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  1. When I open the game, it opens with a very small resolution, what can I do?
  2. I have a problem with the game and don't know how to solve it. After the patch loads and the game opens, I can't click on anything. I tried to change the settings putting the game on full screen, but since then the game doesn't open anymore. Sorry for my confuse english.
  3. Ragnarok has been crashed! UTC Time: 27/06/2019 03:33:26 Local Time: 27/06/2019 11:33:26 EXE version: 2008-01-02 Gepard version: 2.0 Gepard compilation date: 2017011804 OS version: Windows 8 Workstation (other) 64 bit Build 9200 0x0043c68f Fkenro.exe 0x00678981 Fkenro.exe 0x00699c0a Fkenro.exe 0x74008494 KERNEL32.DLL 0x776941c8 ntdll.dll 0x77694198 ntdll.dll EAX: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 ECX: 0xffffffff | 4294967295 EDX: 0x0019f9ff | 0001702399 EBX: 0x007508f8 | 0007670008 ESI: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 EDI: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 ESP:
  4. Dear Forsaken Team, PLS ANY GM COULD FIX MY CHARACTER PLS... PLS JUST BRING MY CHARACTER BACK AT FCITY!!.. I USED TO WARP AT A PARTICULAR NPC NAMED "Senior Senator" (for_king 161 158) after that the client went crash and shows this. Im doing Citizenship Quest i didn't know that quest and NPC were no longer updated. All my items are in there /sob Im only 2 weeks old playing this. sorry for being noob. Please somebody help me :< I hope this will be fixed ASAP..... thanksPLEASE FIX THIS! IGN: Eisen L. Whisemburgh
  5. Hello! I was playing the game and after a bug I had to close it, when I reopened and entered my account and after the loading screen hit 100% the following error appears "Error ID 10: memory integrity test failed - code 0" I've already tried to start again, run as adm and deactivate my antivirus but still no changes. Please, help :(
  6. i need some help.. which one of these settings = fullscreen?
  7. I was able to play normally on window mode, but then I tried to launch the game in full screen mode which is a failure, no window or whatever. I tried to launch it using window mode again, then it only appears as a small window. And there's no resolution option available, only blanks. See screenshot below: Im currently running on Windows 10.
  8. Dear GM, I am new in forsaken RO and i looking forward to enjoy this game. But after i downloaded the game via torrent. I click the .exe and then the game isnt working, Just open and close immediately. so please help me to fix this problem
  9. Hello, I know you probably see these posts a lot, but I wanted to report that I am currently not able to start the game, as the moment i launch it, it opens the anti cheat shield, and then crashes (when set to fullscreen) and this tiny bar sized windowed. oddly enough I am also unable to change the resolution or anything, I am really unsure of what to do, so any help would be appreciated! Also, I have tried redownloading the entire game from scratch, and repatching it EDIT: okay so if anyone is having a similar issue to this, I fixed it by changing the file path that the game was downloa
  10. Help me! I can't connect to the server. :( what should I do? Help me please. :(
  11. I reinstalled and moved these files just to keep this game server running, but I keep on having this kind of concern. Please Help me bring me back my childhood. I read all these types of concern to the internet and followed their instructions, still it doesn't work. If you can personally help me, please email me at [email protected] or reply to this concern.
  12. guys its say in @ii its available in store is it true?? xD i hope you.. can help me
  13. Hi guys I am new to this server, and I just reached max level for my first character. I was wondering what the answer to the first question of the knight's quest is. The guide included in the website says it is "Servant" however, whenever I type that I get the wrong answer response. Please help me
  14. Yo! This granny here needs some help. It's been about 500 years since I last played and now I started again in this server and I have completely forgotten how to play. Lol. So I was wondering how do I get homunculus and also how to make the potions for potion pitcher and acid demonstration?
  15. Hello, Today I decided to look for a private server and I stumble upon Forsaken Ro. I downloaded the all in one in your website, extract it, but for some reason the client wont open the normal size. It opens so small I can't see anything, I can only hear the music. I search on the forums and found something about changing the setup for the graphic card. I have tried all the options that are available to chose but none of these work. Can someone help me out please? By the way a message appears when I change the graphic card maybe the problem is in this text, it is on Spanish so
  16. i can START , i heard the RO sound and music.. can login..but i can't FULL the SCREEN..i can't see ANYTHING! please HELP!!
  17. It's been a year! Yay? I'll cut to the chase... I've been away for a long time and lost all my knowledge about the game Help a guy out to recover from sudden lost of brain cells in fRO By far the worst thing i did was sell Skel card for 100m and collected a bunch weapons to sell
  18. I know there is a topic about that, but plz help me! I still can't fix it. I downloaded whole game from all-in-one by torrent. Someone told me that the setup.exe in all-in-one is the old version and that's why I can't change my screen. I believe that it's true. And here is the question: where can I update this setup.exe and how? Thank you!
  19. junanax12


    Module Name: C:\AeriaGames\ForsakenRO All-In-One v5.3\Fkenro.exe Time Stamp: 0x477b78c8 - Wed Jan 02 03:43:04 2008 Exception Type: 0xc0000005 0x005239b0 Fkenro.exe 0x005c6f07 Fkenro.exe 0x0056003e Fkenro.exe 0x005c6f24 Fkenro.exe 0x00563e3b Fkenro.exe 0x005c6db6 Fkenro.exe 0x00595248 Fkenro.exe 0x005b4f7b Fkenro.exe 0x0057012c Fkenro.exe 0x005700d4 Fkenro.exe 0x00678a0f Fkenro.exe 0x00699c0a Fkenro.exe 0x76fb1174 kernel32.dll 0x772eb3f5 ntdll.dll 0x772eb3c8 ntdll.dll eax: 0x00000000 ebx: 0x0c5d8d78 ecx: 0x00000000 edx: 0xff4a362d esi: 0x0c5d8d78 edi: 0x0c5d8d78
  20. Hey guys! I turned into Assassin Cross but the skills won't show up. Th skills of a regular Assassin did show up, but those of the Cross didn't. Plz help!
  21. So I have a BioChemist and can't summon my homonculus. I went to the site and checked out the troubleshooting guide and found a link that I thought would help, but the download file couldn't be found. What should be my next course of action to solve this problem?
  22. The Secret Service is at your service. For anyone who is in need of items, MVP cards, or needs help with a quest, The Secret Service is pleased to help. We will take up any request for free. I will be at Go 14 for request for anyone in need of help, or you can whisper me at FangMoonwing. We are pleased to serve you and hope to see you soon. Vice Chairwoman of The Secret Service, FangMoonwing
  23. jasonsee109

    Kiel Card

    i would just like to ask. How do people in fRO get their kiel card?
  24. Hi! I am a low lvl sniper and I have a huge problem with leveling. My eq are the basic for newbies that you can get at the beggining. I wanted to exp on for_fild05-06 but my demage is about 500-700 and the monsters hit me for 2k! I use +10 composite bow without cards Please help me ;) ps my lvl is 150
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