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Found 5 results

  1. This fun-MVP-builds is about utilizing double strafe+blitz beat together ;3 Skills Double strafe Blitz beat True sight Attention concentrate extra items aloevera Caution-> Recommend for advance users/veterans{that already explores all Sniper's curse/bless/guardian build} Benefit of this build-> double strafe is single target, blitz beat is small aoe 3x3 pixel target splitter[both are ranged ^^] Stats STR: *90 max* AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: [the rest goes here] INT: *260 max*[blitz beat major counts] DEX: "HIGHEST u can get"[double strafe main counts, and blitz beat minor counts] LUK: 0(auto-atk blitz type doesn't need here, since we gonna click hard w/ skills ;3) Gears HG upper: +10 Ltd HG[bijou, kiel] HG mid: zodiac aurora or Ltd zodiac aurora[kiel] HG lower: Sniper bless ring*IMPORTANT*[kiel] Armor: +10 Sniper DA[eleanor, garm] or [eleanor, forsaken raider] Weapon: Sniper soaring bird [thanatos, abyss, cursed sniper rune 2x]->OP type for both DS+blitz beat [abyss 2x, cursed sniper rune 2x]->MVP all rounder :P [thanatos, cursed sniper rune 3x]->pretty balanced, but don't expect highest dmg for both of it ;3 ;3 斬月)))白一護 Shield: friggs shield[gtb] Garment: Fking cloak[pouring 2x] Shoe: Fking shoe[sohee, lady tanee]->more sp, the better to spam both skills :P Accessories: Dex curse(coz have +10% atk within)[ifrit 2x] How to use 1. Just drag these 2(double strafe/blitz beat) onto ur hot key. 2. Enjoy hard-click btwn these 2 skills, when facing MVP's . 3. Can spam at ghost type MVPs too(since we have legendary imma arrow) 4. REMEMBER-> blitz beat is forced neutral all-the-way(misses on ghost MVPs) 5. As always, correct Legendary arrows vs opposite elements. Gets the best results ^^
  2. This guide is full basics auto-blitz style of sniper via MVPing For others full custom blitz-sniper guide would be here: Stats STR: 90 AGI : *195 aspd* VIT: *100 vit straight* INT: 265>285 DEX: *satisfying (Hit) would be around 606 before buffed* LUK: 130>160 Equips HG 1: Ltd Purple emperor[kiel/amadrias,bijou] HG 2: Purple Nebula aurora[kiel/amadrias/bijou] HG 3: Sniper Guardian ring[kiel/vanberk/Lord knight seyren] Armor: +10 sniper DA[eleanor,tao gk] Weapon: Hrist's wing bow[cursed sniper rune 2x,the paper,phreeoni] Emp-ranged breaker combo>>[thanatos,tg,the paper,cursed sniper rune] Common MVP combo>>[cursed sniper rune,abyss,tg 2x] or [cursed sniper rune 2x,tg,sidewinder] Diva combo>>[cursed sniper rune,Vr,metaling,maero/dragoon warlord]*stacks w/ whikebain via acce* Straight hitter combo>>[cursed sniper rune 2x,thana,the paper] DEX/Hit saver combo>>[cursed sniper rune 2x,phreeoni 2x]*if insists sigrun valor as op-er builds* 石田 雨竜/URYU->=>=>=> Shield: Fking shield[gtb] Cloak: +10 Fking garment[dev,green maiden] Shoe: +10 Fking shoe[fox,eira] Acce: Dex cursed[ifrit,choco] Too simplify? BUT it packs with IMBA damages to MVP's EXTRAS: always use this auto-attack command-> "/noctrl" => m16 amplifies falconer :3 ))BLitZ BEaT>> ))ブリッツビート)) Enjoy camping thru your hearts content, next ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. _This guide would be about (PURE) blitz beat type sniper via MVP scene_ Pros: Can auto-proc blitz beat when auto-attack, clears all MVP{regardless element} really fast =^^= Cons: Blitz beat=forced neutral, so it will misses for ghost element MVP XD #真咲^Masaki^#滅却師 Stats STR: *total of 120* AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: 150k till 200k hpmax would be enuff ^^ INT: (300 max) DEX: *615>625 Hit*[still can hit MVP, even with agi-up active] LUK: *total of 170*[98% auto-proc blitz,while arrow hits] Notes-> blitz beat=INT/DEX+LUK=auto-proc blitz, feel free to adjust onto ur own setup ❤️ Equip HG upper: Magical variant veiil[Kiel] HG mid: Butterfly aurora[Kiel] HG lower: *IMPORTANT*sniper Guardian ring[Kiel] Armor: +10 Sniper DA[rata, agav] Weapon: Hrist's wing Bow[Cursed sniper rune 3x, kingring] Shield: Friggs king shield[gtb] Cloak: Fking cloak[skoll, giant whisper] Shoe: Fking shoe[fbh 2x] Accessories: Sigrun valor/Mix B Cursed[wind ghost 2x] 滅 滅 Notes-> 3x kiels would reduce the auto-proc blitz cool-down totally, hence the jupitel thunder auto-cast from wind ghost card would "stun" the MVP movement pixel :P Extras-> Use this for another extra-hit, while hitting MVPs pls -❤️- Extras 2-> Please use opposite element's arrow towards Mvp for best results: Legendary Holy arrow= more dmg towards Dark Mvp Legendary Shadow arrow= more dmg towards Holy Mvp Legendary Water arrow= more dmg towards Fire Mvp Legendary Fire arrow= more dmg towards Earth Mvp Legendary Earth arrow= more dmg towards Wind Mvp Legendary Wind arrow= more dmg towards Water Mvp Legendary Oridecon arrow= extra dmg towards NEUTRAL Mvp
  4. Wanna have a new taste for ur boring pure FAS-focused arrow strike build~? Here u go ❤️❤️❤️ ^^ ~This basic guide would be about MVP builds only~ True sight-> can use this to cancel animation of ur auto-blitz mouse click lel~ Attention concentrate-> can uncloak Mvp's within 3 pixel range^^ FAS-> still ur main skill for spamming, no worries :3 Blitz beat-> secondary M16 mouse click, when u hv enuff luk stat added(pls don't remove our luvly falcon pls~) Stats STR: 70-80 AGI: *195 aspd* (when u eq" full gears, requires lesser agi stat tho) VIT: *about 280k hpmax* INT: 240 max(pls don't add more XD) {got some minor dmg back-up for blitz} DEX: *600->650 Hit via status window* {MVP hitting no-miss scene} LUK: 260 (example: 230+30/210+50/240+20) {critical 101 FAS, autoproc blitz 95% already include here} バンビエッタ` Gears HG upper: Ltd HG, vote HG(2 slot hat for best results)[kiel, amad or bijou] HG middle: Legendary zodiac aura, butterfly aura(coz of atk+5% in it), any +30/+33 aura[kiel] HG lower: Sniper curse ring*IMPORTANT*[kiel] Armor: Fking armor, vote armor[Gr, gloom]/[Gr, klux]/[Gr, OL] Weapon: Sniper soaring bird, Legendary sniper bow[Tg 2x, cursed sniper rune 2x]/[the paper, Vr, abyss, cursed sniper rune] {Notes for cursed sniper rune: adds blitz for advances buff-up~} Shield: Friggs shield[gtb] Garment: Fking cloak[pouring, chung e]/[pouring 2x]/[pouring, noxious] Shoe: Fking shoe[FBH, amonra] Accessories: mixB gauntlet, mixB belt, sigrun, mix B curse(coz of atk+10%)[dex rune 2x]/[ifrit 2x] As usual, u still need legendary arrows for better ranged-dmg ❤️ Usage notes 1. Crit arrow click all-the-way(blitz would cover the extra dmg too)[is fun to c ur arrow red kaboom dmg atw] 2. Can spam FAS mid-way for a cute-couple dmg :3 3. Overall dmg for this semi-hybrid build is in btwn dex sniper<=>int sniper[~cheers~]
  5. as the title says, can anyone help show builds and stats for sniper legendary wing bow?
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