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  1. Try to reinstall or try to use vpn
  2. yes it does. Agi belt improves slow grace's slowness
  3. enjoooooooy sir, see you ingame
  4. click the link. it is a guide for a farming wiz
  5. There is one map that everyone uses to level up. "for_fild06" you can start with 1000 chivalry emblem to make the forsaken knight quest. after that you can farm for you legendary gears. Zeny farming is good too, ( @ali 7444 and kill yellow acidus to get a chance to farm treasure box and sell it to the npc ) map: abyss_03 usually wizard is the job of the farmers here. Collin's Farming Guide
  6. When you see , it means you enabled/used the EDP skill
  7. “When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”– Donald Miller
  8. >Right Click "Setup.exe" >Properties >Compatibility >Run in compatibility mode
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