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Found 2 results

  1. For basics of INT type sbK can goes here~ [斬月] This basic guide would be about sbK MVP sinX against all MVP types(even the toughest element:GHOST/neutral is like a "butter" for this kind of build ❤️❤️ ) WHY int type sbK sinX? Coz it won't <miss>, plus having more sp is good for spamming within this build ~~^^~~ Stats STR: 130->160(secondary damage calculation for int type sbK) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *100 totally for status immune* INT: 300(main damage calculation for int type sbK) DEX: 150 totally(instant cast scene) LUK: 0 天鎖斬月=>=>TENSA ZANGETSU+>+> Equips Head upper: [+10]2 slots Ltd HG(amad/bijou,kiel) Head mid: +25/+30/+33 auras(kiel) Head low: sinX Guardian ring*IMPORTANT*(kiel) Armor: [+10]sinX DA(eleanor,forsaken raider) Weapon: Loki cursed blades/Legendary sinX blades(atroce 4x) Shield: Friggs king shield(gtb) Garment: Fking cloak(giant whisper 2x) Shoe: Fking shoe(cursed sinX rune 2x*IMPORTANT*) Accessories: INT gauntlet/INT belt/urds earring/INT curse(ifrit 2x) or (int rune 2x) NOTES>Compared to melee crit MVP sinX type, this build is far more secure. Coz of ranged dealer[can wear shield too] sinX type :P. Also please press the hot-key of sbK-skill softly too XD
  2. This build purpose are mainly for spamming soul breaker as main damager ❤️ (u will getting used to backslide>cloak>spam soul breaker alot like crazy :3) So this guide wouldn't have hybrids type sinx as references ^^~ ( like sb+sbk/, auto atk crit+sbk, grimtooth+sbk, dual dagger+sbk) Meteor Assault [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 406)-> An attack that causes mass damage to all enemies within a 5x5 cells area around the caster.Any enemies hit by this skill will receive Stun, Blind or Bleeding status ailment randomly with a (5+5*SkillLV)% chance. Attack Power is 40%+40*LV%. Skill ignores caster's % damage cards Soul Breaker (Skill ID# 379, iRO Name: Soul Destroyer)-> LV 6-10 30SPEffect: Attack that causes severe damage, because the target is required to have high DEF to be able to withstand this. Damage calculation is a little complicated:1) Soul Breaker Base Damage = Physical Total Damage + {(SkillLV * Player's INT) * 5} + Random Damage (500 ~ 1000)2) Final Damage = Soul Breaker Base Damage / Enemy DEF + Soul Breaker Base DamageThis formula may not be totally accurate.The Element of the attack corresponds to your normal attack element. Skill ignores caster's % damage cards Skill ignores target's defense Skill ignores target's flee Stats: STR: 110-160(weight purpose+meteor assault back up) "2ndary stat for sbk damage" AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: 150-180<max>(depends on u/just exact 100 VIT[if u feel ur sbk does unsatisfy damages]. But u will ned high hpmax for full sbk sinX type) INT: 200-270 ["main stat for sbk damage, also won't miss" (sinX have 0 bonus for INT stat, thus don't need the divisible by 10 methode+More sp to spam sbk+sp regen) ] DEX: 150(exact)*up dex 1st, then go for agi* LUK: 0-30(for left-overs) Equips: HEAD: F.king helm/piamette ears *extra INT+20 in it, also lv10 thunderstorm for fun-play*/ship captain hat *extra dmg for soul breaker, it also count as ranged damage dealer* OR divine oblivion hat (2x kiel) HEAD MID: any auras u like *that have all stats +5/+10/+20/+30* or macho sunglasses*lv5 True sight*(kiel/maya puple/forsaken soldier) HEAD LOW: sinX guardian ring*CompulsarY* (seyren windsor *alternative extra STR*/bijou or amadarias[+10 for best effect]) ARMOR: F.king armor(mistress of shelter+egnigem cenia/ 2x mistress of shelter/ 2x egnigem cenia/ evil druid+mistress of shelter/ 2x tao gunka/ orc lord+tao gunka/ forsaken raider+tao gunka) WEAPON(R): Loki cursed blades/ Legendary sinX blade(thanatos*dealing high vit type*/ inca*ignore def*+phreeoni+ 2x atroce/ 2x zipper bear) WEAPON(L): Loki's infernal dagger/ Legendary Loki's infernal dagger/ Loki cursed blades(phreeoni+ 3x atroce/ 3x zipper bear) GARMENT: F.king cloak(2x raydric/2x noxious/ 2x skoll*anti-thana*) FOOTGEAR: F.king shoe(2x cursed sinX rune)*CompulsarY* ACCESSORY: mixA+mixB gaunts±belts/ INT gaunts±belts/ 2x urds with ifrit/ sigrun+brynhild wit ifrit/ INT curse,bless 2x(pvp) or mixB curse,bless(pvp) 2x wit ifrit Ps: 1. Use element converters/endow buff from sages, coz the soul breaker being forced to non elemental(new element) for dealing different attributes. Plus it deals 100% damage to ghost element(gr armor) :3 2. Beware of pneuma skill, paladin's defender skill *80% ranged attack reduction*(ur best enemy :p) 3. Can also play with autocast matk skill cards for the unique build XD 4. Meteor assault still usable. No worries :3 5. Get lex aeterna buff from priest for better results, EDP works with sbk too; but poor results, means it works on fully str type skills{not meteor assault} If u knew the calculation for the advances type ❤️ 6. Works just like asura strike mechanics, good ping=good spam(even with 3 kiels) 7. Soul breaker is not dps style, so please don't compare it to other builds of sinX ? 8. Expensive card builds for mvp type sbk sinX(only thanatos card would deal really high damage for sbk) ❤️ 9. A really great farmer too, coz its ranged style[10 cells](legendary version build+correct card combination+endow buff=can 1shot almost normal mobs with low DEF) 10. Balphomet card won't made ur sbk aoe :3 Sbk always maintain as single target kill :3 11. Famous card=FBH, TG wont work for sbk build, as so for meteor assault :3 12. ATK cards, INT cards(not matk) would increase sbk damage more 13. Please equip loki cursed blades+loki's infernal dagger(full dmg sbk), although some players like to equips 2x loki cursed blades(up to u either :3) ENJOY, fellow soul breaker sinX lovers ^^ <<Getsuga Juujishou>>>
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