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Found 9 results

  1. The best-updates from Cursed wizard rune+Wizard Highness staff towards[stave crasher]wizzy ❤️❤️❤️ ~Best regards from forsaken ro server~ Finally can made a guide abouts hybrid build wizzy stave type :3 :3 :3 This hybrid build of wizzy would be PvP oriented type too :4 :$ ❤️ yi-kuzo............^^ ^^ Weapon link: https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=wizard-highness-staff-4 Rune link: https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=cursed-wizard-rune-0 Stats Str-> *upto ur fav weights*(minimum can carry about 400 ygg seeds or 350 ygg berries) Agi->*195 aspd* Vit-> *at least 400k hpmax* (stats+equips together calculation :$) Int-> *290 till 300 straight* (maximum stave crasher dmgs) notes=stave crasher's physical-range calculates as ''int'' via stat-add-up(left sides) Dex-> *150 just for insta-cast* or {190 till 250 coz stave is "atk-skill mechanism"} Luk-> *the rest goes here* (atk+matk bonus-leftover) Hint: High Dex stat-jobs hardly kiss-floor by stave crasher types wizzy ;[T-T]; Gears H-up: Divine pride / Ltd sakura Mermaid wig [kiel 2x] Extra= can use ship captain hat variants{ranged atk +20%}. But will sacrifices only 1 slot/gear bonuses :3 H-mid: Maroon tempest aurora [kiel] H-low: wizzy Bless ring*IMPORTANT* [amad (or) Bijou] Ps= If still wants to spam more matk's[just get an extra-wizzy bless ring w/ Hwc] Armor: +10 wiz DA[rata, eleanor] / [defaults=Gr, rata or Fraider, rata] notes=stave crasher calculates as ''matk+atk'' via gears(right sides) Weapon: Wizard Highness staff(most fav) [Thanatos, atroce, pandaring 2x (or) Inca, phreeoni, pandaring 2x] Basic defaults via ghost enemies example card-sets[Tg 2x, maoguai 2x (or) Thanatos, Tg, maoguai 2x] Shield: *at most 2x shields* friggs king shield[gtb or horn] horn card=reduce 35% stave dmgs from other wiz/prof jobs Cloak: Fking cloak[sinX eremes, Dev (or) skoll 2x (or) noxious 2x] noxious card=reduce 10% stave dmgs from other wiz/prof jobs Shoe: +10 Fking shoe[Fbh, eira (or) 2x eira (or) Dwiz, eira] Acce: int curse(most fav, have atk/matk +10% for pairs) [C.wiz rune 2x (or) Ifrit+ C.wiz rune] Hint: Try explore Errende cards too Example of usage for stave crasher builds: A- stave dmgs are highly affected by elements(range atk-9pixel scene) B- Let's say the enemy is ghost element, we need cursed water{@ali 12020}(dark element) or fire converters(fire element dmgs) to deal wif them ❤️ End-gears/super-advance levels 1->Books of Agi,Vit or Hp,Int,Dex,Luk(NEED all-of-them ^^) Link: https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product_cat=enchantments 2->volund atk+6% ,volund hp+10% 3->Try buy from player-ingame (or) farms candy of Intelligent/Dexterity Conclusion: stave crasher is using int(From stat), atk+matk/crit/range atk bonus(From gears/cards). To get overall max dmgs{~•®•~} VOLUNDs Rata/Eleanor/Eira farm-maps
  2. Thanks to the latest update of sinX bless variant by this server ❤️ ~ Finally, can made a basic endgame guide for this kind of hybrid double atk/crit sinX^^ As usual, just for MVP build scene :3 ~ Summary-> This kind of build is way expensive than meta-crit sinX build type. But, we have auto-steal hp hitting+double attack as extras+less ygg berries/seeds consuming tbh :P Also depends on the users(less switching of gtb shield) ^^ Assassin Cross Blessed Ring Walking speed +15%, Atk +10%, Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5%, Reduce Vit Def by 10%, HP +10%, SP +10%, Str +20, Vit +35, ASPD +10, Crit +30 Right/left weapon usage Assassin Cross Oriental Dex Sword(Right)-> https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=sinx-oriental-black-sword-4-dexterity Loki Cursed Blades(Left)->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=loki-cursed-blades-blue4 Ps: this Loki Cursed blades have 2 color selection(red or blue) ^^ Legendary version-> Legendary sinX Dexterity sword(Right), Legendary assassin cross blade(Left) Stat STR- 300 max AGI- *195 aspd* VIT- *exact 100 vit* or (your own hpmax preference) INT- *none* DEX- *200-250 preferred*(more double attack hit-scene) LUK- *260-270 preferred* (perfect crit scene) Gear H-up: +10 Ltd pink emperor headband[2x bijou or 2x amad] H-mid: pink Nebula aurora[vanberk]=>crit +100 for 5s ^^ H-low: +10 sinX bless ring*IMPORTANT*[bijou or amad] armor: sinX DA[HP margaretha,gloom or klux] right weap: Assassin Cross Oriental Dex Sword[sidewinder,tg 2x,phreeoni] left weap: Loki Cursed Blades[abysmal 4x] or [mao guai 4x]=>for hitting ghost MVP cloak: Fking cloak[Dev,raydric] shoe: Fking shoe[cursed sinX rune 2x]=> benefits for meteor assault spamming scene ^^ acce: Str curse[ifrit 2x]=>benefits for extra atk/hit/crit, curse acce have +10% atk ^^ MVP camping-hint 1. For hitting ghost element MVP, we just need to spam mild wind Lv4 before hits them ❤️❤️❤️ ~ Ps: Mild wind is from sinX DA effect, after all~ 2. As usual, this skill needs to be activates too(before hitting any MVP). Status screen-> 3. and aren't useless lel :P
  3. Why high priest holy light's type as chivalry emblem's farmer? ❤️ Available via these 2 maps=> gl_knt01, gl_knt02 are full of undeads/demon mobs ❤️ gl_knt01 blueprint gl_knt02 blueprint It's really suitable for high priest jobs to farm chivalry emblems there honestly ❤️❤️❤️ skills holy light ->Inflicts 125% Holy property matk via single targets, can aim at other property too. Except HOLY types, also opposite-way de-buffs kyrie eleison. heal ->Restore Hp of single targets, { /noshift } for Vs undeads. Inflicts Holy property damage -50% of the hp restored. sanctuary Hint->For heal/sanctuary to be effective against them, need to type this manually every login-time~[ /noshift or /ns ] stats STR: (260 totally=to loots more chivalry emblems ❤️ ) AGI: (195 aspd) VIT: (100 vit=status immune) INT: (300 max) DEX: (150 insta-cast) LUK: 0 gears H-up: Ltd red riding hood[kiel 2x] H-mid: red butterfly aura[kiel] H-low: High priest bless ring*IMPORTANT*[white lady] Armor: Fking armor[angeling, loli ruri]=holy lv1, auto-heal lv3 self ❤️ Weapon: Eir's book of exorcism/Priest book of legends [kingring 2x, skeggiold 2x]=meta for undead/demon enemies [chepet 2x, sniper cecil 2x]=melee atks auto-heal/hp-steal meta{for fun type} For Eir's book of exorcism, pls view here for details->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=eirs-book-of-exorcism4 Shield: Orlean's server[maya]=50% single matk+5% all matk reflex :3 / Fking shield[enchanted peach tree]=auto-heal lv10 self ❤️ Hint: Via Orlean's server, drops from aliza at kh_dun01 maps ❤️ Cloak: Fking cloak[deviling 2x]=60% neutral redux, but cons of 80% of other elements increase :4 Shoe: Fking shoe[Cat o' nine tails 2x]=with maya shield combo, gets 60% single matk reflex ;3 Acce: urd earring[cookie 2x]=extra 20% via holy light skills ^^ ❤️ Via urd earring, pls view here for details->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=urd-earring-1 EXTRA infos chivalry emblem[ID->1004] mobs dropped raydric->demi-human,shadow2 khalitzburg->undead,undead1 abysmal knight->demi-human,shadow4(just kill its slaves=khalitzburg) >>>三步剣獣===
  4. Another upgrade version of my previous Grenade launcher MVP guides ❤️ Theme: Fire MVP ranged crit-killers{eddga/golden thief bug/ifrit/moonlight/boitata/lord knight Seyren/boss Egnigem cenia} Extras-> Most fire MVPs are formless races(would add more formless card build instead :8) Thanks to Fro for releases einmyria's aishes thee ❤️ Effects below~^^ ❤️ Credits to luvly @Yatogami ❤️ ======================================================== Agi + 30, Dex + 40, Max HP + 30%, SP + 100, Reduces all skill’s after cast delay by 10%, increase Ground Drift damage by 160%, Allows use of Level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit, Increase damage with Triple Action by 300%, 50% Chance of auto casting Level 1 Triple Action on enemy when attacking. ======================================================== stats STR: (5 str=1 atk) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: (100 vit=status immune) INT: (can get some for frost nova matk)=almost like LoV stun pixel-movement lock scene_5*5 aoe effects DEX: *300 max* LUK: *190 exactly* Or *230 exactly*(10 luk=1 atk) Ps->If goes 300-max-Dex-values[choose the 190 exact option ❤️ ] gears headgear up: Ltd amber emperor headband[amad 2x] headgear mid: umber tempest aurora[vanberk] or [knocker]=formless +5% dmg-up headgear low: gunslinger bless ring*IMPORTANT*[amad] armor: Fking armor[ktullanux 2x]=100% fire elements killer totally weapon: einmyria's ashes or Legendary gunslinger Grenade Launcher [tg 2x, peco peco egg 2x] [phreeoni, steam goblin 2x, abyss] [abyss 2x, peco peco egg, steam goblin]=meta MVP crit combo ❤️ [abyss 2x, sidewinder 2x]=meta MVP auto-double atk combo ❤️ [steam goblin 4x]=pure crit formless build [tg, bombring 3x]=if wears only 1x ktullanux via armor. Would get 80% increases dmg against Fire enemies XD shield: friggs shield[gtb] garment: Fking cloak[firering 2x]=66% fire redux :P or [lune 2x]=water attacks +10% totally ❤️ footgear: Fking shoe[eddga, ice titan] accessories: Dex curse(have atk/matk+ 10%)[owl baron 2x]=lex aeterna supports ❤️ Auto-cast skill uses triple action lex aeterna Bullet uses Freezing sphere 1x Buy at-> @warp for_dia 174 116 Extra bullet emergencies Poison sphere 1x (just incase, if MVP LK seyren/Gec changes element)->[MVP that changes element during 5m hpmax(while get melee/crit/range normal attacks)below are vulnerable to poison spheres{deep-poison-effect} ]
  5. When there's darkness [闇], holy would follows along[聖] ❤️❤️❤️ ;3 This guide is about turn undead Hpriest against all undead races build^^ (useful in certain raid maps thee) We call this as crit priest build at old-times via iRo ;3 Plus this build won't have gtb shield content(OP straight turn undead killer) ;3 ❤️ turn undead ->This skill only works on Undead property monsters, has a [(20*SkillLV) + LUK + INT + BaseLV + (1 - TargetHP/TargetMaxHP)*200]/1000 % (with a max 70%) chance to do holy damage equal to current HP on an Undead property monster. On failure, an Undead property monster will take Holy property damage equal to [BaseLV + INT + 10*SkillLV]. Follow-up skills sanctuary lex aeterna(2x for turn undead skill) resurrection(back-up via turn undead skill) holy light priest spirit(adds holy light dmg, but it will eat spmax like asura :P, get from soul linker jobs) gloria(luk +30 overdrive) kyrie eleison(blocks incoming melee atk) pneuma(blocks incoming ranged atk) stat STR: *rest goes here* AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *330k hpmax(recommended hpmax)* INT: *280 max* DEX: *150 insta-cast* LUK: *total of 250*=>to achieve 99.5% turn undead insta-dead scene :6 equip H-up: LTD teddy ear muff[kiel 2x] H-mid: pussycat bell [kiel] H-low: high priest bless ring*IMPORTANT*[high wizard katherine] or [white lady=op heal dmger against undeads] armor: +10 high priest DA[rata, angeling] [rata, Taogk] [rata, high priest margaretha] weapon: eir's book of exorcism [stormy 2x, goblin archer, laurell weinder]->undead freeze hitter build [bloody knight, mutant dragonoid, goblin archer, red ferus]->undead fire aoe hitter build [chepet 2x, tg, maero of thanatos, LoD]->redux auto-heal hitter undead build [nosverus 4x]->raids map build shield: friggs shield[teddy bear=undead redux] garment: Fking cloak[orc zombie 2x] [orc zombie, salamander=meteor storm +40%] footgear: Fking shoe[eddga, fbh] [dragoon wizard 2x=auto kyrie lv10] acce: luk curse(have atk/matk+10%) [int rune, luk rune] or [luk rune 2x] EXTRA Pls Type "/no shift " or "/ns " for the heal/auto-heal to target undead monsters ~~❤️❤️❤️~ Turn undead increases by Max Lv/int+luk stats(every 10 luk ups 1% success rate of "instant death" ) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Priest of Divine Int +35, Max HP +15%, Max SP +10%, Matk +20%, After cast delay -5%, Walking speed +15% Reduce Vit def by 10%, Increase healing skills by 20%, Increase Holy Light 15% Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Those who needs 2x awesomeness of dual atk type sinX. CAN try this lel(it's twice of damage as worth :P) [~MVP builds ftw~] Right-Hand Mastery (Skill ID# 132, iRO Name: Righthand Mastery)-> Damage on the right-hand weapon while equipping two weapons is (50+10*SkillLV)%. DOES NOT WORK FOR KATARS AS THESE COUNT AS 2-HANDED WEAPONS. Left-Hand Mastery (Skill ID# 133, iRO Name: Lefthand Mastery)-> Damage on the left-hand weapon while equipping two weapons is (30+10*SkillLV)%. DOES NOT WORK FOR KATARS AS THESE COUNT AS 2-HANDED WEAPONS IMPORTANT-DAILY-DOSAGE :3 Enchant Poison (Skill ID# 138)-> Gives equipped weapons the Poison property. Changing or removing either weapon cancels the effect for every weapon affected. Every hit while the Enchant Poison effect is running has a (2.5+0.5*SkillLV)% chance of causing the Poison effect to the target. Poison React (Skill ID# 139)-> Attempts to counter 1~6 attacks that damage you (using level 5 Envenom) OR 1 attack from a poison property monster (using boosted damage) while the skill is active. The success rate is 100% for Boosted Counter and 50% for Envenom Counter. + = FIRST BLOOD~ Stats STR: 260+40/270+30/280+20/250+50(maxed can be 295[left stat], more than that would be low at Hit) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *290k hp if possible* INT: *left-overs only* DEX: *535-545 Hit via status window* LUK: 0 Gears HG upper: +10 ltd hg, Nightspell hat[Bijou, seyren windsor] HG mid: any +25,+30,+33 auras[Bijou]/[Lord knight seyren] HG low: +10 sinX bless ring*IMPORTANT*[Bijou] Armor: sinX DA, fking armor[gloom 2x]/[ktux 2x]/[Taogk, Fr] Weapon{R}: Assassin cross oriental Dex sword, Legendary sinX dexterity sword[Tg 2x, abyss, inca]/[abyss, atroce 2x, inca]/[inca, Vr 2x, side winder -dispell+Double atk combo-] Weapon{L}: Hel's unholy dagger, Legendary hel's dagger[side winder, phreeoni 2x, Tg]/[phreeoni 2x, Tg 2x]/[phreeoni, side winder, atroce 2x] Ps for side winder-> 1 weapon limited to 1 card only, if not. It's null XD~ Ps for life steal card combo-> [sniper cecil 3x, side winder]/[sniper cecil 2x, hunterfly 2x]=left weapon most preferrable ^^ Garment: Fking cloak[Dev, raydric -basic neutral reduction combo-] Shoe: Fking shoe[Fbh, Gec]/[dragoon wizard, amonra]/[eddga, firelock soldier -unlimited endure+hpmax recovers back methode-] Accessories: mix A gauntlet, mix A belt, brynhild, mix A curse(have extra +10 atk)[ifrit 2x]/[str rune 2x]/[owl baron 2x -auto lex-] Notes 1. Always uses converters/mild wind for better results ^^~ 2. Wanna have unique double atk stylish aoe 9 cell~? (just insert side winder, bapho, Tg 2x or Vr 2x) 3. = Just get an alt LK to buff ur sinX(lower def but gains more atk :3) 4. Just be alert of %Reflect% MVPs ~><~ (double atk reflex-back :3) ‎ "V" - "The Visionary" Poison Bottle creation 1. This skill needed 2. Since we can't input luk stat for double atk build sinX, Dex stat need at least 200 in total for 100% success~! 3. ~Farming materials below~ Berserk Potion x 1 [from npc vendors] Empty Bottle x 1 [ID->713] Venom Canine x 1 [ID->937] Bee Sting x 1 [ID->939] Cactus Needle x 1 [ID->952] Karvodailnirol x 1 [ID->972] Poison Spore x 1 [ID->7033]
  7. Wanna try unique/new style of MVP campers-build? Then this is the correct choice for-ya ~~❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ~~ Hint: This type of GS aka gunslinger unique build only available for super-advanced users tbh, and hyper pricey gears to explore thee~ PLUS a greatly macro recording type of pc accessories for best viewing results :3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gunslinger Blessed Ring Walking speed +15% Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Reduce VIT Def by 10% Increase Long Range Attacks by 10% Aspd +5, DEX +35, HP +15%, SP +20%, Hit +100 Enable use of Level 1 Charge Attack Reduces all skill’s after-cast delay by 5% -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stat Str: *80->120 exact* Agi: *195 aspd* Vit: *280k hpmax ideal* Int: 90 max(GS jobs has the lowest spmax of all jobs after all ><) Dex: 300 max Luk: 0 Gear H-up: Bouquet hat[kiel 2x] H-mid: Flower aurora[kiel] H-low: gunslinger bless ring*IMPORTANT*[bijou] Armor: +10 gunslinger DA[eleanor,rsx0806] or [eleanor,orc lord] or [eleanor,puppetring] **STAND-BY an extra armor[Taogk 2x] or [fraider 2x]=for +10 armor type(just incase-emergency)** Weapon: Einmyria's Ashes/Legendary gunslinger Grenades launcher[thana,sniper cecil 3x] or [tg 2x,sniper cecil 2x] or [Vr 2x,abysmal 2x] Shield: friggs king shield[gtb] Garment: fking cloak[sinX eremes,hollowring] or [hollowring 2x] or [lune 2x→water/wind/fire atk +10%] Shoe: fking shoe[dragoon wizard,lady tanee] or [fox,lady tanee] Acce: Dex gauntlets/Dex belts/freys/Dex curse[ifrit,vit rune] or [dex rune 2x] or [dex rune,vit rune] Stylish usage Ground drift increasing accuracy triple action flip the coin cloaking(from sinX eremes card) charge attack(from GS bless ring buff effect) GROUND DRIFT EXTRA INFO 1- Cards will affect the damage of the grenades. 2- Card effects like Thanatos work with Ground Drift. 3- Damage is calculated when somebody steps on a mine, this means that when you tag your weapon, card effects like Hydra/goldenring and Thanatos will work even if it wasn't the weapon you originally planted the grenade with. 4- Since Ground Drift is a ground attack, Magnetic Earth will negate both activation and damage of grenades. 5- If Ground Drift is casted on a hidden target, the grenade will explode(it assumes that a player or monster is occupying the cell)but no damage will be given to the hidden target. 6- Pneuma also blocks damage given by grenades and triggers the explosion. 7- You can have a maximum of 25 grenades on screen. AND can be plant under monsters/players!!! 8- When you die your grenades will not be removed from the screen but will still trigger when somebody walks over them; no damage will be dealt as well. 9- Every spheres planted within, are considers 6x6 aoe radius burst-Hits-scene, chotto matte-yaro :4 :4(immune to traps/mines breakable skills too) Coordinates for spheres purchase aka grenade launcher's bullet types-> @warp for_dia 174 116 Blind sphere(dark element) Poison sphere(poison element) -> can poisons any MVP by 25% chances/players by 15% chances ❤️❤️ Lightning sphere(wind element) Freezing sphere(water element) Flare sphere(fire element) -> can deals to ghost type MVP greatly(special case for gunslinger jobs against MVP :3) {Notes}-> Just buy 1 of each is enough(works just like 1 arrow/bullet=unlimited-hits via this Fro server) >}-ゾンビ-{>
  8. Lightning bolts aka wind matk always the best{over-powered} to deal with any element of MVP(especially Holy/water type's MVP or weakness thru fire/Dark type's MVP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Professor of Divine Int +35, Vit +20, Max HP +15%, Max SP +10%, Matk +35%, Walking speed +15%, Reduce Vit def by 10%, Increase damage of Heaven's Drive by 30% Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stave crasher type wind professor basic guides: This basic guide would be about wind matk type Professor against all MVPs ^^ Stats Str: *upto ur style*(ideal->total of 130, so can carries lots of water-converters) Agi: *195 aspd* Vit: 280k hpmax(ideal hpmax for prof's job) Int: 300 max Dex: *150 insta-cast* Luk: 0 or left-overs Equips H-upper: Ltd orange Lightning helm[kiel 2x] H-middle: Jade butterfly aurora*ideal for matk jobs*[kiel] H-lower: Professor bless ring*IMPORTANT*[vesper] Armor: +10 prof DA[rata,Taogk] or [rata,high priest] or [rata,Fraider] Weapon: Professor Highness Staff(most favors) [necromancer 4x] or [hill wind 4x] Shield: Valkyrja's shield/Strong shield[gtb] Garment: Fking cloak[salamander 2x] Shoe: Fking shoe[dark lord,moring] or [moring,dragoon wizard] Accessories: Vit gauntlets/Vit belts/asgards/Vit curse[cursed professor rune 2x] Common skills usage Elemental change(water) Violent gale Lightning bolt+thunder storm-> + Mind breaker Double casting Notes-> elemental change(water) skill requires 1x frost converter[each spam=100% success element converts scene] { ~~~>闪电砕蜂<~~~} You know the power of my zanpakuto, Suzumebachi. If someone gets hit twice in the same spot... They die-!
  9. This guide is about MVP bolting professor(blessed ring type) So, thr's not gonna be any pvp/woe tips here lel ❤️❤️❤️ Double Casting (Skill ID# 482, iRO Name: Double Bolt->During the skill's duration, all Bolt-type spells (including Auto-Spells) have a chance of being casted a second time instantly.Skill's cast time is not affected by dex Fire Bolt (Skill ID# 19)->Hits the targeted enemy with 1 Fire Element Bolt per SkillLV for 1*MATK each. Lightning Bolt (Skill ID# 20, iRO Name: Lightening Bolt)->Hits the targeted enemy with 1 Wind Element Bolt per SkillLV for 1*MATK each. Cold Bolt (Skill ID# 14)-> Hits the targeted enemy with 1 Water property Bolt per SkillLV for 1*MATK damage each. Heaven's Drive (Skill ID# 91)->Hits every enemy in a 5x5 cell area around the target cell with 1 Spike per SkillLV for 1*MATK damage each. Only cells with a shootable path will be placed Skill can affect hidden targets Mind Breaker (Skill ID# 402)->Attack the mind of the enemy to cause mental breakdown. This decreases enemy's INT MDEF, but it ups their MATK. Success chance is (55+5*SkillLV)%. This is basically Provoke for Magicians. Stat: STR: 40-70 AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *110k hp or above* INT: 230-260 DEX: *150 for instant cast* LUK: 0 [藍染 。惣右介] <五龍転滅#99> Equips: HG upper: Fking helm/Divine Pride*compulsary*/Magical headgear*default*-> [vesper,kiel] HG middle: any auras/Elemental book aurora*more matk*/Hurricane auroras*more hp*-> [kiel] HG lower: Professor Bless ring*compulsary*-> [kiel] or [orc hero] or [evil snake lord] or [dark illusion] Armor: Fking armor/prof DA->[FR,FR] or [HP,detardeurus] or [GR,RSX/FR] or [evil druid,puppetring] or [taogunka 2x] or [frus 2x] Weapon: L.prof staff/Professor Highness Staff->[4x necromancer] or [4x hill wind] or [4x pitman] or [2x necromancer,hill wind,pitman] or [bombring 3x,necromancer] Shield: Fking shield/orlean's server/strong shield-> [gtb/maya/alice/despero of thanatos] Garment: Fking garment-> [noxious 2x] or [raydric 2x] or [leafling 2x] or [firering 2x] or [aquaring 2x] or [hode 2x] Shoe: Fking shoe-> [Moring 2x] or [eddga,dark lord] or [amonra,moring] or [moonlight,zombie] or [cat o' 2x] Accessories: INT gaunt 2x/INT belt 2x/urds 2x/brynhild 2x/INT curse 2x/mixA curse-> [muka 2x] or [imp,siroma] or [Cursed Professor Rune 2x] or [errende 2x] or [alligator 2x] Notes: dark lord+dark illusion combo=Maximum hp,sp +20%,reduce cast-time by 10% Extras: 1. Always Double casting-self before spam bolts to MVPs ❤️❤️ 2. This job can move while spam, 1 of the pros :P 3. Volcano/Deluge/Violent gale would buff up fire/cold/lightning bolts further(get another prof to MB u for greater dmg) 4. Land protector, fiber lock is not useless XD 5. Dispell works wonders lol 6. If u think that MVP have high mdef, just MB them(if u hv vesper in ur HG) ❤️
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