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  1. Hi fRO!  Im just popping up to see what you guys are up to. 

    1. Maschine Studio

      Maschine Studio

      Hi sir Ray,

      Just wanna say you've mentored me in a lot of ways through your guides. Thanks. Have a good one!!

    2. Rayray


      thats good to hear.  I do wish i can update my guide but im not active anymore so I sadly cant  Hopefully whatever i put in there still holds up. 

  2. Randomly showing up in you feed.  ?

    1. rei


      Hi guys, I hope you guys are doing fine!

  3. Sorry late reply. Mvp equips are mostly the same. You deal high damage with ad without having cards. Needs 3x kiel and anything that raises your hp for mvp hunting.
  4. Rayray

    OP range classes

    If you have to change your whole setup to combat one class, that class needs a nerf. WS damage is a bit overboard imo, a tweak on that damage will be nice. also, WS has been perfectly fine without a ranged skill, I don't get why we gave it one now.
  5. To be honest, hunting mvps to get strong is kinda a slow thing, even in the old days. You gain much much more by joining a guild and doing WoE or farming seeds and selling them. You really shouldn't do MVPs(like kiel) as a newbie.
  6. What's up fRO.  I need your help, especially the vets.  Please read the topic i made in the general discussion.  Thanks.

    1. niemono89


      Wb ray ❤️

    2. masterneil


      waw ur still playing xd, i havent open fro like 6 years or so

  7. Hi fRO. It has been a while since I posted something, mainly because I rarely get online anymore because life happens. I do lurk in the forums from time to time. I posted this topic to try and contact everyone that knows Jay(known as Amicable in the forums). Jay, or jayjay as I call him as im known here as Rayray(as Lena used to call me) was a biochemist main before I even touched that class. With that said, we had fun together in this game and he is one of my closest friends, online or offline. Mostly only the ones who played for a very long time would know him though, but I still need you guys(Calling on Bass and other vets). He needs support. Jay has been diagnosed with a B-Cell Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, and it is on stage 4 already. The last time I talked to him, he told me that it spread to some of his organs, mainly pelvis area and kidneys I think, and some on his ribs. He is having chemotherapy and radiation treatment done, and that cycle runs for at least 6 months. He is way younger than me(i am 27) and he needs friends to get through this. I asked him if I could post in behalf of him and he said yes. I only posted this since he really cannot go online in game or in the forums and my only contact with him was through instagram. I believe it would really help him if his friends from fRO could talk to him. His instagram is just_jayj Please try to contact him there as it is easier for him to just go on instagram rather than login into the forums or in game. Thanks everyone. Edit: jay's family setup a gofundme page. https://www.gofundme.com/help-jeffrey-fight-lymphoma If you guys can donate any amount, it would help. If not, just sharing it would be great.
  8. I personally think changing the skill won't make the ring better at this point. It would rather be beneficial to just ADD other damage increase in the ring. Like just add increased firebolt, lightning bolt and jupitel thunder on the ring itself, along with the coldbolt. that way it won't be easy to counter, since the wizard can just use another skill.
  9. The problem with this is that there will be a ton of guides that will be written and there might be some in there that has wrong information(check some "breaking" guides in the forums).
  10. I agree. Just add another option(aside from PVP tokens) to make the armor. So players can choose whether to use pvp tokens or another item(can be a quest item or something).
  11. That still baffles me up to this day...
  12. Why in the hell a magic class will use spear boomerang?
  13. Alrighty then, ill support this one.
  14. How much is the stave increase on the stave weapon of the mage classes? Let us not make it on par of that. As long as the increase of stave on the highness of soul linkers does not exceed those weapons of mages, ill be fine with it.
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