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  1. Hi! I just wanna know what happen to forsaken dungeon (yggdrasil berry dungeon). Its seems that you lessen the no. of mobs inside the dungeon. So now its so hard to farm even just a thousand of berries, plus the chance to drop. Why not add more monsters inside the dungeon but less more the chance to drop. Kindly think about this. Thank you very much!
  2. If you're gonna sell it by piece. I'm willing to buy your urd's earring w/runes for 3k.
  3. I think because of the effect of Amadarias card and Bijou card. If you'll use 3 Amadarias card you'll get +21% atk while Bijou Card gives +42% atk.
  4. no more +8% atk at sinx cursed ring.

  5. go for eisa's ember that cost in game 1.5k toks
  6. dont believe them. you need to have 3 kiel cards to spam any skills. about your 2nd question, better to get a gunslinger cape and a eisa's ember. then find a ring maker to do the ring quest. you can sell you're set if its finished for 4.2-4.5k i think. see yah! :th_wink:
  7. Hi there. Welcome to the server! :)
  8. LF>Master Aerofox. Pls make me a Guild Emblem. >_<

    1. Yatogami


      He is busy irl I think with projects

    2. kyoshiro029


      lol its not yet the end of school year so he is pretty much busy... xD

    3. krefeld


      just make me one then. :3

      should be related to the word 'Green Archers' :)

  9. how can i get boogie mask? is it a donation HG.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ochibi


      u mean the halloween quest semi-old hg?

    3. krefeld
    4. Syl


      I think u can get it randomly at the casino..

  10. I see. you can buy the Bag of Grain at xmas 152 136 :))
  11. Price check: Pally Bless set = ??Ministrel song hat = ?? Orange emp = ??

    1. Nas


      P.set;4.3 minstrel 1.6 o.emp 8k

    2. krefeld


      u sure about ministrel song hat? coz others tell that it is cheap now a days

    3. AsBloodRunsBlack


      yes ministrel are worth like 1600-1800 at this time

  12. what's the number of color "Orange" in the Stylist? anyone? i want to change the color of my clothes into orange. Thanks!

    1. Clover






      (These are the fairly newer colors on the far-right side NPC. :) )

    2. krefeld


      awesome! thanks a lot bruh! ^^

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