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  1. **EDITED I read the other questions for this issue and have found the solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Oh gosh, looks like I'm back! Took a long time hiatus from this game.. Got a new PC, got a new life, and baby am I back! Also invited a friend who is new to RO to the server.

    1. niemono89


      wb, sis~


    2. bryllejohn22


      [url=https://www.cialispascherfr24.com/]cialispascherfr24 pharmacy[/url]

    3. Dream


      Welcome back! Your name sounds familiar to me somehow. Anyways, enjoy your stay!

  3. This is pretty interesting! I'll join in too! My Dream is to become a Pastry Chef! I love baking, making people smile with the things i create I really enjoy baking for my family, they enjoy it as well. I want to open up my own Cafe/Bakery so people can come in and relax and eat some good Pastries. I really just want to see everyone smile from eating the desserts and pastries I make I don't mind if I'm not a super star to the world, but in my Cafe/Bakery, I would be. Everyone that would work there should feel like one as well!
  4. Welcome to fRO! Hope you enjoy you're stay! If you want, You can join my guild God's Council We help new players as much as we can, we're also really friendly! My IGN is Indunn
  5. Bleh! Woke up sicker then I was yesterday. Literally NO voice. Fever.. I should be asleep, but been asleep ALL day long...I was woken up to find my moms phone. It was on the bed..next to her.. OTL...

    1. kyoshiro029


      Lol, im had a minor asthma attack earlier.. and its making me feel sick, still fine compared to you.... hope you get well... and go to the doctors -___-)

  6. Hai fRO! Hope everyone is doing wonderful~ I'm SUPER sick.. Like no joke. It's a living hell right now. But im okay either way haha

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    2. kyoshiro029


      Hope that you'll be okay, 7:

    3. thePast


      get well soon :o

    4. FluttershyMalady


      Thank you guys! Not sure how long itll take though.

  7. Its pretty good, Should check it out! it's not entirely manga, Since i read mostly manga But it's still the same In a way. manga is just considered a japanese comic Where Comic books came from America.. So this is in between but with colors.
  8. Good night fRO! I'll see you all Lovely People tomorrow!

    1. Seraphine
    2. Aerofox


      ^.^ Thanks for commenting on my loveliness

  9. Haven't really done WoE in this server yet But considering i'm an Old Player I Say +1 To this! Classic WoE was always the best WoE.
  10. Good Morning fRO! Hope everyone is doing good! Besides being dead tired I'm pretty good!

  11. Hello fRO! It is almost midnight, I'm wide awake! Yay me lol! Hope everyone is doing good, I'm wonderful!

    1. kyoshiro029


      Wew its 3-4 pm at my place and i want to sleep..... didnt get enough sleep earlier.... like only 2 hours... my head still hurts

    2. Ares


      Looks like you're having fun. ;)

    3. FluttershyMalady


      @Kyo : Go take a nap then?

      @Ares, i am having fun, You should spy on us at Jawaii, we're being freaks haha.

  12. You're not cute, Stop fooling yourself.
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