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  1. Pvp was made to tank. Not a battle type class. Grand Cross damage is already doing high damage if you use right equips. If you are suggesting this is not the right section tho.
  2. That’s because he’s feeding, that’s why he was banned and always on 2x . And no one else was fighting w him at ladder. GS can do 70-85k and thats it. Higher than that its either voked or cursed acce. Or you are wearing wrong equips to counter they bullets. They counter your armor instead. (Ex, some of people wears undead armor and gs equips holy bullet all the time) Also take note Gunslinger has seed delay and they havt shitty MHP. It doesnt need some changes.
  3. I agree with this. It was dying already. + Gunslingers already have low hp around 250-260k. and having Seed delays are pain in the ass. This just killed the class perfectly.
  4. Yep, That's the thing. Whitesmith has already high HP and can still cast pnuema. meanwhile sniper has nothing but to sacrifice 1 slot of cloak to put 1 sinx card. which makes them dies on full asuras/and some other stuff.
  5. No idea what you are trying to say here. x.x I wasn't saying buff Sniper FAS dmg like crazy. They are just actually got left behind on pvp classes. FAS spam is not fast as Throw Toma/CT/Fullbuster spam.
  6. FYI, Throw Tomahawk is not actually Whitesmith skill. Whitesmith has no range skill. Incase you don't know i'll leave the link Here . We're not talking about special and stuff here. We we're talking how whitesmith outclass'd the Range Jobs :) I still don't get your point. Once again you only appear in suggestion and comments non-sense stuff. Which confuse other viewers. This says that you don't even PvP so please, Do me a favor, Stop confusing everyone.
  7. I believe its because you are doing some commands way too fast, Like warping away too fast when your screen still loading that's why it forced close your fRO.exe It also happens to me whenever i warp away way too fast. Or pressing some other button, Especially when /bm on
  8. Idk which G ring you are preferring to, But Sniper and Gunslinger Guardians are fine the way it is. You just have to play it right.
  9. You're basically saying Whitesmith is not so broken, You probably using Whitesmith at the moment and doesn't want to get it nerf'd.. Whitesmith doing 110k Tomahawk w/ ultra high speed and you're saying its not broken. Whitesmith can even cast Pnuema and have 300k+ HP. How is that not broken? Sniper damage sucks, That's why nobody uses it for pvp. And remember Sniper has no evade skill, Like GS(Charge atk/Adjustment) and Whitesmith(Pnuema) have. And just like you said, Range classes were meant to be lowhp, But then. How are you going to explain Whitesmith having high damage high MHP while d
  10. Agree with Snipers having low damage, Snipers are way too left behind on pvp action. Sniper is just a raid slave at the moment. Boosting damage of it would be nice. But Gunslingers are pretty good right now if you play it well. It just that Whitesmith Cursed is broken that's why Gunslinger looks stupid if you ask me. But i don't quite get your point. Can you be more specific? Not just me, Some viewers might also get confused. x)
  11. Hmm, First of all. We're PK server afterall. So i don't think that's possible. But then let's see what our GM's can do about it.
  12. This artwork <3 still waiting for mine (Legit char) HUHU
  13. This might be a good idea, But every aura has different purposes in game. So even if they add LTD version of it. It won't be that good as much as LTD Emperium auras we have right now. Having greater effect of LTD emperium would make the server pay2win.
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