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  1. 2000 tokens pure IGN " Caustic "
  2. B> +0 Undertaker Hat Pm me IGN " Caustic "
  3. Norse_Joog


    how to fix this error due to CPS.dll is detected ? Anyone please... Thank you
  4. If anyone there know how to fix this please help I am not able to continue new patch update for the FRO anniversary it always gets stocked up Check this picture: THANK YOU ADVANCE ^^
  5. Buying it 10k Pure IGN Mole Bash, Chromium Hard Pm me
  6. Hi.. guys, anyone know how to fix this gepard crash that keeps happening right after the update? On other maps it won't happen but everytime i warp at fcity it keeps crashing fix this please.. TY
  7. In my opinion I think only GS Bless build that needs changes As I observed, the GS " Billy D. Kid " has been winning pvp room for how many straight weeks Full buster damage isn't normal anymore, hes like spamming asura strikes like the spam speed of a FAS Even using Noxious card and elemental resists to counter range damage he still give an OP damage from 80k to 110k It's like having double damage all the time
  8. It's already been almost a year since I've started my observation about the THANATOS ROOM And again It's so sad to think that it still been hoard by the same person over and over again Almost no chances for other players to try THANATOS Could atleast this issue would be fixed
  9. Reopening this suggestion Vote for low, mid, or upper headgear
  10. If PVP is ON on that area Then the kill stealing decease will tend to infect again
  11. Can we take a look at the 50% physical melee add of stalker guardian ring Seems like I don't feel its effect, No wonder people are selling stalker guardian set this cheap this days While testing damage, its just like your wearing a stalker bless ring And about its bowling bash, isn't it bowling bash a melee attack? Why it gives a very low damage even lower than the LK bowling bash
  12. How about make other Auras LHZ, ROP, SkullAura, Love Aura, Buttferfly Aura, Zodiac, Etc. Upgradeble by Stat point adds or become Limited Edition. Donate auras is way far from upgraded Emps in terms of stat adds. I mean donators also spend money on getting those auras for other players in game. In most online games donate items always have exclusive effects & adds and sometimes even better than the items obtainable in game. I understand that our server is a free to play server but we can never deny that donations is what keeps the server running. Through it atleast give the credit for the donators and justice for their donations. What do you think?
  13. What if there is a headgear like the Incantation Samurai..? Could it be good as an AURA , a Upper Headgear or a Lower Headgear like the Infernal Capes and Rings Please.. type your plusses and minuses based on the color of the high lighted text to indicate which part do you agree.. For example I voted as Lower Headgear so, [+1] What do you think?
  14. You are talking about full geared guys... what about the average geared?
  15. Do something about Whitesmith Bless Ring, since its damage is base on + attack cards like atroce cards now cart termination has too low damage output unless you have a full emp set but not all players can afford it. Could it have atleast a damage boost, the ring is now almost like a junk plus it has low HP add which almost all full asura champ can 1 hit whitesmiths What do you think?
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