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Found 1 result

  1. Champion of The Guardian Str +35, Agi +25, Max HP +30%, Hit +100, Walking speed +15% Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5%, Reduce Vit def by 10%, Increase Raging Trifecta Blow by 150%, Raging Quadruple Blow by 120%, Raging Thrust by 50%, Glacier Fist by 100%, Chain Crush Combo by 100% If combined with Lady Tanee card decrease damage with Asura Strike by 200% This guide is about fist-to-fist towards MVPs combo champion builds ;4 ;4 ;4 Pros: Asura builds too mainstream 4ver :3 (combo is DA-WAY ^^) Cons: Just get a high-quality mx-switch or optical laser blue keyboards(for clicky smoothness)^^ Fact/Lie-> requires "middle" ping to covers the combo lagness ;4, does't need gtb shield(since we have the most buff from acolyte's job :3) Skills angelus blessing increase agi decrease agi dangerous soul collect raging trifecta blow raging quadruple blow raging thrust glacier fist chain crush combo warm wind Lv4(fire/water/wind/earth) monk spirit snap Stats STR: *300 max* AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *as high as possible* INT: *up to ur style* or *70 is enuff* DEX: *250 max recommend* LUK: *the rest goes here*(need some PD to avoid "combo-fails scene") Gears H-up: magical blue saiyan hair(extra 10% for all combo skills)[kiel] -Get an extra Ltd HG[pharaoh, kiel], for spmax shortage scene- H-mid: blue aurora of love(full PD type) or snowflake aurora(full redux type)[kiel] H-low: champion guardian ring*IMPORTANT*[kiel] Armor: +10 champion DA[eleanor, gr] or [eleanor, rsx0806] or [eleanor, Taogk] {Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez No<6{ Weapon: dorcus [abyss 4x]->common MVP champion build [Tg 2x, w/ any MVP's element buff card u're facing]->advance type MVP champion build [thanatos, minorous 3x]->most MVP are large sized, and atk +5 as bonus [stormy knight, Tg 3x]->just to freeze the slaves of MVP, for combo smoothness :3 Shield: strong shield or friggs shield[maya/alice/flame skull] Cloak: fking cloak[any +33% redux card regarding element of MVPs] -->Default extra cloak [sinX eremes] just in-case ;4<-- Shoe: fking shoe[eddga, dragoon wizard] or [eddga, lady tanee] or [sohee 2x] Accessories: str curse(have atk +10%) [ifrit, marine sphere] Hint Just use warm wind to do wonderful combo-madness within MVP fisting ;4 :3 -If still insist "asura" as a final step combo(can capped the spmax till 4.5k) ;2 Combo list diagram Trifecta Blow Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Guillotine Fist Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Chain Crush Combo Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Chain Crush Combo => Guillotine Fist Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Glacier Fist => Chain Crush Combo Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Glacier Fist => Chain Crush Combo => Glacier Fist Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Glacier Fist => Chain Crush Combo => Guillotine Fist(asura)
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