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  1. Can't download the game, are there any links for me to manually download the game? Thank you!
  2. Please fix the color of the Magical Gold Loli Hat. It looks more like Pink/Peach. See the picture attached. Thanks!
  3. Hi there! Good day everyone. I would just like to suggest to kindly fix the Sprite of the Skull Prince Aurora. It doesn't show up when Alt+Q and during Character Select. Thank you! Sorry for disturbing you only for a minor concern. Thanks again!
  4. Plans for 2015? Actually, I don't have any particular plans for this year. As the old saying goes, "WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE". Needless to say, I still won't set aside my non-negotiable as for whatever year it is. What it is? Doing whatever help I can extend to for whoever you are. As long as I am capable of helping, it's a call for me to be human. It's always an everyday call to find out the "WHY?" you live. I'm enjoying the process :D CHEERS!
  5. What makes my Holiday? Well, definitely a Holiday would be in its entirety if it is celebrated with loved ones. Especially nowadays, our definition of loved ones would be very broad, but going back to the rough grounds, may we never forget the eldest of the elders. We have to visit, thank, chat with them and make them feel appreciated and loved by you. Time seems to be very powerful. It doesn't matter how much time is left, but what matters most is what you'll gonna do with it. Seize and cherish it and never forget our Grandfathers and Grandmothers as well especially during holidays. HAPPY H
  6. -1 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Obviously u can't kill a champ and ask this thing for personal gain? Bro!!! the cards have been used for years now! Then only now u suggest that thing? hahaha BTW, u know how a Ship hat works on other classes right? hahahah HURTS. so Disable it too??? hhahaha. Learn to play..........remember the Anti SHip hat = STONE
  7. -1 then woe would be merely for breaking. No more defending, BORING.
  8. obviously for personal reasons/gains. LOL
  9. -1 I have 2 Ltd Helms, Both were made THROUGH IMPS before even LtD Boxes showed up. And so, if upgrading the IMPS would be implemented, those headgears combined with ORIGINAL IMPS, and not LTD Boxes, should also deserve a boost. If so, then I AGREE! before, people offer 6k+ on my LTD hats, but now they are only cheap :((
  10. -1 Every Jobs are being used in WOE. Not all people are FCPed during Woe. I'm wondering if this type of suggestion will be implemented, therefore, Stalkers and Bios are all over. All the classes will be junked=Just strip one of their items will definitely mean DEAD. It will be a matter of who has more stripper class in the guild, not breakers, nor even defenders, neither the devoers. LOL. *I hope u take into consideration what a stalker can do with Link. ^^. Nice compassion anyways to the Stalker and Bio classes. /no1
  11. pranchew


    but as i mentioned, it happens SOMETIMES, but most of the times it works. Maybe there is something that i pressed or what? mhmmmm :((( annoying right? :((
  12. pranchew


    It has been my long time problem but I just decided to bring it out here. Regarding the usage of "/bm", or engaging in the battle mode type. I really love it because of the multitasking it gives, but sometimes when i warp to a different place with /bm on, it doesn't work. i have to press "enter" twice before my bm and the whole keyboard thing works, which is kinda annoying. how is that?
  13. WOW! So there's such a thing. Players would always mention using that Wtfast, not knowing what it is. Nice. Thnx Guys :D THANK YOU FOR THE ENLIGHTENMENT!
  14. No, not even Wtfast. You said that WTFAST is not prohibited, so will there be a guideline on how to use it ?? mhmm...
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