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Found 3 results

  1. This guide is full basics auto-blitz style of sniper via MVPing For others full custom blitz-sniper guide would be here: Stats STR: 90 AGI : *195 aspd* VIT: *100 vit straight* INT: 265>285 DEX: *satisfying (Hit) would be around 606 before buffed* LUK: 130>160 Equips HG 1: Ltd Purple emperor[kiel/amadrias,bijou] HG 2: Purple Nebula aurora[kiel/amadrias/bijou] HG 3: Sniper Guardian ring[kiel/vanberk/Lord knight seyren] Armor: +10 sniper DA[eleanor,tao gk] Weapon: Hrist's wing bow[cursed sniper rune 2x,the paper,phreeoni] Emp-ranged breaker combo>>[thanatos,tg,the paper,cursed sniper rune] Common MVP combo>>[cursed sniper rune,abyss,tg 2x] or [cursed sniper rune 2x,tg,sidewinder] Diva combo>>[cursed sniper rune,Vr,metaling,maero/dragoon warlord]*stacks w/ whikebain via acce* Straight hitter combo>>[cursed sniper rune 2x,thana,the paper] DEX/Hit saver combo>>[cursed sniper rune 2x,phreeoni 2x]*if insists sigrun valor as op-er builds* 石田 雨竜/URYU->=>=>=> Shield: Fking shield[gtb] Cloak: +10 Fking garment[dev,green maiden] Shoe: +10 Fking shoe[fox,eira] Acce: Dex cursed[ifrit,choco] Too simplify? BUT it packs with IMBA damages to MVP's EXTRAS: always use this auto-attack command-> "/noctrl" => m16 amplifies falconer :3 ))BLitZ BEaT>> ))ブリッツビート)) Enjoy camping thru your hearts content, next ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  2. _This guide would be about (PURE) blitz beat type sniper via MVP scene_ Pros: Can auto-proc blitz beat when auto-attack, clears all MVP{regardless element} really fast =^^= Cons: Blitz beat=forced neutral, so it will misses for ghost element MVP XD #真咲^Masaki^#滅却師 Stats STR: *total of 120* AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: 150k till 200k hpmax would be enuff ^^ INT: (300 max) DEX: *615>625 Hit*[still can hit MVP, even with agi-up active] LUK: *total of 170*[98% auto-proc blitz,while arrow hits] Notes-> blitz beat=INT/DEX+LUK=auto-proc blitz, feel free to adjust onto ur own setup ❤️ Equip HG upper: Magical variant veiil[Kiel] HG mid: Butterfly aurora[Kiel] HG lower: *IMPORTANT*sniper Guardian ring[Kiel] Armor: +10 Sniper DA[rata, agav] Weapon: Hrist's wing Bow[Cursed sniper rune 3x, kingring] Shield: Friggs king shield[gtb] Cloak: Fking cloak[skoll, giant whisper] Shoe: Fking shoe[fbh 2x] Accessories: Sigrun valor/Mix B Cursed[wind ghost 2x] 滅 滅 Notes-> 3x kiels would reduce the auto-proc blitz cool-down totally, hence the jupitel thunder auto-cast from wind ghost card would "stun" the MVP movement pixel :P Extras-> Use this for another extra-hit, while hitting MVPs pls -❤️- Extras 2-> Please use opposite element's arrow towards Mvp for best results: Legendary Holy arrow= more dmg towards Dark Mvp Legendary Shadow arrow= more dmg towards Holy Mvp Legendary Water arrow= more dmg towards Fire Mvp Legendary Fire arrow= more dmg towards Earth Mvp Legendary Earth arrow= more dmg towards Wind Mvp Legendary Wind arrow= more dmg towards Water Mvp Legendary Oridecon arrow= extra dmg towards NEUTRAL Mvp
  3. We already knew the *real pleasure kindness* of hunting MVP's of lhz_dun03 ❤️ (veterans+newcomers knew those too lol) Maybe its time to add a special lhz MVP room for it :3 : 1. Assasin cross eremes(single room) 2. High priest margaretha(single room) 3. High wizard kathryne(single room) 4. Lord knight seyren(single room) 5. Master smith howard(single room) 6. Sniper cecil(single room) The fees of summoning those lhz's MVP can be higher than those normal MVP rooms [around 70m-90m zeny per summon]. As usual, those lhz MVP room would get double chance% drop rate/floating rates on weekends. The cool down of re-entering lhz MVP rooms can be longer than normal MVP room(around 30 minutes-1 hour) ❤️ Extras: 1. Ifrit(11h spawn time) and Beelzebub(12h spawn time) should get their own MVP room too. Coz of their longest spawn time rate XD 2. Gloom under night(5h spawn time) and Valkyrie randgris(8h spawn time) also should get its own MVP room too XD Another extras just for lhz MVP rooms: 1. Add a reward ticket drops=*random Fro Legendary weapons ticket*(the % drop rate can be lower than mvp's card drop rate/made it the same as mvp's card drop rate) 2. *Random Fro Legendary weapons ticket* descrip would be like this ❤️: a. when double click it, an option of job choosing class would appears(Lord knight/Paladin/High wizard/Professor/Sniper/Clown/Gypsy/Biochemist/Whitesmith/Assassin cross/Stalker/High priest/Champion/Gunslinger/Ninja/Soul linker/Star gladiator/Super novice) b. Lets say, you clicked option of gunslinger class. It will pop-up 4 L.weapons selection for ya :3(revolver/shotgun/rifle/grenade launcher) c. You can choose 1 of those from 4 selection L.weapons of gunslinger only btw. 3. This ticket can be deal along players :3 Hope players+GMs developer team likes these suggestion ❤️ Please reply ur thoughts in this thread too :3 ❤️ Arigato ❤️
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