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  1. Selling: 1x Biochemist Cursed Ring 2x Jormungandr’s Rage 1x Brutal Saiyan Hair Trading: 1x Gunslinger Blessed Ring 2x Eisa's Ember Must add accordingly. Leave a message or PM if you're interested with IGN and price.
  2. Is Clown Soaring Bird, 1 handed or 2 handed? Thank you.

    1. niemono89


      1h soaring bird anyway, no worries :3

  3. If Guardian Ring must reward such as higher damage than other rings due to extra efforts invested on making it, then all players will opted to wear only guardian IMO. Thank You Well, that's the point is it not? If you invest in more resources and time, wouldn't you want an increase an damage for your effort? If you spent more time and effort to see the same results as the other rings, which require less time and more effort, then it would be a waste. Correct me if Im wrong in case Bless LK and Cursed LK ring also share the same damage with Spear Boomerang of Guardian Ring. Yes,
  4. Although they do the same amount of damage, it is more work for the guardian ring. Why would players waste their resources and time making the LK Guardian when they can get the same amount of damage off say a LK Bless or LK Cursed. What he's trying to say is players should have a little more say, 'reward' aka higher damage with the LK Guardian compared to the other rings for the more resources and time they put into making it. Hopefully, we do see a rework of some sort in the future for it. :)
  5. What's the current coma rate on edge and LoD? and which one is better? Thank you. :)

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    2. Penthesiliea


      It's not that low when you hit 195 aspd.


      Also, If you have like 10% on coma that will be godly then and able to kill everyone :p 1% is really high enough Tbh.

    3. mxsitu


      @Penthesiliea Oh, I know. I'm not complaining about the rate or anything. I was just surprised to see it at 1%. @Genesis Can you confirm the rates, please? Thank you. :)

    4. Penthesiliea


      Well its either 1% or 0.01%.

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