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Found 1 result

  1. For intro/INT based sbK sinX can goes here~ 星十字騎士団最高位 Alternative Add-up^^ Venom Splasher (Skill ID# 141)->Turns target into a poison bomb. Target must and have less than 3/4 HP in order to be effected. When the skill is used, a timer appears above the target. If the skill is successful, and the timer reaches 0 the target explodes and takes a poison property hit at an ATK of (500+50*SkillLV)%, the Poison React skill passively adds (30*SkillLV)% to this. The surrounding 5x5 area takes splash damage which is the original damage divided by the number of mobs including the exploding mob. Finally, weapon elements and weapon cards do not improve the damage. The skill uses weapon element. If you successfully setup a bomb there's a 7.5 + 0.5*SkillLV second delay in which you cannot setup another bomb. >Skill ignores elemental adjustments< >Skill ignores target's flee< Throw Venom Knife [Quest Skill] (Skill ID# 1004, iRO Name: Venom Knife)-> Acts as ur 2nd back-up emergency XD Stats: STR: 290-300*main purpose for STR sbK sinX* AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: A-bit tricky here(230k hpmax if possible, since this kind of build is not tanky as INT based sbK sinX) INT: *180 capped* (if u still have left-overs, after restat=195 max) DEX: 150 *Insta-cast* LUK: 0 NOTES for getting a well balanced str sbK/sd dmg that u desires, made sure ur stat of str/int have a capped of [+50->+70] by +left stat+ example of capped stats [+50] STR: 250+10/280+20/290+30 INT: 200+10/230+20/240+30 *[+?? ]here is the gear stats digits. Just focus re-stat at the left stat digits~* Equips: Hg upper: any LTD Hg, Divine oblivion, Princess ribbon[kiel 2x] Hg middle: Lighthalzen aurora(more hp), hurr or tempest aurora(full blast)[kiel] Hg lower: +10 sinX Guardian ring *compulsarY*[Bijou] Armor: +10 sinX DA[Gr, eleanor] weapon(R): Loki cursed blades(blue)[Thanatos, atroce 2x, side winder]/[atroce 4x] weapon(L): Loki cursed blades(red)[atroce 4x/atroce 3x, LOD]/[atroce 2x, side winder 2x] Garment: Fking cloak[Noxious 2x *anti other sbK enemies*]/Whatever ur own setup lel Footgear: Fking shoe[cursed sinX rune 2x *compulsarY*] Accessories: str curse/str bless or mix a curse/mix a bless[ifrit, str rune] [Extra-> Just play wif mild wind(sinX DA), converters, endows, prof's landscape skill for best buff-up STR sbK experience ❤️❤️ ~~]
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