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  1. I agree with these changes, only disagree with Final strike 5% Also the Kuluna change, it can be tested ✌️
  2. Ebisu

    Appeal to unban

    Make a ticket
  3. Protection Cloth: Blessed: 19505 Cursed: 19485 Guardian: 19525 Warm Cat Muffler: Blessed: 19042 Cursed: 19022 Guardian: 19062 Cat Ears Cape: Blessed: 18884 Cursed: 18864 Guardian: 18904 Angel Scarf: Blessed: 18963 Cursed: 18943 Guardian: 18983 You can test them out in the playroom, go to @go 25, then click on the warper, choose Custom Maps -> Playroom. Then talk to Spoiled Little Girl and pick the option to try on an item, then use the IDs i sent you above.
  4. Hey Victoria! 
    where've you been? 

    Friend of yours El (Elzio - Sione) is trying to contact you, hope you're doing well :)

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      What's the matter?

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  5. Presents... Forsaken Lair Introducing a brand new custom dungeon for Guilds. In order to get into the Forsaken Lair each guild willing to go inside will need to pay 1.000 forsaken tokens to get access to the dungeon FOR ONE WEEK. There's 4 different maps where you can hunt monsters, farm Forsaken Lair tokens and find some new MvPs inside. Fight Night "1v1 me for account" is now easier to settle with our new event Fight Night, this is simple, a small map where two players will be able to duel to death while everyone else is watching! Volund th
  6. Ebisu

    B> Somebodys Love

    I'll sell you mine
  7. You can use The Paper card that has the same exact effect
  8. For sure, we're willing to improve all of the unused rings so they have the same relevance as the rest. Just tag me on any thread/comment with suggestions and i'll check it out.
  9. Just implemented a hotfix regarding Norn's blessing for Paladins The 200 vit cap was removed only for this class They have an unique effect now, when you wear 2 norn's blessing of the same stat, you will get 6% damage reduction Also, PvP tokens in KvM were lowered from 70 to 45 kvm tokens, and we added PvP tokens in Flavius for 70 flavius tokens
  10. 35% physical attack to all elements, just like Turtle General.
  11. Presents... Divine Headgears Divine Grace Usable by Swordsman class branch Limited edition HG stats + 10 VIT +10 STR -- Lord Knight -- Increase Brandish Spear by 10% Increase Bowling Bash by 10% Increase Spiral pierce by 10% -- Crusader -- Increase Martyr's Reckoning by 10% Increase Shield Chain by 10% Divine Instinct Usable by Archer class branch and Gunslinger Limited edition HG stats + 10 DEX + 10 VIT -- Archer -- -- Clown -- Increase Musical Strike by 10% -- Gypsy -- Increase Slinging Arrow by 10% -- Sniper -- In
  12. Presents... Four new monthly collectibles are now available in the Tokenshop:Predator Mask, Red Riding Hood, Roast Mask and Star Mermaid!Available for a limited time only, so get them before they're gone! NEW! ForsakenRO Golden Mystery Box! Introducing an exclusive LIMITED TIME free gift for every $150 spent in the Tokenshop! Each Golden Mystery Box has a chance of obtaining one of the following rewards: 3% Mint Yin Yang Aurora **UNRELEASED** 4% Black Ice Emperium Aurora **UNRELEASED** 4% Blue ice emperium Aurora 4% Maroon Imperial Helm 4% Jade ic
  13. Introducing the new Streak System in Guild vs. Guild! This is a system to entice new guilds to compete in the GvG event. The idea is that when a guild wins more than 4 GvG events in a row, they will enter into a Double Streak status. If the guild wins 8 GvG events in a row, they enter a Triple Streak status. Streak Status When an opposing guild wins against the guild on Streak Status, they will get DOUBLE or TRIPLE rewards depending on the defeated guild's Streak. Example: Guild Tomato has a x3 streak after winning 10 GvGs in a row, Guild Parrots joins the event and bea
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