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  1. i saw you guys are recruiting. i use to play RO alot but its been awhile so im trying to get back into the swing. i dont know anyone, all my old freinds quit, and im just looking for people to hang out with farm and other things

  2. Granted, but you're not excluded from the pausing of time. I wish for a ballpen that has infinite amounts of ink.
  3. Back in my day! Only 5 people played Clown.
  4. Back in my day! Champion players were actually full of skill.
  5. Back in my day! I wasn't known in the forum.
  6. Heya, same name as me! Welcome to fRO! :)
  7. Aerofox


    Heya. Welcome to ForsakenRO :)
  8. On a server that's heavily customed for Wizards to just farm actual deadly potions, I'll give you kudos for making this. [THUMBS UP]
  9. Old one was too brutal. Here's a new one. Back in my day, I didn't know how to play Ragnarok and I actually decided to play a heavily-customed server to start on! :^)
  10. Yeah. :) I'm digging around my old files for the sigs I already did, I'm on a newly-formatted laptop. Sorry for one hell of a delay ;-;
  11. Do something incredible. [title] be fluent in speaking and writing American English or British English?
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