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    Thanks fro for the fun time, I am leaving for good, all the best and good luck with everything ahead fro, all fro staffs and players.

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  1. of course you can, it just pretty hard and take some effort to implement it properly without making people cry.
  2. yup, i agree. In the long run it will just be more people on map with lesser zeny on each. But new players (They still need to be able to 1hit acidus to get decent zeny/hr, and a sniper can easily do that with FAS and legend gears) can go there and try their luck and hard work. And i also agree turning off pk is only a temporary fix. well, rms.net stated their spawn rate is 60/10mins, so this makes the "turning off pk" less viable. if they instant spawn, it will be a complete different scenario
  3. Firstly i would like to call out the idiots. All players knew perfectly well this is a PK server, and we play this best high rate server because players like to pvp and to be in this server. And this is discussed in a post for a specific reason. Please read what people type and think deeper with your head, then comment with a more specific and solid reason and make this constructive. (For example, you can simply say you enjoy killing under geared player in abyss_03 but dislike getting PVP token in a real pvp environment. Turning of PK ruined your fun.) Now, i can go back and comment: As Ray
  4. Virael, I am sure you did not read the site carefully. 1. Blue vote Valk helm can be exchanged to other coloured vote valk helm in @warp for_elite 67 102. 2. Not currently. But king version of wolf pup would be great to have, and you can suggest it in the forum. However, the best lower headgear items right now are Blessed/cursed rings. Plus, vote cape is one of the best option before you transit to lower headrings. You can also quest for the non-donation ring, but I personally doubt its practicality in game. You seem to be confused about what the server offers to players. Here are some
  5. +1. looks great. well done you guys. If implemented, i can take HW seriously and get mine gear up.
  6. Plus most players cant do simple math.
  7. Oh, and one thing, the PK server reasoning is not a smart reasoning, those players are probably new to PK server or blind. Its easy to spot them if they are there to kill people and think they can farm faster. And I have friends farm there just to kill off those players who spam FAS and SG without looking, yea she is crazy.
  8. well done, detailed in how you did it and newbie friendly. But do try to sell zeny for tok (at least 1bn to 60tok), all the items you said you bought are slightly over priced. So, try your best to trade with tok if they cost over 100m. Abyss_03 is kinda fun, plus you will eventually have a HW, sniper and champ, because they are too easy to use and not that hard to gear for farming. Plus there isnt much going on in RO in general lol. And well, i am a donor and i do farming sometimes, its like having a break. Anyways, here is another map you can try out, @warp moc_pryd04. Aim: ONE hit Isis
  9. nate1002

    Gym Pass

    Try fitnessfirst or pure if you want to meet new faces. Or any independent one with at least 3+ set of barbell and plenty of weight plates, or custom equipment if you are serious about training. But well, i have no idea what are the context of your question. lmao
  10. By donation room, if you mean kings room, there is only angeling wings id#15027. I guess #15210 is old donation then.
  11. Thanks for the post, i laughed, hahaha. There are so many inconsistency in this post. If you are talking about vote gear, thats probably not a GM, just a normal player fking around with you and genesis. Type @warp for_bar 250 290. look for vote redeemer. If thats really a GM you talked to, he probably thought you bought the donation armour. Hope you knew this before i post this.
  12. What if he has a point to tell us? (probably not a good one tho) So, i suggest we let him find out himself. :th_gg: Try pvp with your sprint set and 4 silver, let us know the stats, Such as 1. how many times of you get a kill by only spamming your skills.(no normal attack) 2. how many times you die to what status effects. 3. how many times you die to invisible enemy. 4. how many times you die to 1 hit. 5. longest kill streaks and conclude by telling us how you feel with your performance with sprint set 4silvers. :th_no1:
  13. Following are the list of aesthetic wings/ lower headgear I wanted to have. And I wonder if there is a way to acquire them in the server now, or I can only purchase from other players? Because i cant even see it in the token shop... Angel wing id#15210 Siva id#15487 Death angel id#15039 Gaia wing id#15624 Many thanks Nate
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