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  1. podian

    AK card

    if a monster is an MVP, it will say so in @mi for example: @mi turtle general found: MVP Monster: Turtle general...." @mi poring found: Monster: Poring
  2. 290 int? shouldnt it be XX0 total? :[ kind of basic ro dragon oten hammer!
  3. Support priests are kind of in a bad place right now with inconsistent effects on the various buffs--progress on this will be mired by the spaghetti code--as well as the ubiquity of GTB makes using priest buffs on allies kind of hard. But it's not "terrible" as a force multiplier assuming you have the (organized) numbers in the first place. And that's not even going into the awkwardness of how you can target enemies for buffs in WOE/PVP and there's no way to turn that off. Not to mention the majority of endgame priest items were either not really thought out or implemented poorly. -2c as the only serious support priest (I've seen) in WOE :/
  4. I noticed that the +15 VIT DEF from Pumpkin King Cake and the +20 VIT from Vit Candy Is not reduced by Skoll card, Frigg's Shield, any Ring, etc... Can we make it so it is reduced? Or just remove +15 Vit from P.Cake? It already doesn't give any Int so this wouldn't be a big deal. P.S. please make Pcake give +15 int ty
  5. Hey everyone on the staff team, let's start off with a bit about me: I'm a former game dev, now full-time dad :D, having worked on titles such as Guild Wars and Auto Assault back in the day, as well as more recently having done quite a bit of consulting work for mobile or free2play game industry in Vancouver (which is where I live!), as well as a boring Unity Developer (in C#). This post is in no way emphasizing the prioritization of revenue or monetization; it is merely a resource that can help provide ideas that allow players who want to support the server feel good about any amount they wish to donate, and donate as much as they want. ===== Before I get started on infodumps, I'd like to mention that even with decades of popularity, Forsaken RO's structure and shares many aspect things with freemium and mobile games, even if the gameplay is massively different, with salient similarities being: 1. A majority of the revenue comes from a tiny portion (<1%) of the population. 2. Most whales don't know or think they're whales. Regardless of if they spend 50, 500, or 50000 dollars a month. 3. For the ones who do spend, it is very likely they will spend again if given an opportunity and a bit of motivation. With the basic stuff out of the way, here are some basic strategies that I propose you guys start implementing (if you're not already doing so): 1. In addition to regularly releasing and cycling stuff (MTG came up with the set cycle system that many other TCG's copied) which I think is already being done, find ways of educating players on what custom items are available, have their publicly visible stats be accurate and up-to-date... and even putting in rental gear (vote points, or tokens/donation only) for rings or gear that cannot be re-rented for a long time -- so they have to "buy it and quest it" if they like it or if they don't, then no harm done because they only had it for a few hours. That way people can actually test in a somewhat live scenario and see if they like it or not. If implemented correctly, the pros outweigh the cons. More Raids like the Halloween one, but much much more difficult (read: NOT boring *cough faceworm*) will keep people interested. You know, actual tactically or strategically challenging end-game non-pvp content. 2. Maybe (subtly) start on implementing more RNG (loot box/gachapon) system here and here -- there's a reason why League switched to it after years and years and even despite "protest" and Hearthstone and Overwatch kills with it (Just look at Blizzard quarterly revenues pre-Overwatch and post, subtracting the revenue from unit sales). I think FW Raid with the 50% Gjallar drop and the 400 H-token Trick or Treat Box is a good start, but there are many, many ways to do this (and have it greatly augment revenue) 3. Putting in more ways for donation coupons (tokens) to be "used up" thus increasing their value and fighting premium currency inflation. Currently I only know of the Seed/Speed rooms and the F.King Gear room. I can think of at least half a dozen non-intrusive ways to "tax" people in exchange for providing efficiencies, conveniences, or customization's. As to how and the various theories and methods of design and implementation, I won't go too far into detail with this post but I can mention two of the basic fundamentals that help to provide opportunity and motivation: 1. Understanding the three types of spend-happiness and wallet-openation in a game like Forsaken RO A) the Collector (aka The Headgear Collector) -- I liked how you guys have new premium-only headgear every month, aand you can add on to limited time HG like, for example, the (new) unique Halloween ones that came out just over a month ago, how about making some of it "can only be purchased once per account only" and then to make a set (upper, mid, lower) they need the help of other people, probably other Collectors, which increases their time and social investment into the game and makes them more likely to donate more frequently and for higher amounts in the future. B) the Competit0r (aka The PvP Junkie) -- You could, though it would be quite blunt and overt, make the next Custom MVP Card (Thana/Bijou tier) drop with from a new item, "Old Black Box" that you get from an NPC in exchange for <insert new Castle Drop here> + 100 tokens. Or just have something like TheNextBlackwitch cost tokens (and pseudo-tokens, such as items like Imp Boxes) to enter. It is very important that PVP is balanced, so that potential donators believe that their donations will give them an edge. That means PVP should not be insurmountable or off-putting after one to four weeks* of playing--which it "usually" is, currently; you guys should increase the relative power of ANY new player who has played 2-4 weeks--not grinded--just played; the vote reward system is a VERY solid foundation on this but you guys should create an integrated in-game, custom quasi-tutorial for this server that does away with the questionable nature of the requisite 1k Chivalry Emblems and (oh god) the boredom of making a Legendary Weapon. Just give it to them after they've shown interest and competence; say after they've won some "arena" matches -- a pvp event with fixed, pre-set gears and the prize is legendary gears (account bound) so old players won't camp it to crush new players. Have I mentioned plenty of people don't even log in to the CP once after account creation? This will spike player retention of those in this category immensely. Other than balance and progression in the sense that the various play "styles" are all represented -- i.e. if only killers are competitive then you've failed to capture the market that includes Competit0rs who prefer to play Support, stealth, etc. That's why MMORPG's have different classes. Making the items balanced (you can, occasionally do some "FOTM" stuff like Ninja Blessed and Mastersmith Cursed Ring, but those ideally should have other purposes as well, to test new metas or waters, so as to tag multiple birds with one very heavy and costly stone) C) the Aesthetician (aka The Cool/Cute Char Maker) -- Similar to the first, but this allows you to go deeper into monetizing appearance like, how about the next batch of clothing dye (unique) costs tokens donations to unlock? Some people really like a certain look and will pay any price to get it. Rainbow EMP is good, various rarity EMP's are good, but there's ways you can tie donations into it. Like having an NPC that offers to change the colour of your Ship Captain Hat for 10(green), 100(red), or 100(black) tokens? Ever try to make an item like Sunday Hat in vanilla RO? It had all the hallmarks of a (90s) good headgear quest: Rare and arguably useful/valuable equipment needed (the slot hats), a few easy items (fabrics), and a deceptively difficult to acquire, grueling item (soft feathers). The end result? A truly rare HG even when avrg. monthly users exceeded 100,000 in iRO. 2. Timing; As I mentioned earlier* this is simply put, aiming for new players to "not quit" for at least 3-4 weeks after they've joined fRO--that's the critical "dating" phase--of course it's not like you're kicking them out of the server after a month (like some Subscription With Free Trial games do) because fRO, like any other MMO, benefits from a large active population. But that doesn't mean you can't try to streamline content (I can't stress this enough how you guys need to rework the "first impression" and "knee deep" experiences that causes tons of quitting) and get them exposed and invested and caring about as many of the above three aspects as you can in the first month, then if they think you've made a good gam--server, quite a few people would be willing to fork out even dolphin amounts, if not outright going whales-deep. That's the rationale behind otherwise questionable "starter packs" and "first time tokenshop gifts" that many, many games have -- make it One-Time-Only and make the discount steep for account-bound donation items. The first time a player spends money is the hardest. As you know from your experience, repeat customers are not at all uncommon -- they just need a reason and they will give you their money! Are you gonna give them one? ...and why stop at one? Thanks for your time. As you guys can tell, I'm a fan of lists! Dakka P.S. Feel free to message me on forums for any development questions, planning strategies, balance consultation, or even Unity questions(zzz), all pro bono of course to any fRO player :D P.P.S. Particularly applicable for fRO: hire competent staff (slow), fire incompetent ones (fast). Hire or train people whose sole job will be to screen potential people-for-hire.
  6. a couple things: 1. doesn't mention berry hat or bor clip 2. you dont need a single point in agi to max storm gust uses. with 3 kiels theres a 600ms delay between sg/lov casts -- thats like 165 aspd lol 3. Star Glad can get 26790 carry weight--not 23600-- with no special gear. 4. dont need hollowring; aliot is better for matk 5. vote valk helm is worse than the +15 all stat slot vote helms 6. best mid gear is fallen ghost or another vote -- LLHZ and LZOD takes forever to farm 7. with your first 150 tokens, prioritize Kiels, then L Wiz and int gauntlets then nd c ring GG
  7. Posted here since it's not really a "strategy guide" that falls under "All you need to know about PvPing, WoE, and MvPing!" ==== So lets say you want to loot both Mystic Horn and soft feather from those pesky Cornus, or you want both Aloevera and Cat's Eye from Mao Guai ... but that annoying @ali only lets you get one item! Step 1) Get item A (Mystic Horn) in your inventory Step 2) Get item B (Soft Feather) in your inventory Step 3) type @ali 10015 (and turn autoloot off if you have it on for whatever reason) Step 3) @warp to pay_fild06 Step 4) Kill Wormtails until you can't pick up Green Lace anymore because your inventory is full Step 5) @autoloot 100, and proceed to kill whatever drops item A and item B (Cornus, in our example) You will only loot and pickup the items that are already in your inventory. WARNING: clear up your inventory a bit before you decard. aka read the npc's warnings. you'll probably make this mistake a few times so be ready to alt+e and drag something to the ground asap (don't decard in 25 for this reason)
  8. Sooo, with all the balance changes that come with every update, I lament that well over a month of playing I still don't know where to view all current weapon stats and descriptions without tracking them down in-game, lol. Did I just miss a section on the forums somewhere or are players expected to keep a running database of diffs for each and every patch to have access to current data? Is it possible that the devs add this line to their workload when rolling out a new patch? "After posting the Update Notes on the forum, update every changed items description in their Tokenshop page." Or, if only Genesis has access to descriptions in the token shop, how about a forum post by a GM (or anyone with test server access) listing all the current Valkyrie weapon effects? we already have effects listed for all the Rings (THANK YOU FOR THAT BTW). I had to tell a potential donator acquaintance that Thor's Hammer isn't as bad as the Tokenshop description makes it out to be *nudge nudge Genesis* but ultimately they thought it too cumbersome to dig through patch note(s) to try and figure out the current stats of the item. Rip lost sale? Related, I'm curious if WS O Sword is as questionable as it looks in the Tokenshop description. P.S. sorry in advance to devs if your workload is ultimately increased LUL rest assured this is a worthwhile thing to do
  9. With 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes I'm sure the GM's/judges will be more than happy to decide which ones make the cut. Good guides get stickied or whatever, bad guides tend to fade away in the pages of an aktiv forum, like natural selection, an ecosystem!
  10. how about instead of screenshot contests (not that I have anything against them, lol) you guys hold a contest for "the best guide written" next month? make 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes so people are more motivated hue hue. that way you might actually get a bunch of new player guides that might help to oh, idk, help retain new players? :D or maybe guides for other awesome stuff too like raids. might get people thinking about the game a bit more, and the more into it players are, the more likely they are to pay for premium items like capes or accessories! might even get people exploring parts of the game that are new to them, i shouldn't have to keep listing ze benefits :D and, oh, IDK, maybe remove or amend the update that talks about daily dragonist quests? When I started FRO I was looking for the "daily quest npc" for like five days straight before someone told me that it was removed "a long time ago and the GM's never bothered to [amend] the forum info"
  11. Was not sure whether to post here or at https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/guide/ forum organization is spaghetti =[ ================== Requirements to start [any] Dragonist Raid: 1) Forsaken Knight 2) Be a Party Leader 3) @warp fcity 155 116 , go inside, talk to the NPC in the northwest quadrant (current location as of this posting) 4) Talk to the NPC -- max one party (in the server) can be in any one raid at any one time. Objective: Clear all monsters on the map, new monsters will respawn across the whole map, rinse and repeat. Sounds boring? Not if you make it fun! With that in mind, the best way to do it in the time limit (that is, clear the entire map several times) is to make sure that A) bring the DEEPZ!!!1 (dps) B) you don't miss any enemies, so your party should move in a formation C) move fast; always have a Lucio in the group For the first point, a common way in RO to maximize DEEPZ is by hitting the right element. I have assembled here a starter spreadsheet that shows the stats for enemies encountered in the first four waves (there are more than four). Refer to Appendix D (for DEE--ok I'll stop.) For the second point, I have attached a map that shows a simple starting position and formation as you move out. Starting point is near the bottom right -- where fuschia meets red. Here is an in-game example of how you would proceed to move out in an efficient manner, showing the red and blue paths: Obviously I CBA'd to hit f12 or shrink the chat. From this screenshot you can garner the following: 1) The map used is spl_fild01 2) precision will increase efficiency, i.e. you can see your path follow the edge of the dirt for the red route; there are many "landmarks" along the entire scout path to make sure that every cell is viewed; likewise the blue path has specific nuances too -- turn north before you leave the water @ the arrow 3) I like to use /where and @warp a lot. You should too. Too bad commands are disabled in raids. 4) I am poor, RIP Another bit of info that I'm happy to share is that your vision / draw distance is a square (skill ranges are more circular - you can't always hit people at max diagonal range) exactly 14 cells orthogonal from your centered character, aka a 29 x 29 square. If you're smarter than I am, you'll try to sweep in a diagonal with your party mates to cover the most screen time (up to √2 of normal speed!!!1) Once you can sweep the whole map once in under 5 minutes, you'll know you have a good chance at finishing the raid within the time limit of 30 minutes. Otherwise I recommend you all just leave -- you either get the full reward or nothing at all. Lul. oh and of course... Reward for Completion: - Some fame for every character (less than every other raid) - A pittance of dragon tokens (4) despite being one of the hardest raids to 2-3 man LOL - Bragging rights - Now U can do it again! and again! and again! Special Thanks to: Lan (the Clever, founder of House Lannister) Yatogoomi (GOOMY!!) Best, Dakka P.S. Protip don't do this raid in its current state except as a joke or for the lulz -- if your group is competent and organized enough to beat this raid with 4 or fewer people (the profit point) then other raids are trivial in comparison and far more rewarding -- two or three people frequently beat Charleston and Blackwitch yet I'd bet they'd fail at this one, or spam so many c-speeds it's not even profitable LUL. IDK how it passed Q&A, the only reasons that make sense are far more insidious and frightening than simple ineptitude. Pro-link to muh suggestion thread: https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/34792-rebalance-dragonist-raids/ P.P.S. Lul Please don't punish/warn/censure/ban me, I stuck my neck out at no chance of personal gain, to give something objective and possibly even helpful to new players ;). If the "developers" (Veracity?Kappa) don't like this and might want to improve/modernize/make funner/re-evaluate the raids or something, I'm available for level design consulting pro bono (and only pro bono) as long as I play fRO. <an actual game dev>
  12. BW can be reliably completed with 2-3 competent people. Charleston can be reliably completed with 2-3 competent people. I admit IDK about Union City LUL but Lost Forest of Oberon is kinda not really do-able with 2 people (very risky with 3 due to miss chance) regardless of competence even with like 200 cspeed potz. Perhaps, if this is the goal, to make BW actually difficult or challenging (for competent folks) as implied? Simple Fix would be to make enemies not spawn in one cell (game dev 101) and/or have the spawn timing completely up to the player. another ezpz-to-implement suggestion would be to change the map for Oberon (keepin it a forest because flavor hurhur), I very quickly compiled a brief list of ezier maps: 1) pay_fild11 2) mjolnir_04 3) gef_fild02 4) prt_fild03 5) pay_fild09 6) pay_fild06
  13. Everyone, word of warning, after testing I can confirm that Laughing Poopoo only gives 10% reduction and not the stated 12%.
  14. I know GM's can't play favourites with players -- but the reverse isn't true I hope!


    Because [GM]Ebisu is an MVP and I love him/her and I hope I never find out who their player character is, so I can continue to have a wonderful uncorrupted professional player-gm relationship with 'em.

    1. Ebisu


      Pretty sure that Ebisu must be great!

    2. Penthesiliea


      Tsk tsk tsk, Did you manipulated this player Ebisu?!

      HAHA Kidding

  15. All that time and work saved ...for less than the price of an EoF! Also available for generic farming and other lengthy quest items :O leave me a message ingame :D
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