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  1. hope this one can answer ur question.
  2. I'm using Windows 10 as well, and it's fine. Make sure you made an exception for FRO, or turn off your firewall or antivirus during installation. Good Luck
  3. Lzaegis

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    File a ticket
  4. I think everything already fixed now, we can access Control Panel normally again. Before past few days there is error and we couldn't access to vote either.
  5. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Here is my Share, I posted on Instagram, feel free to follow 😛 https://www.instagram.com/p/CG66TEOnAO4/?igshid=11diufix2mzpl And on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10214888842692901&id=1782395640
  6. oi i saw you online! where are you now? 

    are you still remember me?

  7. Blue Aquarius Diadem : lhz_dun02 179 89
  8. Lzaegis

    how to

  9. same here, the video edit quite good already, it just i'm gonna throw out my breakfast... *puke *headache
  10. Lzaegis

    S> stuff

    Telling you about the price through messages ^^ Cheers!
  11. Hello, welcome! from the MVP's card you mentioned, card like Ghostring, Maya, Stromy Knight might worth a couple of token, like 5-10 token, but depends what people need. But like weapon and other i think you may sell it to NPC, since those weapon can't compare with our custom equip which is better than those. we have awesome guide for newbie, check here ^^ ,
  12. Well done with your Sniper, maybe you can make High Wizard to do some quest and farming job. There is plenty of quest you can finish in order to gear up, like Blessed or Cursed Ring, Frigg Shield etc. and welcome back ^^
  13. 所有时代最伟大的!棒棒哒!
  14. Guides for Thanatos Room : Some of newbies recently asked how to enter Thanatos Room, maybe they just want to try it out. Well if that so, I'll share some of tips for doing this. But pardon me if my english not that good, but I tried my best ^^ Our server has Thanatos Room that gonna open every 2 hours. You will see the notification "in 10 minutes open" When the notification are about in 1 minutes prepare you timer. Set it at 60sec or 59 sec (or if you gonna wait until 30 seconds set your timer at 30 or 29 sec, run your timer as soon as the notification pop out) Find your ryth
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