name can b
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