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  1. - Added option to make Saiyan Red God and Saiyan White Rose to Limited Edition. - Added new Nebula Aurora Colors Brown Nebula Aurora Black Nebula Aurora Blue Nebula Aurora Cyan Nebula Aurora Gray Nebula Aurora Green Nebula Aurora Rainbow Nebula Aurora Majestic Purple Nebula Aurora Yellow Nebula Aurora - Change of Mystery Token Headgear Wind Milestone Divergent Scouter Lightning Helm - Fixed issue on event maps Jumbled Password Circle of Madness Novice Vs Zombies Emperium Race - fRO's Strongest schedule and reward adjusted. [WEEKLY RESET] Schedule: Tuesday (After Asian WoE @ 8 AM), the fRO's Strongest NPC will enable for 1 hour. Sunday (After GvG @ 11AM) the fRO's Strongest NPC will enable for 1 hour. Prizes: 1st: 10 PvP tokens 2nd: 7 PvP tokens 3rd: 5 PvP tokens 4th: 3 PvP tokens 5th: 1 PvP token -Fixed party/guild members limiter during WoE on all WoE maps. 15 Guild/Party members allowed to enter the castle. - Adjusted requirement for White Aqua Aurora and Umber Yin Yang Aurora - Adjusted rewards in Battleground: Ulrich[5v5] WIN: 7KvM tokens LOSE: 1Kvm Token
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