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Found 15 results

  1. choktober

    Weapon Bugs.

    The sword just keeps replacing the main gauche in the right instead of going to the left hand
  2. Legendary Weapon Quest You have to be a Forsaken Knight in order to do this quest View the effects of the Legendary Weapons in here! Step 1, for_elite 100 97 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Knight Master. For your first mission, you'll have to help better the Forsaken City Library. Bring him: 1 Torn Magic Book (dropped by Elder at tha_t04) 1 Books on Legendary Weapons (dropped by Isilla at ra_san02) 1 Old Magicbook (dropped by Bathory at alde_dun04) 1 Level 7 Cookbook (dropped by Evil Druid at gl_church) 1 Memo
  3. Since this server doesn't have custom axe valk. weapon option for sinx. Would like to suggest it anyway :3 The effects would be like this, Critical axe: AGI+30, LUK+40, STR+50, critical rate+30, 10%-30% autocast meteor assault while doing physical damage/enable LV5 maximize power skill, aspd+30(+40 would be better coz of lacking aspd while equipped by sinx :3), Unbreakable. Soul breaker axe(sets with loki's infernal dagger): STR+40, AGI+15, VIT+20, INT+60, aspd+20, increase soul breaker damage by 60%, Unbreakable. Hope GM'S and players supports it(lets hear ur thoug
  4. Hello Guys, Sorry If i Suggest to much and if I am a bit of Inconvenience to y'all. But, I just want to make "Fro" better. So, Here is another Suggestion. PS. Guys, this is different suggestion compare to the Sinx Katar. That suggestion is about bringing back the Katar Crit type. "This suggestion is All about All-in one Sinx Bless Set Suggestion". I want this Suggestion to be Specific as possible. I Thought of this suggestion for days and hours. I hope you like it guys. Thank you :) OBJECTIVE: to make Sinx Bless More Interesting and Fun. Not to
  5. OBJECTIVE - is to make Sinx Crit build more Effective on PVP,PVM,and ETC IDEA - So, My Idea is to make a Katar Weapon sole purpose for Crit Build Sinx. (More info Below) Introduction- What is Critical Hit? Critical Hit is a normal attack hit that ignores the Def and Flee of the victim. However, it does not ignore Perfect Dodge. Critical Hit Rate: The Critical Hit rating, which increases damage by 40%. Offensive skills do not take CRIT into account except for a few exceptions like Focused Arrow Strike. Critical Hit also ignores Flee rate but not Perfect Dodge n
  6. Just some questions: 1. What are the different types of builds that a Lord Knight can have? 2. Recommended armor, weapons, head gears etc 3. Recommended cards 4. Recommended stats 5. Recommended skills to use 6. General tips / guide Thank you! :)
  7. 1. Does TG, Inca, or Mao Guai cards affect Acid Bomb damage? 2. What cards affect acid bomb damage?
  8. B> L. Arrow Set Pm me in Game : iStarter Leave best lowest price
  9. Guys, first i dont have thana, so please let me know what can i use as an alternative for my LK? is there a big difference having a thana? i am a BB type LK.
  10. GM, I suggest that you should make different weapon for Gunslinger. Like Rifle Shotgun , ETC. so, that we can use the unusable skills. the only weaopon i know is Valis Destroyer. you should make another for rifle shotgun and etc. :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx:
  11. im playing high wizard and want to know what is the reward for complete forsaken knight ? do they give knight equipment or what?
  12. hi to all im new here and im looking for guides and good advices does ELVEN BOW exist on our server thanks god bless
  13. >BUYING FORSAKEN CHAMPION MACE< Splendid. HTF = IGN Post Price and IGN tnx,
  14. Johan

    S> Stalker Sb

    I Selling Stalker SB, Valkyrie Weapon, Like a 750 O Offer me :D Pm at --> Walkind Dead
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