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  1. Legendary Weapon Quest You have to be a Forsaken Knight in order to do this quest View the effects of the Legendary Weapons in here! Step 1, for_elite 100 97 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Knight Master. For your first mission, you'll have to help better the Forsaken City Library. Bring him: 1 Torn Magic Book (dropped by Elder at tha_t04) 1 Books on Legendary Weapons (dropped by Isilla at ra_san02) 1 Old Magicbook (dropped by Bathory at alde_dun04) 1 Level 7 Cookbook (dropped by Evil Druid at gl_church) 1 Memory Book (dropped by Agav at 1% chance located in ra_san05) Note: The Memory Book should have NO SLOT 1 Legendary Encyclopedia [2] (dropped by Elder at 10% chance located in tha_t04) 1 Legendary Book of Charms (dropped by Gajomart at 20% chance located in gld_dun01) Step 2, fcity 60 163 Then go and talk to the Librarian in Forsaken City's Library and offer to help her obtain some valuable books. Step 3, prt_in 171 51 Go to the Library in Prontera and talk to the Head Librarian. Step 4, prt_in 161 61 Find the Poetic Edda book on the shelf. Step 5, geffen_in 173 104 Talk to the Librarian of Magic in Geffen. Step 6, geffen_in 177 114 Get the Voluspa's Dark Arts book from the shelf. Step 7, lou_in01 41 143 Talk to the Librarian of Fighting in the Louyang library. Step 8, lou_in01 33 148 Get the Sacred Text of Valhalla from the shelf. Step 9, payon_in03 121 125 Talk to the Head Librarian of Payon's Library. Step 10, payon_in03 122 131 Get the Codex Regis from the shelf. Step 11, fcity 60 163 Return to the Forsaken City Librarian and speak with her. Step 12, for_elite 100 97 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Once you're finished, let the Knight Master know you're finished with your first mission. On your second, you'll need to hunt down a thief who has robbed Forsaken citizens. Step 13, for_fild06 240 147 Talk to the Thief. He's scattered lots of stolen goods which you'll need to return to the Knight Master: 400 Feathers (dropped by Fabre at prt_fild06) 300 Iron (dropped by Pitman at for_mine01 or by Goblin at gef_fild11) 100 Soft Silks (dropped by Wicked Nymph at gon_dun03) 100 Bags of Grain (Buyable at @go 7, through Chef Assistant) 100 Coals (dropped by Pitman at for_mine01) 50 Delivery Packages (dropped by Alice at kh_dun01) 50 Dried Fruit Boxes (dropped by Aliza at kh_dun01) 50 Grilled Rice Cakes (dropped by Rice cake boy at gon_fild01) 25 Flavored Alcohol (dropped by Evil Nymph at gon_dun03) 25 Bags of Gold Coins (dropped by Goblin MI #1122 at gef_fild11) 10 Battered Kettles (dropped by Waste Stove at ein_dun02) 1 Oridecon Anvil (dropped by Howard Alt-Eisen at lhz_dun03) Step 14, for_elite 100 97 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Return to the Knight Master with the stolen items and he'll give you the next part of your mission: compensating the citizens who were robbed. Step 15, fcity 21 138 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 16, fcity 142 64 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 17, fcity 155 183 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 18, fcity 145 121 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 19, for_elite 100 97 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Return to Forsaken Knight Master and he'll give you the following items when your mission is finished. Bring these to the Forsaken Master Forger: 1 Oridecon Anvil 100 Coal 300 Iron 1 Books on Legendary Weapons 100,000,000 Zeny Step 20, Part I, for_elite 128 101 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Master Forger, and he'll ask for the following materials: 300 Burning Hearts (dropped by Magmaring at ve_fild03) 200 Live Coals (dropped by Blazer at mag_dun01) 15 Enriched Elunium (See Below) 15 Enriched Oridecon (See Below) 1 Hammer of Blacksmith (dropped by Minorous at moc_pryd05) How to get Enriched Elunium and Oridecon? To get Enriched Elunium and Oridecon, you must go inside the Forsaken Mine. Step 1, go to for_fild01 236 20 go to for_fild01 236 20, go inside then hunt for pitmans. You will need to carry alot of Old Picks with you. Step 2, Look for a Mining Spot Look for a mining spot, then start your mining. There is a small chance for you to get Enriched Elunium and Oridecon so make sure that you are carrying alot of Old Picks with you. And that's it! You got yourself an Enriched Elunium and Oridecon Continuing~ Step 21, Part II To proove your worth, you must then return with: 1 Hero's Remain (dropped by Lost Dragon in abyss_02)
  2. The Forgotten Smith He and his family used to forge only for the Gods, but now serve warriors to help them refine their weapons to the next level. Mechanics: Find The Forgotten Smith and take on a new quest (easy to moderate) to get his trust. Only Archer, Gunslinger, Merchant, Ninja, Swordsman and Thief class. Weapons should be Legendary or Donated Give the required items to have your weapon forged (weapon must be +10) If successful weapon gets +1 weapons can only be forged up to 10 times (total of +20) If failed weapon breaks Here's the chance to break +1 = 0% +2 = 0% +3 = 2% +4 = 2% +5 = 3% +6 = 3% +7 = 5% +8 = 5% +9 = 10% +10 = 10% Requirements for every forge: 5000 Steels 10 Golds 1 Classic Gold Coin (given after finishing a new quest) 100,000 zeny
  3. Hi, I'm currently doing the dragon aura quest. Please, if you have any of these items, leave the price in wich you want to sell. Thank you.
  4. I don't know how to do this quest any help?
  5. illaidan1

    for sale

    MVP Cards: 1 doppelganger(50m) 1 dragoon warlord(8 toks) 8 maya purple (50m) 1 maya(15 toks) 1 evil snake lord(150m) 1 high priest card(25 toks) 1 turtle general card 1 cursed sniper rune Legendary weapon / items / tokens: Legendary Loki's Infernal Dagger (20 toks) Laughing PooPoo Hat(45 toks) 9 Mini-game Tokens(offer) 6 cloud essence(2 toks each) 4 spiritual whisper(8 toks) 30 dew of yggdrasil(2:1) 2 vitality belts(140) 1 dragonist coin(10) 6 breath of spirit(1:8) 4 dragon breath cocktail(1:6) Farming services (pm the item and the offer for the item, if i agree then it would be in your hands depending on the spawn rate of the monster) IGN: duke of hazzard / got problems? / 20 PESOS
  6. First, you need to reach BaseLvl255/Joblvl255(for transcend)50(for TK boy/girl or super novice). ask someone who can boost you.. Then You Need To Talk to Prince Theodore III Farm(@ali chivalry emblem) the item "Chivalry Emblem" use @whodrops chivalry emblem . then use @whereis <monster id ex. raydric> to find where the mobs are. lastly use @warp <area ex. gl_cas02> Take note of the Capitals, commas and spaces. Servant Good, Light, and Life Truth and Justice To use his might to protect the right Humble, Responsible, and Wise after giving the Chivalry Emblems to Prince Theodore III, type @warp fcity 179 179 and talk to the NPC. Warp for_fild05 293 320 and talk to the NPC again. Warp for_fild04 179 128 and talk to the NPC. Then @warp cmd_fild08 126 193, and talk to the Mischievous Man and kill him. after killing the summoned Man, talk to him again.. just spam enter key. After that.. @warp cmd_fild08 81 188 and talk to the 2 NPC. to be sure talk to them alternately and twice.. LOL after that go back to Prince Theodore and Poof.. You are now considered a Forsaken Knight.
  7. I have been trying to find a Oridecon Anvil all freaking day. When i warp into where eisen is i always immediately die (or soon after i kill one or two). That is where you seem to have to get it says the wiki.... yes im quite new, (everyone was at one point) i have read that it may come from blue boxes and if that is the case you can get them from a ton other places! Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, I'm an old RO player that finally have come back. I'm searching for an active social, pve, mvp and quest oriented guild In-game name: Goetz
  9. Guys! I was curious on where these people on the market got those legendary headgears of different sorts. For example, the Legendary Angel Mini Silk Hat, I couldn't find the guide for this quest. Where could I get this hat and is there a guide for it if it's a quest? Thanks for the help!!! Nyaaawr
  10. Is there a link that can tell me every item in the Forsaken Quest Room including the stats? The npc's dont tell the stats the items give so it would be a great help. :D
  11. Legendary Quests (Go to fcity 117 163 or also known as Knight Temple) (You must be a Forsaken Knight to do these quests) Legendary Sacred Wing Quest Legendary Color Exchanger Legendary Gauntlet Quest Legendary Avian Wing Quests Legendary Zodiac Quest Legendary Rucksack Quests Headgear Quests Lionell Margaret Legendary Balloon Quests Legendary Mythical Flame Quests Legendary Lighthalzen Aura Quest Dr.Bones Quest Tip: Use @whodrops (item name) and @whereis (monster name) commands I hope this Guide will help you with your adventure! :th_no1: Good luck! :th_no1:
  12. I cant find it in forum, is it available here?
  13. 6 Daily Rooms Before I start this thread, I will answer the most obvious questions. This is the edited and simplified version Not everyone is into PvP, and sometimes people just want to have a daily activity and a group activity that they can do when they are online So instead of Farm, pvp, Farm, Sell buy, Farm, pvp, and AFK I want to add a suggestion for daily activities, and activity that can fill the day when we are online FaQ Yes this idea is similar to another quest in another game Yes this idea is difficult to implement, and it will take time to design, create and execute No, it is not impossible to do, it just take alot of time Yes i will be happy to help to design the quests, and the minor details No i cannot help with the scripting. :) I will not explain the total design detail in this thread, because it will be too much to read, this thread will only serve as a suggestion. The Rule: @commands will be disabled 6 Daily Rooms Each player can do this daily activity once a day to collect Daily tokens for great rewards~ In this activity there will be 6 quests that needs to be done in a consecutive order. If the player fails to finish the quest, he/she must start from the beginning. Once he/she finishes 6 quests, they will be rewarded 1 Daily token and 1 Coin box (randomly receive coins,e.g Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, etc) This Quest will be accessible in Daily Room @go 25> Warper > Custom Maps > Daily Room In this map, there will be a Daily Room Officer and other daily activity npcs and a Reward NPC 6 Daily Rooms In this room, there will be an Officer NPC (an NPC that will warp you to the quest rooms) Room 1: Count the Monsta: In this room, the NPC will spawn a number of porings, poporings, and drops. The player must count the monster that the NPC asked for. e.g How many Porings are there in this room? [input answer] If you answer it correctly, you will be automatically warped into the next room. answer incorrectly will get you to warped back to the Daily room Room 2: Warping Maze: In this room, you will need to find the NPC Officer to move on to the next quest Relog-ing will cause you to start from the begining. Room 3: Defend the Crystal In this room, you will have to defend the crystal from incoming mobs, you will just need 5 minutes of defending failing to defend the crystal will get you to warped back to the Daily room Room 4: Kill This Plant you will have to kill a plant with 5k HP you will have to kill this plant in 2 minutes if you fail, you will die and will be warped back into Daily Room Once you've killed it the NPC will spawn and you will be able to move into the next quest Room 5: Dance Dance Dance! In this room, there will be 9 boxes and 1 NPC The NPC will give you move instructions if you fail to follow the instructions, you will be warped back to quest 1 Room 6: Evil Little Bunny in this room, you will have to avoid getting killed by Eclipes While you have to kill 6 lunatics in the middle of the room Dying from this quest will warp you back to quest 1 Reward Room: Congratulations! You have finished your Daily Rooms! These are you rewards Rewards at room Reward: 1 Daily Token 1 Coin box Daily Token Rewards: Flower Crown 35 Daily Tokens Effect : Int Stat+ 20 All stat+ 20 [slot 1] Enable to use the skill Level 5 Heaven Drive Butterfly Hairclip 35 Daily Tokens Effect: STR+ 20 ALL STAT + 20 [1 slot] Enable the use of Level 10 Storm Gust Chobbits Hat 30 Daily Tokens Effect: Enable the use of Warm Wind Level 5 All stat +15 [2 slot] Top Headgear Techna Ears 45 Daily Tokens Effect: STR+ 20 Vit+ 20 [1 slot] Reduce damage from Demi Human 15% Merchant Clip 10 Daily Tokens A versatile accessory that you can attach to pretty much anything. Enables use of Level 7 Pushcart Enables use of Level 1 Change Cart Accesories Black Glasses 50 Daily tokens Effect: +20 All Stat 1 Slot Foxie Hat 35 Daily Tokens Effect: Perfect Dodge +5, Critical +20, Flee + 130, Str +30 [2 slot] Summer Suit Sprite Permanent 15 Tokens Santa Bag Temporary 1 Daily Token
  14. When will the wiki page be up for the legendary arrow quest be back up? I just turned in all the stuff required wich took FOREVER and now I don't know what to do and can go back to read what he said because the dialog reset... Help please!! Thank you!
  15. I'm having problems with this quest. My character can't even survive in that level with the army of demi humans in my way to just kill 1 of them. What's the best character to get the cards on LHZ_dun04. Please Help~~
  16. new to this server.... and just got a char to max... help?
  17. Is there any update regarding on Legendary Ammunition for Ninja Class?. :th_e2:
  18. Hi there! i'm new with this game Is there any other way of getting Enriched oridecon, elunium and the likes aside from the mine? Thanks in advance. :)
  19. My Pet(Miyabi) has gone missing after i died at lhz_dun03, i thought it's just a bug (i checked [ALT+J] and it's still there) but after i Re-login it's really gone (and [ALT+J] is no longer working), :th_e28: just what in the world happened?. :th_sob: and for additional info i just fed my pef, so the hunger level is at stuffed and the intimacy is neutral. Please Help. Thank you in advance GM
  20. Hello World!. I need some help on looting when it disappear to fast and my Homunculus is actively hitting monsters and i can't get the specific loot i want that fast. please make it possible to autoloot with Homunculus or at least make the loot expire longer. Please Help. Thank you
  21. Hello i've been trying all day to figure this out but to no avail. I have the right items but this nab Heith wont take my items so Im basically stuck. Can someone shed some light to this
  22. Heya peeps! This coming weekend I plan to complete my blessed ring quest for my bio. The topic title says it all, but my 'mates and I are looking for a veteran high priest and clown to help us with raiding. My ideal pay is 15 berry tickets or 10 tokens. If you think this pay is not fair then tell me want you require of. Fair warning, I can negotiate, but if you require too much then just move along. I'm not being mean, but just being firm. Comment or PM me here or in game if you are interested. Thanks in advance! - Laura
  23. Someone who kindly, i need help I'm begining on legendary weapon quest, first I talked to forsaken knight master, then I tried to gather the items. Now it's done, but when I tried to talked to librarian girl nothing happen. So I need someone who guide or help me, thx so much, note : before I running legendary weapon quest, I remember I've already talked to librarian girl. I don't know, is it take effect or not.
  24. So, I just started the quest and I'm a bit confused? Where is this "Castle" the king told me to go too and where do I get the emblems from the undead Knights?
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