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  1. ship captain hat: bijou/kiel emp: bijou/kiel ring: maya p/fsold/kiel armor: gr, tao / gr, eleanor / gr, rsx bow: tg, mao, mao/paper, paper / tg, paper, paper, skel cloak: ray, skoll / 2x ray / skoll, sinx boots: fbh, fbh accessories: 2 ifrit / 1 ifrit + dex rune str: 150 agi: 195 aspd vit: rest int: 20-50 dex: 29x luk: until 80 crit ideal situation: ms clown + pally devo
  2. The 2 Kiel Nerf applied to clowns and gypsies only affects tarot. You don't need more than 2 Kiels for Arrow Vulcan and Melody Strike is ASPD-reliant. I don't see how you possibly think capping a max of 2 Kiels across every class is reasonable. Sorry to stick it to you but the play-style you've become reliant on is most likely never making it back into the game, and I'd be surprised if that wasn't true. There's a reason why many mid/high-rates nerf tarot in one way or another due to how crippling it can be.
  3. It wasn't violent, it was a nerf that should have happened years ago. It's a toxic play-style that cripples other players with no room for counter-play whatsoever. 1. Half Atk for 30 seconds 2. Half Matk for 30 seconds 3. Atk, Matk, Flee, Hit, DEF -20% for 30 seconds 4. Removes all buffs (dispell through GTB) 5. Randomly cause the effect of two other tarot cards 6. Target it stunned for 5 seconds 7. Coma Half of the cards available in Tarot are extremely crippling especially in a high-rate scenario where clowns had -90% after-cast delay and were able to spam it as such a
  4. +1 Have been struggling to find relevant, up to date and well-structured information on current and previous items that have been added or have been changed.
  5. I'm not assuming anything, purely going off of experience and playing this server on and off for over a decade. The state of pvp right now as it is, is unhealthy. It doesn't matter whether you're a casual player or a hardcore player, the difference between having the the normal items like you said (normal accessory, valk weap, farmor, hg & aura) should not be THIS huge. You've likely joined the server right as these rings were being introduced and never got to experience what it was like beforehand, the amount of damage classes like these do as of right now is completely absurd. Having the
  6. I have no problem dealing with a Wizard whatsoever in a 1v1 scenario outside of a setting which requires a group like BR/GvG/WoE. The whole point of this nerf is to make sure that they aren't able to just drop another player easily with no counter-play whatsoever while providing them with increased survivability. Whether or not you need an alt doesn't matter, there's plenty of people that play redux prof that are there purely to help other Wizards and mindbreak them while using whatever CC they can do prevent people from advancing during WoE. If there's a guild defending with a couple wizards
  7. Please stop playing it off as if these nerfs, even if they are aggressive would render the class useless. It'd render that specific play-style useless at best and I can tell you pretty confidently that the numbers I've provided definitely isn't aiming to do just that. What makes you think Whitesmith using Napalm is normal whatsoever? You're most definitely not the only who plays whitesmith, there's at least two others currently and do absurd amounts of damage. I've merely suggested nerfing Whitesmith Guardian until there's a replacement for it because currently as it is it promotes a toxic met
  8. You're asking for accessibility to devastating damage with no downsides whatsoever. Do you use kafra hairband? I already included a HP buff to Wizards to increase their survivability which you probably overlooked. If anyone's going to reply saying nerfing Kafra Hairband would be the way to go, no it would not. Kafra Hairband should stay the way it is with adjustments made to the very ring itself, so that the option to do significantly more damage is still there with a clear downside (the ability to be frozen).
  9. Just because something's previously been nerfed doesn't mean it was good enough. I haven't come back and expected anything of anyone. Up until the point you broke down and started attacking me I hadn't even said a word and hadn't done anything except kill you in an attempt to ladder. It's clear you have something against me and from the very day I came back you've tried your very best to find an excuse to get @ me, it definitely isn't working sorry bud you're only coming across immature by personally attacking me on a suggestion thread. Wizard hasn't ever and should never have been
  10. Napalm is most definitely not useless at all, on a server where everyone's forced to wear GR. You're looking at this from an all too perfect angle where someone's going to have a pally devoing them, meanwhile people like me are snapping through a castle and a wizard only has to catch me for a split second with MB to kill me instantly with no counter-play whatsoever. A high wizard's job has never been to take out single targets but rather do huge amounts of aoe damage, especially in a woe setting. Instead of complementing the class itself they've gone ahead and made it a glass cannon assassin t
  11. Guardian Rings [Gunslinger of The Guardian] Vit +35, Dex +20, Max HP +30% (20%), Max SP +10%, Walking speed +15%, Reduce Vit def by 10%, Increase damage of Tracking by 135% (170%), Increase Casting Time by 17%, Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% [High Wizard of The Guardian] Int +20, Vit +20, Max HP +30% (10%), Max SP +25%, Matk +20%, Walking speed +15% Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5%, Reduce Vit def by 10%, Increase damage of Napalm Vulcan by 90% (180%), 1% chance to auto cast Ganbantein when receiving any damage. [Star Gladiator of The Guardian] Str
  12. I don't know about you and how you like enjoying the server itself but I'd rather that than the current state of the game where the remaining number of players don't participate in any sort of pvp and only log on for WoE. There's a reason a good reason why a significant amount of people ended up leaving the server after Gepard was implemented, it just wasn't enjoyable anymore or just not worth the time to adapt and learn to play without 3rd party stuff after having relied on it for so many years and if this changed I'm positive a lot would return to the server and I've even talked to a number
  13. Now I know this is going to be a controversial topic but I'm going to go ahead and address this and see how you guys feel about it Gepard Shield got introduced what, almost 2-3 years ago? From then until now the server's dwindled in terms of its player base and in general how active the remaining number of players are. I'd just like to come out and say that cheating was an issue for a very long time on the server without it really being addressed and this isn't me pinning the blame on the staff, there just wasn't a solution at the time as strong as Gepard and the staff here were re

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