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  1. New Loading Screen Disabled Halloween Village Enabled Christmas Village Updated BGM for Forsaken City Remove Coma Effect on all Creator weapon Enabled Toy Factory raid Enabled Christmas Quest Added 3 new Headgears on Toy Factory raid ( Legendary Knit Hat , Legendary Lousie Red Hat , Legendary Santa Cap ) Added 3 new Headgears on Special Christmas Gift Box Quest ( Legendary Snowflake Tiara, Legendary Twin Santa Hat, Legendary Unicorn Ornament ) Reduce Pori Pori Revenge
  2. Applications have been reopened! Applications end on November 1st, 2020 (Sunday).
  3. Fixed decription of Specialty headgears on the tokenshop. Fixed issue where you could not use certain consumable items in the Lair Dungeons. Disabled storage in formap20 (Aegir's Bless) Added new Monthly collectibles to the tokenshop. Added new Brutal, Striking and Magical viarants to the tokenshop. Adjusted PvP Ladder Schedule to 11:00 -> 12:00 PM on Sundays. Enabled Kaite skill in WoE Maps. Lowered player requirements in BG and exchange rates for rewards. Increased delay of Gunslinger Desperado by 2x. Fixed issue with Gunslinger Track
  4. Kaite has now been hotfixed to be allowed in all WoE Maps. It still remains disabled in formap36 via a new custom mapflag. If there are any issues please let me know!
  5. Fixed an issue causing Tracking to have an after cast act delay. (It will now be significantly faster) Increased Desperado After Cast Delay by 2x (form 1400 to 2800). Kihop (aka Fighting Chant) party stacking has been reworked from (2*skilllvl*partymembers-1) to (skilll.vl*partymembers-1). In effect, reducing it's damage by half. Item database updated in the Control Panel You will no longer see "unknown items" when searching through your inventory or storage. Item database icons are in the process of being updated. If you guys notice an
  6. Hi fRO, Based on your feedback we have physically relocated the server to the west coast. The timezone of the server will still remain EST (GMT-4). In order to connect you will need to run the patcher. Alternatively, if you are unable to run the patcher, do one of the following: Download the gepard patch and extract and replace it to your fRO directory here: https://forsaken-ro.net/gepard_patch.zip Redownload the small patch (or all-in-one here): https://forsaken-ro.net/download/ If you have any illegal macro software, you will need to uninstal
  7. Added delay on Kyrie skill. Adjusted Legendary Katar to be 90% of the Valkyrie Weapon equivalent. Adjusted Legendary Hammer to be 90% of the Valkyrie Weapon equivalent. Fixed issue with Lair mobs being the wrong element. Mystery token headgears rotated. Gold Mystery Box rotated. Mystery Box rotated. Buffed Stalker Blessed ring variants. Buffed Stalker Cursed ring variants. Ninja Cursed ring variants restated. Ninja Blessed ring variants restated. Ninja Guardian ring variants restated. Fixed issue with Volund effect not ap
  8. This topic is from 2015. Place an order via the tokenshop, select BDO bank deposit. It'll send you an email with the instructions.
  9. DM me the username, I'll activate your account then you can login and change it.
  10. Fixed issue with Paladin Guardian Ring variants giving more HP than Paladin Blessed Ring. Added new Tempest Aurora (Hurricane Aurora variants) Kitty Claws buffed. BG will now happen twice a day, everyday; prizes adjusted accordingly. Fixed edge case where if you used Dragonist Honor before becoming a Dragonist Rank 1, you'd lose it. Fixed issue with Black Cat Ears showing wrong sprite. Creator Valkyrie Weapons reworked. Updated non-donation ring versions of Wizzard Paladin and Creator to reflect their donation counterparts. Added new cape variant
  11. Seed Ticket Pass no longer provided with Guild Package. Added Warp Portal to for_map219 so the MvP can be reached. Dark Maze and Juton Raid can now be reentered. Fixed issue with Yggdrasil Raid spawning mobs in unreachable areas. Enabled @warp command in for_fild01. Disabled @warp command in dbz_tour. Fixed issue with Divine Might giving the incorrect stats. Added Random Warp Point functionality to dbz_tour. Disabled Kaite in Forsaken Lair maps. Added NPC to dbz_tour that allows you to warp out. Added protection Cloth variants as Cape
  12. Potentially. He also needs to check what permissions the exe has. The Fix screen fix should resolve this. @Titan
  13. having problem with the game, I open it but it doesnt go fullscreen and  stays in a tiny window

    1. Genesis


      Try the white screen fix listed here: 


  14. Introducing 4 new Forsaken Lair Dungeons, MVP's and Cards! Asmodeus Dungeon MVP: Mallina = 1 hour spawn time Drop: Mallina Card [Boots] Card effect: [Taekwon Boy/Girl] Enable the use of level 10 Storm Gust. (The card effect is disabled on WoE and PvP Room) Baalphegor Dungeon MVP: Moring = 1 hour spawn time Drop: Moring Card [Boots] Card effect: Matk +10%, Increase Fire bolt, Cold bolt, and Lightning bolt damage by 20%. [Professor] Matk -10% Zagum Dungeon MVP: Lune = 1 hour spawn time Drop: Lune Card [Cloak]
  15. Applications have been reopened!
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