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  1. I agree they should be buffed, since rings are optimally better in every sense, for every class. The only reason people buy/use them is to to show off
  2. Haven't checked the forums in a bit. Yeah so I don't really see where your going with this. My point is that the Imps SHOULD be more rare since they are way harder to obtain. Color changing the LTD's will not make them more expensive. They are 40$ regardless on the tokenshop. Also yes, my point exactly, who would by an Imp with +3 stats when they could spend 80% less and get a LTD with 5 stats. I don't think making Imps even less appealing will fix things. I think giving the players a variety of choice and options to customize their player's looks would be best. Sorry if I didn't cover everyt
  3. Bishop, I don't know if you saw the recent donation promotion but there are LMTD "Boxes" available now for 40$. They go in game for about 2,000 tokens. The cheapest Imp/s are Gold and Violet and both of those run for 6-8k. Using Imps to exchange for tokens is a thing of the past now.
  4. I am suggesting that the Imperial Helms get a little buff because they are obsolete to the Limited Helms which makes no sense to me because of the availability of Limiteds compared to the rareness of Imps. Also personally I prefer the style of the Imps to the Limiteds. I am fine with them being even or possibly +2-+3 more than the Limited Helm. [i don't own an Imp for this reason so this suggestion is not for personal gain.]
  5. I've known Drew pretty much since I started and Peter for almost as long. Had some of my best times on FRO with these guys snagging castles and winning GvG's undermanned. You guys made a big impact here and will be missed. Good luck with whatever comes next in life! Keep in touch.
  6. It appears to me he is just stating his opinion on the new donation promotion. Just because he doesn't agree doesn't make what he is saying complaining, rather he is just contributing his thoughts towards the new addition. He clearly states why he doesn't agree with it, he is not just bashing it arbitrarily. Although there are some issues associated with the implementation of Harmony, with the right coding and editing it can be applied without being problematic. I have played on a few servers with Harmony and suffered none of the aforementioned. I would also like to point out that editing t
  7. You also have to remember that back then the Emperium's hp was less than 1/4 of what it is now, also Sinx and Paladin are not the only classes that have had higher tier gear available for them. Regarding 3rd party program use, it has been blatant, rampant, and neglected.
  8. My take on this issue is that it helps the brand new, doesn't effect the rich, and hurts the people in between slightly. The new players are obviously effected positively because of the ease of getting started through the vote capes, vote sets, easily obtainable MVP cards, ect. The richer players are not really effected because most of everything in the new update was newbie oriented. The "middle class" is where I think that the update might hurt a few players. Mainly because the MVP room's new drop rates will flood the server with Kiel's, Turtle General's, FBH's, and Tao's.This effects them
  9. Yes, can't go a day without writing in mine. TPBM has broken a bone before
  10. +1 Been this way since I can ever remember. LK will still be a threat w/o Parry.
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