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  2. I noticed that the Forsaken Kafra does not give me the "Blessing" buff anymore. Other than that, whenever my sniper uses the skill "windwalker," it does not appear on the right side of the screen wherein all the buffs should be, why is this happening? Ho to fix this?
  3. hi... :3 remember me?

  4. Yup i know parry skill is op for a LK with One hand sword with shield, and in the original RO Parry skill is really for twohand sword type.. So my suggestion is can we have a new legendary weapon for LK a Two handed weapon so we LK lovers can use Parry skill it is also balance due to LK's cant use shield if they use a Twohanded sword. Thanks
  5. cant download the all in one always stop in the midlle please help me...
  6. if is for Lord knight job type: amadrias/bijou/seyren windsor(normal lhz type)/eleanor(endgame type) enjoy exploring :3
  7. Edited latest colors of nebula aurora(coz purple shadow aurora removed) ^^
  8. Vr= valkryie card Tg= turtle general card Eleanor-> +10 armor's card customed here :3 Amad= amadrias-> +10 hg's card customed here :3 Vanberk= try research in-game Hope it gots ur mind deeply :3
  9. Earlier
  10. Ehem

    Can't Login in Game

    Help me I already register but can't login in game.
  11. https://forsaken-ro.net/download/
  12. Full download isnt working i wanted to check in on thee server i havent seen in awhile
  13. Hope you find your friends again.
  14. Night

    Teleport and crash

    Reset your character position. Check this link:
  15. - Added option to make Saiyan Red God and Saiyan White Rose to Limited Edition. - Added new Nebula Aurora Colors Brown Nebula Aurora Black Nebula Aurora Blue Nebula Aurora Cyan Nebula Aurora Gray Nebula Aurora Green Nebula Aurora Rainbow Nebula Aurora Majestic Purple Nebula Aurora Yellow Nebula Aurora - Change of Mystery Token Headgear Wind Milestone Divergent Scouter Lightning Helm - Fixed issue on event maps Jumbled Password Circle of Madness Novice Vs Zombies Emperium Race - fRO's Strongest schedule and reward adjusted. [WEEKLY RESET] Schedule: Tuesday (After Asian WoE @ 8 AM), the fRO's Strongest NPC will enable for 1 hour. Sunday (After GvG @ 11AM) the fRO's Strongest NPC will enable for 1 hour. Prizes: 1st: 10 PvP tokens 2nd: 7 PvP tokens 3rd: 5 PvP tokens 4th: 3 PvP tokens 5th: 1 PvP token -Fixed party/guild members limiter during WoE on all WoE maps. 15 Guild/Party members allowed to enter the castle. - Adjusted requirement for White Aqua Aurora and Umber Yin Yang Aurora - Adjusted rewards in Battleground: Ulrich[5v5] WIN: 7KvM tokens LOSE: 1Kvm Token
  16. Hi, i go dungeon, gefenia 1, and my clien drop crash, and i cant play my champion, and last warp write poring_c02, what i need do?
  17. Zoid

    AFK Hat

    This also allows you to use lvl 3 cloaking while equipped. Should probably add it to the description haha
  18. i have tried the said solution that change to windows 7 compatibility. but still not able.
  19. hi i am playing and suddenly i off and on the application and its like white screen. how to solve ?
  20. #AIZEN-chair sama# This kind of basic MVP trapper build is suitable for TRICKY rages veteran's player :4 (~macro keyboards,macro-mouse likewise~). Plus for those new-learners^^ that would like to advance a little-bit ❤️❤️ Ps: uber op for Ghost MVP campers type too :3 =[[椅子様[[+ Stats STR: 160 totally(Traps for life :6) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: As high as possible, no worries at all ^^ INT: 300(maxed) DEX: 150*just enough for insta-cast* LUK: 150 totally(minor trap-dmg booster/perfect dodge ❤️❤️ ) Claymore Trap>A Claymore Trap is a visible trap that explodes when stepped on, hitting a 5x5 area around the target cell for [(75+DEX/2)*(1+INT/100)*SkillLV] damage. This skill ignores DEF and MDEF and damage modification cards for size and family, but not elemental property. This trap will affect Players in PVP zones, including the user. If not tripped by the end of the duration, the Claymore Trap will turn back into a Trap item on the floor and can be reclaimed. Equips HG1: Ltd Ninetail Fox Hair[kiel,orc hero/bijou] HG2: Skull prince aurora[kiel] HG3: Sniper guardian ring*important*[kiel] Armor: +10 Fking armor[Tao gk,orc lord] or [Forsaken raider,high priest] or [Gr,eleanor] Weapon: Hrist's wing bow[cursed sniper rune 2x,bombring 2x] Pure trapper bow>[cursed sniper rune 4x] Hpmax bow>[cursed sniper rune 2x,fabre 2x] Agi coma-redux bow>[maero 2x,Lord of Death 2x]((sniper soaring bird preferred)) {{ NOTES>> 2 bows minimum for this type of build ❤️ }} Shield: Friggs king shield[gtb/high orc] Cloak: Fking cloak[assassin cross,lolitail/hollowring] or [pouring 2x] or [pouring,skoll] Shoe: +10 Fking shoe[eddga,fox/dragoon wiz/eira] Acce: Int cursed or Int bless[INT rune 2x] Hint -Formula->->dex × (3 + lv/100) × (1 + int/35) × trap_lv ± 10% × (element_mod/100) × damage_correction -Booby trap is buyable thru @warp for_dia 152 116 -Falcon assault skill is our bestie super-duper stun-locker ❤️❤️❤️ -Claymore trap {fire element} is good against any ghost MVP outthr ^^ -Spring trap =far-away traps remover, remove trap =near trap removal pixel -Try explore this skill deeply ^^ (arrow shower ) -Trap skills are ignoring accuracy checks(100% aim unlimited), also flee/def/mdef checks too (+^^+) -More practice pls :3 Arrow shower TRAP=Knock Back positions ↖ ↖ ↖ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↗ ↗ ↗ ↖ ↖ ↖ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↗ ↗ ↗ ↖ ↖ ↖ ↖ ↑ ↗ ↗ ↗ ↗ ← ← ↖ ↖ ↑ ↗ ↗ → → ← ← ← ← A → → → → ← ← ↙ ↙ ↓ ↘ ↘ → → ↙ ↙ ↙ ↙ ↓ ↘ ↘ ↘ ↘ ↙ ↙ ↙ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↘ ↘ ↘ ↙ ↙ ↙ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↘ ↘ ↘
  21. @CerealKiller23 @go=city warp @warp=fild/dungeon
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