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  9. I need old friends to be together again. Miss the memories of having fun together at Forsaken RO. Please come back everyone. Really miss the memories of the old empire war. Sob(x3).. dT^Tb


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  10. Hi can i suggest to change or add pvp ladder event more particularly; •After 2.0 •After Euro Woe (Fridays Asian time) •Monday After BR •american woe (sunday/thursday) with the current situation of the game i think this will be a good schedule base on my observations in events majority of the guilds are active within this particular dates
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  16. I am having issues with my Dell Latitude 7490. there are two sets of mouse buttons as this has a rubber trackpad in the middle of the keyboard between the "G" "H" and "B" keys on the keyboard with mouse buttons below the space bar as well as a traditional trackpad with mouse buttons below the keyboard. the upper buttons with the rubber pad work, but the lower ones with the traditional trackpad and buttons does not work in game. any suggestions as to why and how to fix?
  17. Hi everyone, I know it has been a while. Here's the change log for May 2024. 1) WoE 2.0 castle changed to Vidblainn - Schwaltzvalt Guild Castle 3 - Coords - 97 183 2) Shard rotation in 2.0 castle - Treasure box drop changed to Maroon Ice Emperium Shard 3) Disabled Xmas Village and quests - FCity returned back to normal and old Xmas quests are now disabled 4) Freebie NPC changes - Creator job added Coming Soon: Zen Aurora
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  19. olá boa noite não consigo entrar no game fecha automático anti virus desativado e segui protocolo de instalação o que fazer °?
  20. areyou still selling that
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    S/T> Items

    hay are you still selling item
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    hey are you still playing
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    freys G. eisa ember
  24. Hi Victoria Thanks for the ideas I'm a newbie Events GM and I am honestly passionate in making my server more fun. I hope you can give me detailed steps in the small events i can host?
  25. S>gs b ring +L.bullet set.. offer
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