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  1. niemono89

    GC hurt me

    @D.T.J. Probably is the gtb at ur shield(since GC considered matk type skill) :3
  2. @Silentmist Almost same as fas thana type build~ just need 1 amad/bijou(+10 ltd HG) for greater dmg output :3
  3. This basic guide is about Lord knight's [dps stun=dmg per second stun] spear MVP type :3 (^-^%) Basic input for spiral pierce LK=5 hits 'semi-ranged'/sec+stun lock+best tanker-mvper of all jobs~(ignore def=thana/inca dun need~) Spiral Pierce [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 397, iRO Name: Clashing Spiral)->Extend your spear, and spin it in a spiral fashion to increase overall damage and ability to pierce. A more powerful version of Pierce which ignores DEF and VIT DEF and also stun-locks your opponent for 3 sec.Damage is (100+50*SkillLV)% ATK. The attack is 5 hits with
  4. Revamp DEX part(stave crasher build), new cards of ¤whisper¤(napalm's best fren) :3 ^-o-^
  5. @p3wp3w Still learning tho :3 Hope u enjoys this int sniper guide too(very basic) ❤️
  6. Added magical hg as 2nd option hg(other than ship captain variants), new weapon cards-set for trollers ❤️❤️
  7. @bakuranecro Only 2 is stackable :3
  8. @kimjoshua91 ranged sinX(aka sbK/SD) have a better advantages than melee type. So, why not ❤️ ?(12 pixel ranged style) :3
  9. @kimjoshua91 sinX sbK/SD type have 2 typical hybrid builds: STR type(still can viable w/ str skills of sinX), INT type(my guide is about INT type) crit type sinX to me, is the best mvp build~
  10. Added stat <C> 4 pure boomer sniper XD Also revamp stat <A> and <B> descript+stats input :3
  11. @Harry Roque If u have discord(just join the fro discord) The step by step guide(ring making)is in thr :3 within #guide section Incase u don't hv discord:
  12. @kuchenkx Use baby wiz for more weight :3 Plus reset ur stat via f.kafra n extra 2000 s.points(talk to her twice)
  13. Vera sis, wru ^¤~¤^ Wanna stalk ebisu more pls ❤️
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