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Found 2 results

  1. Increase Conversation rate of Event tokens to F.Tokens in Event reward Npc and It would be fun if we add more Items that we could actually use for mid to end tier items. We could also add Supplies so that we value e.toks more ingame.
  2. Well.. I've thought of another Suggestion, What about a training Space.. Its a place where we can rent (using toks or whatever), to add permanent stats, up to 5 stats (or Whatever), on a decided stat, so vit/str/int/dex/agi/luk, But limited to 3x usage. So inside the space, there is going to be a totem, with a hp of 1m, or whatever, and our damage is only 1, den you have to hit it. until the totem dies. then you will get 1 stat each time the totem dies. so if its up to 5 stats, there will be 5 totems. if they don't kill all totems, before they go out, they cant go back inside the same rooms, and their entrance quota will still be deducted by 1.
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