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  1. Most newbies won't have 3x kiels yet for this scene^^ plus [high priest] holy light's after cast delay is shorter than [high wizard] storm gust(if comparing btwn them) Ps: holy light is aspd cooldown type, storm gust's cooldown reduced by kiel card Thanks for reminding ❤️
  2. Other than just [critical atk type sinX], there's one more hidden potential about giga-chad sinX build ❤️ WHICH is [double atk type sinX], requires quite a pricey gears to build(meta thanatos-build) This guide would be about Pve/MVP advance-builds{~~ ❤️ ~~} Assassin Cross of Damned Str +20, Vit +20, Max HP +10%, Max SP +10%, Atk +8% Cast delay -5%, Walking speed +15%, Reduce Vit def by 10%, Increase damage done with Sonic Blow by 15% Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Both main right/left weapon, card usage https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=sinx-oriental-black-sword-4-dexterity Unbreakable STR + 25, AGI + 20, DEX + 20,Atk + 10%, Max HP + 15%, Hit + 30, Crit -50, Aspd + 5, Increase damage on medium size monsters by 10%. You gain 70% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack. https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=hels-unholy-dagger-2 Unbreakable Str +15, Agi +10, Dex +10, Max SP +15%, Crit -50 Increase damage on demihumans by 5% Increase damage on small sized monsters by 10% [+ Black Oriental Dexterity Sword or Hel’s Dagger] Increase Damage on small sized monster by 5% Weapon Stat STR: 300-ALL AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *Left-overs goes here* INT: *None* DEX: *545 Hit/upper is the basics ideal via status windows* LUK: *None* or *270->280 str-type-setup,left-overs goes here* Gear H-up: +10 Ltd majestic purple imperial helm[bijou, vanberk] FOR-FUN 3x-dmg, hp -50% card H-mid: Purple aurora of love[bijou]=>best auras for double atk sinX type H-low: +10 sinX curse ring*IMPORTANT*[bijou] armor: sinX DA[gloom, ktullanux]=>MVP meta cards combo ANTI-KNOCK BACK/ARMOR-BREAK card [default] right weapon: Assassin cross oriental DEX sword[thanatos, baphomet, phreeoni, side winder]=> meta double atk type left weapon: Hel's unholy dagger[tg 3x, phreeoni]=>(all around killing) or [abyss 2x, mao guai 2x]=>(ghost-MVP specify-kills) back-up shield: friggs king shield[gtb] cloak: fking cloak[dev, whisper]=>neutral-dmg redux, 50% more atk for ghost property shoe: fking shoe[fbh, cursed sinX rune]=>50% more atk for demi-human, extras for meteor assault dmg % acce: str bless[ifrit, owl baron]=>extras of atk/hit/crit and auto-lex is our besties ❤️❤️ ~ <<EL-Diabloo>> - Always use edp to (attacks) any MVPs ❤️- - Just switch gtb-shield, if gets matk-ed/debuff-ed ❤️- - For ghost-MVPs , just use warm-wind Lv4 ❤️- - For , please explore slowly :3 ❤️❤️- - is not useless ❤️- <+茶渡^泰虎+>
  3. This basic guide would introduce star gladiator Aka taekwon Master jobs~~ Base-on maximum weight 100% and Op leveling w/ star gladiator in parties ❤️❤️❤️ Maximum weight 100%, we'll just need: STR: 300-all Weapon: Sorrowbringer Info->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=sorrowbringer-4 Solar, Lunar, and Stellar perception Effect:Permanently memorize a map. Can select the same map for the 3 Feelings if desired. After 'memorizing' a place, when you use this again, it will display you the memorized location. Do note, that you can use this only ONCE. Yes, only ONCE. You cannot assign a new place to memorize by using this skill again. When you use it, the game will ask you if you are sure about memorizing that place. Level Alignment 1 Sun 2 Moon 3 Stars Feeling's reset-> Just goes to forsaken kafra, pls choose (Feeling Reset) / Type (@feelreset) Solar, Lunar, and Stellar courier Effect:When you login the game on a map (only login, NOT by walking/teleporting) that is designated as Place of the Sun, or Moon, or Stars, this passive skill grants you increased weight capacity at +(10*SkillLV)%. If you stay outside the Place of the Sun, or Moon, or Stars for too long, this effect disappears. Level WL Bonus 1 10% 2 20% 3 30% 4 40% 5 50% 6 60% 7 70% 8 80% 9 90% 10 100% Op leveling procedures for parties/Alts, we'll just need: Solar blessings Lunar blessings Stellar blessings Effect:Increases EXP given by Target of the Solar/Lunar/Stellar (monsters only) in the Day of the Solar/Lunar/Stellar by (10*SkillLV)%. Level EXP Bonus 1 10% 2 20% 3 30% 4 40% 5 50% EXTRAS Solar, Lunar, and Stellar opposition->Designates the species/class of a single target as the Solar, Lunar, or Stellar for the use of certain skills. Alignments are virtually permanent and each can only be chosen once. This means that you can only have 1 Target of the Sun, 1 Target of the Moon and 1 Target of the Stars. Level Alignment Restriction 1 Sun Small size monsters. 2 Moon Medium size monsters, whose Max HP is at least 6,000. 3 Stars Large size monsters, whose Max HP is at least 20,000. Marking resets-> Just goes to forsaken kafra, pls choose (Skill reset) / Made multiple SGs for different Marking-Targets XD Solar wraith Lunar wraith Stellar wraith Effect:Grants a bonus of +((BaseLV+LUK+DEX)/(13-3*SkillLV))% ATK against Target of the Solar/Lunar/Stellar mobs. Best accessories->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=sigrun-valor-1 Mix and match accessories->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=freyr-gauntlet-1 & https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=mimir-orb-1 ={卍解:神殺鎗}=
  4. Location for this quest: (@warp que_moon 174 33) ❤️
  5. Why high priest holy light's type as chivalry emblem's farmer? ❤️ Available via these 2 maps=> gl_knt01, gl_knt02 are full of undeads/demon mobs ❤️ gl_knt01 blueprint gl_knt02 blueprint It's really suitable for high priest jobs to farm chivalry emblems there honestly ❤️❤️❤️ skills holy light ->Inflicts 125% Holy property matk via single targets, can aim at other property too. Except HOLY types, also opposite-way de-buffs kyrie eleison. heal ->Restore Hp of single targets, { /noshift } for Vs undeads. Inflicts Holy property damage -50% of the hp restored. sanctuary Hint->For heal/sanctuary to be effective against them, need to type this manually every login-time~[ /noshift or /ns ] stats STR: (260 totally=to loots more chivalry emblems ❤️ ) AGI: (195 aspd) VIT: (100 vit=status immune) INT: (300 max) DEX: (150 insta-cast) LUK: 0 gears H-up: Ltd red riding hood[kiel 2x] H-mid: red butterfly aura[kiel] H-low: High priest bless ring*IMPORTANT*[white lady] Armor: Fking armor[angeling, loli ruri]=holy lv1, auto-heal lv3 self ❤️ Weapon: Eir's book of exorcism/Priest book of legends [kingring 2x, skeggiold 2x]=meta for undead/demon enemies [chepet 2x, sniper cecil 2x]=melee atks auto-heal/hp-steal meta{for fun type} For Eir's book of exorcism, pls view here for details->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=eirs-book-of-exorcism4 Shield: Orlean's server[maya]=50% single matk+5% all matk reflex :3 / Fking shield[enchanted peach tree]=auto-heal lv10 self ❤️ Hint: Via Orlean's server, drops from aliza at kh_dun01 maps ❤️ Cloak: Fking cloak[deviling 2x]=60% neutral redux, but cons of 80% of other elements increase :4 Shoe: Fking shoe[Cat o' nine tails 2x]=with maya shield combo, gets 60% single matk reflex ;3 Acce: urd earring[cookie 2x]=extra 20% via holy light skills ^^ ❤️ Via urd earring, pls view here for details->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=urd-earring-1 EXTRA infos chivalry emblem[ID->1004] mobs dropped raydric->demi-human,shadow2 khalitzburg->undead,undead1 abysmal knight->demi-human,shadow4(just kill its slaves=khalitzburg) >>>三步剣獣===
  6. Legendary blessed acce doesn't have slot(its from legendary gauntlet converts tho)
  7. Since many players/veterans are asking about basic guides of blitz-beat ❤️ Here we goes~ ❤️ blitz-beat->Commands the Falcon to dive at a single target and strike repeatedly to inflict piercing ranged damage to all enemies in a 3*3 area around the target. This skill ignores the accuracy check and can be auto-cast when physically attacking with a Bow, in which case 0 SP is consumed. Despite the animation, all damage is connected in one single bundle, unaffected by every form of damage modifier. ALSO bypasses defensive benefits such as Guard, Parry and Weapon Blocking. Stat STR: (100 totally) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: (120k hpmax is enuff) INT: *300 max* DEX: *610 till 616 Hit* LUK: *150 till 160 totally*(95% auto-blitz occurs) Gears H-up: vote tan valkryie helm[vesper, isilla] H-mid: Legendary gold myth flame[vesper] H-low: non-donate guardian ring*IMPORTANT*[vesper] Notes-> 3x vesper cards have extra Dex+6/90% mdef ignore via MVPs ;3 Armor: vote fking armor[high priest margaretha, mistress of shelter=>extra int needs] Weapon: Legendary wing bow[cursed sniper rune 3x, side winder]=bows can do double atk too :3 Shield: +10 Legendary friggs shield[hodremlin] or [alice] or [despero of thanatos=>extra int needs] Cloak: vote fking cloak[kasa 2x]=fire bolt+fireball auto-cast Shoe: vote fking shoe[fbh 2x]=extra 20% matk-up, plus auto-blitz/matk auto-cast are 0 sp consumes Acce: sigrun valor[imp 2x]=50% increases via fire bolts Ps-> visits https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=sigrun-valor-1 for details ❤️❤️❤️ Advances Gears H-up: Magical red loli hat=>extra 20% dmg to all enemies[vesper] Ps-> https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=magical-headgears-1 H-mid: Red butterfly aurora=>matk+15% atk+5%[vesper] Ps-> https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=butterfly-aurora-1 H-low: Sniper guardian ring*IMPORTANT*[vesper] Armor: +10 Fking armor[eleanor, rata]=more atk/matk duos Weapon: Hrist's wing bow[cursed sniper rune 2x, stormy knight, hill wind]=auto-cast storm-gust/jupitel thunder % Ps-> visits https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=hrists-wing-blade-4 for details ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Shield: friggs king shield[gtb] Cloak: Fking cloak[kasa, salamander]=extra matk% for meteor storm Shoe: Fking shoe[fbh, dark lord]=extra meteor storm auto-cast Acce: Mix b curse[wind ghost, imp]=extra jupitel thunder auto-cast =>This advances build would have all-matk-juke box autos=>storm-gust/meteor storm/jupitel thunder/fire-ball/fire bolt=> Forsaken king equips: ->Can buy thru players in-game ->Coor: @warp for_bar 371 240(100 ftokens ea) Arrow uses Legendary oridecon arrow Formula Damage for each hit=80 + 6*(Steel Crow lvl) + 2*Floor(INT/2) + 2*Floor(DEX/10)
  8. For advances type guide can explore here below~ Abyss_03 blueprint This basic guide would be about vote set's GS farmers build ❤️ (spread shot aoe type) Why not high wizard as farmers only?(matk users aoe advantage) :3 Well, we''ll introduce this, not so new GS spread shot farmers guide via this Fro server(atk users aoe advantage) ;3 ;3 Theme-> pure GS holy acidus aoe killers basic guide >>+ ❤️ +>> Dear loli luver @Yatogami [°∆°]! ❤️ stats STR: (the more the better, can carry more treasure boxes) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *100 vit=status immune* INT: (until 3k spmax) or (forced 3.5k spmax if wanted) DEX: 300 max LUK: (left-overs) gears H-up: vote green valkryie helm[kiel 2x] H-mid: Legendary zodiac aura[pharaoh]=> -30% sp consumption H-low: Legendary poporing balloon or Legendary holy avian wing{anti holy acidus} or Legendary ghost avian wing{ghost element redux}[pharaoh]=> -30% sp consumption armor: vote fking armor[gloom 2x]=holy acidus killer ❤️ weapon: Legendary gunslinger shotgun [inca, tg, earth petite 2x]=meta dragon killer builds [baphomet, earth petite 3x]=18x18 wide-spray dragon killer meta, at the cost of {-10 Hit} [earth petite 4x]=80% max dmg via dragon races meta ❤️ shield: vote fking shield[sky petite]=dragon race redux cloak: vote fking cloak[wanderer 2x]=auto teleport around w/ holy acidus, when get hits/hitting them ❤️ shoe: vote fking shoe[lady tanee, sohee]=OP spmax almost like wizzy jobs acce: dex belts{can buy from forsaken kings room. Total=>200 ftokens} Pros: we will have great spmax like wizzy to farm treasure boxes[code: 7444] at abyss_03(only holy acidus drops~) Cons: can only slots 2x kiel, due to 2x pharaoh in HG(to get lowest sp consumption for skills of spread shot/dust) Conclusion-> don't worry about the cons, since it's fairly enough for(70% after skill-delay redux)farming ^^ Dust-> Fires a blast strong enough to knock back a target 5 cells(melee ranged) Spread shot lv1->lv10 sp consumptions chart Level Damage (ATK) Area of Effect SP Cost 1 230% 3x3 15 2 260% 20 3 290% 25 4 320% 5x5 30 5 350% 35 6 380% 40 7 410% 7x7 45 8 440% 50 9 470% 55 10 550% 9x9 60
  9. Another upgrade version of my previous Grenade launcher MVP guides ❤️ Theme: Fire MVP ranged crit-killers{eddga/golden thief bug/ifrit/moonlight/boitata/lord knight Seyren/boss Egnigem cenia} Extras-> Most fire MVPs are formless races(would add more formless card build instead :8) Thanks to Fro for releases einmyria's aishes thee ❤️ Effects below~^^ ❤️ Credits to luvly @Yatogami ❤️ ======================================================== Agi + 30, Dex + 40, Max HP + 30%, SP + 100, Reduces all skill’s after cast delay by 10%, increase Ground Drift damage by 160%, Allows use of Level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit, Increase damage with Triple Action by 300%, 50% Chance of auto casting Level 1 Triple Action on enemy when attacking. ======================================================== stats STR: (5 str=1 atk) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: (100 vit=status immune) INT: (can get some for frost nova matk)=almost like LoV stun pixel-movement lock scene_5*5 aoe effects DEX: *300 max* LUK: *190 exactly* Or *230 exactly*(10 luk=1 atk) Ps->If goes 300-max-Dex-values[choose the 190 exact option ❤️ ] gears headgear up: Ltd amber emperor headband[amad 2x] headgear mid: umber tempest aurora[vanberk] or [knocker]=formless +5% dmg-up headgear low: gunslinger bless ring*IMPORTANT*[amad] armor: Fking armor[ktullanux 2x]=100% fire elements killer totally weapon: einmyria's ashes or Legendary gunslinger Grenade Launcher [tg 2x, peco peco egg 2x] [phreeoni, steam goblin 2x, abyss] [abyss 2x, peco peco egg, steam goblin]=meta MVP crit combo ❤️ [abyss 2x, sidewinder 2x]=meta MVP auto-double atk combo ❤️ [steam goblin 4x]=pure crit formless build [tg, bombring 3x]=if wears only 1x ktullanux via armor. Would get 80% increases dmg against Fire enemies XD shield: friggs shield[gtb] garment: Fking cloak[firering 2x]=66% fire redux :P or [lune 2x]=water attacks +10% totally ❤️ footgear: Fking shoe[eddga, ice titan] accessories: Dex curse(have atk/matk+ 10%)[owl baron 2x]=lex aeterna supports ❤️ Auto-cast skill uses triple action lex aeterna Bullet uses Freezing sphere 1x Buy at-> @warp for_dia 174 116 Extra bullet emergencies Poison sphere 1x (just incase, if MVP LK seyren/Gec changes element)->[MVP that changes element during 5m hpmax(while get melee/crit/range normal attacks)below are vulnerable to poison spheres{deep-poison-effect} ]
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