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  1. fRO's Strongest November 12, 2022 to November 25, 2022 Top 1: ƒury Top 2: ¯\_(",)_/¯ # Top 3: TaurinePapi Top 4: P e z ™ Top 5: The World Is Yours
  2. fRO's Strongest October 15, 2022 to October 28, 2022 Top 1: Si Ano Top 2: ƒury Top 3: omsk1rt. Top 4: Sidhi Top 5: P e z ™
  3. Do you love ForsakenRO? Do you love helping people? Do you feel you could help make the server a better place? Then we'd love to have you as a staff member! Best of all? We're now using rolling applications, meaning you don't have to wait for the chance to start really making a difference here! Apply today! Send in your application to us at [email protected] anytime! If you are accepted, you will hear back from us shortly with more details. If you don't hear back from us, don't give up hope! You can re-apply again after a month! First and foremost... we're looking for people who love ForsakenRO as much as we do! Creative people willing to come up with unique ideas to improve the server, whether it's through quests, new items, new events, or anything else! People who enjoy helping and interacting with their fellow players! Highly motivated people who want to make ForsakenRO a fun and lively place filled with events! Dedicated and reliable people from all over the world that are willing to put the time and effort in People who are at least 18 years of age People who understand and speak/type English fluently Fun and open people who also are responsible and professional Hosting events, and lots of them! (We believe that there's never such a thing as too many events!) Help players as often as you can in game, at help desks, on the forums, and even over MSN too! Coming up with creative ideas for new expansions and being involved with the development of the server! Event/Support GMs (Note: as a GM, you are responsible for both!) Development Team Sounds great, right? So what are you waiting for! Apply today and join our family of hard working and motivated staff who love to have fun! To apply, just copy and paste these questions and your answers to these questions in an email and send them to [email protected]! Please be honest, and good luck! 1. What is your full name? 2. What is your IGN? (In game name. Please include all characters you have.) 3. What is your forum name? (If you have one.) 4. What guild is your main? (The guild your main character is in, you WoE/GvG with, etc.) 5. How old are you? 6. What languages can you speak/translate? 7. Where do you live and what is your timezone? 8. Would you be willing to contribute ideas and suggestions for future expansions? 9. Would you be willing to monitor and organize the Ticket system at least few times a week? 10. Have you ever done anything to help the server? if so, please provide examples and links (if possible!). This includes suggestions and reports you have made as well! 11. What traits do you think a GM should have to fulfill his/her job? 12. Have you ever been punished for disobeying the rules? If so, describe how. (We appreciate honesty and understand no one is perfect.) 13. How long have you been playing on ForsakenRO? 14. How long do you usually stay online at one time? On ForsakenRO? (Please give an average estimate.) 15. Please describe yourself (personality, goals, dreams, anything you feel will help us get to know you and why you'd be a great addition to the team!). 16. Have you ever been a GM here or on other servers? If so, please tell us more about your experiences. 17. Why would you like to be a GM on ForsakenRO? 18. What other servers, if any, do you currently play on? 19. Do you regularly support ForsakenRO? (For instance, voting for us or having reviewed the server in the past 6 months? If so, under what name?) 20. What do you want your GM name to be? 21. Please provide us with your messenger contact information, e.g. Skype, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Deadline: October 21, 2022
  4. Congratulations to IGN: Seree/Pestillence for winning the fRO Login Screen Contest! https://imgur.com/a/XQaXEsh Please DM me on Discord for you chosen Dragon Headgear so we can coordinate when you can claim it. For the rest of the participants, thank you for joining! You can DM any GM in-game to claim your reward.
  5. We will review each of the entries and we will decide which entries are qualified. There will be no rewards for entries that are just screen grabbed and edited.
  6. I see file attachments and link from imgur
  7. Please remove official ragnarok logo to be qualified.
  8. Please create a new entry. This is not going to be accepted.
  9. Changed Forsaken City to Halloween Theme Changed login screen to Halloween Theme Lost Village is now enabled Disabled knock-back on dbz_tour Halloween quests are enabled Halloween candies are back Adjusted the stats of the Limited Edition Rune Aura and Limited Edition Phoenix Aura to HP +10% Added Demon's Familiar Aura (SA Variant) [Available via in-game NPC for 4,200 Forsaken Tokens + 100 WoE Tokens + 1 Imp Token] NPC location: fcity 158 35 Added Lord of Royals cape variant in Token Shop Fixed Oil Bottle[itemID: 6216] not dropping from Venatu Minor bug fixed Mystery Token Headgear Rotation Baphomet Mask Brown Afro Ghostring Hat
  10. fRO Login Screen Contest Conditions: -Your own design Login Screen for Forsaken Ragnaok Online. -Design of the login screen should reference to "Witching Hour" Forsaken Ragnaok Online Theme. Rules: -Only one entry per player. -The file must be 1024x768 and in .bmp format. -Include your IGN when you post your file. -Artwork used in the design must be original. Don't steal/copy other loading screens, don't use official Ragnarok Artwork/Picture and simply edit. -No commission art is allowed, you must be the designer of the loading screen. -Must include Forsaken RO Logo. Deadline: October 10, 2022 The rewards will be given out once the winner is picked. Judging Criteria: Professional Looking Within Requested Content and Format Original and Creative Rewards: Winner: 1x Dragon Headgear of choice Participation Reward: Each participant will receive 100x Event Tokens.
  11. fRO's Strongest September 3, 2022 to September 16, 2022 Top 1: Si Ano Top 2: Not_Me! Top 3: Attempted Murder Top 4: I Omega Top 5: HelpMe_!
  12. ASSASSIN CROSS/STALKER 19725#Black Dragon Arcane Helm# 19726#Blue Dragon Arcane Helm# 19727#Gray Dragon Arcane Helm# 19728#Green Dragon Arcane Helm# 19729#Orange Dragon Arcane Helm# 19730#Pink Dragon Arcane Helm# 19731#Purple Dragon Arcane Helm# 19732#Red Dragon Arcane Helm# 19733#White Dragon Arcane Helm# 19734#Yellow Dragon Arcane Helm# CHAMPION/HIGH PRIEST 19735#Black Dragon Mystic Helm# 19736#Blue Dragon Mystic Helm# 19737#Gray Dragon Mystic Helm# 19738#Green Dragon Mystic Helm# 19739#Orange Dragon Mystic Helm# 19740#Pink Dragon Mystic Helm# 19741#Purple Dragon Mystic Helm# 19742#Red Dragon Mystic Helm# 19743#White Dragon Mystic Helm# 19744#Yellow Dragon Mystic Helm# LORDKNIGHT/PALADIN 19745#Black Dragon Plate Helm# 19746#Blue Dragon Plate Helm# 19747#Gray Dragon Plate Helm# 19748#Green Dragon Plate Helm# 19749#Orange Dragon Plate Helm# 19750#Pink Dragon Plate Helm# 19751#Purple Dragon Plate Helm# 19752#Red Dragon Plate Helm# 19753#White Dragon Plate Helm# 19754#Yellow Dragon Plate Helm# SNIPER/GUNSLINGER 19755#Black Dragon Scale Helm# 19756#Blue Dragon Scale Helm# 19757#Gray Dragon Scale Helm# 19758#Green Dragon Scale Helm# 19759#Orange Dragon Scale Helm# 19760#Pink Dragon Scale Helm# 19761#Purple Dragon Scale Helm# 19762#Red Dragon Scale Helm# 19763#White Dragon Scale Helm# 19764#Yellow Dragon Scale Helm# PROF/HIGH WIZARD 19765#Black Dragon Silk Helm# 19766#Blue Dragon Silk Helm# 19767#Gray Dragon Silk Helm# 19768#Green Dragon Silk Helm# 19769#Orange Dragon Silk Helm# 19770#Pink Dragon Silk Helm# 19771#Purple Dragon Silk Helm# 19772#Red Dragon Silk Helm# 19773#White Dragon Silk Helm# 19774#Yellow Dragon Silk Helm# BIO/WHITESMITH 19775#Black Dragon Skull Helm# 19776#Blue Dragon Skull Helm# 19777#Gray Dragon Skull Helm# 19778#Green Dragon Skull Helm# 19779#Orange Dragon Skull Helm# 19780#Pink Dragon Skull Helm# 19781#Purple Dragon Skull Helm# 19782#Red Dragon Skull Helm# 19783#White Dragon Skull Helm# 19784#Yellow Dragon Skull Helm#
  13. Titan

    In-Game Account

    Yes you can create multiple accounts and open multiple clients
  14. Hi, you can click the Forsaken Kafra and then select the Renter option so you can get a cart.
  15. fRO's Strongest August 20, 2022 to September 2, 2022 Top 1: Si Ano Top 2: Lost in time Top 3: omsk1rt. Top 4: Infatuation Top 5: HelpMe_!
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