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  2. If aesthetics doesnt matter: Top: LTD Valk expansion head gear OR specialty headgear (cards are subjective to build/skill if you need bijou or kiel cards) Mid: Debatable due to recent update. any LTD emperium aura would be a safe option since it is an all around aura (cards are subjective to build/skill if you need bijou or kiel cards) Lower: Blessed/Cursed/Guardian variant (Ring, Slayer sword, Scarf, Ribbon, etc.) It also depends what skill you will use (cards are subjective to build/skill if you need bijou or kiel cards) Armor: Dragonist Armor (Class specific ex. Champ DA
  3. it is NOT implemented in our server along with 3rd jobs or anything renewal its not a renewal feature
  4. 1. It would be a burden for the GM team to switch castles every 3 to 6 months as you implied and I already mentioned its been years since we changed them. Ownership will be back to 0 once this is implemented and I am pretty sure economy will be back to 0. This is not much of a way to motivate people to play but its just something that needs to be changed since participants have been running in the same castle for years already. 2. I suggested this before (here) but I don't remember what was changed hehe. I think fsold was added as a drop for that castle. Might need to take a look into thi
  5. qperteplex

    WOE changes

    Castle change Change all WOE castles just for new scenery (somewhat hehehe) Consistent set up for the new castles: Consistent number of castle entry points (e.g. Currently Euro Mers has 2 warp points to enter. All other euro cas should be the same if this is considered) Flag warp entry point location (Emp room > Pre emp > Flag warp > Post entrance) Improve 2.0 WOE drop This one should be treated better due to the set up (1 castle open) Castle count Maximum of 2 castles per WOE. Outco
  6. I really don' know TBH coz I don't own any of these cards lol. Well its pretty obvious anyways what classes would benefit from these cards. Eira no doubt tanks like pallies. Those definitely use 2x skoll. Rata for magic classes that are mostly on redux nowadays. Never heard of someone make use or own an Eleanor card
  7. I thought most already know about these cards. I think there are just only 3 of these so called rare cards. I am actually not that sure if I got the effects right: 1. Eira card = +10% MHP. Every 2 refine, Max HP +1%. Footgear 2. Eleanor card = +5% ATK. Every 2 refine, ATK +1%. Armor 3. Rata card = +10% MATK. Every 1 refine, MATK +1%. Armor With regards to the suggestion, I think its good the way it is now even though I don't hunt these lmao. If it drops too often the price would be less valuable. Bijou used to be 20-30k and its drop rate was never changed. Look at its price now.
  8. Limited Edition Assorted Headgear
  9. Completely disagree. Market has more stuff to offer than just emps. In general, castles drop like 3 sought after items (emp, imp, eids). Only emp and imps are used often and are not even maximized yet til you LTD em. Castle drops I'd say makes up only 2% of what the market offers coz there is literally more stuff out there so the market does not revolve around those. Yes they probably are the best mid headgear out there but a good player doesnt need a black emp when they can just use a green one with the same stats. Price dropping is normal as well. I started 2013 and blue emp was like 1k
  10. I don't get the relation between economy and "emp prices are low". Can you elaborate further? I share the same perspective. I'd personally still get the best stuff to get end game gear. As long as the proposed aura will not exceed a donate aura or normal non-ltd emp, stat wise and aesthetic appeal, it should be fine.
  11. There should be no variety then coz players (mostly rich ones) pay for aesthetics (other than stats of course). That is why people pay more for this color than that color. Also donation auras would also be overshadowed by this. Probably off topic but I have a proposition for this: 1. Buff the donation auras so they are still on par with a legendary non-ltd one (if ever implemented that is) OR 2. Reduce the stats on all auras (I personally prefer this coz I'm tired of everything being over buffed)
  12. Im pretty sure cookie took WOE into account with his comment. Can you name these unbalanced TK/SGs?
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