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Found 6 results

  1. _This guide would be about (PURE) blitz beat type sniper via MVP scene_ Pros: Can auto-proc blitz beat when auto-attack, clears all MVP{regardless element} really fast =^^= Cons: Blitz beat=forced neutral, so it will misses for ghost element MVP XD #真咲^Masaki^#滅却師 Stats STR: *total of 120* AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: 150k till 200k hpmax would be enuff ^^ INT: 280(max) DEX: *615>625 Hit*[still can hit MVP, even with agi-up active] LUK: *total of 170*[90% auto-proc blitz,while arrow hits] Notes-> blitz beat=INT/DEX+LUK=auto-proc blitz, feel free to adjust onto ur own setup ❤️ Equip HG upper: Magical variant veiil[Kiel] HG mid: Butterfly aurora[Kiel] HG lower: *IMPORTANT*sniper Guardian ring[Kiel] Armor: +10 Sniper DA[rata, agav] Weapon: Hrist's wing Bow[Cursed sniper rune 3x, kingring] Shield: Friggs king shield[gtb] Cloak: Fking cloak[skoll, giant whisper] Shoe: Fking shoe[fbh 2x] Accessories: Sigrun valor/Mix B Cursed[wind ghost 2x] 滅 滅 Notes-> 3x kiels would reduce the auto-proc blitz cool-down totally, hence the jupitel thunder auto-cast from wind ghost card would "stun" the MVP movement pixel :P Extras-> Use this for another extra-hit, while hitting MVPs pls -❤️- Extras 2-> Please use opposite element's arrow towards Mvp for best results: Legendary Holy arrow= more dmg towards Dark Mvp Legendary Shadow arrow= more dmg towards Holy Mvp Legendary Water arrow= more dmg towards Fire Mvp Legendary Fire arrow= more dmg towards Earth Mvp Legendary Earth arrow= more dmg towards Wind Mvp Legendary Wind arrow= more dmg towards Water Mvp Legendary Oridecon arrow= extra dmg towards NEUTRAL Mvp
  2. Basic guide for High wizard napalm vulcan type(Guardian ring) Thanks to this Fro of buffing napalm vulcan for Gring wizzy ❤️ Napalm Vulcan [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 400, iRO Name: Naplam Vulcan)->Strong telekinetic spell. Hits every Enemy in a 3x3 area around the target for SkillLV times. The damage per hit is spread equally among the affected targets like the mage spell Napalm Beat (e.g. if there are 4 targets, each one would be hit for 1/4). It has a chance of (5*SkillLV)% to cause Curse on each target. The damage for one target is 1*MATK per hit. Skill damage is split amount targets Magic Crasher (Skill ID# 365, iRO Name: Stave Crasher)-> You do an attack that calculates damage using your MATK instead of ATK but is decreased using enemy's DEF, not MDEF. This skills overall damage is affected by cards you have in your weapon, weapon element, size and element of the target and it might miss depending on your DEX. Stats: STR: 40-60 AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *the rest goes here* OR 100 vit for status immune INT: 260-295*divisible by 10, coz hv bonus* DEX: *150 for instant cast* / *170-220 for stave input* LUK: 0(if u want some PD, can add some) Equips: HG upper:Fking helm/wild cat ears*stave type*/kafra headband*default*/Divine Pride*compulsary*-> [banshee,kiel] HG middle: any auras/Aurora of Love*most prefer*/Butterfly Aurora*most prefer*-> [kiel] or [banshee] or [vesper] or [high wizard] HG lower: High wizard Guardian ring*compulsary*-> [kiel] or [vesper] or [dark illusion] Armor: Hw DA/Fking armor-> [FR 2x] or [GR or argiope,FR] or [HP,RSX] or [mistress of shelter 2x] or [RSX,puppetring] Weapon: L.high wizard staff/Wizard highness staff->[death word 4x] or [kingring 2x,death word] or [pandaring 4x] or [pandaring 3x,thana] or [phreeoni,TG,pandaring 2x] or [atroce 2x, pandaring 2x] Shield: Fking shield/friggs shield/valkryie shield-> [gtb/usakoring/despero of thanatos/flame skull/medusa] Garment: Fking garment-> [skoll 2x] or [raydric 2x] or [noxious 2x] or [choco 2x] or [lolitail 2x -anti own ghost spell-] or [whisper 2x ~napalm's max dmg~] Shoe: Fking shoe->[fox 2x] or [moonlight,darklord] or [FBH,sohee] or [merman,eddga] or [amonra,dWizard] or [zombie,sohee] Accessories: mixB gaunt 2x/mixB belt 2x/INT gaunt 2x/INT belt 2x/urds 2x/sigrun 2x/mixB curse 2x/INT curse-> [cursed wizard rune 2x] or [muka 2x] or [errende 2x] or [int rune 2x] Notes: 1. Always get professors to MB u all the time :3 2. Soul strike is not useless(also a ghost spell) 3. Can mix w/ jupitel thunder+stave crasher(as always 3x kiel) 4. Ghost MVPs were our main dish. Such as berzebub, gloom under night, forsaken raider, evil snake lord, high wizard katherine XD 5. Any forms of physical atk buff would stack stave crasher skill(since its a ranged converted physical atk), such as aloe vera, provoke skill from LK/pally. 6. If u feel wasted to add more DEX for stave type wizzy. Just input 1 phreeoni within 2nd weapon back-up :3
  3. For basics of INT type sbK can goes here~ [斬月] This basic guide would be about sbK MVP sinX against all MVP types(even the toughest element:GHOST/neutral is like a "butter" for this kind of build ❤️❤️ ) WHY int type sbK sinX? Coz it won't <miss>, plus having more sp is good for spamming within this build ~~^^~~ Stats STR: 130->160(secondary damage calculation for int type sbK) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *100 totally for status immune* INT: 300(main damage calculation for int type sbK) DEX: 150 totally(instant cast scene) LUK: 0 天鎖斬月=>=>TENSA ZANGETSU+>+> Equips Head upper: [+10]2 slots Ltd HG(amad/bijou,kiel) Head mid: +25/+30/+33 auras(kiel) Head low: sinX Guardian ring*IMPORTANT*(kiel) Armor: [+10]sinX DA(eleanor,forsaken raider) Weapon: Loki cursed blades/Legendary sinX blades(atroce 4x) Shield: Friggs king shield(gtb) Garment: Fking cloak(giant whisper 2x) Shoe: Fking shoe(cursed sinX rune 2x*IMPORTANT*) Accessories: INT gauntlet/INT belt/urds earring/INT curse(ifrit 2x) or (int rune 2x) NOTES>Compared to melee crit MVP sinX type, this build is far more secure. Coz of ranged dealer[can wear shield too] sinX type :P. Also please press the hot-key of sbK-skill softly too XD
  4. For basic guardian ring sniper guide can goes here ^^ This fancy basic INT sniper guide would be rely on falcon with some helps of matk input XD~~ Specially for pve/mvp scene best animation XD Stats STR: 140 totally(example of 110+30) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: up to ur own, coz is just mvp type build ^^(100 vit totally for status immune) INT: 300 totally(for max blitz/max matk output) DEX: *595 hit on status window* LUK: 150 is safest to bet, but more than 190 is worst lel :P Equip head upper: any LTD headgear[vesper 2x] head mid: butterfly aurora(preferred) [vesper] (reason: have physical dmg %+ matk dmg%) head low: SNIPER GUARDIAN RING[high wizard kathryne] armor: +10 F.king armor[rata,mistress of shelter OR evil druid,rata] weapon: hrists wing bow[cursed sniper rune 2x,hill wind 2x] shield: Friggs king shield[gtb] cloak: F.king cloak[salamander 2x] shoe: F.king shoe[fbh,dark lord] accessory: urds earring, int curse[wind ghost 2x] <キャンディス・キャットニップ> EXTRAs: Find any MVP(except ghost type, coz blitz{neutral} would always miss on them lel), "then click them" for the matk showcase to happen XD. For arrows, just default L.oridecon arrow if needed ❤️❤️❤️ NOTEs: This build of INT sniper would be slower a bit then kiels type auto-blitz, but their matk autocast would made it look faster anyway ^^ 《》<雷公主>《》
  5. THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE!!!!!!!! :p (joking). Well, this basic guide is about stave prof towards berzebub MVP ❤️ Why stave type prof~?, coz the dps skill damage+walking-cast passive within prof are the best effort atw ^^ Free Cast (Skill ID# 278)->Allows movement and attack while casting spells.this skill gives no attack speed penalty Lightning Bolt (Skill ID# 20, iRO Name: Lightening Bolt)->Hits the targeted enemy with 1 Wind Element Bolt per SkillLV for 1*MATK each. Magic Crasher (Skill ID# 365, iRO Name: Stave Crasher)->You do an attack that calculates damage using your MATK instead of ATK but is decreased using enemy's DEF, not MDEF.This skills overall damage is affected by cards you have in your weapon, weapon element, size and element of the target and it might miss depending on your DEX. Reject Sword (Skill ID# 390, iRO Name: Counter Instinct)->When in PVP mode it has a chance to reduce all sword and dagger damage by half and returns the other half to the attacker for 3 hits. Works on monsters regardless of their weapon. Violent Gale (Skill ID# 287, iRO Name: Whirlwind)-> All Wind elemental attacks get amplified and the Flee Rate of Wind elemental players (i.e. Dokebi carded armor wearers) is increased. Also, Fire Wall lasts 150% longer in a Violent Gale.You can't cast Ice Wall on a Violent Gale. You can only have one area enchantment out. This skill (like the others) cannot be cast over one another or double cast on top of itself. Requires 1 Yellow Gemstone to use. Stats: STR: 60-90 AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *260k hpmax if possible* INT: 300 totally*example of 280+20, coz more int=>more stave dmg dealed* DEX: 150*instant-cast* LUK: 0 Equips: HG upper: Ltd HG, Minstrel song hat(most favorable), ship captain variant(the physical dmg +20% counts in stave too)[kiel, bijou] HG middle: Skull prince aurora, butterfly aurora(most favorable*refer ship captain variant buff*)[kiel] HG lower: Professor Guardian ring(IMPORTANT)[kiel] Armor: prof DA, Fking armor[Gr, Orc L]/[Taogk, Fr]/[HP, puppetring] Weapon: Voluspa staff of Prophecy(most favorable), Legendary prof staff[Inca,Tg, Pandaring 2x]/[Vr*physical dmg+10% within buffes stave too*, LOD, Tg 2x] Shield: Friggs king shield, valk shield[Gtb] Garment: Fking cloak[Dev 2x]/[noxious, Dev] Shoe: Fking shoe[Moring 2x* have lightning bolt as back-up dmg*]/[Moring, dragoon wizard or Amonra] Accessories: INT gauntlet, INT belt, urds, INT curse*+10% atk adds stave too*[Ifrit 2x]/[cursed professor rune 2x]/[int rune 2x] Ps: Abit similar thru sbK type sinX calculation=Atk/Physical atk via gears+cards increases stave crasher dmgs XD Notes: - Memorize-> Use this to stack maxed 5 spells as ur secondary<lightning bolt>(safes 1/2 sp) - Spider web-> Can lock MVP's(they won't auto-tele, coz is just 8s locked, plus fire stave deals more dmg on them) [1 Cobweb required ] - Really useful to debuff-agi of Mvp lel~ - Elemental change[fire/earth/water/wind]->Uses up 1x converter. Example: use water converter on berzebub(will chg them to water element within timer-out, then can use lightning bolt/wind stave to spam after that :3 - + + + are very op for stave element changes ❤️ (just use an alt prof to cast-self) {Converters item farm material+locations} Scroll Merchant Location: Inside Yuno Coordinate: yuno_in03 (176, 22) Shop Items Prices Blank Scroll 4,000z Flame(fire)Elemental Converter Scorpion Tail x 3 + Blank Scroll x 1 Skill: Create Elemental Converter Level 1 Frost(water)Elemental Converter Snail's Shell x 3 + Blank Scroll x 1 Skill: Create Elemental Converter Level 1 Seismic(earth)Elemental Converter Horn x 3 + Blank Scroll x 1 Skill: Create Elemental Converter Level 1 Lightning(wind)Elemental Converter Rainbow Shell x 3 + Blank Scroll x 1 Skill: Create Elemental Converter Level 1 in "THE LAST 9DAYS" It's a pity you don't have your Bankai right now, really. I would've liked to show you how I can annihilate your Bankai's ice with a single finger~! }Bazz-b--->HeiligBogen{
  6. This basic guide is about potion spammer creator aka. 2nd high priest supporter type[Guardian ring creator] So, I won't mention about acid demo/acid terror/bolter type creator's here :3 :3 Slim Potion Pitcher (Skill ID# 478, iRO Name: Aid Condensed Potion)->Uses a condensed potion. This skill heals all party and guild members in a 7x7 area around the target cell with a thrown condensed potion. Depending on the maximum skill level you possess the effectiveness of the used potion is increased. The thrown potion depends on the currently used skill level Demonstration (Skill ID# 229, iRO Name: Bomb)->Throws a Molotov Cocktail, setting a 3x3 area ablaze. Has a (1*SkillLV)% chance to damage the targets Weapon. Can not be cast directly under an enemy or directly next to yourself. Damage is (100+20*SkillLV)% ATK which is not increased via +% cards, +ATK cards however, do help.Status inflicting cards have no effect. It can't be placed next to other Bombs or stacked on top of another Bomb. Skill ignores caster's % damage cards Spell cannot be stacked Spell cannot be cast near/on targets Potion Pitcher (Skill ID# 231, iRO Name: Aid Potion)-> Allows you to throw a potion at yourself, another party or guild member with increased healing efficiency. Higher skill levels allow the use of more potent potions and the selected level determines the potion type that is used.Learned SkillLV also increases the impact potency by 10% per SkillLV which stacks with existing bonuses like Learning Potion, VIT and INT, Increase Recuperative Power and Increase Spiritual Power (yes, with maxed Increase Recuperative Power the healed amount is doubled).It uses up one Potion of the thrown type. It will not damage Undead when you use a healing potion on them. Bio Cannibalize (Skill ID# 232, iRO Name: Summon Flora)-> Summon various plants to attack monsters or players. The level you have determines the HP of the plant, while the level you use determines the type of plant summoned, the duration, and the amount of Plant Bottles consumed. Sphere Mine (Skill ID# 233, iRO Name: Summon Marine Sphere)-> Summons a Marine Sphere with twice the normal HP. After being hit, it starts a 5 second countdown and moves away from the attacker. When the countdown reaches 0 it explodes and inflicts damage to anyone (party members, enemies and guild members) equal to its remaining HP.You can not summon more than 3 in a 9x9 area. The Spheres Maximum HP is based on your skill level (2000+400*SkillLV HP). When used in WoE, the defense value of the castle the Sphere is in will raise the defense of the Sphere itself. You cannot cast more than 3 instances of this skill before the first one expires. Cannot be used in Towns Stats: STR:1-50(overweight passive) AGI:*195 aspd* VIT:100->160(coz u're support type,higher hp gave u more potion heal+%) INT:220-260 DEX:*150 for instant cast* LUK:the rest goes here Equips: HG upper:Fking helm/Divine Might*default*/Happy Balloon*compulsary*->[2x white lady/kiel] HG mid:any aura/Crazy in Love Aurora/Emp aura->[kiel] HG lower:Creator of the Guardian*compulsary*->[kiel/orc hero/forsaken soldier] Weapon:L.Creator mace/Jormungandr's Rage->[4x bombring] or [4x centipede larva] or [stormy,3x laurell] or [4x valk rangis] Shield:Fking shield/friggs shield/orleans server->[maya] Armor:Creator DA/Fking armor->[2x frus] Garment:Fking garment->[2x zagum] or [2x skoll] Shoe:Fking shoe->[2x cat o'] or [eddga,amonra] Accessories:Sigrun 2x/mixB curse->[marine sphere,smokie] or [2x windghost] or [2x vit rune] or [2x cursed creator rune] Notes:frus+maya+cat o'=100% bolt reflex Extras: Land protector+100% bolt reflex are ur best defensive combo against prof/wiz/matk creator^^
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