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Found 25 results

  1. Guides for Thanatos Room : Some of newbies recently asked how to enter Thanatos Room, maybe they just want to try it out. Well if that so, I'll share some of tips for doing this. But pardon me if my english not that good, but I tried my best ^^ Our server has Thanatos Room that gonna open every 2 hours. You will see the notification "in 10 minutes open" When the notification are about in 1 minutes prepare you timer. Set it at 60sec or 59 sec (or if you gonna wait until 30 seconds set your timer at 30 or 29 sec, run your timer as soon as the notification pop out) Find your rythm and make sure your connection good hehe.. Where to go? @warp for_bar 158 216 What's to prepare? 4 Fragments : Fragment of Hatred (tha_t08) Fragment of Agony (tha_t09) Fragment of Misery (tha_t10) Fragment of Despair (tha_t11) Talk to the NPC and make sure you bring all of the Fragments 1 each. You'll see if the room [Occupied] or [Available]. Choose Enter the Room. And then you need to put the password, type it correctly and just wait, dont press enter yet, when the notification "Thanatos Summoning Room is open" quickly press Enter, always check on your timer ^^ If you managed to enter the room : 1. Talk to the NPC and warp to 1st magic circle and insert the password (Fragment of Sorrow), defeat the monster and walk to the center. 2. Talk again to NPC and Warp to 2nd magic circle, insert the password "Fragment of Agony", defeat the monster and walk to the center again. 3. Talk again to the NPC and warp to 3rd magic circle and type the password "Fragment of Hatred" and same after defeat the monster walk center. 4. Last magic circle, talk to NPC to warp over. And type the password "Fragment of Despair". 5. After defeat the last monster walk to the north, and click the last magic circle, and at the sudden 4 monster you just defeat will appear again. Kill them and walk back to 4th magic circle. 6. Thana already summoned and ready to kill. Killing Thanatos : I would like to prefer Sniper, High Wizard to kill this, dont use Champion. I'm using Sniper so let me tell you how to kill it with Sniper. The Arrows : Prepare 3 kind of Arrow, Immaterial, Shadow and Holy. Because Thana always changing his Element, but Imma and Shadow would be fine. Equip for Sniper Low Budget : Top HG : F.Knight or Vote King Helm or Freebies (3 Kiel or Silver Kiel) just the matter of spam. Middle HG : Zodiac, LHZ, any aura or freebies. Lower HG : Vote Cape or any slotted Lower HG Armor : F.Knight or Vote King with 2 Gloom Cloak : F.Knight or Vote King with 2 Pouring Shoes : F.Knight or Vote King with 2 Fallen Bishop Card or Silver FBH Shield : F.Knight or Vote King with Golden Thief Bug card (anti magic) Weapon : Legendary Sniper Bow (4 Abyssmall or 2 Turtle General or Silver TG + 2 Paper if you are FAS type Sniper) Accessory : 2 Legendary Dexterity Gauntlet If you have enough token just upgrade your Equip ^^ Battle Phase 1. Use Immaterial Arrow on Thanatos. 2. When its HP reach 10M less, usually he would change the element to Holy, use Shadow Arrow. 3. Keep doing it until he's died. CONGRATULATION YOU KILL THE THANATOS! (This time I'm not lucky /sob) If you lucky you would get the card with 0.7% chance in weekday and 1.4% weekend. Good Luck! ENJOY! ^^
  2. as the title says, can anyone help show builds and stats for sniper legendary wing bow?
  3. Hi folks, It seems that the additional 7% attack on the Sniper Blessed Ring does not take effect. I tried to wear both blessed and cursed ring, both are giving 45 Dex on their description, the difference is Blessed Ring has an additional "ATK+7%". But when i wore both rings, the attack on the Status Window{alt+A] did not increase/decrease between Rings. Can anyone please clarify on this? Thank you guys!
  4. Selling / Trading the ff: Black Loli Hat SOLD! Voluspa (prof valk) DEX belts EOF SOLD! pm me in-game at : ShinsenKajiya or go look for me by the help desk newbie helper.
  5. Selling : Sniper Blessed Ring [2k or ONO] PM in game : EclipsePrincess Thank you
  6. Buying items as follow : Sniper Cursed Scarf/Ring/Ribbon +0 LTD Dark Ofreo Skull Aurora Skull Prince Aurora PM me In Game IGN : EclipsePrincess
  7. Leave ur ign or pm me in-game.
  8. Also S>VitRunes and IntRunes [180]pair Please leave IGN here! Thanks! :th_ok:
  9. PM me in-game or leave ur ign here. :th_thx:
  10. Selling Items Leave Price! Gold Butt Friggs Urds Fsold T>Full Sniper B set = O. Emp
  11. Hey, new to the server here. I have so many questions and am so confused about progression. I am a Sniper and I just completed the Forsaken Knight quest, but I have no idea what I am doing! :( I tried reading some guides but they all use abbreviations that I don't understand. What is a Kiel? What is a silver card? How do you get silver cards? What am I supposed to do next? How am I supposed to make millions of zeny when the loot I'm finding sells to NPCs for around 20k each? I want to play PvE, not PvP... honestly not interested in PvP or guilds yet. I just want to be able to survive in dungeons and kill MVPs... and get some nice loot.
  12. B> L. Arrow Set Pm me in Game : iStarter Leave best lowest price
  13. Hi! I am a low lvl sniper and I have a huge problem with leveling. My eq are the basic for newbies that you can get at the beggining. I wanted to exp on for_fild05-06 but my demage is about 500-700 and the monsters hit me for 2k! I use +10 composite bow without cards Please help me ;) ps my lvl is 150
  14. Looking to buy a Sniper SB Leave Offer and I'll try to get to you ASAP ^^
  15. S>Sniper Blessed Ring Set [offer] S>Prof Cursed Ring Set[offer] Comment your offer here or pm me in game `bathogun
  16. S> Sniper Blessed Ring [offer] Pm me in game or leave an offer here `bathogun
  17. Sniper SB [1.5] FreyrG w/ Ifrit [2.9] Msg me here. Thx.
  18. TRADE MY SNIPER CURSED RING TO YOUR SNIPER CURSED JACKET, my IN GAME NAME is Silvertooth you can post here or pm me in game ... THANKS :D
  19. Hi Guys! :) I just want to share my thought, how about having the sniper weapons back to a 2-hand weapon? because literally, you can't use a bow with just one hand (unless your f****n gifted) because its a bit imbalance to think that its a 1 hand weapon. On the other side of the coin, if you don't want to make sniper bow a 2-handed weapon then make the katar type weapons 1-handed weapon too :) WHAT DO YOU THINK? :th_ok: Feel free to share your input and stand on this.
  20. Hi Guys! :) I just want to share my thought, how about having the sniper weapons back to a 2-hand weapon? because literally, you can't use a bow with just one hand (unless your f****n gifted) because its a bit imbalance to think that its a 1 hand weapon. On the other side of the coin, if you don't want to make sniper bow a 2-handed weapon then make the katar type weapons 1-handed weap :) WHAT DO YOU THINK? :th_ok: Feel free to share your thoughts and your stand on this. transferred to Suggestions. Sorry -.-
  21. Sale or trade my Legendary Lord knight sword[20] to your Legendary Sniper bow. Leave a reply if youre good with the deal Thanks. :)
  22. hi to all im new here and im looking for guides and good advices does ELVEN BOW exist on our server thanks god bless
  23. It has come to my attention that during WoE setting up a defense is already hard as it is. Being a sniper myself I feel displeased to see my traps being ruined by one magnum break and thus almost completely making the traps obsolete as a defense mechanism. Another thing is that other snipers can just remove traps with their "Remove Trap" Skill, but I feel these should only be used on traps laid by themselves instead of others. There are still other skills that can be used (and actually are more useful) to remove traps if this wouldn't be possible. So my suggestion is the following: Remove the trap health or boost it by a lot Disable remove trap from other players to be used on own traps If trap health is removed completely there are still other skills that should & could be used: Spring Trap Enabling Magnetic Earth to remove traps (seeing traps are ground skills). This change would alter War of Emperium in such a way that guilds are actually able to build up a defense before other people rush in. The whole last minute breaking tactics are slow but certainly getting a bit dull. Other suggestions as to what to change to these mechanics so they work as intended again are welcome.
  24. T>> My Sniper set = SinxCursedSet (RING,any valk weapon for sinx,2xLoki's Seal) pm me in game Splendid. HTF or msg me at facebook, [email protected], ty
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