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  1. #AIZEN-chair sama# This kind of basic MVP trapper build is suitable for TRICKY rages veteran's player :4 (~macro keyboards,macro-mouse likewise~). Plus for those new-learners^^ that would like to advance a little-bit ❤️❤️ Ps: uber op for Ghost MVP campers type too :3 =[[椅子様[[+ Stats STR: 160 totally(Traps for life :6) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: As high as possible, no worries at all ^^ INT: 300(maxed) DEX: 150*just enough for insta-cast* LUK: 150 totally(minor trap-dmg booster/perfect dodge ❤️❤️ ) Claymore Trap>A Claymore Trap is a visible trap that explodes when stepped on, hitting a 5x5 area around the target cell for [(75+DEX/2)*(1+INT/100)*SkillLV] damage. This skill ignores DEF and MDEF and damage modification cards for size and family, but not elemental property. This trap will affect Players in PVP zones, including the user. If not tripped by the end of the duration, the Claymore Trap will turn back into a Trap item on the floor and can be reclaimed. Equips HG1: Ltd Ninetail Fox Hair[kiel,orc hero/bijou] HG2: Skull prince aurora[kiel] HG3: Sniper guardian ring*important*[kiel] Armor: +10 Fking armor[Tao gk,orc lord] or [Forsaken raider,high priest] or [Gr,eleanor] Weapon: Hrist's wing bow[cursed sniper rune 2x,bombring 2x] Pure trapper bow>[cursed sniper rune 4x] Hpmax bow>[cursed sniper rune 2x,fabre 2x] Agi coma-redux bow>[maero 2x,Lord of Death 2x]((sniper soaring bird preferred)) {{ NOTES>> 2 bows minimum for this type of build ❤️ }} Shield: Friggs king shield[gtb/high orc] Cloak: Fking cloak[assassin cross,lolitail/hollowring] or [pouring 2x] or [pouring,skoll] Shoe: +10 Fking shoe[eddga,fox/dragoon wiz/eira] Acce: Int cursed or Int bless[INT rune 2x] Hint -Formula->->dex × (3 + lv/100) × (1 + int/35) × trap_lv ± 10% × (element_mod/100) × damage_correction -Booby trap is buyable thru @warp for_dia 152 116 -Falcon assault skill is our bestie super-duper stun-locker ❤️❤️❤️ -Claymore trap {fire element} is good against any ghost MVP outthr ^^ -Spring trap =far-away traps remover, remove trap =near trap removal pixel -Try explore this skill deeply ^^ (arrow shower ) -Trap skills are ignoring accuracy checks(100% aim unlimited), also flee/def/mdef checks too (+^^+) -More practice pls :3 Arrow shower TRAP=Knock Back positions ↖ ↖ ↖ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↗ ↗ ↗ ↖ ↖ ↖ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↗ ↗ ↗ ↖ ↖ ↖ ↖ ↑ ↗ ↗ ↗ ↗ ← ← ↖ ↖ ↑ ↗ ↗ → → ← ← ← ← A → → → → ← ← ↙ ↙ ↓ ↘ ↘ → → ↙ ↙ ↙ ↙ ↓ ↘ ↘ ↘ ↘ ↙ ↙ ↙ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↘ ↘ ↘ ↙ ↙ ↙ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↘ ↘ ↘
  2. @CerealKiller23 @go=city warp @warp=fild/dungeon
  3. This guide is full basics auto-blitz style of sniper via MVPing For others full custom blitz-sniper guide would be here: Stats STR: 90 AGI : *195 aspd* VIT: *100 vit straight* INT: 265>285 DEX: *satisfying (Hit) would be around 606 before buffed* LUK: 130>160 Equips HG 1: Ltd Purple emperor[kiel/amadrias,bijou] HG 2: Purple Nebula aurora[kiel/amadrias/bijou] HG 3: Sniper Guardian ring[kiel/vanberk/Lord knight seyren] Armor: +10 sniper DA[eleanor,tao gk] Weapon: Hrist's wing bow[cursed sniper rune 2x,the paper,phreeoni] Emp-ranged breaker combo>>[thanatos,tg,the paper,cursed sniper rune] Common MVP combo>>[cursed sniper rune,abyss,tg 2x] or [cursed sniper rune 2x,tg,sidewinder] Diva combo>>[cursed sniper rune,Vr,metaling,maero/dragoon warlord]*stacks w/ whikebain via acce* Straight hitter combo>>[cursed sniper rune 2x,thana,the paper] DEX/Hit saver combo>>[cursed sniper rune 2x,phreeoni 2x]*if insists sigrun valor as op-er builds* 石田 雨竜/URYU->=>=>=> Shield: Fking shield[gtb] Cloak: +10 Fking garment[dev,green maiden] Shoe: +10 Fking shoe[fox,eira] Acce: Dex cursed[ifrit,choco] Too simplify? BUT it packs with IMBA damages to MVP's EXTRAS: always use this auto-attack command-> "/noctrl" => m16 amplifies falconer :3 ))BLitZ BEaT>> ))ブリッツビート)) Enjoy camping thru your hearts content, next ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  4. _This guide would be about (PURE) blitz beat type sniper via MVP scene_ Pros: Can auto-proc blitz beat when auto-attack, clears all MVP{regardless element} really fast =^^= Cons: Blitz beat=forced neutral, so it will misses for ghost element MVP XD #真咲^Masaki^#滅却師 Stats STR: *total of 120* AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: 150k till 200k hpmax would be enuff ^^ INT: 280(max) DEX: *615>625 Hit*[still can hit MVP, even with agi-up active] LUK: *total of 170*[90% auto-proc blitz,while arrow hits] Notes-> blitz beat=INT/DEX+LUK=auto-proc blitz, feel free to adjust onto ur own setup ❤️ Equip HG upper: Magical variant veiil[Kiel] HG mid: Butterfly aurora[Kiel] HG lower: *IMPORTANT*sniper Guardian ring[Kiel] Armor: +10 Sniper DA[rata, agav] Weapon: Hrist's wing Bow[Cursed sniper rune 3x, kingring] Shield: Friggs king shield[gtb] Cloak: Fking cloak[skoll, giant whisper] Shoe: Fking shoe[fbh 2x] Accessories: Sigrun valor/Mix B Cursed[wind ghost 2x] 滅 滅 Notes-> 3x kiels would reduce the auto-proc blitz cool-down totally, hence the jupitel thunder auto-cast from wind ghost card would "stun" the MVP movement pixel :P Extras-> Use this for another extra-hit, while hitting MVPs pls -❤️- Extras 2-> Please use opposite element's arrow towards Mvp for best results: Legendary Holy arrow= more dmg towards Dark Mvp Legendary Shadow arrow= more dmg towards Holy Mvp Legendary Water arrow= more dmg towards Fire Mvp Legendary Fire arrow= more dmg towards Earth Mvp Legendary Earth arrow= more dmg towards Wind Mvp Legendary Wind arrow= more dmg towards Water Mvp Legendary Oridecon arrow= extra dmg towards NEUTRAL Mvp
  5. @samdoriv Just bring booby traps+using trap boom skill towards ghost type :3
  6. Thanks for the latest updates of Lord knight cursed ring, we're able to revives ''agi-critical'' classics back (~~^^~~) >石田> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lord Knight Cursed Ring Walking speed +15% Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Reduce Vit def by 10% HP +10% SP +10% Str +20 Vit +20 Luk +20 Attack +20% Increase Damage done with Spiral Pierce by 30% Decrease damage done with Brandish Spear by 200% ASPD +5, Inflict +10% more damage with Critical Attacks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- often skills used-> aura blade, berserk Stat STR: 290-300 AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *get as max as possible, recommended 300k hp* INT: 1(if u want to spam spiral pierce abit, can add some) DEX: *150 exact* LUK: *125-150 crit from status window* Equip Head up> any {+10} 2 slotted helm/{+10} Minstrel song Hat*preferable*/{+10} ship captain variants/{+10} Divine grace*richer purposes*[amad 2x/bijou 2x] Head mid> Purple shadow aurora[vanberk/orc hero] Head low> {+10} Lord knight Cursed ring*IMPORTANT*[amad/bijou] Armor> {+10} Lord knight DA[Tao gk, eleanor/Tao gk, orc lord/Tao gk, rsx0806] Weapon> Lord Knight Black Halberd/Legendary LK spear[Tg, phreeoni, Vr, the paper/Vr 2x, phreeoni 2x/abysmal 2x, Tg 2x] ~~Special critical-spear aoe combo[Tg 2x, baphomet, the paper]~~ Shield> friggs king shield[gtb] Garment> fking cloak[skoll, green maiden/whisper, giant whisper] Shoe> fking shoe[moonlight flower, dragoon wizard] Accessories> Luk gauntlet/Luk belt/mimir orb/Luk cursed[ifrit 2x/Luk rune 2x] =>Notes: Spiral pierce still ned 3 kiels whenever :3 =>
  7. @chrismanav Since u already have legendary wing bow, can further-up by farming at least 3-4 'cursed sniper rune'(mvp: cursed sniper located for_map 56) For accessories: mix B gauntlet More advanced would be this ^^
  8. For richer abit purposes :3 just click here for basic info ^^
  9. For basics of INT type sbK can goes here~ [斬月] This basic guide would be about sbK MVP sinX against all MVP types(even the toughest element:GHOST/neutral is like a "butter" for this kind of build ❤️❤️ ) WHY int type sbK sinX? Coz it won't <miss>, plus having more sp is good for spamming within this build ~~^^~~ Stats STR: 130->160(secondary damage calculation for int type sbK) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *100 totally for status immune* INT: 300(main damage calculation for int type sbK) DEX: 150 totally(instant cast scene) LUK: 0 天鎖斬月=>=>TENSA ZANGETSU+>+> Equips Head upper: [+10]2 slots Ltd HG(amad/bijou,kiel) Head mid: +25/+30/+33 auras(kiel) Head low: sinX Guardian ring*IMPORTANT*(kiel) Armor: [+10]sinX DA(eleanor,forsaken raider) Weapon: Loki cursed blades/Legendary sinX blades(atroce 4x) Shield: Friggs king shield(gtb) Garment: Fking cloak(giant whisper 2x) Shoe: Fking shoe(cursed sinX rune 2x*IMPORTANT*) Accessories: INT gauntlet/INT belt/urds earring/INT curse(ifrit 2x) or (int rune 2x) NOTES>Compared to melee crit MVP sinX type, this build is far more secure. Coz of ranged dealer[can wear shield too] sinX type :P. Also please press the hot-key of sbK-skill softly too XD
  10. For those 2 blades type lovers of sinX, can explore this build calmly :P Basic type critical MVP sinX Stat STR: 300 totally(dual blades=>full burst str stat atw ~~^^) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *100 exact for status immune* or upto your own hpmax prefers :3 INT: *left-overs goes here* DEX: 1 *for pure crit melee hit scene* or 150*instant cast MA scene* LUK: 165>170 crit from status window =>))斬月zangetsu=>)) Equip Head upper: [+10]2 slots Ltd HG(amad 2x/bijou 2x) Head mid: Ltd zodiac aurora or any aura u wish(vanberk/LK seyren/maya P) Head Lower: [+10]sinX bless ring*important*(amad/bijou) Armor: [+10]sinX DA, [+10]Fking armor(rsx0806,Fraider)/(Fraider 2x) Weapon[R]: Assassin cross oriental crit sword/Legendary sinX crit sword(abysmal knight,baphomet,dracula,sniper cecil)/(abysmal knight 2x,Tg,Vrandgris)/(abysmal knight 2x,mobster 2x) Weapon[L]: Loki cursed blades/Legendary sinX blade(abysmal knight 2x,the paper 2x)/(abysmal knight 2x,mobster 2x)/(abysmal 2x,Tg 2x) Garment: Fking cloak(green maiden 2x)/(whisper,noxious)/(green maiden,noxious) Footgear: Fking shoe(cursed sinX rune 2x)/(fbh,GEC)/(fbh 2x) Accessories: STR gauntlet/STR belt/Loki seal/STR curse(ifrit 2x)/(str rune 2x) NOTES: Don't worry about having no shield at all, when facing any MVP(since this build is gonna be a full-burst str killer sinX MVP type :3). Unless facing golden thief bug, ifrit[the reflex is hurtin (^=,=^)x9999 ]
  11. For basic guardian ring sniper guide can goes here ^^ This fancy basic INT sniper guide would be rely on falcon with some helps of matk input XD~~ Specially for pve/mvp scene best animation XD Stats STR: 140 totally(example of 110+30) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: up to ur own, coz is just mvp type build ^^(100 vit totally for status immune) INT: 300 totally(for max blitz/max matk output) DEX: *595 hit on status window* LUK: 150 is safest to bet, but more than 190 is worst lel :P Equip head upper: any LTD headgear[vesper 2x] head mid: butterfly aurora(preferred) [vesper] (reason: have physical dmg %+ matk dmg%) head low: SNIPER GUARDIAN RING[high wizard kathryne] armor: +10 F.king armor[rata,mistress of shelter OR evil druid,rata] weapon: hrists wing bow[cursed sniper rune 2x,hill wind 2x] shield: Friggs king shield[gtb] cloak: F.king cloak[salamander 2x] shoe: F.king shoe[fbh,dark lord] accessory: urds earring, int curse[wind ghost 2x] <キャンディス・キャットニップ> EXTRAs: Find any MVP(except ghost type, coz blitz{neutral} would always miss on them lel), "then click them" for the matk showcase to happen XD. For arrows, just default L.oridecon arrow if needed ❤️❤️❤️ NOTEs: This build of INT sniper would be slower a bit then kiels type auto-blitz, but their matk autocast would made it look faster anyway ^^ 《》<雷公主>《》
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