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Found 2 results

  1. The best-updates from Cursed wizard rune+Wizard Highness staff towards[stave crasher]wizzy ❤️❤️❤️ ~Best regards from forsaken ro server~ Finally can made a guide abouts hybrid build wizzy stave type :3 :3 :3 This hybrid build of wizzy would be PvP oriented type too :4 :$ ❤️ yi-kuzo............^^ ^^ Weapon link: https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=wizard-highness-staff-4 Rune link: https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=cursed-wizard-rune-0 Stats Str-> *upto ur fav weights*(minimum can carry about 400 ygg seeds or 350 ygg berries) Agi->*195 aspd* Vit-> *at least 400k hpmax* (stats+equips together calculation :$) Int-> *290 till 300 straight* (maximum stave crasher dmgs) notes=stave crasher's physical-range calculates as ''int'' via stat-add-up(left sides) Dex-> *150 just for insta-cast* or {190 till 250 coz stave is "atk-skill mechanism"} Luk-> *the rest goes here* (atk+matk bonus-leftover) Hint: High Dex stat-jobs hardly kiss-floor by stave crasher types wizzy ;[T-T]; Gears H-up: Divine pride / Ltd sakura Mermaid wig [kiel 2x] Extra= can use ship captain hat variants{ranged atk +20%}. But will sacrifices only 1 slot/gear bonuses :3 H-mid: Maroon tempest aurora [kiel] H-low: wizzy Bless ring*IMPORTANT* [amad (or) Bijou] Ps= If still wants to spam more matk's[just get an extra-wizzy bless ring w/ Hwc] Armor: +10 wiz DA[rata, eleanor] / [defaults=Gr, rata or Fraider, rata] notes=stave crasher calculates as ''matk+atk'' via gears(right sides) Weapon: Wizard Highness staff(most fav) [Thanatos, atroce, pandaring 2x (or) Inca, phreeoni, pandaring 2x] Basic defaults via ghost enemies example card-sets[Tg 2x, maoguai 2x (or) Thanatos, Tg, maoguai 2x] Shield: *at most 2x shields* friggs king shield[gtb or horn] horn card=reduce 35% stave dmgs from other wiz/prof jobs Cloak: Fking cloak[sinX eremes, Dev (or) skoll 2x (or) noxious 2x] noxious card=reduce 10% stave dmgs from other wiz/prof jobs Shoe: +10 Fking shoe[Fbh, eira (or) 2x eira (or) Dwiz, eira] Acce: int curse(most fav, have atk/matk +10% for pairs) [C.wiz rune 2x (or) Ifrit+ C.wiz rune] Hint: Try explore Errende cards too Example of usage for stave crasher builds: A- stave dmgs are highly affected by elements(range atk-9pixel scene) B- Let's say the enemy is ghost element, we need cursed water{@ali 12020}(dark element) or fire converters(fire element dmgs) to deal wif them ❤️ End-gears/super-advance levels 1->Books of Agi,Vit or Hp,Int,Dex,Luk(NEED all-of-them ^^) Link: https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product_cat=enchantments 2->volund atk+6% ,volund hp+10% 3->Try buy from player-ingame (or) farms candy of Intelligent/Dexterity Conclusion: stave crasher is using int(From stat), atk+matk/crit/range atk bonus(From gears/cards). To get overall max dmgs{~•®•~} VOLUNDs Rata/Eleanor/Eira farm-maps
  2. This basic guide is about potion spammer creator aka. 2nd high priest supporter type[Guardian ring creator] So, I won't mention about acid demo/acid terror/bolter type creator's here :3 :3 Slim Potion Pitcher (Skill ID# 478, iRO Name: Aid Condensed Potion)->Uses a condensed potion. This skill heals all party and guild members in a 7x7 area around the target cell with a thrown condensed potion. Depending on the maximum skill level you possess the effectiveness of the used potion is increased. The thrown potion depends on the currently used skill level Demonstration (Skill ID# 229, iRO Name: Bomb)->Throws a Molotov Cocktail, setting a 3x3 area ablaze. Has a (1*SkillLV)% chance to damage the targets Weapon. Can not be cast directly under an enemy or directly next to yourself. Damage is (100+20*SkillLV)% ATK which is not increased via +% cards, +ATK cards however, do help.Status inflicting cards have no effect. It can't be placed next to other Bombs or stacked on top of another Bomb. Skill ignores caster's % damage cards Spell cannot be stacked Spell cannot be cast near/on targets Potion Pitcher (Skill ID# 231, iRO Name: Aid Potion)-> Allows you to throw a potion at yourself, another party or guild member with increased healing efficiency. Higher skill levels allow the use of more potent potions and the selected level determines the potion type that is used.Learned SkillLV also increases the impact potency by 10% per SkillLV which stacks with existing bonuses like Learning Potion, VIT and INT, Increase Recuperative Power and Increase Spiritual Power (yes, with maxed Increase Recuperative Power the healed amount is doubled).It uses up one Potion of the thrown type. It will not damage Undead when you use a healing potion on them. Bio Cannibalize (Skill ID# 232, iRO Name: Summon Flora)-> Summon various plants to attack monsters or players. The level you have determines the HP of the plant, while the level you use determines the type of plant summoned, the duration, and the amount of Plant Bottles consumed. Sphere Mine (Skill ID# 233, iRO Name: Summon Marine Sphere)-> Summons a Marine Sphere with twice the normal HP. After being hit, it starts a 5 second countdown and moves away from the attacker. When the countdown reaches 0 it explodes and inflicts damage to anyone (party members, enemies and guild members) equal to its remaining HP. You can not summon more than 3 in a 9x9 area. The Spheres Maximum HP is based on your skill level (2000+400*SkillLV HP). When used in WoE, the defense value of the castle the Sphere is in will raise the defense of the Sphere itself. You cannot cast more than 3 instances of this skill before the first one expires. Cannot be used in Towns Stats: STR:1-50(overweight passive) AGI:*195 aspd* VIT:100->160(coz u're support type,higher hp gave u more potion heal+%) INT:220-260 DEX:*150 for instant cast* LUK:the rest goes here Equips: HG upper:Fking helm/Divine Might*default*/Happy Balloon*compulsary*->[2x white lady/kiel] HG mid:any aura/Crazy in Love Aurora/Emp aura->[kiel] HG lower:Creator of the Guardian*compulsary*->[kiel/orc hero/forsaken soldier] Weapon:L.Creator mace/Jormungandr's Rage->[4x bombring] or [4x centipede larva] or [stormy,3x laurell] or [4x valk rangis] Shield:Fking shield/friggs shield/orleans server->[maya] Armor:Creator DA/Fking armor->[2x frus] Garment:Fking garment->[2x zagum] or [2x skoll] Shoe:Fking shoe->[2x cat o'] or [eddga,amonra] Accessories:Sigrun 2x/mixB curse->[marine sphere,smokie] or [2x windghost] or [2x vit rune] or [2x cursed creator rune] Notes:frus+maya+cat o'=100% bolt reflex Extras: Land protector+100% bolt reflex are ur best defensive combo against prof/wiz/matk creator^^
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