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  2. I was playing during the night and I felt asleep, when I woke up I encountered that my game looks kinda weird. I've tried to reinstall but still having the same problem. look at the screenshot
  3. Pet accessory doesn't work or I am doing it right? If I remember it correctly, the pet accessory just needed to be doubled clicked but here in forsaken ro - it doesn't work. Anyone?
  4. kiomaster

    Game Crasinhg

    All characters that i create i cant go out and back to eden warp, because the game aways crash on loading screen
  5. Earlier
  6. How much are these cards now? Sinx card, atroce, berzebub, bacsojin,FBH, F.raider, Gloom, HighWiz card, IFRIT, Kiel D-01, Ktullanux, Tanee, Skoll, Tao Gun Ka, Turtle General, VR, and WS card? Thank you very much!
  7. Fixed color of Green and Mint Nebula Aurora Green Nebula Mint Nebula Lord Knight Cursed Ring adjustment Walking Speed +15% Reduce damage from Demi-Human by 5% Reduce Vit def by 10% HP +10% SP +10% Str+20, Vit+20, Luk+20, ASPD +5, Attack +20% Increase Damage with Spiral Pierce by 50% Lord Knight Halberd adjustment Str+ 20, Agi + 20, Luk + 30, SP + 250, Max HP + 15% Damage to Demi-Human +15% Reduce After-Cast delay by 10% Critical + 30 Spiral Pierce Damage +200% Weight 400 Mallina Card adjustment [Taekwon Boy/Girl] Enable the use of level 10 Storm Gust Increase damage of Flying Kick by 50% Increase damage of Roundhouse by 50% Increase damage of Tornado Kick by 50% Divine Pride adjustment Divine Pride Usable by Mage class branch and Super Novice, Soul Linker Limited edition HG stats + 10 INT + 10 VIT -- Wizard -- Increase damage of Napalm Vulcan by 10% Increase damage of Stave Crasher by 5% Increase damage of Coldbolt by 10% Increase damage of Firebolt by 10% -- Super Novice -- Increase damage of Mammonite by 10% Increase damage of Bash by 10% Increase damage of Envenom by 10% Increase damage of Coldbolt by 10% Increase damage of Firebolt by 10% -- Soul Linker -- Increase damage of Esma by 10% Increase damage of Coldbolt by 10% Increase damage of Firebolt by 10% Increase damage of Stave Crasher by 5% Updated Bulletin Board WoE Schedule Disable Fcity Halloween Map Disable Lost Village Enable Fcity Christmas Map Healer can now cure Orc Face Updated Priest Highness Staff description from Token Shop Updated Kitty Claw description from Token Shop Fixed error on Splendide Fixed queue error in Thanatos Room Fixed weight of Candy of Luck
  8. eyn038116


    How to resize your window when playing RO. Bottom part of my game window is not visible. ?
  9. https://forum.forsaken-ro.net/support/
  10. the sprite of  card eleanor be very good

  11. where can i fin the missing file to stop this from happening iv already try /hoai and it keeps appearing
  12. How to fix this issue? Document 64.docx
  13. jyazn

    Can't start game

    When I open the setup, resolution is blank btw
  14. jyazn

    Can't start game

    I downloaded the game but accidentally closed the setup part when you go to start the game. When I hit start, it doesn't do anything but make the patcher go away. How can I fix this?
  15. Guide for Speed Potion: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Pickpocket_Quest
  16. Hola mi nick en Discord es Saterladgod, en el juego me ubicarán como Sobk o Sadon, hace pocas semanas que ingresé con un amigo, si me pueden agregar por favor? Saludos!
  17. my char is lvl 255 / job lvl 255 but i cant activate the quest please help nvm
  18. @Mimicpichu Town: @go 25 For sinX guides, just go to (strategy guide>thief) here :3 strategy guide= station for basic guides of jobs for this Fro server btw :3
  19. what do you think is the best job for pvp in FRO and where is the pvp arenas please tell me how to get their hehehe
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