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  1. You only can talk about gypsy/clown who play with this job class. Who no play cannot talk about this, because dont play to stend the gameplay of the chars Gypsy/Clown. I want see if the nerf is in all char what only can use only 2 kiel, if the guys think this cool. Make this in all char if is fair.
  2. The targeted nerf in Clown/ and gyspy was violent to the gameplay for both classes disproportionately. The nerf about MaxHP in Rings and DA, its up until, because the class can have option to tank more with less HP. But The nerf to work only two kiel with Clown adn Gypsy its unfair, because all class can use and one only what cannot. Second: the reasons what make coma a lot not is acceptable, because with 3 kiel have WOE and BG what the play no have time to use some tarot, still more coma. Now be impossible play with gypsy and clown main and have a fair dispute. First argument: T
  3. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=npc_shop_warp&map=arug_dun01&s_block=mob_block&re_mob=1 Please GM, add new card what have in game, but dont drop of the monster what drop the cards. Please GM, add the cards what have in this guild dunggeon of Rachel, and add the monster to drop the cards of all monster of this guild dunggeon? http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=4464 Since now, thanks the GM's per help leave the game best.
  4. Buying High Priest Strike Eagle [4], leave your offer with the your price. thanks to PM in game, nick-name in game: CAMA~Mestre
  5. all sold... can close this topic....
  6. The art be ready... see the art of Eleanor card: https://ragnarok.fandom.com/wiki/Eleanor?file=EleanorCard.png here is the art of the Eira card: https://ragnarok.fandom.com/wiki/Eira?file=EiraCard.png Please GM, can add the picture of the Cards?
  7. help in the idea please

    1. Ebisu


      We will think about this. Jade ice emperium aurora will be available soon, through Mystery Box.

  8. Can get Enriched Elu/Ori in Forsaken Mine using Old Pick (item id 7318) First you drop 1k or 2k of Old pick in map ein_dun01... Later what you farm a good ammount of Old Pick (item id 7318)... Go to @warp for_fild01 236 18 and enter in warp to down... to mine... inside of mine (for_mine01) walk to for_mine01 10 136 and talk with "Mining Spot" using the Old Pick to dig the mine looking for "Enriched Elunium or Oridecon"... But Save all rock's what u get, because maybe you can need this later...
  9. Can get Rose Quartz in Forsaken Mine using Old Pick (item id 7318) Later what you farm Old Pick (item id 7318)... Go to @warp for_fild01 236 18 and enter in warp to down... to mine... inside of mine (for_mine01) walk to for_mine01 10 136 and talk with "Mining Spot" using the Old Pick to dig the mine looking for "Rose Quartz"... Save all rock's maybe you can need this later... To buy the Shadow Orb's use the @warp que_ng 73 23 Thanks Sweet [GM] Moon per this nice guide. Thanks Moonie...
  10. Please, admin, add new collors of Ice Emperium Aurora to get with Event Tokens:(maybe with value of price fixed of 700 ~ 750 event tokens) Jade, Black, Maroon, Umber, Mint, Blue, Azure, Yellow Please Admin and GM's, add this please...
  11. no be 0.10% !!! use @ii 18652 (Eleanor card) you go see what the "Maximal monster drop chance: 0.03%" THE @MI be WRONG !!!! this chance is false thanatos card too is less what show in the @mi use @ ii 4399 (thanatos card) "Maximal monster drop chance 0.15%". the @ mi be wrong.
  12. But we need 4 lines of the "hot keys" working together, not only one per time.
  13. this suggestion is still best, good suggestion guy....
  14. Only have one hot-keys : F1, F2, F3, ..., F9 this make the peaple use less skills and trade of equips what can. My suggestion is add per less more two hot-keys of keyboard to: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9; & ; Q, W, E, R, T, Y, U, I, O, P. We need more keys of commands... please GM add this hot-keys...
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