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  1. For basic guardian ring sniper guide can goes here ^^ This fancy basic INT sniper guide would be rely on falcon with some helps of matk input XD~~ Stats STR: 140 totally(example of 110+30) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: up to ur own, coz is just mvp type build ^^(100 vit totally for status immune) INT: 300 totally(for max blitz/max matk output) DEX: *595 hit on status window* LUK: 150 is safest to bet, but more than 190 is worst lel :P Equip head upper: any LTD headgear[vesper 2x] head mid: butterfly aurora(preferred) [vesper] (reason:
  2. Those who needs 2x awesomeness of dual atk type sinX. CAN try this lel(it's twice of damage as worth :P) [~MVP builds ftw~] Right-Hand Mastery (Skill ID# 132, iRO Name: Righthand Mastery)-> Damage on the right-hand weapon while equipping two weapons is (50+10*SkillLV)%. DOES NOT WORK FOR KATARS AS THESE COUNT AS 2-HANDED WEAPONS. Left-Hand Mastery (Skill ID# 133, iRO Name: Lefthand Mastery)-> Damage on the left-hand weapon while equipping two weapons is (30+10*SkillLV)%. DOES NOT WORK FOR KATARS AS THESE COUNT AS 2-HANDED WEAPONS IMPORTANT-DAILY-DOSAGE :3 En
  3. Wanna have a new taste for ur boring pure FAS-focused arrow strike build~? Here u go ❤️❤️❤️ ^^ ~This basic guide would be about MVP builds only~ True sight-> can use this to cancel animation of ur auto-blitz mouse click lel~ Attention concentrate-> can uncloak Mvp's within 3 pixel range^^ FAS-> still ur main skill for spamming, no worries :3 Blitz beat-> secondary M16 mouse click, when u hv enuff luk stat added(pls don't remove our luvly falcon pls~) Stats STR: 70-80 AGI: *195 aspd* (when u eq" full gears, requires lesser agi
  4. For intro/INT based sbK sinX can goes here~ 星十字騎士団最高位 Alternative Add-up^^ Venom Splasher (Skill ID# 141)->Turns target into a poison bomb. Target must and have less than 3/4 HP in order to be effected. When the skill is used, a timer appears above the target. If the skill is successful, and the timer reaches 0 the target explodes and takes a poison property hit at an ATK of (500+50*SkillLV)%, the Poison React skill passively adds (30*SkillLV)% to this. The surrounding 5x5 area takes splash damage which is the original damage divided by the number of mobs inclu
  5. THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE!!!!!!!! :p (joking). Well, this basic guide is about stave prof towards berzebub MVP ❤️ Why stave type prof~?, coz the dps skill damage+walking-cast passive within prof are the best effort atw ^^ Free Cast (Skill ID# 278)->Allows movement and attack while casting spells.this skill gives no attack speed penalty Lightning Bolt (Skill ID# 20, iRO Name: Lightening Bolt)->Hits the targeted enemy with 1 Wind Element Bolt per SkillLV for 1*MATK each. Magic Crasher (Skill ID# 365, iRO Name: Stave Crasher)->You do an attack that calculates damage us
  6. For basics sinX crit guide can refer here: Stats: STR: 280>300 [example of 280+20=300]->bonuses divisible by 0* AGI: 195 aspd* VIT: 190k hp beyond* INT: left-overs goes here(some sp to spam MA-meteor assault for mobbing control) DEX: 150 totally*[instant-cast for MA] LUK: 165-170 crit from status window*[around 260 luk rough calculation] Equips: Head upper: Ship captain variant*extra 20% close-ranged atk*(most favorable), Any 2 slots Ltd HG[bijou 2x/amad 2x/seyren 2x] Head middle: Tempest aura(preferable), any auras
  7. niemono89

    GC hurt me

    @D.T.J. Probably is the gtb at ur shield(since GC considered matk type skill) :3
  8. @Silentmist Almost same as fas thana type build~ just need 1 amad/bijou(+10 ltd HG) for greater dmg output :3
  9. This basic guide is about Lord knight's [dps stun=dmg per second stun] spear MVP type :3 (^-^%) Basic input for spiral pierce LK=5 hits 'semi-ranged'/sec+stun lock+best tanker-mvper of all jobs~(ignore def=thana/inca dun need~) Spiral Pierce [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 397, iRO Name: Clashing Spiral)->Extend your spear, and spin it in a spiral fashion to increase overall damage and ability to pierce. A more powerful version of Pierce which ignores DEF and VIT DEF and also stun-locks your opponent for 3 sec.Damage is (100+50*SkillLV)% ATK. The attack is 5 hits with
  10. Revamp DEX part(stave crasher build), new cards of ¤whisper¤(napalm's best fren) :3 ^-o-^
  11. @p3wp3w Still learning tho :3 Hope u enjoys this int sniper guide too(very basic) ❤️
  12. Added magical hg as 2nd option hg(other than ship captain variants), new weapon cards-set for trollers ❤️❤️
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