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  4. FORSAKEN MINING SPOT At Mining Spot you can obtain the following item Topaz Ruby Crystal Blue Zircon Turquoise Pearl 2carat Diamond Sapphire Enriched Elunium Enriched Oridecon Green Charm Stone Gold Ore Silver Ore Mithril Ore Lava Gold Sardonyx 3carat Diamond Cyfar Great Nature 1carat Diamond Rough Wind Amethyst Red Gemstone Opal Star Crumb Flame Heart Emveretarcon Phracon Yellow Gemstone Peridot Angelic Crystal Fragment Garnet Emerald Wind of Verdure Citrin Blue Gemstone Aquamarine Agate Mystic Frozen Stone of Sage Quartz Coal Green Live ======================================================================================================================= STEP 1 You have to farm OLD PICK [7318] at @warp ein_dun01 as much as possible. You can also farm on Mining spot but you are not allowed to use command @warp on that map. STEP 2 Warp here and go inside to the portal. STEP 3 Walk to the Mining spot, Look on the map I add red circle for the place. ======================================================================================================================= REVISED BY: [GM] JoyBoy
  5. What are the do's and don'ts? What's the first thing I should do? Educate me pls. Just new to this type of server. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello! When I open the game in the background of my desktop PC it uses 25%-30% of my CPU(I've tried clicking out of it, alt tabbing and minimizing), but when I use my laptop and I let it run on the background it uses 2% max on the same settings as soon as I click out of it! Can anyone please help me to also get my desktop to have the same CPU usage? Desktop specs: i5-7500 16gb Ram RX 570 8gb Laptop specs: i7-4510U 12gb Ram No dedicated GPU Thanks in advance! Carl
  7. hello guys 🙂

  8. DRAGON ARMOR Bijou's Challenge /Raid Guide By: [GM] JoyBoy This Guide is a part of Dragon Armor Making [Part 19] NOTE This guide is for the Class who can't kill or don't have AoE Skill neither ability to kill a bunch of enemy. STATUS STR: 100 - (You can carry up to 300+ Seeds) AGI: 195 Aspd VIT: 70 INT: 300 Max DEX: X + Y = 150 Instant Cast LUK: 1 CHARACTER GEARS: ACCESORRIES: 2x Forsaken Belt of Intelligence [0] [18604] EFFECT: INT + 40, MDEF + 7 WEAPON: Haedonggum [2] [1128] EFFECT: INT + 3 (Two Slot) ARMOR: Forsaken Knight Armor [2] [16533] EFFECT: VIT+7, MaxHP + 7% [Forsaken Knight's Cloak, Forsaken Knight's Helm,Forsaken Knight's Boots] Immunity to Freeze, All Stats +7 MaxHP+3% GARMENT: Forsaken Knight Cloak [2] [16535] EFFECT: Nullify the gemstone requirement of certain spells, MaxSP+12%, MaxHP+4% [+Forsaken Knight's Armor, Forsaken Knight's Helm,Forsaken Knight's Boots] Immunity to Freeze, All Stats +7 MaxHP+3% SHOES: Forsaken Knight Boots [2] [16536] EFFECT: Agi+7 Critical Rate + 12 [+Forsaken Knight's Cloak, Forsaken Knight's Helm,Forsaken Knight's Armor] Immunity to Freeze, All Stats +7 MaxHP+3% SHIELD: Platinum Shield [0] [2122] EFFECT: Reduce damage taken from Medium/Large-sized monster by 15% Reduce damage taken from Undead type monsters by 10% This effect stacks if the Undead monster also happens to be Medium or Large. Whenever you receive a Magical Damage there is a small chance to reflect all offensive magic against you at 40% chance for 2 seconds. MDEF + 5 UPPER HEADGEAR: Forsaken Knight Helm [2] [16537] EFFECT: STR+ 7, Luk+7, ASPD+7% [+Forsaken Knight's Cloak, Forsaken Knight's Armor,Forsaken Knight's Boots] Immunity to Freeze, All Stats +7 MaxHP+3% LOWER HEADGEAR: Non-Donation ring of the divine [1] [17139] NOTE: Actually you can use any kind of lower headgears, but i recommend Non-donation Blessed Ring especially for pally [+Reflect +Buffs] MID HEADGEAR: Legendary Zodiac Aurora [1] [17195] EFFECT: Allstats +20, Physical Damage +3%, MATK+3%, Vit -5%, MaxHP+3% CARD COMBOS HEADGEARS UPPER: Kiel-D01 Card + High Wizard Card LOWER: Kiel-D01 Card MIDDLE: Kiel-D01 Card ARMOR: Forsaken Raider Card + Rsx-0806 Card GARMENT: 2x Deviling Card CLOAK: Dark Lord Card + Eddga Card (Do not use this card if you're going to use Paladin,Paladin have Endure Skill already) ACCESSORIES: 2x Hylozoist Card WHY?? Kiel-D01 Card - You need 90% Skill Delay-after cast to Spam Passive Skill Meteor Storm Kathryne Keyron Card - Matk purposes + Casting Reduction. Forsaken Raider Card - To avoid receiving massive damage from enemy(Non-Player Damage). Rsx-0806 Card - To Avoid Knock Back. Deviling Card - Reduce damage received from Neutral. Dark Lord Card - For you to be able to use Meteor Storm Skill. Eddga Card - To prevent Stun Lock. Hylozoist Card - Turning enemy into a monster when doing Physical damage. (This card effect applied when you doing Melee-Reflect using Shield Reflect Skill) MONSTER INFORMATION Undead Knight [3556] [HP: 500,000] Size: Large | Race: Demi-Human | Element: Neutral 4 DEMONSTRATION NOTE: You can turn off your effect to avoid FPS Drop.
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  10. ASSORTED MIDDLE HEADGEARS By: [GM] JoyBoy You can use @ii [Name of the Aurora] to check it in Play Room ================================================================================================ Phoenix Aurora Rune Aurora Blue Demon's Familiar Aurora ================================================================================================ Blazing Shard Aurora Breezing Shard Aurora Seismic Shard Aurora Tidal Shard Aurora ================================================================================================ Zombie Hands Skull Prince Aurora Skull Aurora Ice Prince Aurora ================================================================================================ Aurora of Love Pussycat Bell Mythical Flame Snowflakes Aurora ================================================================================================ Crazy in Love Aurora Blush of Love Chibi Bat Aurora Elemental Book Aurora Lovely Ribbon Aurora ================================================================================================
  11. Cowring Hat, Usakoring Hat, Leafring Hat and Angeling Hat Quest completing this quest you'll obtain Cowring Hat or Usakoring Hat or Leafring Hat or Angeling Hat To go this map you need to warp to @warp quiz_00 52 19 and find NPC name Kelly. Cowring Hat [16780] ( All Stats + 10 ) 600 Fur [6020] 400 Soft Feather [7063] 300 Sweet Milk [627] 100 Milk [519] 1 Golden Bell [10016] 1 Poring Hat [5035] 1 Blush [5040] 25 White Dyestuffs [982] 25 Black Dyestuffs [983] 4,000,000 Zeny Usakoring Hat [16883] ( Agi + 10, Flee + 30, PD + 5 ) 1000 Carrot [515] 500 Sea Otter Fur [7065] 400 Fluff [914] 300 Sweet Milk [627] 200 Clover [705] 50 Cobaltblue Dyestuffs [978] 1 Bunny Band [2214] 1 Poring Hat [5035] 1 Blush [5040] 4,000,000 Zeny Leafring Hat [17015] ( No Stats ) 800 Aloe Leaflet [521] 500 Hinalle Leaflet [520] 300 Singing Plant [707] 150 Plant Bottle [7137] 100 Racoon Leaf [945] 100 Shoots [711] 1 Poring Hat [5035] 1 Blush [5040] 50 Dark Green Dyestuffs [979] 4,000,000 Zeny Angeling Hat [5132] ( Reduce damage taken from Demi-Human monster by 10%. ) 600 Soft Feather [7063] 400 Fluff [914] 300 Apple Juice [531] 150 Holy Water [523] 1 Angel Wing [2254] 1 Halo [2282] 1 Poring Hat [5035] 1 Blush [5040] 50 Scarlet Dyestuffs [975] 4,000,000 Zeny
  12. LIGHTHALZEN AURORA LIST By: [GM] JoyBoy You can buy all this Middle Headgear here TOKENSHOP White Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17460] Blue Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17627] Black Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17628] Purple Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17629] Green Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17630] Teal Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17631] Orange Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17632] Gold Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17633] Mint Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17634] Red Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17635] Sky Blue Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17636] Majestic Purple Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17637] Umber Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17638] Violet Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17639] Gray Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17640] Pink Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17641] Jade Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17642] Maroon Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17643] Azure Lighthalzen Aurora [1] [17644] EFFECT Increase damage on demihumans by 10% Max HP + 12%, All stats + 25
  13. RUNE OF POWER LIST By: [GM] JoyBoy You can buy all this Middle Headgear here TOKENSHOP Pink Rune of Power [1] [15749] Green Rune of Power [1] [15748] Gold Rune of Power [1] [15747] Blue Rune of Power [1] [15746] White Rune of Power [1] [15753] Teal Rune of Power [1] [15752] Red Rune of Power [1] [15751] Purple Rune of Power [1] [15750] Black Rune of Power [1] [19328] Gray Rune of Power [1] [19329] EFFECT Increase damage on demihumans by 10% Max HP + 12%, All Stats + 25. [Champion class cannot equip this Middle Headgear]
  14. GUILD PACKAGE GUIDE By: [GM] JoyBoy GUILD PACKAGE QUALIFICATION When a guild of at least 4 new players come (or former players who are returning) to ForsakenRO, you're qualify for a Guild Package! REQUIREMENTS: • Guilds consist of at least 4 players who were in a guild together on another server, or a group of new players who form a guild shortly after joining. • Each player applying must be a unique individual. • The guild must be at maximum level [50]. • A guild and each individual may only apply for this package once. HOW IT WORKS? Once your guild is approved by a Senior GM or Administrator will give each member a Guild Rental Symbol (Double Click to Open) • 28 Days Valid [40,320 Minutes] • Timer Start Every time you login your account. NOTE: This Given time will begin when you open the Guild Rental Symbol. To file for approval, Make a ticket in our Ticket System with the following information: TITLE: REQUESTING GUILD PACKAGE DEPARTMENT: GUILD PACKAGE REQUEST USERNAME: (Guild Leader Username) PARAGRAPH: • Name of the Guild • Name of the guild leader • Names of all the members applying 1. Novice01 [EXAMPLE] 2. Novice02 [EXAMPLE] 3. 4. • Where did you hear about ForsakenRO 1. JoyBoy [EXAMPLE] - Invited by a friend 2. Novice02 [EXAMPLE] - Returning Player 3. 4. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING ACCOUNTS • Discord Account. - CREATE DISCORD ACCOUNT • Forum Account - CREATE FORUM ACCOUNT Each member will receive: Guild Rental Symbol Contains the following: Rental Forsaken King Armor Rental Forsaken King Shield Rental Forsaken King Cloak A Rental Forsaken King Cloak B Rental Forsaken King Boots 2 Rental Belts Rental Cat Ear Hat Rental Blessed Ring (Same stats as ND Blessed Ring) Rental Cursed Ring (Same stats as ND Cursed Ring) Rental Guardian Ring (Same stats as ND Guardian Ring) Rental Emperium Aurora (Same stats as Limited edition Emperium Aurora) Legendary weapons of the class you use to open the Guild Rental Symbol. Courtesy [GM]Titan
  15. Donation Cape Variants [Unquested and Quested] By: [GM]Forseti
  16. HOW TO ADD A GUILD EMBLEM By: [GM]Forseti 1. Make sure that the image file intended to be used as the Guild Emblem is 24×24 pixel Bitmap (.bmp) format file in at 256 colors (8bit). NOTE: The transparency color for guild emblems has the RGB values (255, 0, 255), or you may use the hex value #FF00FF. 2. Create a new folder named “Emblem” in the Forsaken Ragnarok Online file directory. By default, the RO file directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\ForsakenRO All-In-One\Emblem. 3. Copy (Ctrl+C) or Move the Guild Emblem bitmap file to ForsakenRO All-In-One Folder and select the Emblem folder you have just created. 4. Log into the Forsaken Ragnarok Online game and open the Guild menu (Alt+G) and click on the `EDIT` button. The name of your Guild Emblem file should be available in the Drop-Down Menu, select it and it will be set as your Guild’s emblem.
  17. thanks for the response GM Forseti ! been talk to you in-game regarding this thread. If you remember xD
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    please send us a support ticket so our admin can check
  19. please send us a support ticket so our admin can check
  20. FORSAKEN LAIR DUNGEON By: [GM] JoyBoy Introducing a brand new custom dungeon for Guilds. In order to get into the Forsaken Lair each guild willing to go inside will need to pay 1.000 forsaken tokens to get access to the dungeon FOR ONE WEEK. There's 8 different maps where you can hunt monsters, farm Forsaken Lair tokens and find some new MvPs inside. Gunnar Hamundarson @warp fcity 94 117 MVP/MONSTERS AND THEIR DESIGNATED NPC NPC 1 = Folkvangr Dungeon Furious Eleanor (for_map219) MVP CARD EFFECT Eleanor Card [18652] [Drop Rate 0.20%] [Floating Rate 0.40%] ATK + 5%, ATK + 1% for every 2 refines Max HP - 8% [Effect nullified if more than 1 Eleanor Card is Equipped!] [Effect Nullified on Champion!] [Armor] NPC 2 = Ginnungagap Dungeon Nosveres (for_map240) MVP CARD EFFECT Nosveres Card [19362] [Drop Rate 0.10%] [Floating Rate 0.20%] [If on a Raid Map] MATK + 10% Increase damage with all elements by 35% [Weapon] NPC 3 = Hwergelmir Dungeon Forsaken Minions (formap36) [Where you can Farm Forsaken Lair Tokens (19366)] FORSAKEN LAIR REWARD NPC NPC 4 = Oskopnir Dungeon The Last One (for_map252) MVP DROP EFFECT Dragonist Armor Box [19365] [Drop Rate 0.10%] [Floating Rate 0.20%] [Dragonist Armor Box Contain] Random Dragon Armor Dragon Armor Effects [Armor] NPC 5 = Asmodeus Dungeon Mallina (for_map224) MVP CARD EFFECT Mallina Card [19452] [Drop Rate 0.10%] [Floating Rate 0.20%] [Taekwon] Enable the use of Level 10 Storm Gust Increase damage with Flying Kick Property by 50% Increase damage with Roundhouse Kick Property by 50%, Increase damage with Tornado Kick status by 50% [Headgear] NPC 6 = Baalphegor Dungeon Moring (formap13) MVP CARD EFFECT Moring Card [19453] [Drop Rate 0.10%] [Floating Rate 0.20%] Matk + 10% Increase damage with Fire Bolt Property by 20% Increase damage with Cold Bolt Property by 20% Increase damage with Lightning Bolt Property by 20% [Professor] Matk - 10% [Shoes] NPC 7 = Zagum Dungeon Lune (for_map225) MVP CARD EFFECT Lune Card [19454] [Drop Rate 0.10%] [Floating Rate 0.20%] Increase damage with Wind Propert by 5% Increase damage with Fire Propert by 5% Increase damage with Water Propert by 5% [Gunslinger] Increase damage with Full Buster Property by 25% [Garment] NPC 8 Machalas Dungeon Kuluna (formap16) MVP CARD EFFECT Kuluna Card [19455] [Drop Rate 0.10%] [Floating Rate 0.20%] [Whitesmith] Increase damage with Mammonite by 70% [Super Novice] Increase damage with Mammonite by 70% [Weapon] NOTE IF YOU NOTICE, I DIDN'T PUT THE EXACT SPAWN TIME OF LAIR'S MVP I INTEND TO PUT SOME THRILL AND INTENSE FOR THIS KIND OF HUNTING ALL MVP CARDS ARE RARE ITEMS THAT POSSIBLE DROP FOR MORE THAN A MONTH, SOMETIMES A YEAR BEFORE YOU CAN GET ONE OF MVP LAIR CARD. Every time you kill an Lair's MVP, it will announce all over the server's maps.
  21. GUARDIAN RING QUEST By: [GM] JOYBOY REQUIREMENTS COMPLETION OF Fate of the Gods II: Quest Beginning [Part 1] Fate of the Gods II: Blessed Ring Guide [Part 2] WARNING At the end of Part 2, you must talk to Thor to give all the items that you had been asked to collect but do NOT talk to Odin instead you will have to talk to Heimdall STEP 1 Talk to Heimdall arena_room 101 87 STEP 2 Talk to the Jotnar Snake and give her the following items: for_map108 127 107 REQUIREMENTS 600 Bradium [6224] 500 Amethyst [719] 400 Blue Jewel [7576] 400 Opal [727] 300 Yellow Jewel [7577] You should receive a False Gjalhorn [18317] STEP 3 Return to Heimdall and show him the False Gjalhorn. arena_room 101 87 He will then ask for the following items: 2000 Blood Thirst [6470] 1000 Jotnar skull [18320] 400 Mystic Horn [6023] 1 Gjallar [18318] [Drop Rate 50.00%] 50 Bloody Coin [18319] STEP 4: Return to the Jotnar snake. for_map108 127 107 Once you talk to Jotnar Snak NPC, you're about to enter the raid. This is the Beginning of the FACEWORM RAID NOTE You do not need this raid if ever you have all the REQUIREMENTS This Raid only intend to Farm the requirements at STEP 3. It might be necessary to do the raid at least twice to complete the 1000 Jotnar skull and 50 Bloody Coin You can get the Gjallar from the MVP (50% drop rate) STEP 5 Go back to Heimdall and give all the requirements at STEP 3. arena_room 101 87 After giving all the required items He will give you the QUESTED GUARDIAN of your choice. YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS DONATION DONATION CAPES [EXCEPT RUCKSACKS & BALLOON] NON-DONATION QUEST RUCKSACKS & WHITE QUEST RAW GUARDIAN QUEST EFFECT REVISED BY: [GM] JOYBOY CREDIT TO THE OWNER
  22. FORSAKEN RAGNAROK ONLINE FIGHT NIGHT By: [GM] JoyBoy Fight Night Event is a battle between two [2] players to know who is the Strongest. FIGHT NIGHT INFORMATION Make your own rules Your RULES will be implement by the GM Host Provide your own bet [Both of you must give the BET to a GM who hosting the event] Ask a Game Master[GM] to host this event Round will not further than 3 [You can use Race to 3 or The First player get 2 wins will consider as a winner.] Once the bet hand over to a Game Master, You are no longer to cancel your fight, whosoever cancel the fight/retreat will consider a loser and the remaining one consider as a winner. The GM Host must Live Stream the Fight Night at ForsakenRO Discord Voice. NOTE You must prepared as soon as you Mention a GM to host this event to avoid long time of waiting. YOU CAN CHOOSE BETWEEN THE TWO MAPS: KvM Map: bat_c01 [REQUESTED MAP] [No Storage and No Knockback] Fight Night Map: quiz_01 [No Storage Only, All Skills Enable]
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