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  1. Sup everyone! 🙂

    1. niemono89


      oh my, miss u lel <3

    2. niemono89


      feeling to strikes back now? :3

  2. The Forgotten Smith He and his family used to forge only for the Gods, but now serve warriors to help them refine their weapons to the next level. Mechanics: Find The Forgotten Smith and take on a new quest (easy to moderate) to get his trust. Only Archer, Gunslinger, Merchant, Ninja, Swordsman and Thief class. Weapons should be Legendary or Donated Give the required items to have your weapon forged (weapon must be +10) If successful weapon gets +1 weapons can only be forged up to 10 times (total of +20) If failed weapon breaks Here's the chance to break +1 = 0% +2 = 0% +3 = 2% +4 = 2% +5 = 3% +6 = 3% +7 = 5% +8 = 5% +9 = 10% +10 = 10% Requirements for every forge: 5000 Steels 10 Golds 1 Classic Gold Coin (given after finishing a new quest) 100,000 zeny
  3. Let me just be clear, Wonder Woman didn't kill me. I'm immortal.

  4. This was an old post. A lot of people had finished this. OT: please don't make your signature too big.
  5. It maybe because you have other stuff in your FRO folder. I suggest you download the All-in-One via Torrent.
  6. The tokenshop accepts USD payments. If your card is Visa or MasterCard, it should be fine.
  7. Pixel

    Ares! Kindly check the Christmas screenshot event. THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥

  8. I understand where you're coming from. Almost everyone wears GR though and it can one hit a good target. When I say re-work, I meant balancing it with High Wizard's Guardian effects.
  9. It's been challenging to me as well on how to revive the Crit Katar type. I also think that there are too many Assassin weapons at the moment and that's why Genesis and I worked really hard on Gunslinger, Whitesmith, Taekwon, and Star Gladiators. Rest assured that we will make more things this 2017. But the. Again, this is a good start.
  10. I know it's very one sided but I know a lot of new players who can still compete with their vote set and got rich after grinding, farming, and questing. There are good guides here on how to become geared.
  11. We'll look into this. Mind if you make a ticket for this instead? Link your ticket here.
  12. We'd like to thank you first for supporting the Godslayer item. We'll look into this and see what we can do.
  13. This may kill the Crit Sword because it serves almost the same effects. What do you have in mind to avoid killing the Critical swird build?
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