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  1. niemono is correct. If you alt+tab to a messenger for example Skype and alt+tab back to ForsakenRO you should be able to move freely again. This has actually happened to me a couple of times, and that simple action solves the issue every time.
  2. That is all you can do is file a Ticket in the TIcket System. They go directly to the GM team. Someone will probably respond to you soon as they come online.
  3. Dallas


    When making the Ticket be sure to include video and/or screenshots if you manage to get any so the GM can see proof. If it just reported with no evidence in the Ticket System, then all the GM will be able to do is watch for the person themselves.
  4. Dallas


    You can go to the Ticket System as that sends to GM's directly.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81a7_FCSWG4
  6. Wow what a blow out. All those Dallas cowboys superbowl wins

  7. Don't worry I'm sure you will get action toward your fan club soon enough, and come visit me in game sometime, I'm back xD
  8. I see the GM Fan Club guild is still growing, good to see.
  9. I see the point of your question. The fastest way to get a response is to file a ticket, they are responded to a lot quicker than a forum post because each ticket that is filed is alerted to GM's through email so they know when to check them. I'd post this in a ticket if I was you. But as you have to see is these two events aren't normal events they are bi-weekly events with as much purpose as WoE is to test players skill in PvP. It's normally your more dedicated players to proviing who has a better build than just for someone to join and try to win Event Tokens.
  10. Well I have been around in the past if that is what you mean, that what comes to mind to me, so I'll say true The Person Below Me, Is surprised to see this post from me after gone for so long @[email protected] Lol, I read up through the previous post TPBM and seen the name which brought me to realize that what it meant so my anwser changes to false. Since "The Past" is someone name.
  11. The after cast delay of kiels do not exceed 100% at all. It will cap off there and not give 120%.
  12. The point of me verifying 4 kiels only allow a spam-able Sonic Blow with no other equips is proof that once you hit 100% cast delay with with 3 kields is 90% and kitty claws adding another 10% it will be spam-able. Kiels do not stack above 100%
  13. I just tested Sonic Blow with 4 kiels only nothing else and it is possible to hit 2-3 everytime. If you time it perfect you can hit 4 maybe more. I hit 4 a few times.
  14. True, I watch it daily just because of the time frame of it on. The person below me watches NCIS.
  15. True, I'm actually gonna have Ramen Noodles, prok&beans, and texas toast for dinner. xD The person below me is addicted to ForsakenRO
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