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  1. Hello and good day! I believe that we have done a lot of trial and error to get to where we are now. At the moment, I don't think there are any more changes to the damage of these two classes. Thank you for understanding!
  2. I use doppelganger card and it works fine for me.
  3. Hello and welcome!! Hope to see you around!!
  4. @qperteplex @Maiimaii @Specter Tagging cause why not ?
  5. @niemono89 Excuse you? Im still playing. What are you talking about? Why are you killing me off?
  6. Hello please file a ticket. Don't spam genesis because clearly it wasn't him. You got scammed sir. If you want to try and get your items back, please post all screenshots on imgur and send the link on your ticket.

    Support>New Request

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