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Found 8 results

  1. S/T>Sniper BLESS Ring Set = Ninja BLESS Ring Set ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pm me in game or leave a message here Thank UUU ign: Roy.
  2. Sweet Dreams or Nightmares Semi-Monthly Forum Event Instructions: Think of your recent dream or any dream that you can remember, then use it as your basis for your screenshot. Provide a screenshot/photo/signature etc. of your character/RMS character that depicts your dream in real life (Tell us if it's a sweet dream or a nightmare) Tell us what your dream is all about on your caption Provide your IGN at the end of your entry Have fun! Mechanics: You can submit up to 2 entries Your caption may not be that creative, as long as it explains the screenshot very well. You can use p
  3. The Job I cherish the most Semi-Monthly Forum Event Instructions: Pick your favorite class in ForsakenRO (No 3rd Jobs) and tell us how much you love that job! You'll need to post a screenshot of your favorite job without any headgears (Clothes/Hairstyle and color is allowed) Have fun! Mechanics: You can submit up to 2 entries Make sure to put a creative caption in order to have a chance to win! You can use photoshop, filters or any other photo editor in order to make your screenshot look better. You can have the same favorite job like the others, just don't copy/imitate the c
  4. The City I Love Semi-Monthly Forum Event Instructions: Pick a city in ForsakenRO, then you'll need to make an acronym based on the letters of that city. (Make it creative) You'll need to post a screenshot of your character in that city Have fun! Mechanics: Put your ingame name below your post You don't need to explain your post/put a caption, the acronym will explain it for us. If you post an acronym without a screenie of your character, then it doesn't count, and vice versa. The cities should be available in ForsakenRO only, cities that exists on Renewal Servers are not allowed. Crit
  5. My Dreams Semi-Monthly Forum Event Instructions: You'll need to pick a symbol or a picture or a screenshot ingame and post it here. Then give it an astounding caption that explains why that certain image depicts you and your dreams. Have fun! Mechanics: Any image will do, you can edit it, put filters, use photoshop, anything that will make it beautiful (just don't overdo it) You can play with font colors/styles/sizes, it is included in the criteria (Make sure its readable though) You should make it clear what dreams you wanted to share, may it be for FRo, or in real life. You can put
  6. "Where am I?" Event Mechanics: This Event will last till there is a winner for all rounds. The coordinates can be not exact, having it near the exact coordinates will suffice. You must find the place, take a screenshot, and post it here together with the coordinates. Make sure to refresh this page so you will be able to see if there are already winners or if your entry is wrong or right. You can start on Round 2 or 3, whichever is easier for you, but you can only submit one screenshot and join one Round You may not crop/edit your screenshot, you should put your cursor to your character
  7. I am not sure if this has been done before or was suggested before but anyways, What I would like to suggest is to have an awarding ceremony on forums for the people who has given their time to make guides, help people with their concerns, give their opinons, or just basically being loyal. Forum Awards Here are some of my examples: Helper Award: This award is given to the most helpful player(s) in forums. He/she has done an outstanding job of giving his/her knowledge about the concern of players. Requirements: GM's see his/her name often in the Help Desk section and the answers are cor
  8. Mint

    The Story Game

    So yeah, lets make a story!~ After Try not to be rude, kinda a given. Don't include people's names because it just gets mean and messy. Maximum of 4 words per post. & try not to end the story please, try to keep it going, after 1000 posts I'll type it up I'll start <3 There once was a...
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