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  1. Oh hey!!!! xD long time no see! have you been on FRO the whole time? :0
  2. Hi..technically not new...Just revived my account!! Wh00t :) can see stuff changed Just looking who still plays! :D Or if anyone recognize me XD So yeah... Just saying HI - kinda back...
  3. Derpity Derp~ :) hows Fro doinggg ? ^^

    1. Ochibi


      *toot toot .. still alive !

  4. Teeheee silly people still think they are cuter than me! can't believe this is still going on xD
  5. SUGAR !! Ohmagerrhhd! is this still active xD DAAAAMN been inactive too long eheheheh :P
  6. Fun fact: I need to poo-p.... ..oh wait.. false alarm!!! ..it was a fart 8D
  7. IM HEREEEEEEEE HEREEE Don't cryyyyy <3 i'm SEMI BACK 8D....i think... :0 akhhhhhhjii
  8. ROCK! OKAY! yes from now one let's populate the bench again! Everyone who reads this is welcome to join ;D
  9. Nuh i don't do such thing, got a smexy bf <3 TPBM is a Pervvvvv~
  10. never heard of it :0 i love horror/very graphic comics..well mostly manga xD
  11. Reindeer BUT....but.... well.. Let's start our own awesom group!! (*^*)/ yeaaaaa~
  12. HAHAHAAH im still the cutest!!!
  13. aww...got way too many fav songs :( i'll just do few extra xD cuz basically i listen to these...alot LOL..it's those songs i got on repeat always and never get tired of xD Also it totally depends on my mood :3 if i'm relaxed..or hyper xD 1. LOKA - From Yesterday http://youtu.be/ySx1Je1ZTu4 2. Sam Tsui - If I Die Young http://youtu.be/Gu9-5SS8V8M But i also like his Demons version xD http://youtu.be/bOpLs6qfYoI (nightcored) 3. Krezip - Sweet Goodbye http://youtu.be/ONI8xlyZIyo 4. Miyavi - Jibun Kakumei http://youtu.be/tp662_ggt88 5. THAT - Rain Stops Goodbye http://youtu.be/_bJv_2RkZg0 6. Yiruma - River Flows http://youtu.be/pkitw9LUB88 (Skullee mix) 7. Ayumi Hamasaki - Trauma (Dumonde remix) http://youtu.be/dLomt9jDedM 8. My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay http://youtu.be/nXJDtptMYrQ 9. Maroon 5 - This Love http://youtu.be/XPpTgCho5ZA 10. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. http://youtu.be/H8Qp38qT-xI
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