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  1. Good Day heres a Cheap Guide for new players who wants to earn tokens Zeny - is a good way to start farming for Forsaken tokens Zeny Farming is quite easy , you can farm for treasure box from Gold Acidus @ali 7444 for treasure Box and then @warp abyss_03 use a Merchant Class to sell zeny to NPC and convert them to coins which can be sold 1B zeny goes for 70 tokens, 500 M goes for 35 tokens or use zeny to enter MVP Rooms 60 M per spawn (which i recommend you doing it during float rates which are during weekends **higher drop rate) You can also farm for Yggdrasil Seeds just warp to for_bar 247 312 talk to renter and go for seed room . 1hr rental for Seed room is 100 M (recommend using Wizard for AOE skills) then convert the seeds to tickets to a NPC located @warp fcity 86 149 which then you can sell for 5 tickets for 1 token (1 ticket is 100 seeds) @ali 12405 for yggdrasil seeds or just @autoloot . **Best use Wiz or Sniper and Merchant to sell treasures to NPC 9 Realms Quest item https://forum.forsaken-ro.net/wiki/quests/storyline-q/fate-of-the-gods-ii-quest-beginning-r138 A set of these items sells for around 200 Tokens per set, a set consist of 9 each of the following : Dew of Yggdrasil - drops from Shinning Plant 10% chance Prophetess Ward - drops from Isilla 10% chance Ymir's Heart - drops from Argos 10% chance Mighty Strength - Sword Guardian 50% chance Elixir of Alfheim - Mavka 10% chance Cloud Essence - Gryphon 50% chance Spiritual Whispers - Valkyrie (Mini-boss) 50% chance Dusk Glow - Salamander 50% chance Damp Darkness - Chimera 50% chance Chills of Death - Bloody knight 50% chance you can use @whereis <monster> for the maps the spawn at. RATA CARD I just found out myself that RATA is a Custom MVP im seeing players selling the card for 400-600 Tokens each 2 Rata spawns @for_map16 [which you cannot be able to warp to] instead @warp storyline15 34 252 you need to go in and walk from there to the portal [need to find it] Matk + 10% , Max Hp - 5%, Matk +1% per refine rate, HP - 1% per refine rate Slot : Armor You should also loot Spittle of bird dropped by rata (someone says it sells for 2-3 tokens each) Credits : Medellin Cartel **Best use Bio and Wiz DARK MAZE RAIDER You'll see this on broadcast as they are hiring Raiders. All you need is a Bio and proper gear . The gear is simple . All you need is Forsaken Knight Armor set [Questable] +Newbie headgear set and L.Bio weapon [Questable]. CARDS Boots: 2 Green Ferus Card Armor: 1 Hatii Card + Silver TGK/Ghostring Card Cloak: 2 Raydric Card Shield: 1 Golden thief bug card [MVP] L.Weapon: 4 Kingring card Accessories: 2 Int Gaunts [Questable] You can get paid 50 Tokens per run. Credits : Medellin Cartel **Best use Bio and Wiz MVP HUNTING Simple. Hunt for Valuable Cards through MVP Hunting and sell them for tokens . (See you there mwuahahaha) Card prices vary depending on stock and demand. You can ask players for appraisal/price check or just compare prices on Broadcasts. Broadcaster is located @warp fcity 94 135 **Best use Sniper, Bio, Champion or Wiz ESSENCE OF FIRE Essence of fire is a custom drop used for making friggs shield - the strongest shield on the planet Can only be dropped by Detale or I call him Big Red - 10% chance Detale spawns at abyss_03 every 3 hrs A pc goes for 100 Tokens each (might go for more) **Best use sniper, Champion or Bio FARMING FOR ITEMS Some players are lazy rather rich they hire farmers for tokens to get items for them such as cobwebs, stat foods, seeds, berries and alot more (yes there are a lot of things to farm ingame) Some Players pay 10 tokens for every 1k pcs of a certain item (ex. Chivalry's emblem) some pay 10 tokens for every 100 pcs (ex.elastic band) This depends on the rarity of the item. (you can also Farm and supply an entire guild depending on your contract with client) **Best use Sniper or Wiz THANA ROOM Located @for_bar 157 216 in this one you need timing, precision and FAST NETWORK CONNECTION to enter. Thana card goes from around 1.9k? tokens it is a 1.4% chance drop (DREAM BIG) **Best use Sniper GAME EVENTS There are A LOT of events you can join you also get to read it on broadcasts. Hosted by our GMs or automated. Free tokens for the taking . @go 38 and you will see all of the events. You get to win mini-tokens and event tokens. PoriPori Catcher Poring Catcher Dice Event Emperium Race (PVP and Non-PVP) MVP Invasion Parasyte Event Egg Collector Wicked Fly Infestation Treasure Hunting Fight Night Circle of Madness Bloodbath Moroccan Sprint Lost Orbs Cluck! Cluck! Boom! Battle Royale Guild vs. Guild Survival Event Novice Dodgeball Poring Ball Dice Event v.2 Novice vs Zombie Last Man Standing (LMS Warper) Jumbled Password Conquest Guess the Monster Some Events are Hosted by Game masters themselves. WOE Or you can just join guild and get paid with tokens :V (this is not easy AT ALL) SOME TIPS: I recommend you to do Legendary weapon Quest , Forsaken Knight quest and Legendary Gauntlet quest http://forum.forsaken-ro.net/topic/31485-legendary-weapon-quest-guide/?tab=comments#comment-330817 https://forum.forsaken-ro.net/wiki/quests/storyline-q/forsaken-knight-quest-r36/ https://forum.forsaken-ro.net/wiki/quests/headgear-quests/legendary-gauntlet-quest-r131/ You can also pm me ingame for some starter Cards, im giving awat Silver Mvp Cards . Some Quest Items are sold on the market @go 37. What are these you see on broadcasts? S> = Selling B> = Buying T> = Trading OT> = Out of Topic PC> = Price Check LF> = Looking for Also dont forget to Vote here https://cp.forsaken-ro.net/ Vote for Credits , and redeem points for Vote Gears. WELL THIS ARE JUST SOME INFOS AND WAYS OF GETTING TOKENS DEPENDING ON WHAT OR HOW YOU DO IT INGAME ILL TRY TO UPDATE THIS IF I FIND ANY OTHER COOL WAYS.
  2. Hi ~ i'll be giving a short/long guide for future newbies of fRO to help them know their ways around the server For starters as you know fRO is a high-rate server (for first time RO players it means your very OP - can lvl up quick - Godmode - can hunt almost everything). Ideally make a farmer (wiz/sniper) aside from ur main char to make it easier along the way since most likely some quest requires a lot of materials to be farmed. Either your a free to play or pay to win player ... it doesn't matter in the game since you'll still be able to go toe-to-toe with top players given time & effort. By the way if your having technical issues in playing fRO ... don't want you guys to miss out on the fun !! click on the link !! ~ might solve your issues XD LINK: ATTENTION ALL NEWBIES !! As of the lastest update (make sure to patch your fRO) you may now enjoy this OP freebie headgear !! P.S sorry my bad editing skills hahaha So we also have a lot of Custom Item/Cards aside from the normal RO stuffs that makes the server unique in its own way make sure to explore like the following links Custom Cards: Custom Items : - https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/customs/items/ Basic Info : Main City : Forsaken City (go 25) Job changer : Located in Fcity @warp fcity 85 135 Set Up : Highrate Pre-Renewal - only trans no 3rd jobs Max Level : 255/255 - base/job lvl Max Stats : 300 Max Aspd : 195 No Cast : 150 dex No Cooldown (unli spam) : Equip 3 Kiel Mvp card (headgear) Refining & Decarding : 100% success rate (will not fail/break) *NOTE : When decarding make sure u got enough space on inventory/bag or it'll drop on floor TIP : Best map to lvl up fast is @warp for_fild06 ... will be a lot faster if you can find someone to boost you Common Commands used though if u want a complete list use @command & /help @warp/@go - @warp for warping to fields & dungeons though @go usually for towns only @ali/@autoloot - ali loot 1 item / autoloot all items that can fit ur inventory/bag @whodrops - shows what monster drop certain items (useful for hunting) @whereis - shows you where u can find a certain monster (useful for hunting) TIP : can use shortcut [alt+m] and edit for easier/faster application of commands ***As a Beginner doing the following will sure help u alot while exploring the game - path to Semi-Geared *** ❉ Forsaken Knight Quest ❉ - First Quest you probably need to do on ANY new character you make is called "Forsaken Knight Quest" - Its like a pre-requisite quest that will let u do other fRO customed quest (if u not do this - NPC would prob ignore u) - It will also give you a free knight set [2] slotted that you can use temporarily (can also talk to newbie npc in Fcity for freebies) - NPC location: @warp for_king 101 157 TIP : It also gives bonus stats whenever u talk to him everytime after resetting stats via kafra LINK : After that you can focus on gearing up while exploring fRO ❉ Legendary Weapon Quest ❉ - Best weapon for beginners , only 2nd to Donate weapons - Take note that you get the corresponding weapon for your class depending on what job class did the quest (repeatable). - To check different legendary weapon effect go to this link [https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/customs/items/legendary-weapon-effects-updated-180611-r136/] *NOTE : You only need to get 40m zenny ... the 100m zenny will be given by NPC *NOTE : Roast Rice Cake & Grilled Rice Cake are the SAME item LINK : ❉ Legendary Gauntlet Quest ❉ - Best accessory for newbies that gives +35 stats [0] but no slot for each hand but still better than any normal [1] slot acce (except donate) - Aside from this there's also +40 stats Forsaken Belt [0] (from Forsaken King room in Fcity) and donated accessory that gives +40 stats [1] slot .... but keep in mind for the quest - u need to do it twice to get 2 accessories (its 1 per quest) - NPC location : @warp for_elite 65 102 LINK : ❉ Vote Forsaken Armor Set ❉ - [2] slotted armor set easily obtained via vote with awesome set bonus that will surely help in stat balancing - Compose of blue vote valkyrie helm, armor, shoes, cloak - You can vote 2x a day (every 12 hrs) via forsaken-ro.net/cp ... can vote for multiple accounts one at a time right after another is allowed - To CLAIM vote items ... make sure u got sufficient vote points then on the left panel choose PURCHASE > choose item ADD TO CART > On top choose CHECK OUT > CONFIRM PURCHASE .... then you can claim it in-game via NPC (@warp for_bar 247 300) - Probably need 250 vote points to get vote set w/ shield TIP : Color of Vote Valkyrie Helm can be changed in-game through NPC @warp for_elite 67 102 make sure decard LINK : https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/ ❉ Legendary Aura Quest (mid headgear) ❉ - Mid headgear that gives +20 all stats but with the latest update , it gives additional stats normally half of what Donate Aura got - Donate aura of course is more powerful - has +20 all stats + additional cool effects like +mhp, +resistance, +atk/matk, +reflect etc ... *NOTE : Some Aura like Emperium Aura can only be obtained via Events (GvG,BR) or Castle drop (WoE) LINK : ✦ Zodiac Aura New Stats : All Stats +20 , Physical damage +3%, MATK +3%, Vit def -5%, Max HP +3% ✦ Mythical Flame Aura New Stats : All stats +20,Max HP + 3%, Add a 5% resistance against Water, Fire, Wind and Earth properties, Reduce damage taken from Neutral property by 3%. Reflect 2% of physical damage taken ✦ Lighthalzen Aura New Stats : All stats +20, Maximum HP + 5%, Increase damage on Demi humans by 5% ✦ A few examples of other Quest/Event/Vote Auras that you can find in-game that also has the New Legendary Aura Stats as of 01/30/19 : SAMPLE OLD QUEST AURA STATS SAMPLE OLD EVENT AURA STATS SAMPLE ANY VOTE AURA STATS ✦ Other Quests that you might want to try : - https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/quests/headgear-quests/ - https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/quests/misc-quests/ - https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/31648-legendary-quests/?tab=comments#comment-332061 For Snipers & Gunslingers you need legendary ammo's to deal the best damage : ✦ SNIPERS - u only need 1 pc of any arrow then it becomes UNLI , i suggest getting all elements for switching really convenient for raids LINK : ✦ GUNSLINGERS - u prob need 10 bullets each for some skill then it becomes UNLI , likewise u can get all elements though you'll mostly use this class for PvP and on some specific raids (ghost/shadow/fire/wind) LINK : ************************************************* BEFORE PROCEEDING ************************************************* Let me share some bonus info that might answer some of your other questions ✦ Different Tokens you'll obtain in-game that's very useful LINK : ✦ Different GM events that will spice up your day LINK : ✦ Silver MVP quest - are cards that gives 50% effect of the original card LINK : ✦ Safari Quest - Custom pets available for all ! LINK : ✦ War of Emperium (WoE) - Battle with the strongest guilds prove ur strength ! - Chance to get Emperium Aura[1], Eids[1], Imperial Helm[1] that only drops when u conquer a castle *NOTE : Color you get varies depending on what castle you get the drop from LINK : ✦ Dr. Bones Quest - Entrance to Pet Warehouse where u can buy Pet Accessories, food & taming items - Basic quest no guide needed (1 step process) - NPC location : @warp for_elite 111 58 ✦ Casino - A place where u can exchange 1 Forsaken Tokens for 10 Casino Chips and a chance to win Jackpot prize of 1,000 Casino Chips - Can exchange casino chips to various supplies/foodbuffs or a chance to win random cool legendary headgears - NPC location : @warp for_bar 249 133 ✦ Bingo Room - A place to enjoy relaxing bingo with your friends need 5 person per round !! [NO REWARDS GIVEN ATM BUT FUNCTIONAL] - NPC location : @warp que_bingo 46 29 - enter left portal to spectate & right portal to join bingo room ✦ Quest Room - Contains various NPC for different quest you can try when your bored ... some looks really cool too - NPC location : @warp fcity 63 117 ✦ Token Trader - A place where u can trade ALL tokens for different items - It is also where the "renter" NPC is located - NPC location : @warp for_bar 252 300 ✦ Forsaken King Room - Room where you can buy Forsaken King set , Different Monster/Fairy wings - 100 tokens each - Thought for some cases you can buy it cheaper directly from player rather than via NPC - NPC location : @warp for_bar 373 244 ************************************** SOME WAYS TO EARN TOKENS FAST ********************************** After getting the basic quest gears - you'll probably be Semi-geared and want to earn tokens for the next steps ahead ...... Now the next step to do would be is first to complete all your MVP cards that you need ... Second would be is to reach out to the next level which is end-game contents (donate items - upgraded gears etc) ... Here are a few ways to earn money in-game : ✦ Zenny Farming - you can hunt stone of sage (@ali 12040 - tha_t10) / treasure box (@ali 7444 - abyss_03) then sell it to NPC ... best job for farming would be wiz/sniper - can use merchant (overprice skill) to earn more zenny when selling to NPC - normal market price of zenny : ftokens at the moment is 500m zenny = 40 ftoks ... 1b : 80 toks ~~~ BONUS TIP ~~~ ~~~ o ~~~ credits to : @Yog ✦ Mvp Hunting - hunt Mvps in their respective maps for a chance to get cards and sell it to players to tokens ... like Kiel sells for 40 toks and the rare ones like Sinx card & High wiz card sells for 100+ toks each - take note that during weekdays : 10% drop rate ... floating rates during weekends : 20% drop rate (doubled) - you can also sell some Mvp/boss drops that are very useful and in-demand for some quest ... like Essence of Fire (detale) sells for 200+ toks ... then some not so rare loot 5~10 toks ea - we also have customed Mvp cards [https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/customs/cards/custom-mob-dropped-cards-r146/] and mini boss cards thats sells pretty good like GR , Deviling etc ... - if your having trouble finding Mvps the normal way We also have a Mvp Room that charges 60m per summon though you can only summon specific mvps like Kiel, TG, FBH - we also go a Thana Room, the only place that spawns thana that opens every 2 hrs ... game system will announces before it opens & when it opens ... NPC location : @warp for_bar 168 218 ✦ Farming Service - getting hired by other players to farm materials (loots) for them and get paid with tokens - when farming normal loots ... rate is for every 1k pcs = 15~20 toks ... hard/rare/few mob loots are usually 1k : 30~50 toks - can farm mini boss drops (needed for quest) sells for 3~5 toks per piece such as Chills of Death, Cloud Essence etc ... - mini bosses usually spawns every hr feel free check [http://ratemyserver.net/] and compare ✦ Ticket Farming - we have a ticket system in fRO from which 1 ticket = 100 pcs of an item (usually supplies) ... you can have them exchange via Ticket Manager @warp fcity 86 149 - common supplies are Yggdrasil Seed/Berry, Concentrated speed pots, Curse Water, Full Chemical Potion, Enchant Deadly Poison, Aloevera etc ... - selling rate varies depending on market demand ... Ex : 5 ygg seed tix = 1 forsaken token - you can also rent "ticket pass" with tokens ... that will give you a ticket that will last 1~6 hrs that will take u into a custom map where u can farm specific supplies exclusively - rental ticket npc for "ticket pass" is located @warp for_bar 247 309 TIP : Click the rental ticket to warp randomly in the map for faster farming (fly wing effect) - there is also a yggdrasil berry room accessible via quest to farm unli ygg berry (not rental) ✦ Raid Service - some players hire raiders to help out in raids (side quest for storyline quests) and get paid with tokens - usual job classes needed are snipers/bio depending on what raid its gonna be - only for semi-geared players with experience/willing to learn since it got 1 hr time limit - there are different raids in the server ... some drops card , some drops quest items, and some dont - game system will always announce whenever a raid is open TIP : Best card set for Raiders are Forsaken Raider + Ghostring on armor ... Golden thief bug on shield ... 2 Deviling on cloak ... 1 Hyzoloist on acce (mobs inside raid have high hp ... this will help kill it quick ✦ Forbidden Rune - are customed runes that gives extra stats + mhp placed on accessories (substitute for cards) - sells for 160~180 tokens per set (2 pcs) ... repeatable quest - suitable for semi-geared players *NOTE : For first time makers ... u need to do the quest IN SEQUENCE till u reach the step for the stats you want ... when repeating u only need to do the step for making the rune itself no need to repeat from step1 Ex 1 : I want to make Str runes and first time doing quest ... i need to do Step 1 > Step 3c Ex 2 : I want to make Str runes again but did the quest already once ... i just need to do Step 3c LINK : ****************************** GO BEYOND PLUS ULTRAAAAAAAA - UNITED STATES SMASHHHHHHH ***************************** THATS MOSTLY ALL THE BASIC QUEST U NEED TO MATCH UP TO EVERYONE. Since basic gear is good enough to compete for MvP , PvP & Farming though for pvp if u wanna do more u prob need more end-game items. On that note I'll also share a few guides toward end-game contents which is mainly Storyline quest thats a bit harder and requires more time. *NOTE : This is for players who was able to explore enough on the server and is already semi-geared ❉ Friggs Shield Quest ❉ - Best Shield in the game that gives [1] slot +10% mhp , Str+ 5 , Vit+ 5 , Vit Def - 10% ... reduce damage taken from Demi-humans by 25% reflect 7% etc ... LINK : ❉ Upgrading Ring/Cape (lower headgear) quest ❉ - this probably one of the confusing part for majority in the game ... a short explanation would be is that ring/capes are the best lower headgear customed that gives additional damage + stats differently for every job ... - there are 3 types of rings namely Blessed/Cursed/Guardian rings from which each gives a different effect that boost for a different skill for each job - remember for every each type of ring ... it consist of diff variants that make it look different but has the same effect like the rest (ribbon, sword, ring, wings etc ...) - take note that there is a non-donate (quest material) & donate version (tokenshop material) where as ND rings are usually 30% less powerful than Donate rings Ex: Sniper Blessed - boost double strafe Cursed - boost focused arrow strike Guardian - boost blitz & traps *NOTE : ALL Quest regarding rings have a sidequest to clear specific Raids. Raids are technically dungeons that spawns monster by waves from which the ultimate goal is to kill all within 1 hr to clear the Raid Part I : Part II : ✦ Blessed ✦ Cursed ✦ Guardian To check different effects of diff rings check links BELOW : ✦ Blessed / Cursed Ring effects ✦ Guardian Ring effects ❉ Dragonist Armor ❉ - upgraded version of Forsaken King armor that works with F. king set bonus (not vote) ... gives more stats and enables skills for specific jobs such as Guard or Mild Mind etc ... - fueled by "fame" that can be obtained by killing other dragon knights or through specific raids such as black witch raid etc ... - to use skill & fame must enable dragon's fury (can be turned off) - NPC location : @warp turbo_room 99 94 - DA effects check link [https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/customs/items/dragonist-armor-effects-r150/] LINK : ❉ NEW ACCESSORY QUEST : CURSED ❉ - upgraded version of Donate Accessories (+40 stats [1] slot) - Wolf Fang Accessory +45 stats, MDEF +15 when combined together (pair) gives bonus stats Atk +10%, Matk +10% - New Accessory Effects check link [https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/customs/items/cursed-accecories-effects-vengeance-wolf-fang-r156/] LINK : ****************************** E N D ****************************** That's all from me for now hopefully this helps awoooooo NOOB / KING - Uncrowned Kings
  3. We are Kings yet to be Crowned ~ Let thy power prove that we are the TRUE KINGS !! Uncrowned Kings recruiting newbies @go 11 for invite ~ - We do MVP hunt - Give FARM jobs - Guide newbies give tips for those who's lost !! - Can solo Raids - Leader is retarded anything goes LOL - Guild Events (random) ღ RULES ღ : ✦ Respect others specially guildmates, other than that you can play however you want since want we wont force you to do anything , btw this includes sexual/abusive remarks lol (dont go overboard). ✦ Ask if you got questions and we'll answer ✦ Fights between members will be handled by officers/guild master ♡ ✦ Fights outside guild - if your innocent feel free to fight back we'll gladly help you , but if your NOT innocent then we'll still help but prepare to get ur ass kick hahaha (take responsibility) ✦ Selling/Trading among members is allowed BUT strictly no borrowing of gears to avoid scams ... if you lend it then GIVE IT LOL ❅Final Remarks ❅ : ✦ You can pk others but never a guildmate ✦ You should always respect and be buddies with guildmates ✦ If u didnt like something , say so in a good manner so we can sort things out - if u hide it we wont know it lol ✦ Keep your promises ✦ Be there for others so that they will also be there for you Some of us weird and leader want to sell your kidneys BUT as long as your TRUE and show RESPECT you'll fit right in !! be part of our small ever growing family ~ and live in the moment !! Motto : Just play whenever u can and do anythings that's fun ~ Enjoy NO stress YOLO !!
  4. We are Kings yet to be Crowned ~ Let thy power prove that we are the TRUE KINGS !! Uncrowned Kings recruiting newbies @go 11 for invite ~ - We do MVP hunt - Give FARM jobs - Guide newbies give tips for those who's lost !! - Can solo Raids - Leader is retarded anything goes LOL - Guild Events (random) ღ RULES ღ : ✦ Respect others specially guildmates, other than that you can play however you want since want we wont force you to do anything , btw this includes sexual/abusive remarks lol (dont go overboard). ✦ Ask if you got questions and we'll answer ✦ Fights between members will be handled by officers/guild master ♡ ✦ Fights outside guild - if your innocent feel free to fight back we'll gladly help you , but if your NOT innocent then we'll still help but prepare to get ur ass kick hahaha (take responsibility) ✦ Selling/Trading among members is allowed BUT strictly no borrowing of gears to avoid scams ... if you lend it then GIVE IT LOL ❅Final Remarks ❅ : ✦ You can pk others but never a guildmate ✦ You should always respect and be buddies with guildmates ✦ If u didnt like something , say so in a good manner so we can sort things out - if u hide it we wont know it lol ✦ Keep your promises ✦ Be there for others so that they will also be there for you Some of us weird and leader want to sell your kidneys BUT as long as your TRUE and show RESPECT you'll fit right in !! be part of our small ever growing family ~ and live in the moment !! Motto : Just play whenever u can and do anythings that's fun ~ Enjoy NO stress YOLO !!
  5. I am a returning player to RO, although I was never really good. Looking for people to play with.
  6. Hello every one,, I'm new to this forum My ingame character Vanellope`von~Schweetz Thank you
  7. Good day guys, I was just wondering what are the new happenings in this server? I played this server 4yrs ago, but didn't get to play long enough due to the hectic schedule of becoming a graduating student in college. I remembered upon checking my acct on CP that my items where still intact. I am located in the Philippines, and remembered I had to use WTFast to play a smooth ping, well I can't remember most of the things happened in the past, but I would just like to know if there is an improvement in the latency in playing in the Philippines. Or do I still need wtfast to improve my ping? Also where can I see the changes happened in the last 4yrs? Are my items still good? Hahaha probably quest items and some donations weps I think. Hoping to see you in game!
  8. Heylo~ I'm new to the server, and pretty much a returning player from...like, 12 years ago? LOL! Nostalgia brought me back, and I decided to go with Forsaken to try out high-rate servers. Anyways, if this goes well, I might bring in some of my close peers with me. I've been trying the server out for a few days, so far, I feel like the lag is a little hard to bare, but, I am from Canada, which probably has a part to play on why there's these really bad lag spikes that DC me from time to time. I have good internet, and it's not that, but, it's not...Impossible to play, it might become a problem in the future though if I decide to take on harder things. I did some digging around to help myself out, so far, I have a knighted Sniper, and a 255/255 SinX ranked up, working on getting a bit more done. Really enjoying it so far, other than the lag spikes and being a little lonely, I'm having a lot of fun ^w^! Going to need some pointers later on though. I haven't played in a long time, and really need a refresher, there's also so much controversy in forums and research, and lingo I don't really understand yet ^w^;
  9. Hey guys. the website is so cool. The forum interface is very cute!. Im downloading this RO right now. So see u in game guys ! I hv very high expectation on this server ! Have fun 15years RO and counting !
  10. G'day everyone, My display name is Jedd, just created my forum account this morning. I had my fair share of experience playing Ragnarok ages ago. I just wanted to get back cause I kinda miss it and I have free time as of this year. The RO I played before had only 2nd jobs and that's the last version or patch I played. So if anyone is kind enough to show me the ropes, that will be much appreciated. I consider myself newbie at this particular point in time. Thanks in advance. Feel free to chat me up, add me up and converse with me if you're up to it. All your advises will be respectfully considered and appreciated. I need them lol Cheers, Jedd
  11. Hi! this is my first time playing Ragnarok. EVER! XD Haven't played the official too. I just got interested so I tried some private server. Any tips,tricks,guides or anything that would help me get start? haha. and what is the best job for a beginner like me? Thanks guys. :D
  12. Hi FRO's Players! I have been in this game about a week now. I normally play RO low/mid rate server, and after all my friends quit i join them to quit playing RO, so i already vacum from playing RO about 2 years now. So after vacum from a long time my new friends drag me to play this RO, and im glad that they did xD After a week playing and makes some friends in game i already know most of the thing in game EXCEPT! raid/blackwitch and how to get bless and cursed ND item o.O There arent even the introduction where to start the raid or blackwitc event x.x The only info i got from forum that sniper guide for raiding and thats it x.x So please kindly whisp me if you want to do raid :P My current most active ign : - Katzroy - (bby wiz) Its no problem right bringing 1 burden in party xD Only got 3 kiel and 1 hwc, normal f knight set, L.( Mid, Lower, Weapon, Acc ) so far.
  13. Hey, new to the server here. I have so many questions and am so confused about progression. I am a Sniper and I just completed the Forsaken Knight quest, but I have no idea what I am doing! :( I tried reading some guides but they all use abbreviations that I don't understand. What is a Kiel? What is a silver card? How do you get silver cards? What am I supposed to do next? How am I supposed to make millions of zeny when the loot I'm finding sells to NPCs for around 20k each? I want to play PvE, not PvP... honestly not interested in PvP or guilds yet. I just want to be able to survive in dungeons and kill MVPs... and get some nice loot.
  14. Newbie Guide 101 Are you lost? Thinking of what you'll do next after reaching 255/255? YOU have come to the right place! This is a compilation of guides that will help the newbies start with their ForsakenRO Adventure! :th_meow: Let's start! :th_meow: Haven't started playing yet? Then check this link to look for answers on how to play ForsakenRO! https://forsaken-ro.net/getting-started/ I am experiencing a technical issue and have also experienced bugs What do I need to do!? First of all, you should calm down, and second, you can check this thread for possible solutions to your problem http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/forum/167-help-desk/ If your problem still persists, then better post it on the Help Desk or file a ticket on the Ticket center http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=tickets Okay I am now playing ForsakenRO! Yay! But what is zeny? And I receive this kind of token every hour, what is a token? Before that, Welcome to ForsakenRO! Make sure to introduce yourself in the forums! We'd love to meet new people! http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/forum/160-introductions/ Anways, here is a guide explaining what zennies and the different tokens are and what they are used for https://forsaken-ro.net/getting-started/gearing-up/ Here is a more detailed guide about tokens http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/30798-tokens-for-newbies/ I am just wondering, what are the Rules and Regulations for the server? This link will show you the Rules for our server, remember to always follow the rules or else there will be consequences http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/16-rules/ I am at novice02 and has already reached job level 10, where do I go then? type @go 25, to go to the main town, which is called the Forsaken City. Here is a guide where you can find specific NPCs in the Forsaken City. https://forsaken-ro.net/getting-started/fcity/ You can already change your job at job level 10 I don't know what job I want to be! I am not familiar with any of them! Here is a Guide that I made to help you familiarize yourself with the jobs in Ragnarok http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/31394-job-change-guide/ I don't know where to level up! Help me please! Here is a guide with tips on how to level up faster Don't forget to use your Veracity's Magical Cookie! It will give you 30% more experience points for 1 hour! https://forsaken-ro.net/getting-started/faq/ Okay! my character is now on its max level, what do I do next? There are many things you can do after reaching the maximum level. Please refer to this Guide https://forsaken-ro.net/getting-started/gearing-up/ Before you can do those quests, you'll need to be a forsaken knight first! This is the guide that will help you finish the Forsaken Knight Quest http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/page/wiki/_/quests/storyline-q/forsaken-knight-quest-r36 Where can I vote for points? And how do I buy items using my vote points? You can vote for points in the Control Panel, and you can buy items by clicking the Purchase button https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/ Wow! The effects of the headgears are great! But I don't know if my character will look good on them How do I know the appearance of the headgears? You can check this link for the sprites of some the Vote Headgears http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/page/wiki/_/customs/vote-items-r65 I am now a Forsaken Knight, where can I find the NPCs for those quests? You can find them in the Knight Temple, type @warp fcity 117 163, then go inside. There will be many quest NPCs there, just pick whatever you think looks better for your character Here are the guides for a few of the quests there Legendary Weapon Quest http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/page/wiki/_/customs/legendary-weapon-quest-r134 http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/31485-legendary-weapon-quest-guide/ Legendary Quests http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/31648-legendary-quests/ Legendary Gauntlet Quest (note: You will only receive one Gauntlet after doing this quest) http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/page/wiki/_/quests/headgear-quests/legendary-gauntlet-quest-r131 Legendary Zodiac Aurora Quest http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/page/wiki/_/quests/headgear-quests/legendary-zodiac-aurora-quest-r130 Legendary Avian Wing Quest http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/page/wiki/_/quests/headgear-quests/legendary-avian-wing-quest-r133 Legendary Sacred Wing Quest http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/page/wiki/_/quests/headgear-quests/legendary-sacred-wing-quest-r132 Can you teach me a build for my job? I have no idea on how to make my character stronger We have a compilation of Job Guides that is made none other than the players from our community! Isn't that great! Everyone is willing to help you with your build! http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/31256-job-guides-compilation/ Make sure to thank them! :th_ok: I learned so many things! Thank you so much! You are very much welcome! We are glad to be of help to you Don't forget to vote for our server! and also if you have any more questions feel free to ask us! Note If any of you would like to add something, feel free to say so and I'll credit you for it :th_ok:
  15. Hello~ Good People!! Nice to meet you all!! Lookin' Forward to play in this server :th_ok: My Name is Ruth! My main IGN is Ruthella~ :th_e5: Just started playing a few weeks ago! I've joined a GREAT Guild, loads of friendly people and very helpful too!! But I'm not the type of person that limits friends~ Sooo Give me a whisps when you're online! :th_blush: I'm open to Suggestions on Bio Builds, since i'm not to familliar with it. :th_swt3: :th_wink: Soo~ Taa taa for now peeps :th_kis:
  16. Hi! I am a low lvl sniper and I have a huge problem with leveling. My eq are the basic for newbies that you can get at the beggining. I wanted to exp on for_fild05-06 but my demage is about 500-700 and the monsters hit me for 2k! I use +10 composite bow without cards Please help me ;) ps my lvl is 150
  17. Lemme introduce myself, I am Hiroyuta. Introduction I been playing Ragnarok ever since iRO was closed beta, and joined private servers a year after. I am a casual gamer, in search of a companion (most preferably a girl) guys too, to chill with. Been pretty much a lone wolf since real life situations happen, something we cannot evade. Hopefully I will make some new friends here and hopefully make this my new home in RO. Classes I Enjoy Playing I enjoy playing - Assassin Cross and Lord Knight. IGNs Hiroyuta
  18. The title says it all. Please? :3 Pm me in-game • Eternal Envy •
  19. Heya everyone! I'm new, waiting on the exe to download so I figured I'd screw around here!
  20. I stopped playing RO many years ago. I was in elementary then. I'm 20 years old now and one day my life called and asked me: "I know you're getting bored just browsing some random stuff from the web. You're in front of the laptop for sometimes over 12 hours and all you ever do is download and download and watch and watch films, click here and there. Why not try playing back those online games?" -The laptop's not really a gaming laptop. -Most online games are 3D. -Graphics. I can't handle them. ...but... RAGNAROK. My first love. I searched and searched for good servers. I even tried with the official RO server here but for some reason I can't get it to work. My criteria for choosing a server is: 1) Easy, but still challenging 2) Not the mainstream kind of server So I landed here in Forsaken City. I am proudly playing for over a month now and I must say I'm satisfied with all that's going on, approachable GMs, new friends (who would ask you for a trade and give you quest items for free out of nowhere). I feel like my reunion with Ragnarok has finally killed my "spare-time drool-time" time. I'm looking forward to spending more of my future with ForsakenRO. Thanks for bringing me back to Midgard. Cheers! -MidnightAriadne :th_bawi:
  21. Hi guys im new here! Hope someone could show me around! hard to play ragnarok without knowing someone hihihihiih
  22. Greetings fellow newbies, Have you ever met a few people who said they are faming Thanatos Tower with ease and suggest you to do the similar thing? We all know those people usually are wizards who have 4 or more MVP cards in their gear, AoEing the crap out of mobs and act like they are cool. When I started to look around the official site and and the forum and I realise most article or suggestion for farming required MVP gear to farm zeny, which is all fine and good (and normal) if you play through all the awesome features that this AMAZING forsaken server provided. BUT they are not at all newbie friendly or they required weeks to gather gear in order to speed farm Thanatos Tower. As I am also a newbie in this server, I feel like at least one "True newbie farming guide" should be out there as an option for anyone who are interested. ***Notice that this is a true newbie farming style, you have to avoid certain MVP or sticky situation like when 10+mobs is attacking you*** 0. Why pick smithy? and what stat? 0.1 I chose to use master smith to farm zeny since you will have relative lesser action step to sell your loot and make zeny smoother. (With their built in weight and over charged. you dont need to type @storage or switch character as much but its all comes down to personal preference.) 0.2 Stats are around Str250, Agi150, Vit61, Dex41, Luk150. 1. Where and what to farm in Thanato Towers? 1.1 Maps are usually tha_t07, tha_t08, tha_t11, tha_t12 (Depends on your job and your preferences of combat) 1.2 You are farming Angels, know as "Mistress of Shelter", "Dame of Sentinel", "Baroness of Retribution", "Lady Solace". 1.2.1 Those "Angels" will spam :th_heh: to laugh at you as they are killing you with their "Jupitel Thunder" and other damage. 1.3 @autoloot those "Stones of Sage" and equipments they drop and sell them to NPCs with your merchant/smithy. 1.3.1 Remember to save the "red feather" in @storage for future use/ sell them to players. 2. Cards 2.1 Cards required (Normal cards only! :th_no: ) 4x Skel Worker (weapon), 1x Dokebi (armour) 2.1.1 (Optional cards required) 1x Cornus (shield), 1x Choco (garment), 1x Fox (boots), 1x Giant Hornet (headgear) 2.2 "Skel Worker" @warp mjo_dun03. "Dokebi" @warp pay_fild10 2.2.1 "Cornus" @warp spl_fild03. "Choco" @warp um_fild02. "Fox" @warp for_fild06. "Giant Hornet" @warp gld_dun02. 3. Gear 3.1 Refined +10 with 4 sloted weapon, preferably that they do 100% damage to medium mobs. 3.2 Freebie Oliver Wolf hood + Strong shield 3.3 all the sloted gear you can buy from the mall in @warp for_dia 155 115 4. Farming style and tips 4.1 As a smithy, you just cast all you buff(Maximum power-thrust, Adrenaline rush, etc.) then just left click the angels and kill them in 3-5 sec (better if you can kill them in 1-2sec) with critical attacks 4.1.1 YOU NEED TO KITE and kill "Dame of Sentonel" FAST, since she will cast a "Safety Wall" and kill you with "Jupitel Thunder". HOWEVER, the Strong shield and Dokebi should allows you to immune the "suck-in" effect by her "Jupitel Thunder". Just remember to kite and kill her asap. 4.1.2 the rest of the angels are cookies, you can just cut them with ease. :th_e2: 4.2 since you CAN NOT use "fly wing" :th_hmm: , you should just type @warp <map>. So it will just warp you at a random spot :th_pif: . Conclusion Its obviously not the fastest way to farm the tower, BUT it is newbie friendly and has an acceptable zeny per hour rate. And I personally prefer another area to farm zeny. Happy left click farming (unless you are left-handed :D ) and enjoy this awesome forsaken server! :th_no1: p.s. Thanks forsaken for providing servers with pure awesomeness. Nate My Newbie characters are Nathaniel Runepaws(sinX 255maxed), (Master Smith 255maxed), (Sniper 255maxed), (Soul Linker 255maxed), (Lord Knight 255maxed) etc.
  23. I'm new in the RO world so, I need a guild to help me be stronggg. Can someone plss help meee?
  24. Hello! I'm a lurker and I wanna try this server out... Not really sure what's in store for me in this server but from what I saw from the main website, population is quite awesome. Few questions though, is this server a PVP type one? Are there 3rd job classes? Hope to learn about builds and techniques in handling different jobs. If there are guides here to aid a newbie please link me, thanks! Will be downloading the client in short while. Looking forward to meet ya in-game. :> - Lullaby~
  25. Hi fRO! Forum and Forsaken-RO newbie here! I migrated from Blackout-RO which I played on and off since 2009. I've known Ragnarok Online since its beta days. Wow, talk about 10-12 years ago. ;) I am a wife (no kids yet, just two wiener dogs), nerdist, gamer, runner, sponger, self-taught amateur cook and I bleed garnet and gold for my home team Florida State University. I currently reside in San Diego CA, but will always be a Florida girl at heart. I play other videogames mainly from the Xbox console and PS1 Emulator. Whelppf! Self introduction ends here! Pleased to meet y'all! :)
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