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    Good Day heres a Cheap Guide for new players who wants to earn tokens BUT FIRST STEP BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Please do the Forsaken Knights quest, Legendary Weapon Quest and Legendary Gauntlet THIS IS FOR FREE STARTING ARMOR SET, GEAR AND ADDITIONAL STATS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zeny - is a good way to start farming for Forsaken tokens Zeny Farming is quite easy , you can farm for treasure box from Gold Acidus @ali 7444 for treasure Box and then @warp abyss_03 use a Merchant Class to sell zeny to NPC and convert them to coins which can be sold 1B zeny goes for 70 tokens, 500 M goes for 35 tokens or use zeny to enter MVP Rooms 60 M per spawn (which i recommend you doing it during float rates which are during weekends **higher drop rate) You can also farm for Yggdrasil Seeds just warp to for_bar 247 312 talk to renter and go for seed room . 1hr rental for Seed room is 100 M (recommend using Wizard for AOE skills) then convert the seeds to tickets to a NPC located @warp fcity 86 149 which then you can sell for 5 tickets for 1 token (1 ticket is 100 seeds) @ali 12405 for yggdrasil seeds or just @autoloot . **Best use Wiz or Sniper and Merchant to sell treasures to NPC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Realms Quest item https://forum.forsaken-ro.net/wiki/quests/storyline-q/fate-of-the-gods-ii-quest-beginning-r138 A set of these items sells for around 200 Tokens per set, a set consist of 9 each of the following : Dew of Yggdrasil - drops from Shinning Plant 10% chance Prophetess Ward - drops from Isilla 10% chance Ymir's Heart - drops from Argos 10% chance Mighty Strength - Sword Guardian 50% chance Elixir of Alfheim - Mavka 10% chance Cloud Essence - Gryphon 50% chance Spiritual Whispers - Valkyrie (Mini-boss) 50% chance Dusk Glow - Salamander 50% chance Damp Darkness - Chimera 50% chance Chills of Death - Bloody knight 50% chance you can use @whereis <monster> for the maps the spawn at. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RATA CARD I just found out myself that RATA is a Custom MVP im seeing players selling the card for 400-600 Tokens each 2 Rata spawns @for_map16 [which you cannot be able to warp to] instead @warp storyline15 34 252 you need to go in and walk from there to the portal [need to find it] Matk + 10% , Max Hp - 5%, Matk +1% per refine rate, HP - 1% per refine rate Slot : Armor You should also loot Spittle of bird dropped by rata (someone says it sells for 2-3 tokens each) Credits : Medellin Cartel **Best use Bio and Wiz -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DARK MAZE RAIDER You'll see this on broadcast as they are hiring Raiders. All you need is a Bio and proper gear . The gear is simple . All you need is Forsaken Knight Armor set [Questable] +Newbie headgear set and L.Bio weapon [Questable]. CARDS Boots: 2 Green Ferus Card Armor: 1 Hatii Card + Silver TGK/Ghostring Card Cloak: 2 Raydric Card Shield: 1 Golden thief bug card [MVP] L.Weapon: 4 Kingring card Accessories: 2 Int Gaunts [Questable] You can get paid 50 Tokens per run. Credits : Medellin Cartel **Best use Bio and Wiz -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MVP HUNTING Simple. Hunt for Valuable Cards through MVP Hunting and sell them for tokens . (See you there mwuahahaha) Card prices vary depending on stock and demand. You can ask players for appraisal/price check or just compare prices on Broadcasts. Broadcaster is located @warp fcity 94 135 **Best use Sniper, Bio, Champion or Wiz -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ESSENCE OF FIRE Essence of fire is a custom drop used for making friggs shield - the strongest shield on the planet Can only be dropped by Detale or I call him Big Red - 10% chance Detale spawns at abyss_03 every 3 hrs A pc goes for 100 Tokens each (might go for more) **Best use sniper, Champion or Bio -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FARMING FOR ITEMS Some players are lazy rather rich they hire farmers for tokens to get items for them such as cobwebs, stat foods, seeds, berries and alot more (yes there are a lot of things to farm ingame) Some Players pay 10 tokens for every 1k pcs of a certain item (ex. Chivalry's emblem) some pay 10 tokens for every 100 pcs (ex.elastic band) This depends on the rarity of the item. (you can also Farm and supply an entire guild depending on your contract with client) **Best use Sniper or Wiz -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANA ROOM Located @for_bar 157 216 in this one you need timing, precision and FAST NETWORK CONNECTION to enter. Thana card goes from around 2000? tokens it is a 0.7%chance drop and 1.4% during float rates (DREAM BIG) **Best use Sniper -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME EVENTS There are A LOT of events you can join you also get to read it on broadcasts. Hosted by our GMs or automated. Free tokens for the taking . @go 38 and you will see all of the events. You get to win mini-tokens and event tokens. PoriPori Catcher Poring Catcher Dice Event Emperium Race (PVP and Non-PVP) MVP Invasion Parasyte Event Egg Collector Wicked Fly Infestation Treasure Hunting Fight Night Circle of Madness Bloodbath Moroccan Sprint Lost Orbs Cluck! Cluck! Boom! Battle Royale Guild vs. Guild Survival Event Novice Dodgeball Poring Ball Dice Event v.2 Novice vs Zombie Last Man Standing (LMS Warper) Jumbled Password Conquest Guess the Monster Some Events are Hosted by Game masters themselves. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WOE Or you can just join guild and get paid with tokens :V (this is not easy AT ALL) FREE EMP! YES FREE EMP! Just Read this below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOME TIPS: I recommend you to do Legendary weapon Quest , Forsaken Knight quest and Legendary Gauntlet quest http://forum.forsaken-ro.net/topic/31485-legendary-weapon-quest-guide/?tab=comments#comment-330817 https://forum.forsaken-ro.net/wiki/quests/storyline-q/forsaken-knight-quest-r36/ https://forum.forsaken-ro.net/wiki/quests/headgear-quests/legendary-gauntlet-quest-r131/ You can also pm me ingame for some starter Cards, im giving awat Silver Mvp Cards . Some Quest Items are sold on the market @go 37. What are these you see on broadcasts? S> = Selling B> = Buying T> = Trading OT> = Out of Topic PC> = Price Check LF> = Looking for Also dont forget to Vote here https://cp.forsaken-ro.net/ Vote for Credits , and redeem points for Vote Gears. WELL THIS ARE JUST SOME INFOS AND WAYS OF GETTING TOKENS DEPENDING ON WHAT OR HOW YOU DO IT INGAME ILL TRY TO UPDATE THIS IF I FIND ANY OTHER COOL WAYS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Hello fRO, I'm Fykka just new player. :3 I Like art and wanna share my gallery's art. I hope you guys enjoy it. Here are some of my art. Fykka I'll update this post. Stay tuned and feel free to post your work of art in this Post. :)
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    Hello guys! I just made a short tribute video to the game I love since then! I don't play that much because of work but when I have break from work I always play ForsakenRO I never get tired of playing it since then! I play ForsakenRO since 2014-2015 but all my friends (IRL) stop playing it but I never did! Fro has a spot in my heart and even tho I play less lately, I'll never get tired of it! and ya sorry for the long chit chat but here's the video I made with my free time off work and I hope you guys enjoy it ^_^ (PS. sorry if I lack footage inside the PVP arena field I apologize to that but I tried going inside when many players are in but I don't last that long inside because I'm weak hahaha but hey! next time I'll try to record inside the PVP room without fainting fast!)
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    Your style is so lovely, and very appealing to me. Like... Please if ever you decide to accept commissions here in FRO for Tokens please reserve me one slot----I would be greatful pls pm me
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    Wow this is high quality art! It looks awesome! Great job! A piece of advice, when you post art in the internet don't forget to sign it! Sign everything! The detail on clothing and hair is so on point... keep it up!
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