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  2. fRO's Strongest April 4, 2021 to April 17, 2021 Top 1: Flex Top 2: Si Ano Top 3: Burlesque Top 4: Random fRO Sniper Top 5: unethical
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  4. Cant open the application no option to enlarge it
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  6. you can file a support ticket so we can try to locate your account
  7. fRO's Strongest March 21, 2021 to April 3, 2021 Top 1: Flex Top 2: Lost in time Top 3: [GG] Top 4: Si Ano Top 5: The World Is Yours
  8. For basics of INT type sbK can goes here~ [斬月] This basic guide would be about sbK MVP sinX against all MVP types(even the toughest element:GHOST/neutral is like a "butter" for this kind of build ❤️❤️ ) WHY int type sbK sinX? Coz it won't <miss>, plus having more sp is good for spamming within this build ~~^^~~ Stats STR: 130->160(secondary damage calculation for int type sbK) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *100 totally for status immune* INT: 300(main damage calculation for int type sbK) DEX: 150 totally(instant cast sc
  9. Some of the requirements are not easy like evil horn, does anyone here aware how to get that easily if there is? 🙂 Thank you! newbie here
  10. For those 2 blades type lovers of sinX, can explore this build calmly :P Basic type critical MVP sinX Stat STR: 300 totally(dual blades=>full burst str stat atw ~~^^) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *100 exact for status immune* or upto your own hpmax prefers :3 INT: *left-overs goes here* DEX: 1 *for pure crit melee hit scene* or 150*instant cast MA scene* LUK: 165>170 crit from status window =>))斬月zangetsu=>)) Equip Head upper: [+10]2 slots Ltd HG(amad 2x/bijou 2x) Head mid: Ltd zodiac aurora or any aura u wish
  11. Hey everyone, I've gone through the existing guides. But info appears to be lacking / outdated. By when can the data for the new equips be accommodated?
  12. New Login Screen Dragon Armor Exchange NPC is now available at turbo_room 128 97 Requirements: 1 Dragon Armor + 1 PVP Token + 150 Dragonist Token + 15 Mithril Coin New Colors for Divine Headgears added to Token Trader NPC Updated Mystery Token Headgears Item# 18355 - Ancient Warrior Helm Item# 17575 - Cow Girl Hat Item# 19142 - Pikachu Hood Shadow Aura is now available in Token Shop Updated description of all Limited Edition Ice Emperium, Limited Red, Violet, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink, Gray, Green, Orange, Amber
  13. kirangel

    please help

    hello i have this errors please help my
  14. @TagaPaslang I discovery that helm make skill "Enlarge Weight Limit" is disable, if you remove the elm, you can level up this skill and get discount and overcharge
  15. fRO's Strongest March 7, 2021 to March 20, 2021 Top 1: The World Is Yours Top 2: Flex Top 3: unethical Top 4: Al Capone* Top 5: THE DEAD DON'T DIE
  16. bullz


    I'm done downloading and trying to play but when I start, no game browser shows up
  17. I cannot create a list with this command, I have to collect items from the same creature differently, it is very annoying. You need to improve and this is a fix that will only be 4-5 lines of command, GMs please take some attention.
  18. i was able to reset my character at the CP, but everytime i try to zone into forsake city, as soon as loading hits 100% all i hear is birds chirping for a moment, and game freezes up. i have to do a whole new virtual desktop in order to get the game to close as well. any help is appriciated
  19. hello , long time no see. Ex-endeavour guild here XD

  20. fRO's Strongest February 21, 2021 to March 6, 2021 Top 1: [GG] Top 2: Flex Top 3: Si Ano Top 4: VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN Top 5: unethical
  21. Hi.. You can file a ticket so we can check.
  22. Hi, I have the same problem also... My patch didnt worked also. please help 🙂 thanks
  23. does anyone knows how to recover and account? iim an old player i forgot my password and my email the only thing that i remember is my username !
  24. I just wanted to give some positive spirits, and post something nice. All you people are gems, gems of plenty, with all that is unique about every one of you! There's only one of you guys, and nobody can take that away from you. Don't back down just because you're in an area that may seem kind of grim, there's a lot to travel around in, even if you don't have transportation, exercise is grand and positively reforming! What's up in the sky!? It's that shine and dine! Have you tried something new? Maybe a recipe that would get you drooling for food. It's already late to be a fo
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