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Found 9 results

  1. is there a a way to farm zenny faster i have been farming @ abyss_03 for treasure box (item #7444) any better ways please tell me i want to make some 40m for my legendary weap
  2. We are Kings yet to be Crowned ~ Let thy power prove that we are the TRUE KINGS !! Uncrowned Kings recruiting newbies @go 11 for invite ~ - We do MVP hunt - Give FARM jobs - Guide newbies give tips for those who's lost !! - Can solo Raids - Leader is retarded anything goes LOL - Guild Events (random) ღ RULES ღ : ✦ Respect others specially guildmates, other than that you can play however you want since want we wont force you to do anything , btw this includes sexual/abusive remarks lol (dont go overboard). ✦ Ask if you got questions and we'll answer ✦ Fights
  3. Got an EOF or two lying around? Hey everyone! My in-game name is Dakka and I've got news for you! If you want the best shield in the game but don't want to spend the double-digit hours (and head scratching!) to farm it, you'll wanna hear about... Dakka's Farming Emporium! For one week only (Sept 18 to Sept 25, 2017 @servertime) you can get 5% off an order of Frigg's materials! Regular Price : 238 Tokens Discounted Price : 225 Tokens ! /omg Aaand since I'm such a fair fellow, you'll notice lots of items have a cost of "nothing" under column I
  4. Guild Nomin is Recruiting! We all know how it feels when starting out on a new game, it seems that late game high tier items are out of reach. This guild was created to bridge that gap of having quest items to transitioning to mid tier items. Our means is through helping newbies and farmers on having a stable source of income with a special rate on other essential items. if you are interested and want to know more PM me in-game, look for "ShinsenKajiya" my baby smith or my Baby Wiz "Shinsen-chan~~", I'm usually at the GM help desk or at go 19. For NEWBIES: our guild's aim
  5. Looking for a good guild to get rich with by hunting MvP and by events etc. PM me. Om Dalai Farmer , Om Dalai Lama , Om Dalai Merchant are my 3 chars..mainly on High wiz,can play other chars too.
  6. To make it simple, here's my suggestions: 1. Disable PVP inside the seed room: - As we all know, Forsaken RO can be played for free. But if you want to grow strong, it's either you farm all day or donate. Seed is a basic necessity in fRO that's why farming seeds is one of the fastest way for newbies to have a chance in getting good equips. NEWBIES however doesn't have the right equips to be able to withstand a random storm gust from a geared player. Why would you even enable pvp in a farming area? Well, for beginners, paying for passes to be killed isn't a great move. That's why I've been s
  7. Hello everyone. Can you give me some guide for farming in the seed room (specialy for wiz). • I'm a low budget player • I'm only a 3 weeks old player What I exactly need is : • LOW budget items for farming seeds • Tips/tricks I really appreciate it if you could help me. Thanks in advance. :) -xSilentStrife
  8. Hi there! i'm new with this game Is there any other way of getting Enriched oridecon, elunium and the likes aside from the mine? Thanks in advance. :)
  9. Hi - HALLOWEEN UPDATE FCP Tix [1:2] Cobweb [100:1] Cat Eyes [100:3] Illusion Flowers [100:3] Cursed Ruby [100:3] Tangled Chains [100:2] Broken Liquor Jar [300:4] - [1000:12] Cursed Seal [100:3] - [666:20] Dew of Yggdrasil [9:2] Elixir of Alfheim [9:2] C. Emblem [1000:7] Dragon Scale [100:1] Little Ghost Doll [100:1] Legendary Gauntlet (your choice which one) [1:8] [2:15] Legendary Weapon Quest Item Set [1:23] Legendary Arrows [1:7] Set [52] Legendary Usakoring Rucksack [1:20] Legendary Pandaring Rucksack [1:20] Legendary Zodiac Aurora (you choose the color) [1:25] Aloevera
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