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  1. pk sounds fun which area main for pk/pvp?
  2. is there one thats available anytime cuz as i said i cant participate because of my schedule
  3. Hi I'am from another server that its main pvp mode is Battlegrounds, whats for Forsaken RO? Since Battlegrounds npc / mode has his own time and I'm not able to be on around that time + the npc is black and doesnt work to me when he is there
  4. is there a a way to farm zenny faster i have been farming @ abyss_03 for treasure box (item #7444) any better ways please tell me i want to make some 40m for my legendary weap
  5. Thank you guys I assume the Kafra Lady at @go 25 right?
  6. Yato.Crimson


    High I'm new to this server and want to +10 blade do whitesmiths have the ability to do that here or npc?
  7. Thanks and are you Moonie for Dreamer RO?
  8. Do we have an official Forsaken RO discord?
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