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  1. Hi to my friends and acquaintances, long time no talk. It's been roughly 2 months since my departure. What's new? Having just skimmed past the forums, I see that things are mostly the same as usual.
  2. To our distinguished GM staff, my beloved friends, and my fellow ForsakenRO peers, It's been a long six years. We've seen this server evolve from its infancy to where it is now and it has definitely been a remarkable journey. I have encountered great people and connected with greater friends. I am here to announce a long-term hiatus from the server. School, work, and life has more so become a priority and playing on this server just isn't able to fit into our day-to-day schedules. In the future, I may come back to wreck havoc like always but only time will tell. I've left several items and
  3. Silly. Implement a waiting room with RNG instead. Much like: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Dokebi_Battle_Quest
  4. Best way to summon MVPs is via MVP room. Welcome!
  5. Tarot has been a problem for years. Don't try to redirect the blame to when warping was disabled because that isn't the reason why all of a sudden people seem to find it a major problem. It's always been a major problem. People hate fighting against it because it's broken. I see clowns/gypsies easily hit 10-12k AVs when their target is forced to GTB. Are you not fully geared? Also, at what speeds are you spamming AV? AFAIK, when AV is spammed, it is spammed in fractions of a second, much like SB and not like you're describing it taking "multiple seconds for the damage to apply". Multiple se
  6. A correction yes, but it just makes his point even more valid, lol.
  7. I disagree. This is essentially buying activity tokens with tokens. The rewards in the activity token shop should take time to acquire.
  8. Sigh. It's been stated before. This isn't "nerfing" anyone's spam. Genesis has made it clear that, This should't affect any legitimate player.
  9. He's playing that "I'm-too-cool-for-school, fuck-the-police, keyboard-warrior" flair which is all the more hilarious over the internet. He's a deer caught in headlights; angry that I frap'd him in the act.
  10. Dude, are you like, 12 or something? As far as I'm concerned, the video provides ample proof that his BB spam rate is abnormally fast. I can easily upload what a normal one looks like if you need a comparison to see my point.
  11. I'm going to re-post this in support of nerfing Tarot. It's largely a copypasta from the other big thread but the argument I make is relevant here. tl;dr: In short, with 20% relevant casts at 1 tarot/second, it is expected that you will cast a relevant tarot once every 5 seconds. Among those relevant casts (8/14 cards), 3 out of the relevant 8 cause debuffs to MATK/ATK meaning on order of magnitude, nearly every 10 seconds some sort of debuff will be recasted on you, with the debuff lasting 30 seconds (perpetual debuff state). This is quite unfair once you also tack on dispel tarot, coma tar
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